Adobe photo shop element 12 photo editor wont work

@Hi I opened my adobe photo shop elements 12 and my photo editor isn't working... Can someone please help me...

Hi MegJT,
Sorry for the trouble.
If you are working on Windows
Please follow these steps:
Try to rename SLCache to Slcache.old in the following location
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe
SLStore to Slstore.old
and Right Click on the Photoshop Elements 12 icon and run as administrator.
Let us know if this works.

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  • Elements 12 Photo Editor stopped working

    I recently purchased a brand new HP with Windows 8.  I downloaded PS Elements 12 from Amazon last month and a few weeks in, Photoshop Editor stoped working.  I ended up uninstalling it then reinstalling and it worked great for a few days before the Editor crashed again.  This pops up:  "Photoshop Elements 12 Editor has stopped working.  A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." 
    I am beyond frustrated.  I am trying to get a photography career going and I don't have time for this.  I'm not very computer savvy when it comes to issues like this and honestly have no idea what to do.  I obviously can't keep uninstalling it.  I also don't know if this is a Windows issue or Adobe.  Please help! 

    I'm replying from my e-mail so I hope this works!  Couldn't figure out how to reply on the Adobe discussion board.  But I checked the updates and it said they're all up-to-date and to answer your questions, yes it crashes every time I try to open a photo.  If I'm in the organizer then right click a photo to open in Editor that notification pops up.  So yes, the organizer works just not the Editor. 
    As far as the admin rights, I right-clicked the icon and ran to do so if that's what you're talking about.  Like I mentioned before, I have NO idea what the heck is wrong.  If it's Windows or Adobe...all my friends say I should've gone with an iMac.  Haha.  Sigh 
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    First run Help> Updates to update PSE to v12.1 which is a stability update.Does it crash with every photo you try to open?Does the Organizer work?Does your user account have administrator rights? Cheers,
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  • Photo Editor wont open

    I get a 'adobe application manager has stopped working' message when trying to open photo editor in elements 11.

    Try to direct launch the .exe of PSE Editor from
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 11\PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe.

  • Adobe Photo Downloader stopped working; can't import from a DVD?

    I use Premiere Elements 4 (loaded with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6) on Windows Vista.
    When I attempt to import video from a DVD (via Get Media > DVD import) I am unable to do so and the message
    I would value any help with this problem!
    Many thanks, Don Varleyhall

    Well, if it was produced in an Adobe program, then it should be 100% DVD-compliant. The menuing structure should not be an issue, as it can with other programs (Roxio and Nero come to mind), or from a DVR-DVD unit. I have never seen one of those that did a DVD-compliant disc.
    This might point to something else going on.
    As a test, grab, or create a short Project in PrE with Menus, and then Burn it to Disc. Test this back in PrE, and see if it behaves exactly the same way. If not, then something might be odd with your first disc, or there could be some other issue. If the Importer fails again, I'd think about doing a Repair Install.
    If the test works, the first thing that I would do would be to Copy your DVD-Video. One can use the free burning utility, ImgBurn to do this, if they do not have Roxio, Nero or some other DVD Copy utility.
    As a thought, there are a lot of other programs, that can get in the way of many operations in PrE. You might find some tips on setting up your computer for an editing session, in this ARTICLE. Then, test with your DVD again.
    Good luck,

  • Photo editor dont work

    I want to change foto with the editor make beautiful things but it doesnt work... It said The app is close
    Please help me
    I m spanish

    Hello Ana, I speak spanish but it is not appropriate for me to do so in this english speaking forum, however if you need specific help you can send me a personal message and I will reply to you either in spanish or english.
    Regarding your issue, you might want to go to Settings --> Apps --> All --> and scroll down to "Photo Editor" and clear its data and cache.
    Alternative I recommend you to download the free Autodesk Pixlr app which is a great editor and you can fill it up with extra downloads and features, even if you don't, the simple "Adjustment" tools are still very powerfull. And the edited picture can be exported in its original resolution or smaller ones.
    Good luck

  • MAC OSX 10.6.8 photoshop editor wont work

    newly purchased photoshop elements cd, MAC 10.6.8, installed ok, editor will work, but organizer wont, its like iphoto wont "release the photos" in a format that photoshop can understand?

    newly purchased photoshop elements cd, MAC 10.6.8,
    Which version of Elements did you buy exactly?
    The latest version PSE12 requires OS X 10.7 or higher.

  • Pse 7.0 trying to change image size to post to net?? editor wont work !!!

    please help !!! i have 7.0 only had the temp version 6.0 i really liked it!! now i cant figure out the 7.0 !! editor wont come up nothing!! can go into organizer but nothing else...

    Its strange... I can think of such problem with CD/DVDs ..
    But it should not happen with HDDs at least because its a reliable media for data storage...
    Can you try one thing... Try repiar before backup and see if it makes any difference..

  • Elements 11.. editor not working

    Last night the organizer and editor both worked fine. This morning, however, the editor is not working. I have rebooted twice but still not working. Suggestions?

    Restart the editor (from the organizer), while holding down ctrl+alt+shift. Keep the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.

  • Photoshop Elements 11 - Photo Editor not working

    The editor on Photoshop Elements 11 has stopped working.  I have tried to uninstall Photoshop Elements 9 and failed, this may have caused this problem.  Is there a way to run a repair of the applicaiton?  If not, will I lose what I have in my catalog if I uninstall and reinstall Photoshop Elements?

    You won't lose any photos or catalogs by reinstalling (there's no repair install). However, before you do that, try restarting the editor while holding down ctrl+alt+shift (command+option+shift on a mac). Keep the keys down till you see a window asking if you want to delete the settings file. You do.

  • How do I get Photo Editor to work in Photoshop Elements 12?

    My Photoshop Elements 12 (PSE-12) worked fine until I recently had to repair/recover my (only) PC (Win7prof, 64bit, 2 TB HDD, 8GB RAM). I didn’t then know about any de-activationsif in case that might be the cause. Now I have done all ‘Adobe’s ‘formalities’  (AdobeID, AdobeAccount, installed CreativeCloud) and tried to ‘sign-out’ in CreativeCloud to de-activate according to instructions in Help – and then re-installed the PSE-12. But only Organizer seems to be installed, not PhotoEditor, the module I really need.
    How shall I get PhotoEditor to work again? Helo asap is much appreciated. Pertti Rönnberg

    reset your preferences -
    adobe media encoder:
    after effects:
    muse (mac):
    photoshop elements: references_file.htm
    premiere pro:
    if that fails:
    uninstall pse 12.
    then reinstall.

  • Photo Shop Elements 4.0 won't work now

    I'm on a Mac.  Had 4.0 then went to Mt. Lion OS 10.8.4 and it doesn't work. What can I upgrade to?
    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

    You need at least PSE 6, which is getting a bit dodgy with the latest 10.8 updates, at least for installing. If you're going to upgrade, you might as well go to PSE 11, the current version.

  • E72 photo editor not working anymore (blank "apply...

    Today I tried to edit a couple of photos shot in my E72, but the editor is no longer working properly.
    As usual, I select the photo in the Image Gallery, then select Options > Edit. The editor opens, and I select Options > Apply Effect. The grid with the effect icons (brightness, contrast, crop, etc) appears just as an empty frame, no icons. I try to use the navigator to "move" blindly, as I know where the icons should be, but that doesn't work either.
    One editor choice that I don't use - Show full screen - returns a blank screen.
    I have already turned the phone off and on, removed thebattery for a few inutes as well, nothing.
    Please, does anyone know a solution?

    Have you tried without memory card to se if same result in case of possible corruption?
    Suggest that you backup essential data with Nokia Suite and return device to "Out of box" state by keying in *#7370# followed by 12345 (default Nokia lock code unless altered by user).
    Happy to have helped forum in a small way with a Support Ratio = 37.0

  • Photo Editor not working

    I have Elements 8 installed on another computer which crashed. Reinstalled on a new computer.Organizer works but the editor will not.
    Thought possibly it was a deactivation problem. Contacted Adobe support but told to come to the forums for help as their tech help desk no longer is trained in support version 8.
    Have reinstalled but to no avail. Any ideas as to how to get it working would be welcomed. Thanks in advance

    What happens when you click edit from welcome screen or what happens when you click PhotoshopElementseditor.exe directly from installed location
    c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 8 ..
    Try resetting the PSE preferences by
       1. Close Elements.
       2. Launch the Photoshop Elements Welcome Screen and hold down ctrl + alt + shift as you click Edit.
       3. Continue to hold the keys until you see a message box asking if you want to delete Photoshop Elements settings file; click Yes. Elements will open with default preferences.
    Let me know your comments.

  • Zen Sleek Photo display wont work

    My zen sleek photo wont display anything. I can still play music, assuming i hit the right buttons. Everything lights up, but the display is blank. I've tried resetting it. I've tried to put it into recovery mode. I've even checked the battery.
    My last idea was to reload the firmware using the download from the creative site, but it says my device isn't plugged in, which i know it is. My computer says it's plugged in, i can access my music on it, and the sync program it came with even recognizes and can sync with it.

    You can give firmware update a try but I'm afraid what coachop said is true. I don't have personal experience with screen replacements but sounds like this is the path where you're heading.

  • Multimedia Key inoperative, photo editor not worki...

    My N96 is now running 20.015 firmware. I have freed up as much phone memory as possible by moving messaging to my 4Gb mmc. I have installed all possible apps to the 16Gb drive. The phone memory is showing 60.8MB of free space. I have reinstalled the 20.015 firmware.
    However there still seems to be several functions which do not work correctly. Most notably the MultiMedia Key refuses to work and it is not possible to edit photos or videos. When I try to edit photos , even small ones, the edit page is simply blank except for the words at the bottom, OPTIONS-APPLY EFFECT-BACK.
    Any possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.
    I am seriously considering posting this to Nokia to be looked at although I feel I should do a Prince Charles and revert to my trusty old N95.
    After so much disappointment with this N96 I am now afraid to order a N97.
    Adrian Smith

    Please rename opm.db file @:
    Win:C:\Users\<user ame>\AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
    Mac:Users Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE
    Sign in again.

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