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Does Adobe X convert PDF files to fully editable Microsoft Word or Excel files, or copy and paste selected parts. The comparision chart says X ONLY supports a portion of the capability

per the comparision chart between the two.  X shows an empty circle which denotes the software supports a portion of the capability where as XI shows a filled in circle indicating full capability.  I'm looking into purchasing several licenses and my concern is what are those limitations in X?  What exactly would I not be able to do with X that I could do with XI as it relates to exporting and editing in another file format like excel?
Link to comparison chart

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  • Why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?

    I am using Adobe CS6 Design Standard with Adobe Media Encoder, and I'm trying to export video files to WMV using the Encoder.  I'm am running Windows 8 and for some reason the option to export to WMV does not come up for me.  I only get four options of formats, while online it says I should have many more.  This is a full version of CS6 that I bought and paid for, and every program is up to date.

    Can I just buy the converter plugins or do I have to buy premiere pro or after effects?
    On Jan 9, 2014, at 1:07 PM, Todd_Kopriva <[email protected]> wrote
    Re: why won't Adobe Media Encoder export WMV?
    created by Todd_Kopriva in Adobe Media Encoder (AME) - View the full discussion
    The formats and codecs available for export through Adobe Media Encoder differ depending on what Adobe applications you have installed. The vast majority depend on the video applications, After Effects or Premiere Pro, being installed. /
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  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.12 keeps crashing

    I have an issue with Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.12.  When I load up Acrobat and go into the EDIT menu and then choose Preferences I get the following error.
    I initially uninstalled Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.12 and then reinstalled the application but this made no difference.  I then rebuilt the laptop and installed the XP operating system and then Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.12. When I go into the preferences option the same thing happens.
    This was not the original problem I was experiencing.  The initial problem I had was after I opened a PDF file, and choose File \Export \ Word document and then the settings option the application shut down with no error message being displayed.
    This is when I went to the preferences menu option to see if any setting was affecting the export of the PDF file.
    Word 2007 is also installed on the laptop which has the word 2007 PDF option.  I have disabled this add-in but still no joy.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi ,
    As you are trying to update to Acrobat XI ,it may or may not be compatible with both the versions .It could work fine without causing any difficulties .
    In case you face any compatibility or any other issue ,feel free to write us back so that we can assist you with the issue .
    Also make sure the OS on which you would install Acrobat XI should be compatible with it .
    It generally does not cause any issue ,however if it does ,we are here to help you with that .
    Sukrit Dhingra

  • I am unable to download Adobe Acrobat Standard from the cloud says the "Adobe Acrobat is not currently available for your language or platform." I am running Vista and using Chrome

    I just subscribed to Adobe Acrobat Standard from the cloud. I am running microsoft Vista and Google Chrome browser. I get the error message Adobe Acrobat is not currently available for your language or platform. For a list of supported platforms and languages: and I believe I meet the Vista requirements. How do I resolve this issue?

    LorettaKallen are you trying to install Adobe Acrobat Standard 11 utilizing the Adobe Application Manager?  Do you receive the same error message if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox?

  • How do I customize Adobe Acrobat Standard DC or Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to do what I'd like?  Actually this a multiple-question inquiry.

    Note, I was unable to find a "How TO", Tutorial, or FAQ relevant to the following questions.
    For instance, how do I easily append to an existing PDF with minimum clicks (which I could do with an earlier version of Acrobat Standard)?
    I'm using a 30-day trial of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to scan documents and in certain situations, append to existing PDFs.
    I'd prefer to trial the Adobe Acrobat Standard vs. Pro DC because that's what I intend to purchase.  I'd prefer to not get accustomed to Pro if Standard is very different.
    1.  After selecting Edit > Preferences and specifying certain defaults, most take effect as suspected but some do not, like the one's I'm going to elaborate on below.  Why?
    2. Alternatively, is there a Tool or a way to create a local customized Profile and default to that Profile to avoid having to repeat the following steps?
       This should not be confused with the online Profile (or Communities Profile) whereby one states one's Name etc.
    > Create
       > PDF from scanner
         > Custom scan
           > Color Mode: Black and White
           > Append to existing file
             > Browse
               > Select file
                 > Scan
    This is a cumbersome task to repeat each time I'm ready to scan.  Using an earlier version of Acrobat Standard, I'd simply double-click the PDF I wished to append to,
    Acrobat would default to the appropriate scanner, and know that I wished to append to an existing file without me having to select that option.  Presently it doesn't appear to be that easy/simple.
    Perhaps it is (or can be with guidance).  Please assist.
    3. Please find attached the following snapshots/images... CORRECTION, IF ADOBE SUPPORT CONTACTS ME ABOUT THIS, I'LL GLADLY FORWARD SCREENSHOTS.
       Meaning, there does not appear to be a way to include screenshots on Forums.
    3a See Error.  Is there a way to get a more accurate description of the error (i.e., turn on debugging etc.)?
    3b When Creating a PDF, the prompts still seen after clicking "Configure Presets" and changing Color Mode from AutoDetect to Black and White.  Why?
    3c Custom Scan Input, where I changed Color Mode from AutoDetect to Black and White and why I must also tell Acrobat to append AND to browse to a pre-defined default location?
    4. Must I be "Logged in" to use the product?  The first time launching it, I was prompted to login using the credentials used to create the account and download the product.  Now when using the product it appears to be automatically "Logged in" or online.  I would prefer to use it in an "offline mode" if there is such a thing.
    5. Once the product is purchased, what are my support options?  Can questions be answered or issues resolved with a phone call or are they limited to the Acrobat Forum(s) and/or Adobe Communities?  Even after clicking "Ready to contact us?  Start here." I'm only given the Forum option (over and over) vs. Chat vs. Email Support etc.
    If I've posted these inquiries to the wrong Forum or Discussion, if prudent, please collectively relocate them.  Regardless, please advise.  Thanks!

    uninstall all acrobat/reader versions and retry installing.
    or check your log files for more specific help, Troubleshoot install issues with log files | CS5, CS5.5, CS6

  • How can I turn off the DEP for adobe acrobat standard 8

    Hi all,
    I tried in the settings to add the adobe acrobat standard 8 for exception for DEP, but it doesn't work.
    I am using Windows Vista system, and the error message accured just few weeks ago, in the past I was always able
    to use Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.
    Thank you in advance for your kind support and best regards,

    Purchase or create a silent ringtone and assign it to that contact.

  • I have Adobe Design Standard CS6 purchased 2013 with serial number but cannot find to download it onto a new mac laptop. When I try and add the 24-digit serial number to my account it doesn't seem to work?

    I have Adobe Design Standard CS6 purchased 2013 with serial number but cannot find to download it onto a new mac laptop. When I try and add the 24-digit serial number to my account it doesn't seem to work?

    CS6 -
    You can also download the trial version of the software thru the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.
    Be sure to follow the steps outlined in the Note: Very Important Instructions section on the download pages at this site and have cookies enabled in your browser or else the download will not work properly.

  • Unable to save a document after signing it in Adobe Acrobat Standard XI.

    I have a user who is unable to save .PDF files that he is opening in Outlook via an embedded link in the email.
    When he clicks on the link, Acrobat opens the document without issue. However, when he applies his signature and goes to save it over the existing document on our internal network file server, he gets the following message: "The document could be saved. The disk you were saving to or the disk used for temporary files is full. Free some space on this disk and try again, or save to a different disk."
    The network drive has a significant amount of space available, at least 500 gigs.
    This was not an issue up until Friday of last week. Prior to Friday, he had no issue signing documents emailed to him that contained a embedded link pointing back to the file on our internal network file server.  If I have him browse directly to the file in Windows Explorer however, he can open sign the document and overwrite the existing copy.  While that works, I would like him to regain the ability to save his file after opening it from his email; as unless I show him how to get to the file directly via Explorer, he is unable to do so. (And he has to sign many documents a day as well)
    Other users on my network are not encountering this issue, however some are running a different mix of Office and Acrobat. (Such as Office 2010  and Acrobat X, etc)
    I've researched this issue for prior versions of Acrobat and tried to applied the same resolutions for this issue without a positive result. So far I have been unable to find any solutions for this issue dealing with XI. 
    Has anyone else run ino this issue with Acrobat Standard XI? If so what did you do to resolve the issue? Thank you for any help that you can give me.
    Here is the basic setup that his computer is running:
    Windows 7 Profesional 64 bit
    Microsoft Office 2013 Professional
    Adobe Acrobat Standard XI
    Internet Explorer 9
    Also my user is has full Admin rights to his workstation and has the appropriate security rights to the folders he is trying to save the signed document to.

    I would like to confirm the exact same message is happening with us.
    Several users have been receiving the error message shown below when trying to save PDF’s to their desktop or other server.
    We are experiencing the issue with earlier versions of Acrobat (8 & 9) as well.
    This is only started happening this week?

  • How to lock ''Navigation Pane'' in Adobe Acrobat Standard 9

    Hello everyone, I want the Navigation Pane in Adobe Acrobat Standard 9 locked. I want the navigation pane lock in this position. Can it be possible ?

    thank you for the suggestion, but I do not have a "Send Email" or "Submit" button available in my version. I have "Attach to email" option which automatically opens a new message in MS outlook (which I did not set up, it just started doing so automatically) without any further dialogue boxes or options.
    Also, this is only for regular PDF files, not forms.

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.3.1 loads pages very slowly with Windows XP 64 bit version

    Our company has purchased Dell Precision T3500 workstations with Intel XEON processor and 6 Gb of RAM. The operating system is Windows XP 64-bit version. The systems came with Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.3.1. Each one of these workstations load PDF files into Acrobat very slowly. Does anyone have a answer why?

    Originally posted by Some1ne
    Here's a step-by-step description of how to install the RealTek RTL8169/8110 driver, as the process isn't quite as straightforward as it should be:
    1.  Download the Windows AMD64 Drivers available here:
    2.  Extract the files in the archive to somewhere like c:\win64drivers\ethernet
    3.  Once inside Win XP 64, do the following:
    a.  Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager
    b.  Go down to the "Other Devices" section (they'll have yellow ?'s)
    c.  Right click on the ethernet controller and click "Update Driver"
    d.  Click "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)"
    e.  Click "Dont search.  I will choose the driver to install."
    f.  Double click the "Network Adapter" entry, and then click "Have Disk..."
    g.  Select the directory which you extracted the driver files to
    i.  You will get messages saying that Windows cannot verify that the driver matches your hardware, and that the driver is not WHQL certified.  Ignore these and click "Continue"/"Install Anyways" and your RealTek RTL8169/8110 ethernet adapter will spring to life
    after i have done this the pc just stops. and if i reboot it stops at the loading screen :/ can you tell me whats wrong i got a k8t neo serie card and windows 64 bit edition
    edit: i did it :D works now

  • Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro?

    I am updating a project, that I did not original work on, that was developed using Acrobat 7.0 and Distiller 7.0. It added the ability to save report files in PDF format and to digitally sign them. Besides the files generated by the SDK there are other files that were generated and edited by Acrobat 7.0 and Distiller 7.0. Files ending in .js looks like I just need a text editor and .api is generated by the SDK. Then I have files templates BlankPageDoc.pdf,, TempDoc.pdf that were generate by Distiller. Then I have another file with the extension .joboptions that I don't know how it was generated.
    So do I need Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro to update this project for 8.0 and 9.0? I know I need Adobe Acrobat Standard to run it but will I need something in Pro for development?

    Pro certainly includes various tools not found in Standard that you may find useful.

  • Created a word doc with links to pdfs, is Adobe XI standard enough to merge as one pdf document

    I am looking to create one flowing document, without the need to send customers lots of attachments.  I have a word document which has links to several other document types, usually pdf sometimes these have minimal volume other times these can be large in volume.  Currently I have to send all the documents as a folder, but I would like to send one tidy document, so if I convert to a pdf with Adobe XI standard will my linked documents be automatically inserted creating one document (I have not purchased yet, researching first)?

    The linked documents will not be automatically converted to PDFs and merged
    with your file, neither in Acrobat Standard nor in Acrobat Pro. You can do
    it, but you'll need to do it manually by converting all the files to PDFs,
    merging them and then adding the links between them.

  • Adobe X Standard Functionality

    I am trying to determine if Adobe X Standard contains the PDF Portfolio functionality or not. Adobe's site has a document that compares the functionality of Reader, Standard, Pro and Acrobat Suite versions and in that document it indicates the Portfolio functionality is not included with Standard, but when reviewing the product specific help for the Standard software on the Adobe site, it contains a description of the PDF Porfolio functions (see link below) html

    Thanks. My bad for not reading far enough through the page. Just confused as to why they would even discuss the Portfolio functionality in the help for Standard if it's not something you can do with Standard.

  • I purchased Adobe Design Standard in June 1993 and have not downloaded it until now. when I click on the software on my account there is no download button. How can I download the software I purchased so long ago? I hope it is not money down the drain. Is

    I purchased Adobe Design Standard in June 1993 and have not downloaded it until now. when I click on the software on my account there is no download button. How can I download the software I purchased so long ago? I hope it is not money down the drain. Is there any phone number available so I can talk to an Adobe employee?

    Which version of Design Standard are you asking about?  I don't think any Creative Suite packages existed in 1993.  I think the first CS came out in 2003.

  • Adobe 6 Standard with Reader 9

    I upgraded to  Adobe 9 Pro.  The challenge- we have 4 computers and it will only install on 2.  On the 2 it won't install on, we re-installed Adobe Acrobat 6 and also have on those 2 systems Adobe Reader 9.  Challenge- when we try to view anything in a browser, we get the message "The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a web browser.  Adobe Acrobat/Reader 8 or 9 is required.  Please exit and try again."
    Does anyone know if Adobe 6 Standard can be used with Reader 9 and be able to have Reader 9 be used to view PD files in a web browser? Thanks, Jeff

    Macs store applications all nice and tidy in their own folders (with the exception of a few small files). The applications do not share resources like they do on Windows. They are handled like two completely seperate applications (like they shoiuld be).
    Windows shares these resources between "some" applications. Acrobat and Reader are two of them.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Anyone got the SimpleCertAuthenticator example working with 5.1??

    The SimpleCertAuthenticator example that does the client certificate to user mapping doesn't seem to work. I followed the instructions and tried many times without luck. Any comments? Like where to look for error messages? Thanks. Honbo

  • Thread FAQ:

    Why shold we call wait() from syncronized blocks or methods

  • Is apci package needed.

    I am using compaq 6910p laptop. Is acpi package required? As of now its not installed. I read here that acpi is needed for hadling certain acpi events - CPI_Events Everything seems to be worrking as of now. Ple