Adobe/MS Access/Lotus Notes Integration

Not sure if I'm in the right place, please feel free to let me know if not.  Have searched in Access and Lotus Notes forums but no answers yet. I am using MS Access to automatically send email from Lotus Notes and attach a PDF file that is located on the server.  Next step is I would like to be able to create a PDF portfolio out of that sent email and save/name it according to key data in the record.  Am also using batch file to create the network folder but am hoping to be able to merge all these processes into one so that when the email is sent, the folder will be created and the PDF portfolio created from the sent email.  So far, have not been able to find any answers, am hoping at a minimum someone might be able to point me in the right direction.
Am using this method to batch create folders based on new records in the Access database:
Here is the code I'm using to create the email - anyone know of any way to take that email that just got sent in Lotus Notes and create a PDF Binder/Portfolio?  Thank you so much!
Private Sub cmdSendEmail_Click()
MsgBox "Prequal Request Complete!"
End Sub
Sub SendPrequal()
Dim oEmail As clsEmailMessage
Dim strSubject As String, strAttach As String, strAttachIns As String, strBody As String, strSave As String, strMsg As String, Saveit As Boolean
Dim rtItem As Object
Dim rtStyle As Object
Dim sFormattedText As String
If Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value = "" Then
strFF = Me.MsgFreeFlow.Value & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
End If
sFormattedText = strFF
strSubject = "Information Request for " & StripString([RQContractor])
strAttach = "d:\MyDocs\Forms\pdf\FormName.pdf"
strMsg = "Message Here" & vbNullString & vbCrLf & vbCrLf
strBody = strMsg
If Me.PF.Value = 0 Then
strAttachIns = "d:\MyDocs\MyAttach_a.pdf"
strAttachIns = ":\MyDocs\MyAttach_b.pdf"
End If
Set oEmail = New clsEmailMessage
oEmail.AddRecipient Me.ContractorEmail, recipTo
oEmail.AddAttachment strAttach
Select Case Me.frmINS
Case -1
oEmail.AddAttachment strAttachIns
Case 0
End Select
oEmail.SendEmail strSubject, strMsg, False
'doc.ReturnReceipt = "1"
'save draft
'Saveit = True
Set oEmail = Nothing
End Sub
clsEmailMessage Module:
'**************************CLASS CODE **************
Option Compare Database
Option Explicit
'creates and sends email using lotus notes.
'does not require notes to be running (it will start a session if needed).
'does not require references in the project
'uses OLE not com, so objects are declared as simple objects
'the declares below are for using COM, but this may require some
'additional configuration to work.
'Dim mobjNotesDB As NotesDatabase
'Dim mobjNotesMessage As NotesDocument
'Dim mobjNotesRTItem As NotesRichTextItem
'Dim mobjNotesSession As notessession
Dim mobjNotesSession As Object 'lotus notes session
Dim mobjNotesMessage As Object 'a notesdocument object (the email message)
Dim mobjNotesDB As Object 'a notes db object
Dim mobjNotesRTItem As Object 'a notes tich text object
'notes constant for attaching file
Public Enum RecipTypes
recipTo = 1
recipCc = 2
End Enum
Private Sub Class_Initialize()
Set mobjNotesSession = CreateObject("Notes.Notessession")
Set mobjNotesDB = mobjNotesSession.GetDatabase("", "")
Call mobjNotesDB.OPENMAIL
' make new mail message
Set mobjNotesMessage = mobjNotesDB.CreateDocument
'create the body
Set mobjNotesRTItem = mobjNotesMessage.CreateRichTextItem("Body")
End Sub
Private Sub Class_Terminate()
Set mobjNotesSession = Nothing
Set mobjNotesMessage = Nothing
Set mobjNotesDB = Nothing
Set mobjNotesRTItem = Nothing
End Sub
Public Sub AddRecipient(strName As String, intType As RecipTypes)
Dim intNextSemiColon As Integer
Dim intLastSemiColon As Integer
Dim strOneAddress As String
Dim j As Integer
Dim blnLastAddress As Boolean
'If the passed contact has a semi-colon, split into multipe contacts
If InStr(1, strName, ";") > 0 Then
intLastSemiColon = 1
intNextSemiColon = 0
blnLastAddress = False
For j = 1 To Len(strName)
intNextSemiColon = InStr(intLastSemiColon, strName, ";")
If intNextSemiColon = 0 Then
blnLastAddress = True
strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, Len(strName))
strOneAddress = Mid(strName, intLastSemiColon, intNextSemiColon - 1)
intLastSemiColon = intNextSemiColon + 1
End If
If intType = recipTo Then
If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strOneAddress)
End If
ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strOneAddress)
End If
End If
If blnLastAddress = True Then Exit For
Next j
'Otherwise, just add one name
If intType = recipTo Then
If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("SendTo") Then
Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Sendto", strName)
Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Sendto", strName)
End If
ElseIf intType = recipCc Then
If mobjNotesMessage.HasItem("Copyto") Then
Call mobjNotesMessage.AppendItemValue("Copyto", strName)
Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Copyto", strName)
End If
End If
End If
End Sub
Public Sub AddAttachment(strFilePath As String, Optional vName As Variant)
Dim strName As String
If IsNull(vName) Or IsMissing(vName) Then
strName = strFilePath
strName = vName & ""
End If
mobjNotesRTItem.EMBEDOBJECT EMBED_ATTACHMENT, "", strFilePath, strName
End Sub
Public Sub SendEmail(strSubject As String, strText As String, blnPreview As Boolean)
Call mobjNotesMessage.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", strSubject)
Call mobjNotesRTItem.AddNewLine(2)
Call mobjNotesRTItem.AppendText(strText)
mobjNotesMessage.SAVEMESSAGEONSEND = True
If blnPreview = False Then
Call mobjNotesMessage.Send(False)
Call mobjNotesMessage.Save(True, False)
End If
End Sub
'***************END CLASS CODE ***************************

Found this link,, that states:
Acrobat 9 and later supports creation of a PDF Portfolio (the newer form of packages) via JavaScript, which can be called from VBA using the JSObject bridge.
Have been looking along those lines, but not sure what I'm looking for, if there is a way to create the PDF portfolio using code, I would greatly appreciate any information, thank you.

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    Edited by: Mike Pokraka on Jul 17, 2008 1:13 PM

    yes they exist..........
    i have some doubts ........on this
    when ever i try to do auto forwording setting ..............
    its giving warning      "The forwarder and the recipient are identical"   and making internet address to  external address....
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    Job suffix              =        1            " What the siginficant for 2 ? 
    Tasks (blank = all)        =     TS00008267  "task number for decision step
    New Work items Only   X
    one msg per work item  X
    Workitem display          X
    Workitem execution      X
    Message Class for Subject       SWU_NOTIF
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    Before Work Item Description    SWU_NOTIF_PROLOG1
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