Adobe Viewer Bug

It looks like there is still a bug in the newest Adobe Viewer. If you completely close the app Adobe Viewer on an ipad (that means no background-running) you will lose all the downloaded issus. But if you go to remove issues in the app it still shows the downloaded issus.
Any idears?!
Best jan

Hi Bob, thanks for your comments. You are right!!!!
I made a version without underscore and now it always works!

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  • Adobe Viewer App ipad Bug?

    I use the Adobe Viewer App on an ipad4. After the latest update the folios which i download and view are fe. after an hour away when i put the ipad an standby. I always have to download the issues again. But if i go to the settings/delete issues it shows still the downloaded issues.
    Any solution?
    Best jan

    This is a known issue in the current release of the content viewer. It will be addressed with an update next week.

  • Problem with "small black line in right margin" with Folio Builder / Adobe Viewer in Ipad. Id CC.

    Hi there,
    When I create a Folio Builder and I check my Id project in the Adobe Viewer (It happens in the Ipad App and in the Desktop Viewer), I can see a black line in the right margin (maybe 4 px). And I can't adjust my background (It's an object with a colour) to use the "full resolution available for the app in the ipad", and yes, I'm using rules and I can see that my background object it's 1024 x 768. I have tryed several projects and upgraded the project to the "30 version".
    But I'm a new user with ID/DPS. So, is this a reported bug? Or I'm doing sth wrong?
    And for me, the most important question, will this problem be solved when I send my project to the applestore and DPS transform my Folio to the Store? Or what I see now it's what I will see?

    Sorry! I have found an answer here in the discussion:
    So, the problem will be solved in the final app, and it's just the scroll in the Viewer.

  • Folio is uploaded in the server but I cannot see it in my Adobe Viewer

    My folio is uploaded in the server but I cannot see it in my Adobe Viewer in my iPad, any idea guys how to be able to see it in my Viewer?

    There are some bugs that can cause this issue. If you are adding long, smooth scrolling pages (ie 1024x3000) and performing a "New" to add the page from the Folio Builder Panel versus using the "Import" command, this issue can be caused.
    As the previous posted said, you need to either have all horizontal, all vertical, or all horizontal and all vertical pages. You cannot have a mix of both. If there is a fundamental error with your folio, it iwll not be available in the viewer.

  • App binary file does not correspond to folios in Adobe Viewer

    I created an app in several different language versions, all connected to the same multi-layer/lingual InDesign files. In Adobe Viewer they look and work fine, however Apple just approved the English language binary update and the app is entirely in Spanish. I tried re-exporting the .ipa file from a previous version (one that was already published in English albeit with bugs- hence the update submission)  and this too shows in Spanish. I tried re-saving all InDesign files with the English language layer turned on and exporting a new version, but once again it shows in Spanish. My client is understandibly very upset as the app is time-sensitive and if we have to wait another week for Apple approval we are in big trouble.
    What is going on and how can I fix it?

    Ok, I'll try it, but I don't understand why this happened in the first place. The English app was ready to be exported before the Spanish version had been sent to "create app," and so in my understanding the exported file should have coincided with what I see in the viewer.
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    Re: App binary file does not correspond to folios in Adobe Viewer
    created by Neil Enns - Adobe in Digital Publishing Suite - View the full discussion
    Are you making a Single Edition application? If so simply changing the layer state and redownloading the application isn't enough. You have to go to the Create App menu item again and go through the App Builder wizard for it to pick up the changed files.
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  • How do I merge more than one PDF document into one singular pdf using adobe viewer touch on a microsoft surface?

    How do I merge more than one PDF document into one singular pdf using adobe viewer touch on a microsoft surface?

    Or using the Adobe PDF Pack

  • Folio not showing on Ipad Adobe Viewer

    Is the second time I have a folio not showing up on my ipad adobe viewer.
    This has happened after i delete 4 or more articles from the folio, after deleting them it stops showing in my ipad viewer.
    I researched here before and the solution was to check for the size, (that it was a size made for ipad) and yeah, i checked the size and the size is totally fine 768x1024
    but still doesnt appear.
    what I have to do is to create a new folio and click "copy to" each article to the new folio (from the old one), but the option copy to has to be done one by one, which is very annoying and time consuming. Once all articles are copied the new folio shows up but the old one doesnt.
    Anyone knows why this happens? how can it be solved faster?

    i had this problem once, in the folio producer have you given the folio a name, number and description?
    also in the viewer on the ipad they are not nessecarily in the right order - so scoot about on it
    if all else fails, delete the folio and re-upload, we had a glitch once and the only solution was to re upload

  • Adobe viewer crashing on ipad

    My DPS presentation quit unexpectedly from the Adobe Viewer app on the ipad.
    I notified that it's happen only in my article that contents a lot of multi-states objects and buttons in the same pages. In 3 pages, I made about 20 buttons creating 20 pop-up window (multi-states objects) and each state has 2 buttons inside. (one linking to a page in the same article an one other to close the pop-up window.) All the fonctions work but then crash after 4 or 5 times activated. Every pop-up window links to a different page in the article. My presentation has about 60 pages. (each contents a link to come back to one of the 3 pages and 2 others to a page in a different article of the folio -navto:// )
    Does my article's page content too much links? Too much buttons?
    Does Adobe Viewer application can support that much interactivity in a same article?
    Are there a maximum pages for an article?
    The format of my article is in PNG, is it better in PDF? Can it be the problem?
    I'm looking for a solution, I have tried a lot of things but each time it's crashing again.
    Thank you or your help!

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you very much for your answer. Finally I found the problem, and it wasn't about the number of links, overlays or buttons. Good news, the Adobe Viewer can support all of them! Maybe iPads are more performant than we expected!
    The problem that caused the inexpectedly quitting was in my overlays. My presentation contents 3 pages as a repertoire of logos that links to a page of description of each of them. With my pop-up windows, I created a mask in transparency that covers all 3 pages by making a rectangle 3times the size of a regular page. Don't know if you understand.. ?! But the point is:  it's not possible to create an overlay that interracts on multiple pages on the same time. The overlays had to be inside the workspace, 1024 X 768px in the iPad's case.
    Also, I tried to import as PDF instead of PNG, but it created a blur when I arrived to the linking page on the article. PNG is probably better.
    Thank you again for your help!!

  • HTML Article performance issues in Adobe Viewer on iPad

    I have created a HTML Article using DPS but when I come to view it on Adobe Viewer in iPad the content does not scroll smoothly and the content is cut off and cropped (the whole page is not displayed), it is very judery and struggles to render the HTML below 'the fold' so to speak.
    I have tried both options for importing HTML into DPS and both have the same performance/lag isuues.
    I have a video in my HTML that seemed to be causing an issue where the video streaming was struggling to be pulled through, so I have treid YouTube and Vimeo video streaming and the performance/display issue is not resolved. I then tried embbeding an mp4 directly using HTML5 to see if it was a connection/bandwidth issue and the problem still exists. However the videos do play, its just the fact that the container is cropped in half.
    Sometimes the whole HTML article renders but then when you swipe back up the page it struggles to render the content above? Also then when you swipe back down the page the content is also cropped that was visible before?
    I have reviewed every available discussion on the Adobe Community and other resources but all the fixes mentioned do not have any effect.
    If anybody can assist or has been experiencing the same issues any advise would be welcome.
    Oh, the HTML Article contains some JS too, it does function correctly but I was wondering if JS causes problems? Just a thought.

    Well, I think I may have found the answer so I thought I would share with the Community incase anyone else experiences the same type of issues.
    After testing another peice of HTML that also included video streaming and heavy JavaScript, I narrowed the issue down to my JS. I had two Nivo Slider Carousels that were the route of the performance issues.
    The other test HTML Article scrolls smoothly and the video pulls in as intended, although once in a while there is a slight delay in the page scrolling up and down but this is hardly noticeable.
    I hope this may be of some help to other's in the future?

  • Text is pixelated in Adobe Viewer when creating an app in indesign

    I am trying to create an app in indesign, I put the docuement in the folio builder, and then view it on my iphone through Adobe Viewer.  The text that I've typed in directly in indesign appears pixelated, along with any thing I placed from photoshop.  In Indesign I've made the object High Quality Display, took out all layers except the text layer, even saved the photoshop text image as a pdf and placed it in indesign, still pixelated.
    Help please.

    Thanks Neil, I did all 3 as per your suggestion: version 25, PDF, and 960*640, and it worked.  But b/c of the PDF option, I believe that was the reason why each page opened up from blurry to clear, which is actually a cool looking effect, however, on some legnthy text frames, the blur took a bit too long to clear.
    So I created another folio, version 25, 960*640 and this time kept it Automatic, and it's just as clear as the PDF folio, but there's no initial blur.

  • Still having trouble with Adobe Viewer

    I'm still having the issue that when I have multi state objects, (state 1 is off the page, state 2 is on the page) the hidden state (state 2) is showing up on the iPad Adobe Viewer when you click the |||| icon from the menu in the upper left corner. In the overlay creator panel 'tap to play/pause' is not checked.  'Cross Fade' and 'Hide before playing' are checked. 
    Any help would be appreciated!!  thank you!

    What I was able to determine:  In the Oject States where all the states are listed.  The State where there is no object in view needs to be listed first. (doesn't matter what state number it is, just needs to be first in the list)  When I did this for all my MSO's there was no viewing problems!!  Thanks for leading me down the right path. much appreciated!

  • Hyperlink doesn't work in Adobe Viewer, why?

    Hi everyone! I'm creating an interactive newsletter in Indesign CS6 for the iPad and iPhone. I have  a 3D model that I would like to demonstrate, but here comes the problem. I have a link to the IPM viewer (the 3D model is there), but when I use this URL it does not work. The adress starts with: ipm://.
    When I press the link in Adobe viewer it shows: an error 101. Also just to inform I do have IPM viewer on my ipad and iphone.
    I really want to have this link work. Please help me work this out! Is there any other way to demonstrate a 3D model in Indesign?
    P.S. Earlier I tried to use the 360 view by making lots of images, but eventually the sad thing is that it works ONLY horizontally! And that made me very disappointed honestly saying.

    Ok..very possible, but I was not quite sure. That is one of the reasons why I've posted this question. This ipm link works on my iphone through the e-mail (see attached).
    Note: the ipm address is not complete as I deleted it in Photoshop. Pls don't pay attantion to that .

  • Adobe Viewer iPad App update

    I create a new folio file with a retina size. I am able to push this to the serverand the app is telling me there is a new one available. As soon as i click on download the app tells me it requires a new version of the app, and to download it on the app store.
    Is this updated version coming soon? because there are no updates on the app store.
    I am currently running Adobe Viewer 2.4.0.

    Pro users can build one, too.

  • Launching Adobe Viewer from a Swing application

    How do I launch Adobe Viewer (or Reader) from my Swing application. I have a help menu item that needs to open the viewer with the PDF help manual. Since the application is cross-platform, do I need different versions of Adobe with my install package? Thanks for any help.

    Thanks. I tried the adobe bean and it seems to work fine until I select the "Print" icon. It crashes the Viewer and my application as well. I get the following:
    Any suggestions?
    An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
    Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xff2c614c
    Function name=realloc
    Current Java thread:
    at sun.awt.motif.MTextFieldPeer.create(Native Method)
    at sun.awt.motif.MComponentPeer.init(
    at sun.awt.motif.MComponentPeer.<init>(
    at sun.awt.motif.MTextFieldPeer.<init>(
    at sun.awt.motif.MToolkit.createTextField(
    at java.awt.TextField.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Container.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Panel.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Container.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Window.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Dialog.addNotify(
    at java.awt.Window.pack(
    at com.adobe.acrobat.gui.PDFPrint$PageRangeDialog.<init>(
    at com.adobe.acrobat.gui.PDFPrint.<init>(
    at com.adobe.acrobat.gui.PrintUI.printPages(
    at com.adobe.acrobat.gui.PrintUIVerb$PrintTransactor.printFileWithUI(
    at com.adobe.acrobat.gui.PrintUIVerb$PrintTransactor.buildChanges(
    at java.awt.Component.processMouseEvent(
    at java.awt.Component.processEvent(
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEventImpl(
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.retargetMouseEvent(
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.processMouseEvent(
    at java.awt.LightweightDispatcher.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.Container.dispatchEventImpl(
    at java.awt.Component.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventQueue.dispatchEvent(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpOneEventForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEventsForHierarchy(
    at java.awt.EventDispatchThread.pumpEvents(
    Dynamic libraries:
    0x10000 /shared/j2sdk1_3_1/bin/../bin/sparc/native_threads/java
    0xff360000 /lib/
    0xff3a0000 /lib/
    0xff280000 /lib/
    0xff260000 /usr/platform/SUNW,Ultra-4/lib/
    0xfe480000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/client/
    0xff210000 /lib/
    0xff1f0000 /lib/
    0xff100000 /lib/
    0xff1c0000 /lib/
    0xff240000 /lib/
    0xff0e0000 /lib/
    0xff0a0000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/native_threads/
    0xff070000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xff030000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xfe450000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xfd060000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xf4880000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/motif21/
    0xfd010000 /shared/j2sdk1_3_1/bin/../jre/lib/sparc/
    0xf4600000 /lib/
    0xf4580000 /lib/
    0xfafd0000 /lib/
    0xfafa0000 /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xf4480000 /lib/
    0xfac60000 /lib/
    0xfac30000 /lib/
    0xf4380000 /local/j2sdk1_3_1/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xf4ba0000 /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xf4860000 /shared/j2sdk1_3_1/bin/../jre/lib/sparc/
    0xf4830000 /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xf4560000 /shared/j2sdk1_3_1/bin/../jre/lib/sparc/

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    Whatever is on the ipad is what will be on the screen.

Maybe you are looking for

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    If i remember correctly, in old Quick Preview when i use "option+coomand N" i was able to "Coomand +/- " zoom in full screen. It seems it is fixed in Lion. Any idea for that?

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