Adobe Reader 8 with older Celeron processor

I have a 5 year old laptop with Celeron 1.1GHz & 128 KB cache.
Adobe 8 requirements specify Pentium III all of which have 256 KB cache.
Some Pentium IIIs are slower - 433 MHz than my Celeron.
Should I try installing Adobe Reader 8 or stick with Adobe Reader 5?

I have a 5 year old laptop with Celeron 1.1GHz & 128 KB cache.
Adobe 8 requirements specify Pentium III all of which have 256 KB cache.
Some Pentium IIIs are slower - 433 MHz than my Celeron.
Should I try installing Adobe Reader 8 or stick with Adobe Reader 5?

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  • How to open Adobe Reader DC with Tools Closed

    I do NOT like Adobe Reader opening with the right column expanded.
    Also in all previous versions I could save my login for protected pdf files and when I open them back up they require a login again.  This is NOT how I want to work with Adobe Reader.
    Adobe Reader XI was so much better.

    Before the DC version we were able to save our passwords from University of Phoenix and when opening the document saved to our computer it would unlock automatically.  This new version DC will not allow this even when you say Yes.
    The Right Column in previous versions would allow to disable until requested to appear this version it opens regardless.
    Just my opinion here  Adobe Failed at customer satisfaction on this UPGRADE.
    Regards a unhappy Adobe user.

  • I have Adobe Reader XI with the package that allows me to send pdfs and convert pdfs to Word. When I open a pdf and try to search the search shows no matches even though the word I am searching for is in the document. Any suggestions how to search?

    I have Adobe Reader XI with the package that allows me to send pdfs and convert pdfs to Word. When I open a pdf and try to search the search shows no matches even though the word I am searching for is in the document. Any suggestions how to search?

    Once again, my thanks for your assistance. If I may impose on your generosity one more time, if I understand you correctly if I create a document on Word or WordPerfect, print it and scan it to create a pdf, the search function will not work. But, if I create the pdf document in Word the search function will work. Unfortunately, I am not sure how I create a pdf document in Word other than by printing it and scanning it. Could you please explain.
    William B. Kohn, Esq.
    General Counsel
    Paul V. Profeta & Associates, Inc.
    769 Northfield Avenue
    Suite 250
    West Orange, New Jersey 07052
    (973) 325 - 1300
    (973) 325 - 0376 (Facsimile)
    [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>

  • Can I hide the Adobe Reader panel with "Export, Create and Edit PDF and Send and Store Files"? I don't use it and it takes up space

    Can I hide the Adobe Reader panel with "Export, Create and Edit PDF and Send and Store Files"? I don't use it and it takes up space

    If you just mean, can I close it, sure. In Reader XI click the Tools button to close or reopen it.

  • Adobe Reader Performance with Protect Mode On

    We are getting very poor performance in opening PDF documents with Adobe Reader XI with Protected Mode on, particularly for users remote from our central server.  With Protected Mode off, performance is much better (10-20X faster opening).  Note that we are running Windows 7 with Application Data Roaming and Adobe Reader XI with Protected Mode on, Protected View off, and Advanced Security on.  We have diagnosed the problem as follows: We are using the Windows 7 Application Roaming Data feature to house some profile data for our remote users, and when they try to open a PDF document with Protected Mode on, Adobe sends numerous I/O packets (approximatel 6000!) across the "wire" for security checking against the Application Roaming data file on the central server, thus greatly slowing PDF opening.  We would like to know the following: 1) Is there a way to turn-off Protected Mode for company server stored documents, while keeping it active for documents received from external sources (e.g. from the internet, e-mail, etc.). 2) is there a way to have Protect Mode security verification done only on the local machine profile data and not on the centrally stored Application Roaming Data file (thus greatly reducing the "across the wire" I/O traffic).  Thanks for any help, CCB.

    I don't think any of the scenarios you are envisaging are possible.  Protected Mode is enabled/disabled on a user basis (in HKEY_USERS).

  • When ever I use Adobe reader 11 with a USB device, I cannot safe remove the USB device and get the following message (or similar one) in system log:  The application \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe with pr

    When ever I use Adobe reader 11 with a USB device, I cannot safe remove the USB device and get the following message (or similar one) in system log:  The application \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe with process id 6620 stopped the removal or ejection for the device USB\VID_05DC&PID_C75C\20131215015821328FC8.
    I am running on Windows Server 2012 R2 in Desktop Experience mode.
    Any ideas?

    In addition to that symptom, I discovered that even though I had closed all Adobe Reader sessions, the processes kept running and used up 90%+ of my CPU.

  • Adobe reader met with unexpected error

    Hi all,
    I've been bombed with this problem for so long, I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone can give any suggestion. The problem is: My adobe reader 7.0.8 or 8.0 are constantly met with unexpected errors. It just doesn't work, I can't open any files with it. Did anyone have similar problems before? Is there any hidden files I have to delete before installing a newer version or something else?

    Here are more details:
    I had adobe reader 6.0, the only version that was working on my mac, in my application library. I tried to upgrade it to version 8.0. I downloaded and installed adobe reader 8.0 alright, no problems there. But after installation was complete, the Reader restarted itself and crashed, showing me the message "The adobe reader met with unexpected error." and could not even function, not to mention opening any files. It happened with 7.0.8 before as well. I had no other way but to change it back to 6.0. But it's really bugging me because compared to the latest versions, 6.0 isn't really that good. So please help! thanks
    I'm using powerpc G4 ibook tiger 10.4.8

  • New Adobe Reader will not older version files

    Is that true : Adobe is likely to come out with a new version of Adobe reader that will not read Acrobat files which are created in older versions like 6 or 7

    It is true that newer Reader versions are more sensitive to old (or new) documents that contain errors.  But for correct documents, all new Reader versions are fully backwards compatible.

  • ADOBE Reader issues with Macbook Pro

    Was trying to view a pay document from my HR site and it said Iwas missing Adobe Reader plug in. I have it downloaded - twice and still no luck. The Adobe reader is in my applications, but the website can not seem to use it.

    The web site cannot use the Adobe Reader application directly.  You need to download the pdf and then you can view it with the Adobe Reader application.  If that website doesn't allow the pdf to be downloaded and indeed requires a pdf reader plugin, off hand I don't think Adobe makes a mac browser pdf reader plugin.  I could be wrong but I'm not aware of such a plugin.
    On the other there does exist a pdf browser plugin.  It's called, appropriately enough, "PDF Browser Plugin".  You can find it here.   Whether it works or not at that web site you are using is another question that probably can only be answered by trying it.  The web site could be specifically checking for some Adobe plugin, in which case, this substitute will not work.
    Are you sure you can't just download the file to use Adobe Reader, or for that matter, Apple's Preview app?

  • Problem printing from Adobe Reader .pdf with Brother printer from a Mac

    I have a macbook pro with Intel Core i7 and OS X Yosemite and Brother MFC-7360N printer connected by wifi. My problem is that I can print everything from all programs except from the Adobe Reader .pdf that do I print from my Preview files .. The error I get is "Error filter". Does anyone know where can originate the error and how to fix it?

    With another O.S. in another computer is OK.
    Thank you
    Juan Carlos Rubio Perez
    [email protected]
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  • Printing in Adobe Reader 9 with HP Laserjet P1006

    I am having trouble printing in the newest version of Adobe Reader 9 on my HP LaserJet P1006. I am able to print to a shared HP LaserJet 1320, but not the P1006. I am able to print from Word 2008 and Firefox 3. This makes no sense to me.
    I have "reinstalled" both Adobe Reader and my printer driver, though I'm not sure how "uninstall" the driver. But, I did do a reinstallation of that, and am getting the same results.
    Any ideas on how to:
    1. Uninstall the printer driver
    2. What may be going on?
    I have read that a few other people have had troubles printing within Adobe Reader on Leopard, but everyone uses different printers. I'm guessing this may be a Leopard compatibility problem with Adobe reader and the HP driver??
    Any help is appreciated

    does not apply anymore

  • Adobe Reader error with SAP interactive form in Web dynpro ABAP

    We are having a strange intermittent problem with Adobe Reader. When we try to open PDF files from SAP Frontend we get an error pop-up. The pop-up does not have any text. The title of the pop-up has "Adobe Reader". There is a blue question mark and an OK button. The form is inserted into Web Dynpro ABAP page. This web dynpro application is executed in SAP GUI by this program:
         PROTOCOL               = 'HTTPS'       " HTTP | HTTPS
        INTERNALMODE           = 'X'    "SPACE - browser is started
        PARAMETERS             =
          APPLICATION            = 'Z_FORM'
         CONTAINER_NAME         = 'TEST'
          INVALID_APPLICATION    = 1
          BROWSER_NOT_STARTED    = 2
          OTHERS                 = 3.
      IF sy-subrc EQ 1.
        MESSAGE a400.
      ELSEIF sy-subrc = 2.
        MESSAGE a401.
      ELSEIF sy-subrc = 3.
        MESSAGE a667.
    Adobe Reader version is 9.1.2
    Is there any solution for this?
    Many thanks for answer.

    The reason why I thought downgrading would help is because Reader 9 and above is probably not fully supported by SAP yet.
    You can maybe open an OSS and see if Adobe 9 is fully supported or not.

  • Strange FONT in Adobe Reader 9 with Windows 7

    If a pdf was made from a word document or anything other than a scan the font is very strange, not default arial (see attached picture).  I had this problem in reader X adn downgraded adn still have the problem.  WHen this document is opened in gogle docs or on another computer the font is arial.  Thanks for your help.

    I have the same issue in multiple documents on Windows 7 with Adobe Reader X 10.1.0.  Multiple others on my team can open the same files and do not have the issue.  I have done a terse check and we have similar installed programs, etc.
    Since I am not creating the documents, I have no control over how they are created.  Also, I seem to have the issue on my computer and others do not.
    Is there any way to troubleshoot font substitutions?  Is there any way to verify fonts?  Certainly I can see some fonts are not embedded in a sample I have, but I cannot see any way to know what font was specified and which was picked.  If I could find out that, I may delete the strangely spaced one so a better choice is picked.  It picks this odd font for what should be Arial...I think...but I am not sure. On this one sample doc I was able to get the creator to embed all fonts and it looks correct on my machine.  However the previous version without embedded fonts shows like this:
    Here is what it should look like:
    Both version look fine on other machines.
    Properties on bad font substitution version (I expect the circled are the issue):
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Unresolved bug in adobe reader x with non-default windows zoom level

    This seems to have already been brought up here about a year ago:
    I am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with Firefox 12.0 and Adobe Reader 10.1.3. Here is a description of the problem:
    Whenever I open any PDF file in a browser (firefox or IE) using the adobe reader I am unable to select text, save the file or interact with the content in any meaningful way because the plugin does not recognise my cursor position. If I click on some text in a PDF document, the reader will immediately highlight a region of text between where I clicked and where it thinks I started clicking from (above 20% of the screen above and to the left of where I actually clicked on the page). If I roll my mouse over the region where the dashboard normally appears, the dash does appear as intended and the cursor changes in response to hover over buttons, as if everything were working, but I am unable to click on anything (clicking does nothing). If I click and hold the dashboard when it appears, it immediately jumps to another region of the page, as if it thinks I moved the mouse (20% up and to the left again). I have recently reformatted and am now using a fresh install, and the issue remains. My desktop zoom level in windows is 150%. The problem appears only inside the browser; viewing PDFs directly in Acrobat Reader X works without issue.
    I can resolve the problem either of two ways:
    a) Reverting back to the default windows zoom level (125%).
    b) right-clicking on the Adobe Reader X icon, navigating to the compatibility tab and clicking "Disable Display Scaling on high DPI settings"
    The workaround is easy but it's disappointing that adobe hasn't fixed this. Please consider that it would mostly affect individuals who are vision impaired and might not have the know-how to resolve the problem or check for solutions online, let alone post comments such as this. As far as I can tell this problem severely impaires the functionality of adobe in any browser on any non-standard zoom windows installation.

    Please be sure to post your issue in the following Feature Request/Bug Report Form.

  • Adobe Reader conflicts with Adobe Acrobat?

    It looks like there are some conflicts between Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat:
    I just downloaded Adobe Reader 9 without problems but when running the downloaded file(.exe) the seup is interrupted before Adobe Reader 9 could be completelly installed. A message shows up saying: "Error 1316. A network error occurred while attempting to read from the file: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\Adobe Reader 6.0.msi".
    In fact, I had Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0 installed some timew ago, but it was properly uninstalled as I did everything possible to completelly uninstall it, inclusive runing Registry Clean.
    The same problem arises if I try do install a previous version of Adobe Reader (e.g. 8.0).
    Can anyone please help to solve this probem?
    Thank you.
    Henrique Silva
    Lisbon - Portugal

    This is not a solution, it is a work-around for bad programming practices.
    I recently had a problem with links from one document to another for literature on our website. The problem was with both Acrobat and Reader where if I did not check the Internet Prefference "Display PDF in browser", the pdf document would download into my "Tempoary Internet Files" folder. From there it expected to find and open the linked document. Our literature website downloads all literature from a common folder on the host.
    This problem came up after upgrading (or is it downgrading?) from Windows XP to Windows 7. It was not a problem with Windows XP.
    The fix for links was to check Internet Prefference "Display PDF in browser". Now the fix for error 1316 is to UNCHECK Internet Prefference "Display PDF in browser".
    I want both Acrobat and Reader loaded in my system so I can TEST the form or any changes I make from Acrobat.
    I am really frustrated by this, especially when I get calls from my customers who are accessing our literature online and having the same problems. What do I tell them? Contact Adobe? NOT GOOD ENOUGH. GIVE ME A REAL SOLUTION, GUYS!!!
    FYI: Try using FireFox or Opera browser. You may have better results.

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