Adobe Form not getting interactive in Web Dynpro

Hello Experts,
I am facing a strange sort of behaviour, which has drawn my plenty of time, while making use of Interactive Adobe Form in Web Dynpro component.
In my scenario, I have one existing Adobe Form with interface of type "ABAP Dictionary-based interface". While using this form in Interactive Form element in Web Dynpro and making it enabled, it is not giving me the expected output, that is - Interactive Form in browser window. Instead, it is showing me read only Adobe Form. Has it to do with type of interface?
Looking forward to active replies.

Hello Harsh,
In webdynro adobe integration we use webdynpro native controls and the form must be in the
    ZCI layout. In SFP >layout you have to insert the webdynpro script .After going to the layout
          go to utilites and insert webdynpro script.Then you can find a variable containerfoundation_js.
If you have changed the layout from standard layout to ZCI layout in form builder (SFP), the update the layout using program FP_ZCI_UPDATE.
Refer to link below
Call Adobe Form through ABAP Web Dynpro - Web Dynpro ABAP - SCN Wiki

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    Thanks in advance.
    Kind regards,

    But are you able to see the labels, buttons etc ? Or is it that the entire page itself is not visible ?
    Please check the log file and see what is the error you get there ? Or probably check on the backend side if there is a dump.
    You can also check with the debugger on the backend side...see what exactly happens on the backend when the page is getting loaded.
    PS: Reward points for helpful answers.

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    Hi. I am pretty new to SAP world and trying to learn and work on a task given to me relate to
    creating Adobe offline form using Web Dynpro ABAP same time.
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    but I didn't see (at least I didn't find any) any detail example on saving data to an internal table (such as fixed assets, vendor master, etc)
    using interactive form. Is there any detail explanation/example on this?
    I have ask this question in another forum (before I found this forum) but didnu2019t get the answer yet.
    2. When I tried to see graphic layout and modify the layout from Web Dynpro, I can't see the graphic layout.
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    Thanks for all your help in advance.

    Hi John,
    In the WD4A view, there is a button "Show/Hide Layout Preview".
    Click on that button to be able to see the Layout.
    Note that this button is next to the Pretty Print button.

  • Adobe Form NOT getting displayed in WebDynpro Modal Window  (Pop Up)

    I am trying to display the table data in a Interactive Form. I have used TABLE UI element in Interactive Form. When the user clicks on a EXPORT button this form is displayed in a pop up window (Modal Window). This form is not getting displayed for most of the users. In some PC's it is getting displayed, strange is all their browser versions and OS versions are same.
    Portal Version: NW04s SP8
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    It seems to be available only for ABAP version. I cant find it in the java version.. check this..
    <a href="">Help SAP Link for Java Reference</a>
    And even in ABAP , the pre-requisite seems to be installation of ACF,
    The exact words
      Adobe Reader (>= 7.0) and, if you are creating interactive forms, also the ActiveX Control Framework (ACF) installed on your computer. Also see SAP note 834573.</i>

  • Adobe Form not getting displayed in WebDynpro Modal Window

    I am trying to display the table data in a Interactive Form. I have used TABLE UI element in Interactive Form. When the user clicks on a EXPORT button this form is displayed in a pop up window (Modal Window). This form is not getting displayed for most of the users. In some PC's it is getting displayed, strange is all their browser versions and OS versions are same.
    Portal Version: NW04s SP8
    NWDS Version : NW04s SP8
    Adobe Live Designer: 7.1
    Acrobat Reader: 7.0.8
    I tried changing the display type (property of Interactive Form Element) to NATIVE, it is not working at all. If i change it to "activeX", then it works in some PC's.No logs are found in the server as well as in the client PC as well.
    Please let me know if you have come across this problem, looking forward to your solution.

    even though this is quite an old post, it still could be worth for someone to have a look at Note 1342716.

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    From the MSS portal when I run the process, the associated adobe form(using HCM) doesn't get displayed on the portal. Initially the problem was with higher version of acrobat reader but now it is solved. Now I am not getting any error or warning but adobe form still not getting displayed.
    Please help.


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    However when we show the same smart form in webd ynpro as PDF,  Bar code is getting displayed but when we print the form, bar code is not getting printed.
    Are there some settings for this?

  • Adobe Form not so interactive

    I'm working to implement an offline interactive form scenario on CRM 2007. I've created a new Template of type Adobe XML Form File, using the CRM Document Template Designer under CRM UI->Sales Operations. Then created a Web Service using the Web Service Tool, at the same screen, using the wizard.
    Then clicked Start Designer and designed the layout using LiveCycle designer. I created 2 data connections. 1 for read and 1 for change. I dragged the fields and exported the file. 
    Finally, I created an appointment on the Calendar, and added this new template to the attachments. This created a PDF attachment with all the fields dynamically filled in correctly from the appointment data using the webservice.
    However, this PDF is not interactive. The button is not clickable. The text boxes are not editable. The form looks like a PDF document but not interactive.
    Am I missing anything here?
    I am not using SFP to create a form. I'm using CRM UI's Document Template tool.
    I am not using SE80 to create the webservice. I'm using CRM UI's Web Service tool.
    I confirm the Adobe Credentials are installed and I've tested interactive form functionality on this system by running SE38 then FP_TEST_IA_01 program, I get an interactive form properly.
    Best Regards,
    Ogeday Isiklar

    Hi Juergen,
    Right on the spot really. I've come into the following code in class CL_CRM_OI_ADS, method CALL_ADS. I repaired 1 line as below and now all forms are interactive!
    This is around line 47.
    *         set template
    *{   REPLACE        CR5K900218                                        1
    *\      lr_pdfobj->set_template( xftdata = x_template ).
          lr_pdfobj->set_template( xftdata = x_template fillable = 'X' ).
    *}   REPLACE
    Best Regards,
    Ogeday Isiklar

  • Eclipse environment does not appear the options "Web Dynpro Project"

    Hi all,
    I installed the SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment SP03
    But in my eclipse environment does not appear the options "Web Dynpro Project" and not "Development Component Project".
    That is, I can not do a Web Dynpro project
    I have to do some more configuration in eclipse, for example, carry some plugin?
    How to do this, please help me

             I think you are suffering from the problem below.
    Problem Statement:
    No Webdynpro Perspective is Visible
    only perspectives available are
        Team Synchronizing
    How to Solve:
    There are many ways that this kind of error can occur.
    1.   It may occur due to "improper installation of NWDS"                                        
    How to Check and Resolve :    Is NWDS is displayed in intalled list in Control panel? If 'yes' then it is properly installed. If 'No' then reinstallation is needed.
    2.  It may occur due to "installation of Skeleton alone"
    How to Check:
                                      you can check if your installation includes Web Dynpro by selecting
    Help->Software Updates->Manage Configurations.
    When installing Developer studio 7.1 you only get the bare eclipse installation (Skeleton). You have to add web dynpro and all, after the initial install is complete.
    The installer installs the kernel of the Developer Studio. The kernel contains Eclipse and a few SAP additions, but is not equipped with the SAP features necessary for the Composition Environment. In order to install the required SAP features you have to install the SAP features.
               How to Resolve:
    Updating the NWDS software will resolve the problem.
    Go to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install. This will install the default SAP plugins that came with your NWDS CE 7.1 setup source and also the additional updates that are needed.

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    Hello all,
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    The error analysis shows the custom component is locked by the user and cannot be regenerated. But I checked in SM12 for locked entries and component was not listed there.
    The program terminated in the include LWDR_RUNTIME_REPOSITORYF12
    Please suggest how to resolve the isse?

    sorry...posted in wrong forum...

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    Hi Experts,
    We have one issue in Portal.
    One user clicked on UWL item in portal its opening subscreen as like behaviour.
    In subscreen adobe form its not displaying any content and its displaying only approve and reject buttons.
    we checked user browser settings and adobe version settings and user authorisations .
    All are Ok.
    But adobe form not displaying content.
    Bheem V.

    Hi Bheem,
    The problem is not clear to me. Is this a user specific issue?
    Thanks & regards,

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    Hi All,
    Want to add a button on adobe form , when user clicks the button then the form shouldn't allow to edit fields anymore.
    I think this can be coded under script editor.
    Please anybody specify the syntax to make adobe form not editable.
    And my another issue is whether we can handle adobe forms password protected through SAP. kindly specify any approach.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ashweenip,
    Go through these Threads
    [Password protected PDF file|Re: Password protected PDF file]
    [pdf with password encryption|pdf with password encryption;
    Pradeep Goli
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  • ADOBE Interactive Form not getting displayed in Browse

    Currently I am working on EhP4 project on ECC 6.0 environment. For HCM, We have interactive ADOBE forms for MSS. While testing we found that all buttons are displayed in a browser (we are are window 7 IE 8 ) but interactive form is not getting displayed in the browser (Fill out Form as part of MSS).  It only displays a line
    Checked ADS configuration as per oss note and works ok. Did HTTPWATCH - browser is getting (GET) the Adobe forms with values but not displaying it. If I copy URL from HTTPWATCH GET line in a separate browser window it displays the form.
    Thanks in advance your help.
    Jitendra Pongurlekar

    Hey Chris (and others),
    We were having this same problem, and this Note fixed the issue (thanks!).  However, we are still experiencing another issue with HCM Processes and Forms under EhP4.  Before this Note, it took about ten minutes before "single line display" would show up.  Now after the Note, we get the full form, but it still takes ten solid minutes of waiting before it appears in the window.  We're pretty sure it's not a Portal issue, nor an ADS issue, but something with the web dynpros on the ABAP side.  However, we have not yet been able to resolve it.  Anyone else run into this performance problem with HCMP&F after upgrading to EhP4?  We don't have the problem with EhP3.
    Best regards,

  • Adobe form data not being retrieved by Web Dynpro application

    I have created an online interactive Adobe form embedded in a Web Dynpro ABAP application.  The Web Dynpro application calls a function module to update data in SAP.  My problem is that the ABAP code that was generated to retrieve the data from the Adobe form and call the function module does not retrieve the data if it has been typed into any of the input fields.  Oddly enough, it does work if the data is entered by using the value helps that have been placed on the form. 
    I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Use messageboxes on various events to find out when your value dissapeears.
    If you´re not sure about the binding, you can always drag/drop from data view tab onto the layout and check the binding which the system generates for you. Just to make sure.
    Regards Otto

  • Adobe form interactive with web dynpro

    I wanna get the user typed text from the form into web dynpro but get none.
    After user typed the comment in a input field and press the button in the web dynpro, the program will get the pdf source from the context and parse it. The program get other text pre-defined in the form generation but doesn't get the user typed text.
    I tried to change the form type to ZCI use t-code sfp_zci_update. But still failed to get the user typed text.
    What's the problem?

    Dear Ralf,
    Thanks for your prompt replies. I appreciate it.
    I've copied the following code mentioned in the note and pasted it in my wddomodifyview method.
    But after activating and executing the application, the application time outs and gives ADS time out error.
    I've checked and am sure that it is the below code that makes it time out.
    I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that when i then run prog. FP_TEST_00, it also hangs.
    Please help.
    500 Connection timed out
    Error: -5
    Version: 7000
    Component: ICM
    Date/Time: Tue Mar 22 09:52:18 2011 
    Module: icxxthr_mt.c
    Line: 2707
    Server: AIERD_AED_00
    Error Tag: {-}
    Detail: Connection to partner timed out after 180s
    Code is:
          check first_time = abap_true.
    Edited by: User on Mar 22, 2011 5:44 AM

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