Adobe Reader for W98 pc

My current version (Acrobat Reader 4.0)frequently encounters errors in loading pdf files. Is there a later version for a W98 pc that I can download? Thanks.

You can re-download Reader from the Adobe website, BUT it is important <br />to know why it disappeared. You should use some disk utility to check <br />for disk directory damage. Years ago I used Norton Disk Utility, but I <br />don't know if you can find one that will work under Windows 98 anymore.<br /><br /><><br /><br />Should do the trick.<br /><br />Mike

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    How do I delete a file from the Adobe Reader for iOS?

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  • I am trying to download adobe reader for my macbook air but it keeps stopping at 44%. I have downloaded the latest updates for my mac and retried numerous times. Please advise. Thank you

    I am trying to download adobe reader for my macbook air but it keeps stopping at 44%. I have downloaded the latest updates for my mac and retried numerous times. Please advise. Thank you

    As posted about a dozen times every day, try the offline installer from

  • Adobe Reader for Windows Phone cannot open older PDF versions?

    I've found that Adobe Reader for Windows Phone displays the following error when I try to open certain PDF documents: "There was an error opening the document".
    After doing some limited testing I found that it can successfully open PDF documents which were saved as "PDF version: 1.5 (Acrobat 6.x)", but the error appears when it tries to open documents saved as the older format "PDF version: 1.3 (Acrobat 4.x)". (I am checking the filetype version by opening the documents in Adobe Reader X on my PC and looking at the document properties).
    My phone is a HTC 7 Mozart running Windows Phone 7.5. I noticed the problem when I was using the SkyDrive app to try and look at some PDF files I have saved in SkyDrive. SkyDrive downloads the file and then passes it to the Adobe Reader app to view. It works when I look at a newer version 1.5 PDF but not the older v1.3 type. Unfortunately my HP Photosmart 5510 scanner outputs scans as PDF files and only in the older file version.
    I've tried reinstalling the SkyDrive app and the Adobe Reader app on my phone. (The Adobe Reader app is version 10.1.1, build 20120919).
    Is this a known limitation, or is this a bug?
    If this is a limitation that won't be fixed - is there an easy way I can convert my files to the newer file type? (Adobe Reader X on my PC doesn't seem to offer a way to convert existing files)

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  • How do I sign, save, and close a completed from in Adobe Reader for iOS?

    After completing a PDF form and emailing it from Adobe Reader for iOS, the recipient receives it as a form and can change it. How do I save the form in Adobe Reader for iOS before sending it as an email so that the recipient cannot update it further.
    Thank you.

    Thank you George. Are there any Apps you would recommend? I am looking for something where a PDF form can be completed, and perhaps annotated, and then flattened to email to be filed as a record.

  • How do I move a file from "Recents" in Adobe Reader for Android to a folder in "Documents"?

    How do I move a file from "Recents" in Adobe Reader for Android to a folder in "Documents"?
    Files from Google Drive are appearing in "Recents" where I cannot organize them hierarchically.
    I cannot find a user manual for Adobe Reader for Android with this level of detail.

    Hi John,
    Files opened via Google Drive are not listed in ‘Documents' section of Adobe Reader, because they are read only files. If you really want to save these files to ’Documents' then please follow below steps -
    Open the file from Google drive in Adobe Reader.
    Tap on the Comment icon placed at top toolbar(Second icon from the beginning)
    You would encounter a 'Read-Only document’ dialog, tap on Save button.
    Once you performed above steps , your file will be saved in /Download/Adobe Reader/ folder.
    Hope this will solve your problem.
    Adobe Reader Team

  • How to rotate a text in the adobe reader for mobile ios ?

    how to rotate a text in the adobe reader for mobile ios ?

    There's no rotate command to rotate the document. Instead, rotate the iPad. If it doesn't rotate, turn off the Rotation Lock switch on the side of your iPad.

  • Cannot open PDF on Adobe Reader for iPhone

    When I click on the file to open in the App it says, "The document has features that are not supported in this version of Adobe Reader". I have ensured that I have downloaded the latest version of Adobe Reader onto my phone. The PDF, "material is copyrighted and does have digital rights content protections on printing, copying and saving", there is no opportunity for me to enter a password or other verification. I can open this file on my computer, and I can also open other PDF's on my iPhone using the Adobe Reader App. Any help would be appreciated as I am trying to access study material for a rigorous upcoming exam, all materials were purchased legally.

    Adobe Reader mobile products (Adobe Reader for iOS, Adobe Reader for Android, etc.) do not support DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected PDF documents even in the latest version.
    Please use the desktop version of Adobe Reader XI for a Windows or Mac computer to open the PDF document instead.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • How to restore files from Adobe Reader for iOS (iPad)?

    I started using Adobe Reader for iOS to annote and comment pdf files. I used the Adobe Reader for Mac OS to upload the files to the cloud.
    Opening the files on iPad worked pretty straight forward and I started editing the pdf right away. When opening the pdf again a couple of days later on iPad, the app downloaded the pdf again in an older version with a couple of annotations present, but a couple of the more recent missing. This is a very disturbing behaviour since I cannot understand why it would sync an older version of the pdf from the cloud over the newer one. Luckily, this was no very important edit, but I will be very hesitant to use this feature in the future if there is a likelyhood for this happening again. Is there any possibility to recover the file with the original edits from the iPad?
    The second thing that I don't understand is the mismatch of files shown in the adobe creative cloud and on when using the acrobat reader. 2 of the files I uploaded can be seen in both the adobe creative cloud and in the '' cloud (is that a different thing?) as can be accessed from adobe reader on Mac OS. However, there are also files that can be accessed exclusively from the adobe creative cloud and files that can be accessed exclusively from the '' cloud. I don't really understand the difference and how to sync the two.
    Help is highly appreciated. Thanks!

    I personally agree that having two separate Adobe cloud storage services ( and Creative Cloud) is confusing and undesirable.  However, I am not able to speculate on Adobe products or services in future releases.
    There is no direct way to download files on to your iPad/iPhone.  However, you can download files from via the web browser interface ( on your Windows or Mac desktop/laptop computer.
    Then you can (a) email them to yourself and open them in Adobe Reader on your iPad, which results in storing the files locally on your iPad, or (b) use the desktop version of iTunes to transfer the files from your computer to your iPad.  (It's convoluted.  But I am not aware of any other options.)  However, if you uninstall Adobe Reader for iOS, the operating system will erase all of associated application data including locally stored PDF documents.
    I suspect that your problem is related to changes not being saved to properly (not about syncing to an older version).  When you make a lot of changes to a PDF document (e.g adding annotations or filling out forms), I'd recommend closing the modified PDF document occasionally, which forces Adobe Reader to save the changes to  You will have less chance of losing changes due to unexpected problems or defects in Adobe Reader.
    Please let us know if you know the steps to reproduce the problem (of losing changes) with a particular file on  We can investigate the problem.
    Thank you.

  • Launch Adobe Reader for Android via Intent in Read-Only mode

    One issue I've bumped into recently with respect to launching Adobe Reader for Android via an ACTION_VIEW intent is that fillable forms can apparently always be filled and saved, thus modifying the original file.  That may be wonderful in many applications, but I have a situation where I would really not like users to be able to make any changes to the document (i.e. filling in fields and saving) at the current time.
    I am assuming that there is currently no Intent option to open a PDF in Adobe Reader in true read-only mode (preferably such that fillable fields wouldn't even be fillable).
    For now, I'll probably just have to point to a copy of the file, but it would be more convenient to have a handful of properly-documented options for launching read-only via an Intent.

    GoodReader ($4.99), ezPDF Reader ($2.99) and PDF Expert ($9.99) are well rated and support many more features.
    Here a link for your reference:

  • How can I copy or print all text highlights in Adobe Reader for Android?

    I read many tech books as pdfs. And highlight the parts I want to note.
    Since I am now reading them on an Android Tablet using Adobe Reader for Android, I need to find a way to move my highlights to a separate doc when I am done reading. I don't see instructions for this anywhere.
    How can I copy all text highlights at once from a document?
    And / or
    How can I print all text highlights from a document?

    Kindle Reader will let me do that with Kindle books and docs that I buy from
    Amazon, but not with personal docs (such as pdfs) that I import, unfortunately.
    Is a VERY useful feature!

  • Adobe Reader for Android - Arabic support issue

    Dear Support,
    I am trying to reach the developer for long time but the email provided is a mailing list which no one else has the right to post to it except their team.
    There is a big problem with Arabic words searching in an Arabic PDF file with adobe Reader for android. To search for a word, I have to write the words backward, like instead of "Adobe" I have to write "ebodA" but in Arabic language. I know that your app developers are Indians, but please let an Arabic person show you how he can't search for a word in an Arabic PDF file. Please fix it urgently. it is very important for the Arabic language readers. Thanks for your action.
    Software link:
    Adobe Reader - Android Apps on Google Play
    Best Regards,
    Kamal Darwish
    Google play developer 234234

    Dear Mehwish,
    Below is a screen capture of the way that this bug is acting. I hope you fix this bug as soon as possible. By the way in PC version is fine. It is only on Android.

  • After creating a form from an existing document, viewing it in Adobe Reader for Android only shows the form fields, and not the document behind it.

    Using an existing PDF file to create an editable form that I can update on my tablet as I go, but when I open the file on my tablet (using Adobe Reader for Android), it only shows the blue editable fields that I've created, but not the actual form that's supposed to be behind it. However, it views properly on my PC. Am I not saving it out correctly?

    Please share the sample file with me. I am sending you instruction via private message.

  • Highlight text in adobe reader for android

    Dear Adobe Reader Team,
    I've had a problem with my adobe reader for android version 11.5.0
    It's not highlighting any text or doesn't even select it when I scroll over.
    Kindly help me with this Problem.
    Thank you in advance.

    It sounds like you have a scanned PDF document.  Because a scanned PDF document contains images of text (not real text), you will not be able to select text or highlight it.  You can still add Freehand drawing and/or sticky notes to a scanned PDF document.
    To recognize text in a scanned PDF document, you need to run special Text Recognition software.  Adobe Acrobat (a paid product) offers the capability, where as free Adobe Reader products do not.
    Recognizing Text in Scanned PDF Documents
    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

  • Adobe Reader for Android to play video embedded in a PDF document.

    I am a medical  teacher. A large part of my teaching is technical and skills based and I have a lot of teaching video material. I distribute my material to my students as PDF documents with embedded videos. They can presently only read this on their PCs. It would be wonderful if I could place that material in a 7 inch Android tablet in their coat pockets. They could review a "how to"  video and text immediately before perfoming a medical procedure.  It is so easy and fast to prepare a Word text document, convert it to PDF embedded with a simple cropped video clip. Also the original word document can be updated in moments and be converted into  a fresh PDF with video in a minute later to replace the one on the student computer or tablet whenever. This makes the teaching material a living text easy to keep permanently up to date. To date I have not managed to find an eReader or Tablet that that I could play an video embedded in a PDF document. The problem is Adobe Reader for Android doesn't do this. Does anyone know of any other easy way to produce documents with embedded video that can also be read on a pocket size tablet or eReader?  Is Adobe going to upgrade Adobe Reader for Android to this ability sometime? Is there any other PDF reading app that can play embedded video?

    GoodReader ($4.99), ezPDF Reader ($2.99) and PDF Expert ($9.99) are well rated and support many more features.
    Here a link for your reference:

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