Adobe CS6 re-installation does not complete

Hi! After os update my Adobe CS6 re-installation does not complete. What do I need to do? Br. Heidi

uninstall, clean and reinstall per Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6

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    When I install the Sharepoint 2013 Prerequisites, Why I'm getting this error
    "AppFabric 1.1 for windows server installation did not complete successfully"

    Hello ,
    Could you please describe the problem in detail ?
    Also find the below workaround for same ...
    2013 Prerequisites fails with MSI Installer error code 1603 while installing AppFabric 1.1
    Best Regards Kuldeep Verma
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  • Adobe Media Server Installer does not run

    I am trying to install Adobe Media Server 5 on Windows 2008 R2 64 bit on i3 logged in as an administarive user over RDP.
    The installer simply does not run - a very short hourglass then nothing.  Not logs in applicaiton, system of setup logs.
    The bundled Adobe Media Gateway installer runs just fine.
    Tried a machine restart, and still no go...
    Any ideas gratefully received

    ok, got it...  go properties on the file and 'unblock'
    This was because I downloaded it on another machine, and then copied it over.  Windows 2008 knew it had not been made locally and silently blocked execution.

  • Flash Player installation does not complete

    Help! I am at my wits' end! Windows 9, 32-bit. I have uninstalled older versions of Flash Player and appear to be downloading it but after several hours' waiting, am still on 'Step 2' of the download. Task Manager suggests install_flashplayer is a process but never completes. Have followed instructions on Adobe website, security to Medium, ActiveX Filtering off etc. Any ideas gratefully received.

    Download the Adobe Flash Player installer directly by right clicking the following link and selecting "Save target as".
    Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)
    Save the file to your downloads folder or desktop, wherever you can find it - DO NOT run it yet.
    Reboot your system - a hard reboot - shut it down, waith 30 seconds and then restart it.
    BEFORE opening anything else, locate the downloaded installer and run it.

  • SCCM Client push or manual installation does not complete

    Hi All,
    I have deployed SCCM 2012 R2 in my lab environment. It has been deployed successfully. I have a issue in which the clients are not getting installed both manually and by pushing the agents via the console. 
    My servers are as follows:  - Is the SCCM server and Fail back status point. - Is the Domain controller, SQL server - A testing machine to push the client and to deploy patches in it.
    Site code is LAB
    I ran the setup using the following command.
    I have shared the ccmsetup in a share so the command is as follows:
    \\sccmsvr\Client\ccmsetup.exe /MP:SCCMSVR /Logon SMSSITECODE=LAB FSP=SCCMSVR
    But when i check the task manager the process of ccmsetup.exe but it does not change to CCMEXEC.exe
    I waited for an hour but still the same issue. (This was done in the DC
    Screen shot of the DC  Machine:
    When i do a client push installation in a testing machine (  i still the same issue. I pushed the client still the same issue
    In the task manager the process of ccmsetup.exe but it does not change to CCMEXEC.exe.
    Screen shot of the second machine:
    Also checked the control panel. Dint find the config manager options there on both machines.
    Also turned off firewall on all 3 machines  but still the same issue.
    Analysed the event logs on all the servers. The client machines did not have any relevant events.
    The SCCM server had this event. Not sure if this is causing the issue.
    Event id 2344
    On 9/28/2014 3:26:48 PM, component SMS_DISTRIBUTION_MANAGER on computer SCCMSVR.LABTEST.COM reported:  Failed to create virtual directory on the defined share or volume on distribution point "["Display=\\SCCMSVR.LABTEST.COM\"]MSWNET:["SMS_SITE=LAB"]\\SCCMSVR.LABTEST.COM\".
    Possible cause: Distribution Manager requires that IIS base components be installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server in order to create the virtual directory.  Distribution Manager also requires that IIS Web Services be installed on the Distribution
    Point Server that needs to support Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS).
    Solution: Verify that IIS base components are installed on the local Configuration Manager Site Server, and IIS Web Services are installed on the Distribution Point Server.
    Can any one please help.

    Hi Kashif,
    Thank you for your valuable help. As you mentioned the IIS 6 WMI compatibility Feature was not installed. Once i installed and rebooted the SCCM server and pushed
     both the agents manually and by Pushing it via console and it succeed. How ever i got some errors on both the systems The trace log tool during the installation but it succeed.
    What i would like to know is that is it common to get errors like the below while pushing a agent automatically or manually ?
    1. MSI: Action 1:25:44: CcmRegisterComponentsRollback. In the event of a failed installation, this action rolls back the changes from CcmRegisterComponents.
    (Got this multiple times)
    2. MSI: Warning 25702. Failed to uninstall PrepDrvr.Sys for Software Metering Agent.
    3. Failed to load mdmregistration.dll. Continue deployment.
    4. Failed to load mdmregistration.dll with error 0x8007007e
    5. File 'C:\Windows\ccmsetup\WindowsFirewallConfigurationProvider.msi' does not exist. Discovery failed.
    6. File 'C:\Windows\system32\msrdc.dll' does not exist. Discovery failed.
    7. Enumerated all 1 local DP locations but none of them is good. Fallback to MP.
    8. Failed to check url http://SCCMSVR.LABTEST.COM/SMS_DP_SMSPKG$/LAB00002. Error 0x80004005
    9. Failed to correctly receive a WEBDAV HTTP request.. (StatusCode at WinHttpQueryHeaders: 401)
    10. As per the screen shot.

  • CS6 DWP installer does not offer Bridge

    I downloaded the latest Design & Web Premium installer from our licensing site and went to install it (standalone and AAMEE), and Bridge CS6 was not  listed as a product to be installed.  Contrast this with last year, the same media DID install Bridge CS6.  Why am I unable to install the software I purchased after Adobe decided to screw us with the big switch to CC?

    In CS6 Bridge is as part of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver. To install Bridge CS6, install any of these CS6 application on your computer.
    IN CC Bridge is a Stand Alone Application you can install it separately.
    Jatin Dembla

  • Wily Instroscope - OS Independent installation does not complete.

    I have been trying to install the wily introscope with the OS independent software and the install is not finishing. I see no errors, and I recieve no log file to show me if any part of the install was successful. The version 8 guide from Nov. 2008 states, that I should have an install directory containing a introscope log that shows me how many lines were Successful, Warnings, NonFatalErrors, and FatalErrors, but this is never created.
    I am running the install in /usr/sap/ccms/<sid_00>/wilyintroscope.
    I am installing this on a Solaris 5.10 SPARC x64bit system and I am running this in unix.
    I have copied the eula.txt, osgiPackages.v1.unix.tar, SAPISEM80_03-10007429.SAR, and SAPISMM80_03-10007429.SAR to this install location.
    I edited the eula.txt file to =accept, and I edited the file to contain the unix install path of /usr/sap/ccms/<sid_00>/wilyintroscope/.
    I had our unix team install a x64bit java version so I would have a java 5 VM as the install guide requires.
    This is the install command I kicked off as <sid>adm.
    /usr/jdk/jdk1.5.0_16 -classpath introscope8.0.2.0otherUnixSAP.jar u2013install
    It begins, but the installation will never finish. I had our unix support run a trace on the background proress and we see reads occuring, but after 2 hours it still isn't complete. I've even tried excuting the same steps with the x32 bit installation .bin file and I receive the same results.
    Do I need to edit the <sid>adm environment and point the wily home to my installation directory I created? In the Version 8 guide this is a later step, but at this point I am not sure what to do.

    Turns out the unix tar was corrupt. The clients virus scanner stripped out most of the file!

  • Mac OS Mavericks installation does not complete.

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have a solution for this install problem?
    When attempting to upgrade to Mac OS Mavericks from Montain Lion 10.8.5, the installation dialogue comes up, no errors are shown, then asks to restart the computer to complete the installation.
    The computer restats, log back in, and nothing happens.
    No installation dialogues, no error messages, it's just back to good ol' 10.8.5 like nothing happened.
    I've retried this 3 times, by opening the Mac OS Mavericks Install App to restart the installation, but this bad boy refuses to install.
    FileVault 2 is enabled,which I thought might be interfering with the install, but doing some googling around, it looks like Mavericks should install fine with FileVault active.
    In case it helps this is an early 2013 MacBook Pro 15" Retina notebook.
    Any ideas?

    Hi thanks for the quick reply.
    Yep may have to end up disabling FileVault, it's a last resort as it will decrypt the whole disk.
    Rebooted to the disk utility with disk verify and repair, no problems there. but at least the disk is fine

  • Creative Cloud Installer does not complete installation

    Hey Folks,
    I've been trying to install Creative Cloud, but the install stops mid way through installing the Adobe Application Manager. The Adobe Application Manager folder appears in the Utilities Folder, but has nothing in it. I then get this message.
    I've tried Uninstalling Adobe Creative Cloud, but even the Uninstaller hangs in the end and the window wont disappear.
    I've used the AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool and then tried reinstalling after restart.
    I've tried installing the stand alone version of the Adobe Application Manager with the same results. i.e. the the installer stops short.
    I also tried starting a new admin account on my computer and tried installing CC with the same results.
    As per advice from another post I tried changing the Library\Application Support\Adobe\OOBE folder name.
    I've also tried an exorcism, pouring boiling water into my lap and waving chicken feet over my computer, but no dice!!!
    Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm on Mac 10.8.2.

    A chat session where an agent may remotely look inside your computer may help
    Creative Cloud chat support (all Creative Cloud customer service issues)

  • Installing Acrobat X - wizard is interupted, installation does not complete

    I am installing Acrobat X on a new Win 7 machine with no prior versions of Acrobat.  The installation gets close to the end and I get the message that "the wizard was interrupted before Acrobat Pro X could be completely installed".  The wizard exits and I can't install.
    Thanks for any help!!!

    That was it!  I deactivated Microsoft Security Essentials and the
    wizard finished the installation perfectly.  Thanks so much!

  • Adobe Digital Editions: installation does not work

    after downloading the installer for Windows I can't open the exe, no signs at all (I have Windows XP, home edition), I need the program desperately!!!

    Fluxspectrum which Adobe software or service are you attempting to download and install?

  • ITunes installation does not complete

    When running ITunes8 ( Setup (no other programs running), after passing the step Installation Options, I click o nthe button Intall.
    At this moment I get the following message:
    'There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.'
    Can anyone please halp me with that?
    I'm getting crazy here...
    Thanks in advance for our help.

    Problems with Apple Software Update produce a similar but not identical error message. I might be worth trying the method for ASU problems.
    Go to Add remove programs and find Apple Software update. Try repairing it.
    Select Change>>repair.
    If that works, try installing iTunes.
    Otherwise try uninstalling any instance you find of Apple Software update. That probably will not work if repair didn't.
    Next try an installer cleanup.
    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program.
    To run the program – All Programs>>Windows Install Cleanup
    Remove any instance you find of Apple software update with the cleanup utility.
    Download a fresh copy of the iTunes installer and save it on your desktop.
    Restart your computer and try installing iTunes.

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6 serial number does not work on my new MAC. It does work on my old MAC.

    I have Adobe Illustrator CS6 installed on my new Mac but the serial number does not work.
    Do I need to remove the program on the old Mac first?

    Thanks for you reply
    Then I do not understand why the serial number does not work? I have tried to type it several times.
    Einar Tyholdt
    9. jan. 2015 kl. 16:16 skrev Monika Gause <[email protected]>:
    Adobe Illustrator CS6 serial number does not work on my new MAC. It does work on my old MAC.
    created by Monika Gause in Illustrator - View the full discussion
    You can install it on two computers simultaneously, so uninstalling is not needed if it's the only other installation.
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  • When I try to install adobe photoshop 13 on my computer it comes up with the following error message " This installer does not support installation on a 64bit windows operating system" error code 6. How to I recify this? TIA

    When I try to install adobe photoshop 13 on my computer it comes up with the following error message " This installer does not support installation on a 64bit windows operating system" error code 6. How to I recify this? TIA

    You can try downloading the 64 bit version.  You can download the trial version of the software thru the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.
    Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.
    Photoshop/Premiere Elements 13:

  • Good morning, AdobeSuite installation does not work and I receive"error initializing program, download adobe advisor" error message. On Adobe site it appears"The Adobe Support Advisor has been discontinued  The Adobe Support Advisor tool was used to analy

    Good morning, AdobeSuite installation does not work and I receive"error initializing program, download adobe advisor" error message. On Adobe site it appears"The Adobe Support Advisor has been discontinued  The Adobe Support Advisor tool was used to analyze installer log and system information associated with installation errors. The tool has been replaced with improved installation support mechanisms. Please visit Adobe Support section for Knowledge base articles around Installation."

    Nobody can tell you anything without proper system info or other technical details. We don't even know what exactly you are trying to install.

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