AE 5.1 and 5.2 - Configuring parallel workflows for "Delete" Request type

Has anyone configured parallel workflows for the "Delete" Request type?  I want to configure 1 for SAP and 1 for non-SAP applications, but have been unable to do it successfully. 
The initiators I have created that do not work are:
1 - SAP initiator:
SAP application with "OR" condition
Request Type = Delete with  "AND" condition
2 - Non-SAP initiator:
Non SAP application 1 with "OR" condition
Non SAP application 2 with "OR" condition
Non SAP application 3 with "OR" condition
Request Type = Delete with  "AND" condition
When I create a request to Delete a user with SAP app and Non SAP app I get the error:  "Error in creating request. Multiple Initiators, [NON SAP DELETE, SAP DELETE] Found."
Based on what I am reading on p. 58 of the AE52ConfigGuide.pdf, this should be possible to do.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

This is my understanding.,
A request cannot have more than one initiator. You cannot trigger multiple initiators for one single request. In your case both attributes SAP & Non SAP application are given with OR condition which makes both the initiators alike. As mentioned in the documentation the request for deletion can be made to happen in both SAP & Non SAP application by having forked path (for this the initiator should be OR Application SAP OR Non SAP Application AND Request Type Delete). Given the other option then it should have different initiator for SAP and Non SAP applications by giving them with AND condition.

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  • Webdispatcher with load-balancing and local icm configuration

    Dear all,
    we have a webdispatcher in place to load-balance the requests to our three application servers (ABAP). The webdispatcher has a hostname that is resolved by the DNS. The application servers use local hostnames that can't be resolved in our infrastructure at the moment.
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    Best Regards,

  • Job fail with Timeout for parallel process (for SID Gener.): 006000

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    Im getting below error and not able to find any issue with Basis side. Please anyone help on this!
    Job started
    Data package has already been activated successfully (will be skipped)
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Import from cluster of the data package to be activated () failed
    Process 000001 returned with errors
    Process 000002 returned with errors
    Process 000003 returned with errors
    Process 000004 returned with errors
    Background process BCTL_4XU7J1JPLOHYI3Y5RYKD420UL terminated due to missing confirmation
    Process 000006 returned with errors
    Data pkgs 000001; Added records 1-; Changed records 0; Deleted records 0
    Log for activation request ODSR_4XUG2LVXX3DH4L1WT3LUFN125 data package 000001...000001
    Errors occured when carrying out activation
    Analyze errors and activate again, if necessary
    Activation of M records from DataStore object CRACO20A terminated
    Activation is running: Data target CRACO20A, from 1,732,955 to 1,732,955
    Overlapping check with archived data areas for InfoProvider CRACO20A
    Data to be activated successfully checked against archiving objects
    Parallel processes (for Activation); 000005
    Timeout for parallel process (for Activation): 006000
    Package size (for Activation): 100000
    Task handling (for Activation): Backgr Process
    Server group (for Activation): No Server Group Configured
    Parallel processes (for SID Gener.); 000002
    Timeout for parallel process (for SID Gener.): 006000
    Package size (for SID Gener.): 100000
    Task handling (for SID Gener.): Backgr Process
    Server group (for SID Gener.): No Server Group Configured
    Activation started (process is running under user *****)
    Not all data fields were updated in mode "overwrite"
    Data package has already been activated successfully (will be skipped)
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Process started
    Import from cluster of the data package to be activated () failed
    Process 000001 returned with errors
    Process 000002 returned with errors
    Process 000003 returned with errors
    Process 000004 returned with errors
    Errors occured when carrying out activation
    Analyze errors and activate again, if necessary
    Activation of M records from DataStore object CRACO20A terminated
    Report RSODSACT1 ended with errors
    Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE

    Thanks for the link TSharma I will try that today.
    I ran a non-parallel Data Pump and just let it run overnight. This time it finished after 9 hours.  In this run I set the STATUS=300 parameter in the PARFILE which basically echos STATUS updates to standard out every 300 seconds (5 minutes).
    And as before after 2 hours it finished 99% of the export and just spit out WAITING status for the last 7 hours until it finished.  The remaining TABLES it exported (a few hundred) were all very small or ZERO rows.  There clearly is something going on that is not normal.  I've done this expdp before on clones of this database and it usually takes about 2-2.5 hours to finish.
    The database is about 415 Gigabytes in size.
    I will update what the TRACE finds and I'm also opening a case with MOS.

  • BAPI FOR Deleting a Schedule Line Item from EKES and EKET tables

    Dear All,
    I would like to for deleting one of the line item from EKES (Po Confirmation ) and the respective line item from the EKET(PO Schedule Line Item Table).
    Assume that am allowing the user to select the lineitem from zprogram screen and collecting the PO and Its LIne Item details in an internal table.
    Can i Use
    <b>BAPI_PO_Change</b> , if so , can anybody tell me the steps to follow to use this bapi for deleting the PO lineItems, since i m going to try BAPI for First time.
    pls help me out
    Message was edited by: Raja K.P

    Hi raja ,
    loop at iekko1.
        w_index = sy-tabix.
        item-po_item   = itemx-po_item   = iekko1-ebelp.
        item-quantity  = iekko1-mng01.
        itemx-quantity = iekko1-mng01.
        if iekko1-wamng = iekko1-wemng.
        itemx-no_more_gr = item-no_more_gr = 'X'.
        itemx-no_more_gr = item-no_more_gr = ''.
        append item.
        append itemx.
          clear return[].
          call function 'BAPI_PO_CHANGE'
                    purchaseorder = iekko1-ebeln
                    return        = return
                    poitem        = item
                    poitemx       = itemx.
          if return[] is initial.
          commit work and wait.
          call function 'DEQUEUE_ALL'.
    search for deletion fields which u have to mark 'X'.
    before calling  this BAPi u have to lock the PO by using ENQUEUE.
    Change purchase order
    Function module BAPI_PO_CHANGE enables you to change purchase orders. The Change method uses the technology behind the online transaction ME22N.
    Alternatively, the IDoc type PORDCH1 is available. The data from this IDoc populates the interface parameters of the function module BAPI_PO_CHANGE.
    Functionality in Detail
    When you create (activity 02) an Enjoy purchase order, the following authorization objects are checked:
    M_BEST_BSA (document type in PO)
    M_BEST_EKG (purchasing group in PO)
    M_BEST_EKO (purchasing organization in PO)
    M_BEST_WRK (plant in PO)
    Controlling adoption of field values via X bar
    For most tables, you can use your own parameters in the associated X bar (e.g. PoItemX) to determine whether fields are to be set initial, values inserted via the interface, or default values adopted from Customizing or master records, etc. (for example, it is not mandatory to adopt the material group from an underlying requisition - you can change it with the BAPI).
    Purchase order number
    The PurchaseOrder field uniquely identifies a purchase order. This field must be populated in order to carry out the Change method.
    Header data
    The header data of the Enjoy purchase order is transferred in table PoHeader.
    Item data
    The item data of the Enjoy purchase order is stored in the tables PoItem (general item data). Changes regarding quantity and delivery date are to be made in the table PoSchedule.
    Use the table PoAccount to change the account assignment information.
    Services and limits
    Changes to existing items cannot be carried out with the Change method. It is only possible to create new items.
    Conditions are transferred in the table PoCond; header conditions in the table PoCondHeader. A new price determination process can be initiated via the parameter CALCTYPE in the table PoItem.
    Vendor and delivery address
    The vendor address in the table PoAddrVendor and the delivery address in the table PoAddrDelivery can only be replaced by another address number that already exists in the system (table ADRC). Changes to address details can only be made using the method BAPI_ADDRESSORG_CHANGE.
    Partner roles
    You can change all partners except the partner role "vendor" via the table PoPartner.
    Export/import data
    Export/import data can be specified per item in the table PoExpImpItem. Foreign trade data can only be transferred as default data for new items. Changes to the export/import data of existing items are not possible.
    Header and item texts can be transferred in the tables PoTextHeader and PoTextItem. Texts for services are imported in the table PoServicesText. Texts can only be replaced completely.
    Version Management
    You can make use of the Version Management facility via the table AllVersions.
    If the PO was changed successfully, the header and item tables are populated with the information from the PO.
    Return messages
    Messages are returned in the parameter Return. This also contains information as to whether interface data has been wrongly or probably wrongly (heuristical interface check) populated. If a PO has been successfully created, the PO number is also placed in the return table with the appropriate message.
    With this function module, it is not possible to:
    Create subcontracting components (you can only use existing ones)
    Create configurations (you can only use existing ones)
    Change message records (table NAST) and additional message data (this data can only be determined via the message determination facility (Customizing))
    Attach documents to the purchase order
    Change foreign trade data
    Change service data
    Change or reexplode BOMs
    A firewall prevents the manipulation of data that is not changeable in Purchasing according to the business logic of the purchase order (e.g. PO number, vendor, etc.).
    PO items with an invoicing plan cannot be created or changed using the BAPIs
    In this connection, please refer to current information in Note 197958.
    To change addresses with numbers from Business Address Services (cantral address management), please use the function module BAPI_ADDRESSORG_CHANGE.
    To change variant configurations, please use the function module BAPI_UI_CHANGE. More information is available in the BAPI Explorer under the Logistics General node.
    In the case of changes that are to be made via the BAPI_PO_CHANGE, a firewall first checks whether the relevant fields are changeable. This approach follows that of the online transaction. Here it is not possible to change the vendor or the document type, for example.
    Example of changes made to a purchase order with:
    1. Change in header data
    2. Change in item
    3. Change in delivery schedule
    4. Change in account assignment
    5. Change in conditions
    6. Change in partners
    Parameter: PURCHASEORDER 4500049596
    Parameter: POHEADER
    PMNTTRMS = 0002
    PUR_GROUP = 002
    Parameter: POHEADERX
    Parameter: POITEM
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    CONF_CTRL = 0001
    Parameter: POITEMX
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    PO_ITEMX = X
    CONF_CTRL =  X
    Parameter: POSCHEDULE
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    SCHED_LINE = 0001
    QUANTITY = 10.000
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    SCHED_LINE = 0003
    Parameter: POSCHEDULEX
    PO_ITEM =  00001
    SCHED_LINE =  0001
    PO_ITEMX =  X
    PO_ITEM =  00001
    SCHED_LINE =  0003
    PO_ITEMX =  X
    Parameter: POACCOUNT
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    SERIAL_NO = 01
    GL_ACCOUNT = 0000400020
    Parameter: POACCOUNTX
    PO_ITEM = 00001
    SERIAL_NO = 01
    PO_ITEMX = X
    Parameter: POCOND
    ITM_NUMBER = 000001
    COND_TYPE = RA02
    COND_VALUE = 2.110000000
    CURRENCY = %
    Parameter: POCONDX
    ITM_NUMBER = 000001
    COND_ST_NO = 001
    Parameter: POPARTNER
    LANGU =  EN
    BUSPARTNO = 0000001000
    Help in the Case of Problems
    1. Note 197958 lists answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). (Note 499626 contains answers to FAQs relating to External Services Management.)
    2. If you have detected an error in the function of a BAPI, kindly create a reproducible example in the test data directory in the Function Builder (transaction code SE37). Note 375886 tells you how to do this.
    3. If the problem persists, please create a Customer Problem Message for the componente MM-PUR-PO-BAPI, and document the reproducible example where necessary.
    Customer Enhancements
    The following user exits (function modules) are available for the BAPI BAPI_PO_CREATE1:
    EXIT_SAPL2012_001 (at start of BAPI)
    EXIT_SAPL2012_003 (at end of BAPI)
    The following user exits (function modules) are available for the BAPI BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE:
    EXIT_SAPL2012_002 (at start of BAPI)
    EXIT_SAPL2012_004 (at end of BAPI)
    These exits belong to the enhancement SAPL2012 (see also transaction codes SMOD and CMOD).
    There is also the option of populating customer-specific fields for header, item, or account assignment data via the parameter EXTENSIONIN.
    Further Information
    1. Note 197958 contains up-to-date information on the purchase order BAPIs.
    2. If you test the BAPIs BAPI_PO_CREATE1 or BAPI_PO_CHANGE in the Function Builder (transaction code SE37), no database updates will be carried out. If you need this function, please take a look at Note 420646.
    3. The BAPI BAPI_PO_GETDETAIL serves to read the details of a purchase order. The BAPI cannot read all details (e.g. conditions). However, you can use the BAPI BAPI_PO_CHANGE for this purpose if only the document number is populated and the initiator has change authorizations for purchase orders.
    5. For more information on purchase orders, refer to the SAP library (under MM Purchasing -> Purchase Orders) or the Help for the Enjoy Purchase Order, or choose the path Tools -> ABAP Workbench -> Overview -> BAPI Explorer from the SAP menu.
    Function Group
    Message was edited by: Prabhu Peram

  • Configuring ERM workflow in CUP issue (GRC AC 5.3)

    Hi once again fellow SAP Security Folk,
    Using GRC AC CUP 5.3 SP 13 I am trying to configure ERM workflow for the following scenario :
    Every role change made via ERM requires approval from relevant Business Process (BP) area.  If the role change contains an SOD conflict of Medium or higher then approval is required from a 2nd central approver (basically regardless of the business process area). 
    I have not been able to configure ERM workflow within CUP to be able to do this u2013 I have only been able to configure it for dual approval, i.e. every change must have approval from both BP approver and Central approver before request can progress.  I did this by assigning the Central approver to all Business Processes as an additional approver. This means that the conditions for the scenario above are met but the drawback is that all other requests also require approval from Central approver even though they donu2019t need to, generating additional workload.
    Can anyone advise if this is possible and how to do it ?
    Further info:-
    I have setup in CUP an ERM Initiator, an ERM Custom Approver Determinator (CAD), an ERM Stage.
    I have setup in ERM I have defined Business Process Approval Criteria for each Business Process approver.
    I tried creating a 2nd ERM stage using a separate 2nd ERM CAD but this meant all changes required 2nd approval before request can continue.
    I tried modifying the 1st Stage to Approval type All Approvers but this meant all changes required approval from all possible BP Approvers (instead of any one) before request can continue.
    I tried creating a Detour/Fork but could only see within the Workflow Type selection criteria non ERM workflow types.

    You can either type in the configuration, like the what option you selected for approver (CAD or role or...etc), or other way is to capture the change log which shows what was the configuration for that stage....
    (Configuration -< Change Log -> Search Change log)
    Cheers !!

  • Parallels Desktop for Mac

    I am purchasing a new Mac-Mini and want to run Parallels Desktop for Mac. I previously was using Virual PC for the Mac. Does anyone know whether I can use the windows professional onthe Virual disk to load windows in the Parallel program?

    The short answer is technically yes, but not easily (depending on your threshold of "easily") and more headache than it may be worth. Check out the following threads (one from the Parallels support forums, the other from elsewhere in Apple Discussions that offer input and a solution. For the steps in the post in Apple Discussions you do need a copy of Windows running somewhere for this to work.
    Thread from Parallels
    Thread from Apple Discussions
    Also - although doing this is technically possible, I'm not sure you wouldn't be in violation of the Virtual PC EULA in doing so.
    Intel Mini 1.66 GHz, Mac Pro 2.66 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  
    Vista RC2 and XP running under Parallels

  • In Request type, what is the difference between action 'Change user' and 'Assign object'

    Dear All,
    I have used only 'Assign Object' for my 'Change User' request type. But the standard request type has 'Change user'. So, could you suggest , what additional purpose does Change Object serve

    HI Plaban
    not sure if you answered your own question here?
    Change User - by itself would allow update of address data, user parameters, defaults, etc
    Assign Object - as you mentioned roles and profiles.
    However, if assigning, I think you need to have both actions: change and assign
    I recall (ages ago) that change was only the user details and not the role or profiles. As a result, there were a few threads where people had to update the action for the request type of provisioning would not occur.
    This is something you could test

  • I am trying to resize disk space on parallels 6 for windows XP under configure Hardrive and I get the error resizing failed unable to resize last volume the file system of this volume might be damaged or not supported?  I am on a Mac using Parallels 6

    I have been trying to increase my disk space for windows xp on my Imac and I am running parallels 6.  before opening windows I go into configure in parallels and open the hard drive and try to move the allotted disk space from 32 gig to 64 or any other increased gig and then apply and I get the error message: resizing failed unable to resize last volume.  The file system of this volume might be damaged or not supported.  How do I increase the size??  I just also did a disk repair utility with Apple on the Apple side of my IMAC.  Please Help!!   I had uninstalled SQL server on the windows side and needed to uncompress files to install this and then I ran short on disk space.

    This sounds to me that your Parallels XP file system is corrupted and not the OSX file system.
    Have you checked the XP file system while running the Parallels XP yet ?
    However, it would be better to ask such question in the Parallels Forum

  • How to read the configuration for SAP GUI elements in Plant Maintenance module from SPRO and leverage the same in NWBC for HTML.

    Dear Members,
    Greetings for the day!
    I am working on NWBC for HTML in Plant Maintenance module.
    We have configured some changes in SPRO for customizing the UI elements( like visibility, mandatory ) like tabs and fields in transactions like IW21( Create Notification).
    As of now separate parallel configuration needs to be carried out in NWBC for HTML in PM module to achieve the same UI features for creating notifications and this is time consuming.
    Is there any way to read the configuration done in SPRO for the SAP GUI's and leverage the same in NWBC for HTML.
    Appreciate your time in responding to this.
    Thanks & Regards,

    <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
    MatchExpression /app1
    <Location /weblogic>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    PathTrim /weblogic
    <IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
    MatchExpression /app2
    <Location /weblogic>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    PathTrim /weblogic
    This configuration is weird little bit. There is MatchExpression /app1 and MatchExpression /app2 and at the same time two <Location /weblogic> sections. Are you sure you understand what that configuration stands for?
    Try something like this ...
    <Location /app1>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    <Location /app2>
    SetHandler weblogic-handler
    DebugConfigInfo ON
    where /app1 and /app2 are contexts of your weblogic applications.

  • Logical system and partner profile configuration

    I have a SQL server which is defined as a Business system in my landscape. It is sending records to ECC 6.0 which makes it a JDBC to IDOC scenario (inbound IDocs)
    First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Business system too ?
    Second question is do I create a Logical system in the ECC system (BD54/SALE) for the SQL system or would it be for the client of the ECC system itslef?
    Third question is do I maintain partner profile configurations in WE20 for the SQL business system or for the ECC business system?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Sam,
    > First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Business system too ?
    Yes, In SLD You have to specify logical system name of the SQL server business system while creating SQL system.After importing business system into Integration directory,in Adepter-Specific Identifiers  you can see logical system name of SQL server business sytem which you defined in SLD.
    > Second question is do I create a Logical system in the ECC system (BD54/SALE) for the SQL system or would it be for the client of the ECC system itslef?
    Yes,You have to create Logical system in ECC system for SQL system(Logical system name must be with the same name as logical system name you have given in XI SLD in previous question)
    > Third question is do I maintain partner profile configurations in WE20 for the SQL business system or for the ECC business system?
    In WE20 You have to maintain partner profiles for SQL server Logical system
    For example: If SQL server Business system name is SQLDEVBS and logical system name is SQLDEVLS
    In ECC you have to create logical system as SQLDEVLS and
    Partner profiles for SQLDEVLS in WE20.
    Please let me know if you have any issues.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Can not download newest version of adobe to my PC Mac osx 10.6.8

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