Adobe viewer crashing on ipad

My DPS presentation quit unexpectedly from the Adobe Viewer app on the ipad.
I notified that it's happen only in my article that contents a lot of multi-states objects and buttons in the same pages. In 3 pages, I made about 20 buttons creating 20 pop-up window (multi-states objects) and each state has 2 buttons inside. (one linking to a page in the same article an one other to close the pop-up window.) All the fonctions work but then crash after 4 or 5 times activated. Every pop-up window links to a different page in the article. My presentation has about 60 pages. (each contents a link to come back to one of the 3 pages and 2 others to a page in a different article of the folio -navto:// )
Does my article's page content too much links? Too much buttons?
Does Adobe Viewer application can support that much interactivity in a same article?
Are there a maximum pages for an article?
The format of my article is in PNG, is it better in PDF? Can it be the problem?
I'm looking for a solution, I have tried a lot of things but each time it's crashing again.
Thank you or your help!

Hi Neil,
Thank you very much for your answer. Finally I found the problem, and it wasn't about the number of links, overlays or buttons. Good news, the Adobe Viewer can support all of them! Maybe iPads are more performant than we expected!
The problem that caused the inexpectedly quitting was in my overlays. My presentation contents 3 pages as a repertoire of logos that links to a page of description of each of them. With my pop-up windows, I created a mask in transparency that covers all 3 pages by making a rectangle 3times the size of a regular page. Don't know if you understand.. ?! But the point is:  it's not possible to create an overlay that interracts on multiple pages on the same time. The overlays had to be inside the workspace, 1024 X 768px in the iPad's case.
Also, I tried to import as PDF instead of PNG, but it created a blur when I arrived to the linking page on the article. PNG is probably better.
Thank you again for your help!!

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    I have installed the latest version of the adobe viewer. I downloaded a folio - 685MB but when it finishes the Adobe Viewer crashes and the IPAD screen returns to the screen with all the icons of my apps, then I open again the adobe viewer and it shows that I have to download again the Folio. Please help I have to get the approval of my app with my customer and I dont know what to do. Thanks

    My folio still does not work. I've isolated the problem to one particular layout. When this article is in landscape layout, it causes the Content Viewer to crash. I have no MSO with the same name, and I've checked all the interactive objects and overlays to see what's causing this problem. It worked perfectly before the update to the new Content Viewer and before I updated the tools. The article also works fine in portrait view, and it has the exact same objects and interactivity. This is extremely frustrating, and I could be looking for hours to find what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I have noticed that the Adobe Viewer crashes ALOT, i.e., quits to the home screen. This is not a huge problem during testing, but I am wondering about the performance of built apps and whether or not anyone has noticed the same stability issues. This becomes a concern if the app is to be used during any sort of performance venue, where quitting could cause a serious inconvenience and problem for the presenter/performer. I personally have seen this behavior in some of the folio apps I have downloaded from the App Store, but I haven't used too many to make any or of conclusion.
    Specifically with the quitting to the home screen, I have observed this happening upon almost every folio update in the Viewer.
    The sequence is: notice that there is a folio update, agree to update, update is downloaded, touch front page icon, Viewer quits to the home screen. This happens 99.9% of the time. I am using an iPad 3. I have tried powering the iPad off, but the same thing happens, even if nothing else is running.
    I am running the latest Viewer update (v23 compatible), but experienced the same behavior in the previous iteration.
    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your attention.
    Here's the environment:
    - Adobe Content Viewer: v23 (
    - "Customized Viewer" (ipa): assuming the same (
    - Folio version: set to the same (v23).
    - Testing with: all, iPad1 (32Gb WiFi/3G) + iPad2 (64Gb WiFi/3G) + iPad3 (32Gb WiFi/3G), clean iOS 5.1.1 everywhere, no jailbreaks.
    - We use vector (PDF) type articles, MSO and embedded audio/video clips.
    - The size: test folio is 108,639,607 bytes, 27 articles. It does not crash even on iPad1. The final test / pre-Production version is 705,428,610 bytes (161 articles). It does crash even on new iPad3.
    - There are also intermediate test versions (between 50 and 90 articles, between 200 and 350 MBytes, they also cause crash at 1,2 and new 3 iPad's)
    - I remember we had these intermediate versions working on iPad3 and sometimes iPad2 until new Viewer v23 was released. The full version was not ready at that time.
    That's it. Any suggestios?

  • Folios not showing up in adobe viewer on other iPads

    Hi! I work on my first ipad magazine. I got 2 ipads in my house (different users). My own one which was connected to my computer while uploading the folio is an ipad 3 and all shows perfect. But I also want to test it on my girlfriends ipad (ipad 2). If I download the adobe viewer on her ipad and log in with the same adobe ID (like on my ipad), it shows just the adobe manual. Not my folios. Am I doing something wrong or do I misunderstanding the possibilities of it??

    Yes just go to the right corner of the folio builder panel to see the options .. you'll find ( upload to folio producer ).

  • Adobe Content Viewer Crashing in Ipad 1

    We've created a publication which is working good on iPad 2 but I am having many crashes on iPad 1. There is no HTML code, but there are many animation and interactivity. Is there anyone else that has this experience between iPad 1 and 2? 

    Yes, this is quite common. This is memory issue - iPad 1 have 256 MB of memory, iPad 2 512 MB. We saw this with big pan&zoom images, for example.

  • Distribute publication via Adobe on iPad?

    Is there anything to stop someone from publishing a publication via the Adobe on the iPad? I realize this wouldn't be ideal, since it's a non-branded viewer, etc., but legally, is this "against the rules"?

    Sorry, maybe I gave the wrong impression.
    What I meant was, is there anything against my sharing a publication via the Adobe on the iPad. I'm not talking about sharing an IPA, I'm talking about sharing the publication within the For example, I create the publication in InDesign and once it's complete, I then "Share" it via the Folio Builder panel to the people I want to share it with (roughly 50-60 people). Then, using their Adobe ID, they could log in, via the on the iPad, and download the publication to their device.
    Again, not ideal since it's not branded (ie. you have to access the publication via the, but it's a free solution. Not that I'm looking for a free solution, but since doing what I've been asked to do by my client — ie. release a 1-off, in-house app via an iOS Enterprise Developer Account — requires a minimum $50,000+ buy-in for the Adobe DPS Enterprise Edition subscription, this seems like my only option (outside of not using the Adobe DPS).

  • Problems on viewing OEM with video on the Adobe viewer APP on ipad air 8.1 with EDGE ANIMATE CC 2014.1

    hi everyone
    i had this problems and i don't know if is for my fault or is something related to a bug
    i made an animation with a video ( i try it before just with an mp4, but later i add also the OGV in the same Group ) and one object , if you click on the object you launch a website link on a different windows and the video and the stage are in PAUSE, if you click again the video the video START.
    it's very simple and on the web preview ( and on the export for WEB package )  all works properly, but if i want to view by the Adobe content viewer APP on my connected ipad ( via indesign ) i'm not able to see the video i just see the poster image and the object ( with the working link, that launch a new tab in the APP),  but NOT the video in background!
    INDESIGN procedure
    In indesign i add the OEM on my page and launch via the folio overlay the preview on my connected ipad
    is not the first time i work with animation on DPS APP, and everytime all works good
    after quite a whole day on try different solutions but with the same result i hope in this forum to find help on solve this problem, from more experienced people than i
    thanks in advance

    i have ulpaded 2 animation ( one normal and one Responsive ) in 2 different server here the link
    via SAFARI or CHROME on MAC all OK
    but via IPAD ( SAFARI, CHROME and MERCURY) i didn't see the video, just the animation of the BUTTON  and the link if i click on it (not in Mercury), like in the content viewer.

  • Adobe reader crash continuosly iPad air

    Why its happening When i editing a document?

    Could you read the following document and see if it helps reduce the frequency of low memory termination/crash?
    Help: Frequent crashes on iOS
    Thank you.

  • Viewer crashes when turn ipad orientation

    every time I turn the iPad to change orientation Adobe viewer crashes. It's driving us mad!  It happened before a few times and we kinda get to the conclusion that the problem was  the name of some files or links. Names with spaces or portuguese (brazilians) characters. This aways sorted everything out. But it is just not happening this time. We double checked, triple checked every single article, every linked file, we have deleted articles, up loaded one by one, deleted the whole folio and up loaded again but still going on. Any clues, PLEASE! Dead line to publish it is tomorrow. Thanks

    Just looking at the cover, it is a full-screen image inside a PDF. The text isn't crisp even at 100%, and if I pinch and zoom the page the text isn't resolving into a high-quality version. The same is true for every ad page. It isn't until I get to the editorial content where I see truly vector content.
    The pages that are full-page images and then made into PDF articles are why you are having memory problems. I'm not sure what your production process is, but for those articles you are better off setting those articles to be PNG format instead of PDF (you can mix both article types within the same folio).

  • Adobe viewer, iPad retina, videos

    How can I get the videos to show on Adobe viewer on my iPAD RETINA? Some videos I can view, but others I can't. On my iPad 2 I can view all the videos on the Adobe viewer.

    Thank you for your reply.
    I am making an apple app using Adobe's InDesign. To test my folio files, I
    upload to the Adobe Cloud and view the folio file on my iPad 3 with the
    Adobe Content Viewer. The text, jpegs and buttons and the videos play
    according to the folio settings i  have chosen.  Screenshot #1 shows a page
    of the folio article as it looks on Folio Preview. Screenshot #2 shows what
    happens when I tap on Behind the Scenes button. The video comes on full
    screen according to my Folio Overlay settings. Everything works according
    to the folio settings when I view the article on my iPad 3.
    I recently purchased an iPad Air with the Retina Screen. When I tested my
    InDesign folio with the Adobe Content Viewer on the new iPad Air, the text
    and jpegs looked sharper and a lot cleaner than on the iPad 3. The buttons
    worked according to my settings. The video, however, did not show up. I can
    hear the audio. I can see the control panel, and I see the 'Done' when I
    tap on the screen. But the screen remains black.
    Screenshot 3 shows the video button for Stuart. When I tap it on the iPad
    Air, the audio comes on but the screen remains dark. I can see the controls
    when I tap on the screen.
    Screenshot 4 shows the InDesign page for James. Screenshot 5 shows the iPad
    Air Retina shot of James. When I tap it on the iPad Air, the video and
    audio respond according to the folio settings. (See Screenshot 6)
    On the iPad 3, the folio responds according to the folio settings.
    How can I remedy this situation? Whatever help anyone can give me would be
    greatly appreciated.

  • Does Adobe Viewer on iPad support Search, Bookmark and Highlight Text?

    I would like to know if the Adobe Viewer for the iPad support the Search, Bookmark and Highlight Text features.... Or if some of these features are planned to be developed later and when.
    Thanks for your quick answer.

    Not yet. Those features are on the roadmap, but I can't offer an estimated time.

  • Folio issue - not showing in Adobe Viewer iPad 1

    I have a Folio created at 1024 x 768. It is loaded through the Folio Builder and everything is filled on in the Folio Producer.
    When I log into the Adobe Viewer on an iPad 1, it does not show up.
    My Adobe Viewer is up-to-date.
    The Folio is created for Viewer 20.
    Our Branded Viewer is updated to Viewer 20.
    I also have another version uploaded at 2048 x 1536, it shows up in the Adobe Viewer on iPad 3.
    Anyone have any ideas why is will not show on an iPad 1?

    I am not sure exactly what happened. One of the articles imported, but it wqas scaled down 50%. Due to the size difference it would not load to the Viewer.
    Reloading into the Folio did not work. I created another Folio with that article, loaded it. Then I copied from one folio to another in the Folio Producer.
    Go figure?

  • IPad 1 and Adobe Viewer Conflict

    Hy there,
    I am at the last steps on publishing an Adobe DPS Single Edition App, to Apple.
    As i have tried to update the version of the Adobe Viewer on my iPad on the App Store it was rejected, informing that my device only supports up to the System Version: 5.1.1.
    1) Can i expect any version of the Adobe Viewer to work compatible with my iPad 1, using a Folio created with the latest version of Indesign and Adobe DPS as a creative cloud subscriber?
    I already have the Development ipa file from DPS App Builder downloaded to my Mac and as i try to sync my iPad to run the development App it is also rejected due to system version conflict .
    I really need to make the final tests before publishing to Apple as the client is waiting.
    2) Do you have any suggestion for a solution on my topic?
    Thanks a lot,

    Very very bad news... this has created a big trouble to me because I told to a customer that I was able to create app for Ipad 1 ...
    Actually when I read this information I understand that you are talking about APP (and what is a "single edition app" ???).
    R28 DPS App Builder will create V28 and V27 apps. Will the V28 app not work on iPad1?
    Correct. With R28 DPS App Builder, you can create a V27 app that would continue to work on iOS 5, and thus, on iPad1. Adobe DPS will certify this V27 app on iOS 7 as well. However, this app will neither take advantage of the significant UI upgrades that Apple has made in iOS 7 nor the AirDrop feature.

  • Adobe Viewer iPad Error - with iPad Screen Grab

    I've followed the tutorial to create a interactive publication:
    I installed the Adobe Viewer on my iPad and signed in. I can see the "City Guide Monthly" publication as an icon in the viewer but when I then click on the Download button I get an error as shown in the screen grab below. Any ideas why? It all previews fine on my Mac.

    The Viewer on iTunes has not been updated yet. This an Apple issue since they take forever to approve everything.
    You'll need to wait a bit until they get around to it.
    BTW, there's dedicated forum for DPS. Please post follow up messages there.

  • Folio is uploaded in the server but I cannot see it in my Adobe Viewer

    My folio is uploaded in the server but I cannot see it in my Adobe Viewer in my iPad, any idea guys how to be able to see it in my Viewer?

    There are some bugs that can cause this issue. If you are adding long, smooth scrolling pages (ie 1024x3000) and performing a "New" to add the page from the Folio Builder Panel versus using the "Import" command, this issue can be caused.
    As the previous posted said, you need to either have all horizontal, all vertical, or all horizontal and all vertical pages. You cannot have a mix of both. If there is a fundamental error with your folio, it iwll not be available in the viewer.

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