Adobe download (error)not recognized w/ my MAC since FF3.6.12 installed

My Mac is 10.6.4 and I updated FireFox 3.6.12 in Oct. Since then, if I'm in a website (e.g.APS) to download my statement I used to get it downloaded into a PDF. Now I get a download error message saying it cannot open the .acx file extension. I get this same error message whether I'm in any website I need to download something. I can download fine if I'm using my Safari. I have uninstalled Reader 9.4 along with Flash Player and re-installed both w/o any luck in being able to download files in any website. The Unable to download or save files HELP didn't have anything that worked to correct the problem. Is this a bug w/ FireFox 3.6.12 with Macs? I did not have this download error problem before updating to 3.6.12.

Has anything else changed?
Does the problem persist across a system restart?
You might try a restart in safe mode, then an ordinary restart - sometimes that cures weird failures.

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    An internet-based program (LEED Online: AdobeReq.htm)  I run through Safari requires the Adobe PDF Viewer plugin to be installed. When I upgraded my Safari to 5.1.7 (which a program I used requires) the dobe Acrobat NPAPI Plug-in, Version 10.1.4 shows as installed, but the AdobePDFViewer.plugin is not recognized by Safari.
    I have tried re-installing Adobe XI to see if the PDFViewer.plugin installs, and it does not. When I revert back to Adobe 10.1.4 the same is true--no PDFViewer Plugin. I am using MacOSX 10.6.8 which is also required.
    I need the following:
    Mac 10.6.8
    Adobe 10.1.4 or XI
    Safari 5.1.7 (not negotiable for the program that I use through Safari)
    Please help, as this is work related!!
    Thank you!

    Hi Paulie1562,
    Please follow this KB article to fix this issue.
    Please let us know if this helps.

  • Hi, trying to reinstall my adobe photoshop and premier on computer the adobe download does not recognise the serial nos that i have that are in my adobe account.thanks,gem

    trying to reinstall my adobe photoshop and premier on computer the adobe download does not recognise the serial nos that i have that are in my adobe account.thanks,gem

    Here are a couple links that might help
    Error "The serial number is not valid for this product" | Creative Suite
    Creative Cloud applications ask for serial number
    And try using this cleaner
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    Hello jml009,
    The following article can help get your iPhone to appear in iTunes again.
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    Are you running IE10 in 64-bit mode?  The Adobe Reader plugin is 32-bit, and can only run on a 32-bit browser.
    Regarding Flash Player, do you have ActiveX Filtering enabled?  Disable it.

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    I have a 20gb IPOD 2nd generation which has worked fine until recent itunes and tiger software upgrade. Now Finder nor utilities (ipod updater) nor itunes will recognize the ipod when connected with firewire-- even in disc mode. Ipod is not recognized by any MAC computer (several tried in Apple store). I ran diagnostics and everything checks out on the ipod. Please help.

    When I got a different charger later that night, my Ipod was charging but a message popped up saying "USB device not recognized".
    This article may shed some light...
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    Hi everyone, I left Adobe Muse so not right on my Mac.
    And now, he told me to contact the adobe muse team to help me.
    Please how I should do to open it?
    It appears to me that message.
    << Assertion failed in file "/Users/erato/Workspace/workspace/Build_Blob_Mac/dvaapp/Muse/project/mac/../../src/MuseIM SConnector.cpp" at line 856: fUserEmailId==dvacore::utility::UTF8to16(emailID) user id mismatch>>

    Please see Re: Adobe Muse Error

  • Adobe Download Assistant not installing

    I'm trying to download the CS6 trials on a MacbookPro running Mountain Lion; however on opening the AdobeDownloadAssistant.dmg it will load, then give me an error message with the following:
    "Sorry, an error has occurred.
    The application could not be installed because the installer file is damaged. Try obtaining a new installer file from the application author."
    When I try to download the apps straight from the cloud toolbar, it tries to take me to a link, which doesn't lead anywhere. Eg, when trying to "try" Photoshop Extended, in Safari it will take me to:
    aam://SAPCode=PHSP?passPhrase=ZGpLQ9U9dEgsq0r0f87dOTP/mGZPUOBjl9FpXKYTZ8ks/NB3Hninigi9kaTk QA3hMECy0lp+rOvaKTUi1emimiupaCWVu5Zjpb/WHOInRL5xPqDwPwwOP35FC5kr1z5VkI4H4dAiT4OhyosSgc2nns 78ZkT5ZsriXPR0ryqFe90=
    Any ideas? Very frustrating, I'm keen on trying these out while I have time at the moment... have wasted a good part of the day so far trying to get it sorted. Any help is much appreciated!

    Hi All,
    yesterday evening I tried to download the CS6 trial as well, and had the same problems. Here is how I solved it:
    1.) After clicking on "Download" I have copied the Adobe Download Manager.dmg to the desktop
    2.) Install download manager, and click OK when the "Sorry, ... " error message appears.
    3.) Go to the Adobe Download Manager file (see below), right click, and click on "Show package contents"
    3.) After clicking "Show Package Contents" go to: Contents/Resources/Adobe Download Assistant/Contents/MAC OS/ and click on Adobe download assisstant
    (Do not try the Contents/Mac OS/install adobe download manager because you will have the same error message. Go to the folder as described above)
    4.) after clicking "Adobe download assisstant" you should be able to log in and download the desired software
    I hope I could help, it worked for me

  • Adobe Download Assistant Not working

    I tried all the troubleshooting many times it still will not work. I keep getting error 107. I put in my id and then it stops and will not download after effects.

    Do you receive the error as soon as you open the Adobe Download Assistant?  Where did you choose to download the install files too?

  • Re: Adobe Download Assistant not working after bluescreen

    I'm having the same problem on mac osx lion:
    I downloaded adobe download manager
    I installed adobe download manager
    I launche adobe download manager
    No features of adobe download manager are functional. I get a welcome screen that asked me to sign in, yet the sign in link and the help link in the upper right hand corner are not responsive.
    I cannot quit the application.
    I must force quite to exit the application.
    I have reinstalled twice, including downloading the software a second time.
    I think you folks have a bad build of the ada.

    I installed and disabled graphics switching and the adobe download assistant still did not function.
    One would think that a software company such as adobe would make an application that does not require a large segment of users to go in and fiddle with settings just so that they can download a trial version of adobe software.  This is really lame.

  • Bootcamp error: not recognizing disc

    I have a macbook pro 13" with OS X Lion 10.7.5. My main objective recently is to get my CAC card reader to work and actually be recognized on my mac. I tried everything i could think of to get it to work. Nothing. SO...since the CAC card reader is mainly for Windows i found out that i can run windows on my mac and decided to do so.. Blah blah...
    So i downloaded an .iso file of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and used disk utility to burn it to a DVD. It said it was successful. I went into boot camp, downloaded the support software, success.I reinserted the DVD and for some reason i got the pop up stating that the disc I just inserted was blank when i knew it wasnt because i double checked and disc utility tells me that its not. Well when i got to the install part, bootcamp came back with a message stating "installer disc could not be found." I would like to know a few things:
    If you can help get the CAC reader to work i'd appreciate it.but
    What windows do i need? 32- or 64-bit? Can it be an iso? Or do I have to convert it to a bootable DVD.? Ive read the boot camp instructions but they really werent any help.
    Most of my questions are based on things i found while searching for answers only to get more questions.Anyone? Step-by-step would really help. And possible things i may encounter with solutions. Ive been at this for days and I'd rather not beat around the bush anymore, if you know what i mean.

    Ok my mac needs 32 bit and i think I can just do ultimate. CD will not work at all. Ever. USB is for the support software, i cant take windows from it and use it to put windows on my mac. Boot camp requires a disc of some sort.  How do i burn the DVD at the lowest possible speed in disc utility.?

  • Digital download code not recognized as valid

    I'm trying to download a digital download that came with a DVD purchase, but iTunes gets giving an error of: The code you entered is not recognized as a valid code. Any help would be appreciated.

    I can tell you that you can submit the information but you may find out like me and many others here that it a waste of time. I got $30 lost because of a bad pack of iTunes cards and from what I seen here many people have the same problem as these $30 pack from apple fail to work most times.
    That's just some of the cases I found here, after reading them I did something I would think no one would have to do for a company like apple. I did a look up on there iTunes for consumer reports and found this site. So now I am more worried. I won't be getting iTunes gift cards anymore, I will tell people to buy me visa. I'm also happy I never gave iTunes my bank account either after what I read there of people getting bill 500 - 900 in a day when not using there account. Keeping my MasterCard because if something like that happened it easy to report it and solve the problem.
    All I can say is, good luck and don't give up as apple needs to fix this system they got.

  • Adobe Download Assistant not working after bluescreen

    I like to get the trial for Photoshop Elements 10 but the ADA is broken:
    Under Windows 7 I already used the ADA to download and install Adobe Premiere 10 successfully a week ago.
    Then I tried to get Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 but my system crashed with a bluescreen. The computer is fine again but ADA is not working anymore:
    - after startup it doesn't list any (!!!) product to download. The list is just empty
    - I can enter my username and password and click login. Then the buttons are greyed out and nothing else happens. I have to kill the application with the task manager then.
    - I can apply for a new user account but it greys out and gets stuck like as the login.
    - The help buttons lead to empty Pages in the web browser.
    I tried to uninstall ADA and reinstall it (two times) but the behaviour stays the same.
    I tried to find direct download links (the FAQs told me that there should be some) but every download page will use the ADA. I'd be fine with a plain ftp page for the trials. :-)
    I'm an IT professional but I've no idea how to get ADA working, wiped from disk to get it reinstalled or to download the trials on another way. Please help.

    I will try to install at a different location this afternoon.
    The other thread handles a different situation: "... the Adobe Download Assistant launches, asks me to sign in ... I get a nice "Welcome, Steve" message ... and a list of related products below with links to download their trials ... The Help link takes me to an Adobe Download Assistant FAQ page ..."
    - I cannot sign in and don't get a welcome message.
    - I don't see a list of products.
    - The help link takes me to an empty page.
    BUT: where does the ADA get the list of products from? Is it online or local? If everything is online where I am blocked (sign in, list, help), I'll check the firewall. Perhaps the bluescreen crash changed something.

  • My ipod model M9282LL will not connect to itunes, is not recognized by my Mac! help

    My older ipod is not acting correctly! I tried to reset it but when I plug the ipod into the Mac, it is not recognized on screen. The menue buttons as well as others are unresponsive. Is my Model M9282LL past its ability to be repaired or restarted?

    Are you sure the hold switch on this older iPod has not been activated or been moved to the On position?  Does the iPod power on?

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