Adobe master collection cs4 setup.exe installation problem

This is frustrating.
I have 30 day trial DVD from adobe, it is Master Collection CS4 and can't install it. Double clicking on setup.exe goes nowhere, just no response at all. You can see and hear DVD working, but nothing is happening, no response. I've been searching on forums, everywhere, no solution. Tried msicuu2.exe, also tried WinCS4Cleanupscript. Even registry cleaning tools. No progress.
It is HP Pavilion dv7, core 2 duo, 2.2GHz, 4GB ram, 320 GB Hard Drive, Windows Vista SP1 (fresh instalation).
Also tried with all current (july 2009) microsoft updates.
Obviously because it is a trial version I can't contact adobe support.
It is strange, I was able to install it on my old Windows XP laptop, but I can't do it on vista.
Strange is also that I can install separatelly 30day trials of Photoshop CS4 and After Effects CS4 from
As I said, this is fresh instalation, so there was no previous adobe product installed at all.
Please help.

yes I expected as much.  But I wasn't getting any good answers on vista either.  I have several users who will be moving to 7 in the fall and need to see if it will work.  thanks for the response.
Since my last post, I may have found the answer (no thanks to Adobe).  Most of us having this issue are in using fresh installs of our OS.  Since the setup is very heavy Java, I downloaded the Java Runtime from Sun and POOF I can install now.  The error above went away and the install is running.  InDesign failed, but everything else has installed so far.  One would think that if the installer is so dependant on a Java VM being in place they would check for it and either prompt the end user or if an error occurs, post that in the error message.  But I have noticed that most of my Adobe problems in the past do not have good QA or error message support.  Usually I get a generic error message and am left to hunting for some kind of answer.
So to those who are having this issue.  Load or re-load your Java VM and try again.  That helped me.

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  • Does Adobe Master Collection CS4 work on Quad processors?

    I am trying to buy a new computer (laptop)and I currently own Adobe Master collections CS4 and I would like to know if anyone has installed this on a quad processor and what graphic card will work fine with it? Also what processor speed would I need on a quad processor.
    Thank you.

    neither are much of an upgrade from what you have.
    the new i5/i7 mobile are not all that.
    here are some benchnarks, while for audio they translate to video as well.
    GHz is still king for many things
    the dual core 620m pretty much beat the Q820.
    the older T9600 (same family you have with the P8700) beat them all until the hardest hitting (lower buffer harder hitting)
    only laptop upgrade thats worth it would be a laptop that has a desktop core i7 920 in it.

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    "Mac OS X Yosemite ver. 10.10"のPCを購入しました。
    そこに私の所有している、Adobe MASTER COLLECTION CS4をインストールしたところ、

    Adobeとしては対応しているバージョンであるCreative Cloudを出していますので、

  • Adobe Master Collection Cs4 Win Vista

    Hello World :).
    Hope you can help me.
    Yesterday ive unistall all my CS3 Suite , and later i try to installs Cs4 , but cant--> "Critical Error Was Found in the setup , please see the setup log for details".
    Ive used cs3 clean and cs4 clean and the problem is the same.
    Ive Tried to use loganalyzer but nothing was found.
    Thanks very much!

    Assuming that you have done the obvious things such as turning off virus protection programs and running with Administrator privileges when installing the software, at this point you should contact Adobe Technical Support directly. There is no charge for assistance with installation issues.
    - Dov

  • Adobe Web Premium CS4 setup.exe not working (upgrade)

    Just bought and downloaded Web Premium upgrade, extracted with no issue, ran setup.exe and the mouse flickered but nothing happened. No service listed in taskmanager, nothing. After googling a while, I used msconfig to turn off everything possible on startup, mcafee, carbonite, video card GUIs, java runtime, etc etc. rebooted, again nothing. I'm upgrading from Studio8 which installed with no trouble. I'm pulling my hair out!
    I run vista ultimate 32bit, 700gigs free space, 4gig ram, 1gig video card, 2.4ghz dual core intel chip. I also have premiere elements and Photoshop elements package installed (v7) but they installed without a hitch.
    Any suggestions?
    PS: I did read through these forums and was trying to avoid editing my registry etc. When I go into add/remove programs, there is no trace of CS4 (thinking setup was running hidden or something) nor are there cs4 directories created in /programfiles/adobe.

    any input on this? Adobe mail customer support recommended disabling UAC and/or using a new user account... neither worked.

  • Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 - Application Manager Problem

    Hi Community!
    Recently I downloaded the 30-days trial version of Master Collection CS5.5.
    Everytime I try to run Photoshop x64, an error occurs which says that I have to update my Application Manager. The 32bit Version of Photoshop works fine.
    When I try to install the Application Manager Update, it shows "installation initialysing", but nothing more happens.
    What is wrong with it?
    Thank you in advance

    Are you Mac or Windows? If Mac, please quit all programs, launch Disk Utility and Repair Permissions.

  • Adobe Master Collection CS4 and Mac OSX 10.5.8

    hi folks,
    we have just deployed two new Mac labs with various multimedia software applications installed. We have encountered serious problems with Adobe software, which effectively makes the applications unusable. The issue seems to be replicated across many of the CS4 applications, including Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, etc. Given that many of you have labs of similar configurations, I was hoping that you may be able to assist/advise.
    Basically when a student opens an image in one of these applications that program comes to a halt trying to open the file.
    the lab configurations are as follows:
    Mac 22"
    4G RAM
    Leopard, 10.5.8
    Authentication performed using Active Directories
    User home directory issued using SMB
    Home directory size ranges from 500MB to 1.5GB (different students have different allocations).
    Network is CAT6a with 1Gb Switch
    Has anyone experienced this before?
    thanks in advance,

    I've heard all sorts of reports that using home directories not on the local machine does not work. I do not know if it is supposed to or not. Since Adobe software isn't licensed for use on a server, it could be contributing to the problem. It is possible that it might work with specially licensed versions, but not retail versions. I think you'll have to give Adobe a call. The retail version is licensed to be install on two computers for a specific user.

  • Adobe Master Collection CS4 Questions

    Ok, I'm really mad that I got no help and reply from any useful staffs in this company. So I need assisted with these questions, so can any available staff(s) can send me a private message to help me please?

    VERY few Adobe employees post here, and those that do are mostly in the newer version forum
    What are your questions... some other user MAY be able to help
    Adobe contact information -
    Adobe Knowledgebase

  • Can I used the Adobe Master Collection CS4 Student Edition for Commercial use?

    I live in the UK as well. I want to know whether I can do some freelance work with this software or whether I need to upgrade to commercial.

    Hi Wyllium,
        I do not know where you found the above information, but here are few links on Adobe site which confirms that the Education version products can be used for commercial purpose:
    Revert back if you have further queries..

  • I have Adobe Master Collection CS4 and my Contribute won't open showing error 148:3

    Please help with CONTRIBUTE Error 148:3

    When something works one day, but not the next, then something has changed. You task is to find out what has changed.
    It can be something behind the scenes, like an OS update, that kills the video, or the audio driver. It can be major, like installing new software, that does something to existing software.
    First thing that I would do would be to get the very latest video and audio drivers for your system.
    If that does not work, then you might wish to look at Restore Points, going back to when it last worked.
    There are some other things that might give you a clue as to what is happening, when PrPro does not open. This ARTICLE might give you such a clue, or clues. Or, it might not, depending on what is causing the failure to launch.
    One other thing to look at, and think about is what is PrPro trying to load. VST's (often added by other programs, especially Audio programs) can bring PrPro to its knees. Watch the little line of black text, as PrPro starts to load. What is the last line, before it disappears? You might have to point your video camera at the screen to capture what is being loaded, as it can go by quickly.
    Good luck,

  • Adobe Master Collection CS 4 Won't Register (Windows 7 RC1)

    I have following problem:
    I installed Windows 7 RC 1 (64-bit version)
    I can't register Adobe Master Collection CS4. I retreived the key from with our University account, but no help.
    I asked even my friend to read if I got it right from a screenshot I sent him, that it's not my eyes.
    I copypasted the key, but Adobe Master CS4 still refuses to register. It's quite all right for now, since I don't need Adobe products right now, but I know I will need in a while.
    Any help with this? Our reseller didn't know how to help.
    Works wonders in Vista (32-bit that I use as well).
    Thanks for suggestions.

    @John: No, I'll probably never, ever capture live video.
    @Ann: No, I was just trying CS 4 out to see if it's worth it for this Win 7 laptop. I think I'll skip the CS 5 and the CS 5.5 series and go for the CS 6 series.
    P.S. I seriously don't think the CS 4 series is worth it for this computer (Acer).
    P.S.2 Also, from the wiki, I learned that in CS 6 series, Encore is not a stand alone, separate applicatiuon in this suite, but is incorporated as part of the CS 6 PPro application. Now I understand why I couldn't find a separate CS 6 classroom in a book for encore on barnes and noble's website (even though I kept searching for it at B&N's website earlier today).
    P.S.3 Also I understand that CS6 master collection is the last such suit to be released, and the next versions of CS after this one is to be Creative Cloud - where you'll have to pay a monthly sunscription order to keep using it.
    And furthermore, I discovered that in the CS6 PPro classroom in a book, it has 18 PPro chapters, and a bonus chapter 19, the encore chapter, so this would be just a total of 4 cs6 classroom in a book to get, as opposed to the CS4/CS5/CS5.5 classroom in a books (PPro, PS, AE, SB/Aud, and En).

  • Adobe Master Collection CS5.5 upgrade...if already upgraded one element

    I have Adobe Master Collection CS4 but could only affort to upgrade Premiere Pro to CS5.5 since the CS4 version was so buggie it was useless and I needed it for a job that came in.  I would like to upgrade the balance of my software programs to CS5.5 now but don't want to pay for the Premiere Pro  upgrade again since I already purchased it.  Is this possible to do with the bundle upgrade?
    Cheers Kate

    See my reply to your other message

  • What is the best Dell PC configuration to run Master Collection CS4

    What is the best Dell Computer/PC configuration to run Adobe Master Collection CS4 smoothly. Also please mentione about the experiences with Dell(if possible with, Dell Australia) I am using a Dell Dimension 8400 bought in 2005 (2.8GHz, 2 GB DDR2 RAM, 1 TB HDD Capacity)
    Ur help is much appreciated. Thx

    Dell does not have any sensible 'best PC configuration', not even when you go for the best they offer, which is over $ 14 K and is still lacking. But you have a power cord free. However, if you opt for redundant power supply, you need to choose a second power cable. Strange they did not include that in the option for redundant PSU's.
    Dell is only good if they offer a system that meets your requirements fully. If you need anything else than their standard configuration, better go elsewhere or build it yourself. It is pretty easy to build a system for less than the price of a Dell that outperforms it by a wide margin, because their BIOS is crippled and they charge the most extravagant prices for everything not in their standard offer.
    If money is no object, try to configure a dual W5590 system with at least 24 GB ECC RAM and at least an Areca raid controller and 8 disks in raid3. But with Dell, if at all possible, the price will be around $ 20 K US or more.

  • Part Numbers for Master Collection CS4

    Hi there,
    I'm really sorry for asking what is a very basic question, however I was wondering if anyone knows the Adobe part number for the UK full retail Adobe Master Collection CS4? I'm thinking about it second hand however I want to make sure that the software is legitimate and licensed for use in this country. I have Googled this but, suprisingly, didn't find any results which I'd consider to be a bit odd.
    The part number of the product I'm considering buying is: 65025303
    Thanks for any guidance you can offer!

    Thanks for the information - I was quite surprised that the part numbers weren't available online anywhere. I contacted the seller who informed me the software was purchased in the UK, however the box said it was made in the US and I understand the UK releases say they're made in Ireland. The seller didn't confirm where the item was purchased from, so I decided against it. There was definitly something a little suspicious about the deal.

  • I,m start to instal my adobe master collection cs5 in a new PC and during the installation ask me a aditional serial number to a previus version (CS4). I put the serial number of my cs4 and recived a message indicating that this number is not correct, but

    I,m start to install my adobe master collection cs5 in a new PC and during the installation ask me a aditional serial number to a previus version (CS4). I put the serial number of my cs4 and recived a message indicating that this number is not correct, but I check in my acount and is correct

    For the link below click the Still Need Help? option in the blue area at the bottom and choose the chat option...
    Serial number and activation chat support (non-CC) ( )

Maybe you are looking for