Adobe Viewer iPad App update

I create a new folio file with a retina size. I am able to push this to the serverand the app is telling me there is a new one available. As soon as i click on download the app tells me it requires a new version of the app, and to download it on the app store.
Is this updated version coming soon? because there are no updates on the app store.
I am currently running Adobe Viewer 2.4.0.

Pro users can build one, too.

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  • When is the Content Viewer iPad app update hitting the App Store?

    It's been over a week now of not being able to view anything on the iPad.

    This is why I'm using the Android OS for testing while creating.
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    2011/6/21 Johannes Henseler <[email protected]>
    it is not unusual that we waited this Long. it took between a few days and
    weeks. last time it was about 4 weeks.
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  • Cant access account on Adobe Content viewer ipad app

    my adobe password is not working for my ipad app, although I have tried resetting it multiple times. Any help?? Thanks!

    Same issue-- and it's been  a few weeks now.  As far as I can tell it is a waiting issue
    This is from Page 68 from USING DIGITAL PUBLISHING SUITE
    Last updated 3/23/2012
    Use the iPad Viewer to preview content
    The Adobe Content Viewer for the iPad is a generic version of the viewer used for testing the digital content you create on the iPad. The iPad viewer is updated whenever the Folio Producer tools are updated.
    Note: However, when a new set of tools is released, folios you create with those tools may not work properly until Apple approves the new viewer version. If you try to open the folio, a “Please update your app” message appears. If you have a Professional or Enterprise account, you can create a custom version of the Adobe Content Viewer. See
    “Create a custom Adobe Content Viewer for iPad” on page
    98. Otherwise, hold off on updating the tools or use the Desktop Viewer until Apple approves the updated viewer.

  • V30 - ipad app update?

    Is there a content viewer app update for ipad being released soon?
    Can't view v30 folios right now.

    Status post is at

  • Adobe viewer, iPad retina, videos

    How can I get the videos to show on Adobe viewer on my iPAD RETINA? Some videos I can view, but others I can't. On my iPad 2 I can view all the videos on the Adobe viewer.

    Thank you for your reply.
    I am making an apple app using Adobe's InDesign. To test my folio files, I
    upload to the Adobe Cloud and view the folio file on my iPad 3 with the
    Adobe Content Viewer. The text, jpegs and buttons and the videos play
    according to the folio settings i  have chosen.  Screenshot #1 shows a page
    of the folio article as it looks on Folio Preview. Screenshot #2 shows what
    happens when I tap on Behind the Scenes button. The video comes on full
    screen according to my Folio Overlay settings. Everything works according
    to the folio settings when I view the article on my iPad 3.
    I recently purchased an iPad Air with the Retina Screen. When I tested my
    InDesign folio with the Adobe Content Viewer on the new iPad Air, the text
    and jpegs looked sharper and a lot cleaner than on the iPad 3. The buttons
    worked according to my settings. The video, however, did not show up. I can
    hear the audio. I can see the control panel, and I see the 'Done' when I
    tap on the screen. But the screen remains black.
    Screenshot 3 shows the video button for Stuart. When I tap it on the iPad
    Air, the audio comes on but the screen remains dark. I can see the controls
    when I tap on the screen.
    Screenshot 4 shows the InDesign page for James. Screenshot 5 shows the iPad
    Air Retina shot of James. When I tap it on the iPad Air, the video and
    audio respond according to the folio settings. (See Screenshot 6)
    On the iPad 3, the folio responds according to the folio settings.
    How can I remedy this situation? Whatever help anyone can give me would be
    greatly appreciated.

  • Folio issue - not showing in Adobe Viewer iPad 1

    I have a Folio created at 1024 x 768. It is loaded through the Folio Builder and everything is filled on in the Folio Producer.
    When I log into the Adobe Viewer on an iPad 1, it does not show up.
    My Adobe Viewer is up-to-date.
    The Folio is created for Viewer 20.
    Our Branded Viewer is updated to Viewer 20.
    I also have another version uploaded at 2048 x 1536, it shows up in the Adobe Viewer on iPad 3.
    Anyone have any ideas why is will not show on an iPad 1?

    I am not sure exactly what happened. One of the articles imported, but it wqas scaled down 50%. Due to the size difference it would not load to the Viewer.
    Reloading into the Folio did not work. I created another Folio with that article, loaded it. Then I copied from one folio to another in the Folio Producer.
    Go figure?

  • Adobe Viewer iPad Error - with iPad Screen Grab

    I've followed the tutorial to create a interactive publication:
    I installed the Adobe Viewer on my iPad and signed in. I can see the "City Guide Monthly" publication as an icon in the viewer but when I then click on the Download button I get an error as shown in the screen grab below. Any ideas why? It all previews fine on my Mac.

    The Viewer on iTunes has not been updated yet. This an Apple issue since they take forever to approve everything.
    You'll need to wait a bit until they get around to it.
    BTW, there's dedicated forum for DPS. Please post follow up messages there.

  • Problem with buttons in Content Viewer iPad app

    I'm having a problem with my navigation once my app is viewed on the iPad. All pages in all of my articles are using the same master page for a menu button, and they all work when I view the app through the Content Viewer on my desktop. Once I log in to the Content Viewer on my iPad, however, the menu button on the first page of every article doesn't work. I did a test of swapping the first page with the second page in one of the articles, and the original page's menu button then worked while the second page's (now located at the beginning) wasn't being read. Other buttons on the first page work (which are also from the master page), it's just the menu button that makes my table of contents box appear. I have eleven articles in my folio and it's happening on the first page of every single one. Not too sure what's going on here, any help is appreciated.

    I also figured out after playing around with it a bit more that this only happens when "Horizontal swipe only" is checked in the properties.

  • View iPad app purchases

    How do I view a list of all my iPad app purchases INCLUDING prices? I believe I've had money taken from my bank twice for the same app. I'm really frustrated trying to find an answer to this. It seems I can only view the purchased apps without any indication of costs incurred.

    Sign into your Apple account in iTune (computer) and have a look at your Purchase History.

  • How to sort/view iPad apps

    Is there any way to sort and then view apps?
    For example, I want to look at the category Games, specifically RPG style, for the iPad. I cannot find any way to see all of the apps available. If I already know the game I want I can grab it, but there doesn't seem to be any way to sort, then browse.

    caharkey wrote:
    The problem is that, as far as I can tell, even using my computer there is no way to browse the approved apps database. Please tell me I am wrong.....
    iTunes -> iTunes Store -> Browse (under Quick Links) -> App Store
    Pick whatever category and subcategory you wish.
    Or if you just want to see iPad apps:
    iTunes -> iTunes Store -> Power Search (under Quick Links)
    Select "apps" and "iPad" (under Device Compatibility). If you don't enter in any other criteria, you'll see all apps compatible with the iPad. You can narrow by Category.

  • How do I change the Apple Id on my iPad app updates?

    When updating apps on my ipad2, the wrong Apple Id shows up (an id from another family member's iPhone).  We use the same pc with itunes.  How can I change this so only my app updates are shown?  This is the only place that this Id shows up incorrectly.  My correct id shows up in Settings.

    Apps are always associated with the Apple ID that was used to purchase them. AFAIK - as long as you are using apps on your iPad that were purchased with another Apple ID - those app updates will always popup when they are available. The only way to remove the updates is to delete the apps.

  • Ipad app updates via wifi not working

    I went from talktalk broadband to Bt on Tuesday (27 Nov), which may be a coincidence, but ever since my ipad 3 and iphone 4s will not sync app updates over wifi, they just freeze. I am getting so frustrated, one day these all worked seamlessly and now not.

    Try this
    Make Sure iOS is updated to the latest version
    Reboot the device by pressing and holding down the home and sleep/wake buttons (power) at the same time until the apple logo appears on the screen, then let go.
    If that doesn't work then reset the device by going to settings/general/reset/reset allsettings

  • IPad app update kills app

    Yesterday I downloaded three app updates, two for magazine readers and a third for the intellicast weather app. All downloaded and opened fine.
    When I closed the intellicast app the icon went dark, the name below the app vanished and it would not open. I tried to delete it to reload it, but the icon jiggled, but no X appeared to delete it. I was, however, able to open it by going to the App Store, finding the app, and pressing the open button.
    I then downloaded the Accuweather app and it did the same thing. Close it, won't reopen except through the store, and can't delete it.
    The magazine.changes work fine and reopen, BTW.
    Any thoughts?

    Sometimes updates and downloads do the weirdest things like what you re experiencing now. I don't know if this will help, but it doesn't hurt anything and it quite often will fix the little hinky issues that you might see when you use your iPad. Reset the device and then see if you can delete the apps and download them again, or see if that fixes the way the icons look and work.
    Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider if it appears on the screen - let go of the buttons. Let the iPad start up.

  • After the Numbers 2.2.1 iPad app update, my spreadsheets won't open as it says the file format is invalid

    I have been using the 1.4 version of Numbers for some time on my iPad. After updating to the 2.2.1 version, my files can no longer be accessed as when I click to open them they display the message "Spreadsheet can't be imported - the file format is invalid". The files will not upload to icloud, send, copy or open in another app. Can anybody help?

    Just to mention it: My iPad (also on 4.2.1) syncs fine so far.

  • IPad app update does not appear to work

    I have the new iPad with retina display and several days ago, I noticed that I keep getting bugged to update the app "CNBC Real-Time for iPad." When I accept the update, the app appears to update. However, when I click on the App Store, I am again bugged to install the same update. Resetting my iPad has not corrected this. Deleting the app and reinstalling the app did not correct this either. I am inclined to believe that this is a problem with the application and not the iPad given that I don't seem to have this problem with other applications but I wanted to report this in case it is more than that. Just wanted to bring this to attention both in case this is a problem not isolated to this app and my iPad.

    This has been resolved.
    For those searching for reasons: it was probably a aftershock from the appstore issue from a few days ago... Or the app version number didnt match the soon to be released updates which got leaked (new appstore issue)
    Anyway, its all good now.

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