Adobe Media Encoder exports different video than what appears in CS4 timeline

I'm using Premiere CS4 to edit a short skiing video.  All shots were taken using a GoPro @ 60fps, 720p.  All of the clips were converted into slow motion by using "Interpret Footage" and setting the frame rate to 24.  I used the sequence preset "AVCHD 720p 24", and editing seemed to work fine.  The video played smoothly and correctly.  However, after exporting in Adobe media encoder, the video was far different than what I previewed in the timeline.  It seems as though each clip shows up at the correct time, but it disregarded any trimming I did to the clips and each one is played from the very beginning.  Also, each clip plays extremely slowly, and there is signifigant ghosting (frame blending issue?).  I can also see that the preview window that shows up while I set the export settings displays the incorrect video as well.  However, if i change it from "source" to "output", it displays it correctly.  I tried exporting using H.264 720 24p and the youtube HD widescreen preset, both of which failed.  I am somewhat new to HD video, but I cannot seem to come up with any reason why my video will not export correctly.  Any thoughts?
PC Specs:
Intel Q6700 quad core @ 2.66gh
4gb ddr2 ram
1tb 7200rmp hard drive
GeForce gt240 graphics card w/ 1gb dedicated video mem
windows 7 ultimate 64
All updates to premiere installed

I don't think AVCHD is the correct preset... but I use CS5 so not 100% sure
Flip or GoPro video
- And
- And
- Says to use the XDCAM EX 720p 30p (or 60p?) setting for Flip (maybe GoPro?)

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    I've had a really frustrating few days waiting for exports (to Apple Devices) and processing (when uploading to Vimeo). In my timeline appears the properly edited video, but when it gets shared, the video drops clips that I have added, and includes clips that I removed early in the editing process, and gives me a final product that is not my intended video. Please help, need to get this video uploaded for a client yesterday!

    Changes made inside compounds are reflected in the project - there is one caveat and I wonder if that was the case for you: compounds, like any other clip, are trimmed to a given duration in the timeline. If your changes made that duration change, you'd have to adjust in the project timeline. For example if you create a 1 minute compound and then edit in its own timeline so that it beco es, say, 5 minutes, it will still be trimmed to 1 minute in the project timeline, and you may have to drag the edges of the clip to extend as much as you wish. This is NOT a bug.

  • Why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?

    I am using Adobe CS6 Design Standard with Adobe Media Encoder, and I'm trying to export video files to WMV using the Encoder.  I'm am running Windows 8 and for some reason the option to export to WMV does not come up for me.  I only get four options of formats, while online it says I should have many more.  This is a full version of CS6 that I bought and paid for, and every program is up to date.

    Can I just buy the converter plugins or do I have to buy premiere pro or after effects?
    On Jan 9, 2014, at 1:07 PM, Todd_Kopriva <[email protected]> wrote
    Re: why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?
    created by Todd_Kopriva in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) - View the full discussion
    The formats and codecs available for export through Adobe Media Encoder differ depending on what Adobe applications you have installed. The vast majority depend on the video applications, After Effects or Premiere Pro, being installed. /
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  • Adobe Media Encoder Export like source size

    i´m trying to set up a custom export setting based upon HD BlueRay Mpeg setting.
    My source is a custom size (1400 x 1050 px), but i am not able to change to "size as source".
    Any Ideas how to change that?

    You can use AME to encode a 1400x1050 M2V file.
    You need to use the generic MPEG2 format (not Blu-ray or DVD) and change the Level to High. (High 1440 will also work, but it is designed for specific applications.) You will also need to set the Profile to Main or High.
    The most important factor is what type of MPEG2 streams your playback device will support. That will be important for setting the Profile and Level values, which constrain the bitrate and therefore the frame size/frame rate of the MPEG2 stream. (This is what Mylenium was referring to.)
    Read this for more technical detail about different Profiles and Levels:
    You cannot transfer encoding presets between After Effects and AME. However, remember than you can encode an After Effects comp directly from AME without rendering an intermediate comp first. Either drag and drop the comp from AE's Project panel into the AME queue, or simply import the AE project into AME, and choose the comp you wish to render. In the next version of After Effects, this process will be much easier with the introduction of a new Add To Adobe Media Encoder command from within After Effects.
    If you want to contact in-person support for AME, visit the following page and choose After Effects as the product (there is no AME option because AME is not sold separately).

  • Adobe Media Encoder making blocky videos

    The backstory: I have two Mac laptops: an old Powerbook G4/Panther running Imovie 4 and a brand new Macbook Pro/Snow Leopard running Imovie 9.
    I've now made several FLVs that play beautifully on the internet: I imported old clips *that had been extracted using the Powerbook/Imovie 4* into my Macbook Pro/Imovie 9, edited the videos in Imovie 9, exported them as standard m4vs, then encoded them into FLVs using Adobe Media Encoder CS4 4.2+. They look terrific.
    The problem:
    For the first time yesterday, I used my Macbook/Imovie 9 combo to import clips shot with the same exact camera, then did everything exactly the same. The exported m4vs look fine. However, the resulting re-encoded FLVs are badly blocky, as though a mosaic filter was laid on. This is mostly happening when there is any increased motion in the footage.
    I tried exporting into .mov then encoding for Flash in the same way, and no difference. The adjustment I'm currently trying is to bypass the presets on AME to enable a 2-pass scan rather than 1. There does not appear to be a keyframe-interval selection option in AME CS4 4.2, or I would adjust that as well. This custom encoding is taking 5 times as long to complete as the preset encoding: over an hour versus 15-16 minutes. It may or may not work, but regardless, I don't have that kind of time - I have a bunch of videos to make.
    I'm really sick about this, because my beloved Powerbook has a dying harddrive, which is why I bought the new laptop. I don't want to believe that it was Imovie 4 that was responsible for those lovely videos. Later Macs no longer support Imovie.
    Is there something I'm missing that will make AME work with Imovie 9 to eliminate the problem? I know Imovie 9 is a turkey, but it did make those lovely videos with the old clips from version 4. There's gotta be a way.
    Thanks in advance.

    After playing Youtube go to your temp internet
    files and copy the file to HDD which is a mp4.
    Add this to the Media Encoder and see if it will work now.
    If it still does not work, your ME is prob. not working right.
    I sometimes use AME as a converter and it handles mp4 just fine.

  • Adobe media encoder export error  "writer not found"

    When trying to export to wmv using adobe media encoder I get an export error of "writer not found". I did a search and found others having the same issue with no fix as far as I can see. Just wondering if anyone has any more iformation on this. I'm using Vista Ultimate and Premiere CS3.

    I registered the WMEncoderHelper.exe file with regserv, but I still get
    the "writer not found error". I wish I knew what codec it is trying to find and use.

  • Adobe Media Encoder cuts off video layer when the Ultra Key effect is applied

    I am working on a Mac (10.8.5) using the latest verison of Premiere Pro CC. I am using Ultra Key to remove the chroma key background from the "talent layer" and adding a "new background layer" behind the talent video layer. When I export directly from Premiere, the sequence exports as expected. However, I have many sequences, and wish to speed up the  process using Adobe Media Encoder. When I export the same sequence using Adobe Media Encoder, the top half of the "talent layer" is completly cut off:
    The issue has something to do with the Ultra key effect because when I remove the effect from the "talent layer" it exports in tact (with a chroma key background of course). Adobe Media Encoder CC is up to date as well; are there any known bugs with Media Encoder CC and the Ultra Key effect in Premiere Pro?

  • Adobe Media Encoder Export Settings Window Dimensions Problem

    Any help on this would be appreciated: I'm on a macbook pro, osx 10.6, using CS4 Web Premium. I used to have an external monitor hooked up which had much higher resolution, so when using Adobe Media Encoder I'd click the Settings button on a video to get the Export Settings window, then stretched the Export Settings window to be the size of my external monitor. Now, I'm just using my laptop, and the export settings window does not have the resize buttons at top left to adjust it back to the size of my laptop, and the bottom third of the export settings window is getting cut off so I can't see the cancel/ok buttons etc.
    I've tried re-installing media encoder (via reinstalling flash using the CDs) to try to 'reset' the window sizes, didn't fix the problem.
    If anyone knows of any other preferences or something I could delete to fix this, I'd be one thankful dude.

    Yes, I was getting the same response. It means Adobe is not using OS native windows (shame on them!).I just tried something with CS4 that worked, though. Try this:
    Quit Media Encoder
    Go to UserHomeDirectory > Library > Preferences > Adobe > Adobe Media Encoder > 4.0 and delete the files called 'AMEPrefs.xml' and 'AppPrefs.xml'.
    Then restart Media Encoder. For me, this reset the window size and placement. I tried moving the Export Settings window down so half of it was off the bottom of the screen. Once I deleted these files and restarted, the window was smaller and repositioned.
    If that doesn't work, try downloading the demo of this product:
    It says that Adobe programs are "trouble" programs, that they probably won't resize, but they should at least move. If nothing else, maybe you can move the window to a negative y value (up) so that the resize handle is visible, then move it back down so the header bar is visible again...

  • Adobe media encoder - export h.264 59.94fps 4096x2160 .mp4 file

    I have been trying to export footage from the following camera, the Sony PXW-Z100 and trying to export a h.264 59.94fps 4096x2160 .mp4/.mov file.
    I found this article and presets from Video Road, but am unable to get this specific combination working in anything but compressor.

    A better place to ask is Adobe Media Encoder (AME)
    This forum is about the Cloud as a delivery process, not about using individual programs
    If you start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

  • Adobe Media Encoder "expands" my video from it's original size

    When I export an XDCAM HD422 file (as an .mxf) that has scaled or aspected SD footage on the timeline using Media Encoder it changes the aspect or expands the footage so it's out of frame slightly. If I have a mask on the timeline, it gets shifted to the right. None of these problems arise if I don't use Media Encoder. Does anyone have a solution to this....or a workaround?

    here are screen shots of my sequence and export settings. Thanks for helping with this.

  • Adobe media encoder exports look pixelated and has artifacts.

    Hello all,
    For the past week we've been having terriable looking videos after compressing them with premiere pro 2014 or AME CC 2014. I though it might be a key framing issue at first. When we look at the final product we have areas where pixilation and artifacting show. We film on canon c500 so we edit with mxc files. We export out with the Youtube settings and adjust them manually. We have 2 areas we export for. 1280x720 at 4mbps and 1920x1080 at 10 to 15mps. We have never had this bad of looking video before we switched to cc2014. I work on Mac OS X 10.9.4 with a 6 core inter Xeon 32GB memory and we have the Kona LHi AJA graphics card.
    Here is an example of what we are getting.
    test2.mp4 - Box
    If you look at around 3 seconds the whole screen will pixalate and you'll see artifacts for about 10 frames. It's really bad in my opinion and we can't display this. I called Adobe for support and after 2 hours they only trashed my preferences and took my complaint. That's all the help I've gotten so far.
    Any help will be very appreciated.
    thanks for you're time.

    I don't think AVCHD is the correct preset... but I use CS5 so not 100% sure
    Flip or GoPro video
    - And
    - And
    - Says to use the XDCAM EX 720p 30p (or 60p?) setting for Flip (maybe GoPro?)

  • Adobe Media Encoder Produces No Video -- Audio Only

    I'm encoding a .mov file (it's only about 10 seconds long) to a Web 320 x 240 500kbps .f4v file, and when it's finished, the encoded file is just a black screen with audio playing.

    Try encoding it to a different preset. If it changes is, maybe there's a setting in the export settings within that preset that is disabling the video channel.

  • Audio exporting in different format than what's set on timeline

    I imported some long xdcam video files with two separate channels of audio. For some reason some of the files imported as stereo (which I wanted) and some imported as mono even though I never made any changes to my camera. When I put the clips on my timeline I switched all of them to 'stereo' format, but when I export the file as an H.264 quicktime movie, the audio reverts back to the way it was originally on the clips. The clips that imported as mono play as mono, and the ones that imported as stereo, play as stereo.
    I've tried things like switching the project default audio to stereo and even surround sound, but nothing seems to be working and I'm really at a loss. All I want is for my whole quicktime video is to have stereo sound where channel 1 article comes out the left speaker and channel 2 audio comes out the right speaker.

    Did that, there's audio on both channels. Channel one is audio from a headset microphone and channel two is audio from the shotgun mic on the camera. I should be more clear, when I play it back in the timeline, everything sounds the way I want it. The channel 1 audio is only coming out of the left speaker, the channel 2 audio is only coming out of the right speaker, which is what I want. When I export, some of the clips revert to dual mono and I can hear a mix of channel 1 and channel 2 coming out of both speakers.

  • Adobe Media Encoder Exporter.cpp 396 Error

    I'm receiving this error when I try to convert a .mpg to a .flv. I have Adobe Web Premium CS5.5 running on windows 7 x64. I have also encounted this error on Windows 7 x32.
    I can use CS4 to convert the video but I would love to use CS5.5 as I am removing CS4 soon.
    I tried to search around for this error but it seems no one else has come across it yet.
    Much appreciated if I could get this working today.

    Dito, I'm having the same problem.
    Any solution yet?

  • Adobe Media Encoder Not Working - Please help

    Whenever I try and export a video in premiere pro it makes no difference what settings I choose in the Adobe Media Encoder as the video always comes out the same size. When I first tried it I exported it as a 400kbps flash file, but that was taking too long to buffer, so I want to reduce the kpbs. I adjust the bitrate in the encoder, save the settings and everything looks like it's working but no matter what I do the video always comes out the same size. I have tried opening and closing Premiere Pro, even exporting the video as avi and then bringing it back into premiere pro to encode but no joy.
    Also, in the encoder it always says "estimated file size 35mb or so but comes out the other end about 10 times that.
    Its getting really, really annoying so any help would be very much appreciated.

    Hi, many thanks for your replies.
    The work area that I wish to export is 15 minutes and 38 seconds so relatively short.
    I always let it finish encoding and they are all around 250MBs when this is finished.
    These are the steps I am taking:
    1. Menu>Export>Adobe Encoder
    2. Change setting to custom and set the bit rate at 300 kpbs, Framerate 25, Keyframe interval 1, Codec On2 VP6, Audio 32kbps Mono
    3. I then save this preset
    4. I then click the Deinterlace button on the Output tab
    5. I then click OK and save it to my external hardrive
    6. Once it is finished encoding - whatever settings I have selected - it always comes out around 250 MBs which is far too big as it takes ages to buffer
    If you can help you are a lifesaver!

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