After deleting my music (by mistake) I can't download all my songs back onto my phone

I accidently deleted all my music off my phone.
I plugged my phone into my laptop to sync all the songs back on the phone.
When i checked the phone certain songs haven't gone back on the phone. They can be played on the laptop but they wont sync over and when I press the cloud button on the phone (to re-download) it wont do it.
It seems to be songs that I downloaded on my phone directly that have been effected.
How do I get the songs back onto my phone without buying them again
Please help!!

The other disadvantage to manually managing that I see is that if you ever have to Restore the iPhone (and you will someday) you'll have to remember which songs you had previously loaded when you get the iPhone up and running.  Restoring your backup won't put these songs back onto your iPhone.
But if you define what you want on your iPhone with one or more playlists in your library, and then auto-sync to those playlists, then they're always available and you don't have to re-create anything should you ever need to Restore.  You'll still have to re-load them, but at least you don't have to try to figure out what you had loaded before.
The other issue with manually managing is that you lose the bi-directional sync of ratings and play history.  It sounds like it used to work with the iPhone (unlike every other i-device) but it appears that functionality is no longer supported.  But if you auto-sync to a playlist, etc. then you always keep this information backed up to iTunes.

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    after uploading all songs to iTunes match can i then download all back to my devices (as do not have mobile broadband and like to listen on the road/gym ??

    You can download all tracks if you want them on your iphone at all times. Alternatively you could download specific playlists if space is an issue.

  • Why has iTunes seperated a album which I have copied over from my external hard drive into iTunes? How can you pull all the songs back together into one album again?

    Why has iTunes seperated a album into indevidual songs, which I have copied over from my external hard drive into iTunes? How can you pull all the songs back together into one album again?

    Steve MacGuire a.k.a. turingtest2 - iTunes & iPod Hints & Tips - Grouping Tracks Into Albums - (older post on Apple Discussions
    Quick answer:  Select all the tracks on the album, File > get info, and either give them all a single "album artist", or check the "compilation" flag (as in
    If these are from multiple-CD sets you may also need to enter the appropriate information in the disc number fields.  If they are not a multiple CD set you still need to make sure the disc number fields are set correctly or all empty.

  • I got a new computer and can I get all my songs back?

    Got a new computer can't get all my songs back. How do i Get all my songs back?

    You can download all of your purchased songs by following the instructions here:
    If the songs were from CD's or other sources, you would need those to get those certain songs back.

  • Lost Itunes Purchased music ... Can you download old purchased songs?

    I just lost my entire music catalog and am trying to download my purchases that I have made with the iTunes music store. Anyone have any idea how to do this or if theres some kind of support number to call. I know you can view your purchase history on iTunes but how do you download them again if youve already paid

    You may not want to "hold your breath", but my music library was restored free of charge by apple in less than 12 hours!
    Just send them an email or contact customer support by phone (they're very helpful).
    Do be sure to back up your files because they tell me they can only do this once.
    Also visit an Apple store if you can, they have "genius bars" in them which feature Apple employees that will provide free technical support and answer your questions!!
    See if you can get that kind of support the next time you purchase a PC from Frys...

  • Can't download all the songs from an album

    Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong?
    I downloaded an album on my iPhone one morning (Brits 2014 - 62 tracks), I have managed to get it into itunes on my laptop and also transferred the songs onto my iPad and iPod - for some reason (unbeknown to be) I am unable to get the complete album onto my PC at work. Only about half of the 62 tracks have come across...
    I have checked for available downloads, but it says everything is up to date
    Does anyone have any ideas on how to sort this please?

    Depending on what country that you are in you might be able to re-download them (what you can re-download where is shown on this page). If you are in one of those countries then try deleting the entries for the songs from your computer's iTunes library (you don't have to delete the actual songs, just the iTunes entries) and then see if you can re-download them - I think that if iTunes sees an entry for something in your library then it assumes that you already have it and that there is therefore no need to re-download it.
    If you are in a country where music can't be re-downloaded then you could try the 'report a problem' link from your purchase history :

  • I had to restore my iphone 5 from an icloud backup; how can i get all my imessages back on my phone? why isnt it syncing from icloud?

    I had to restore my iphone 5 from an icloud backup from a week ago. everything restored fine, but it only brought back my imessages up to the backup date (a week ago); but all the messages up to today are on my mac messages app on my macbook air; how can i get them all back on my phone? why isnt it syncing from icloud automatically if its still available on my mac? Thanks for any help!

    iCloud doesn't sync iMessages.  They are sent from the iMessage server to your devices, not synced between devices.  I don't think you'll be able to get these messages back on your phone, but you should be receiving any new messages.

  • I had to redownlowd ituned to my new computer but even sining in to itunes i cant get my library how can i get all my songs back?

    i have a new computer and now my itunes library how can i get my library back?

    wendylynn20 wrote:
    i have a new computer and now my itunes library how can i get my library back?
    Installing iTunes and signing in does not make your media magically appear on the computer.
    The media is only where you put it.
    To move the media from your old computer to your new computer, you need to copy the iTunes folder form your old computer (or the backup of your old computer) to the new computer.

  • HT1386 How can i get all my songs transfered onto the computer from Ipod classic so that my new ipod and my spouse can get the songs??

    How can I transfer my songs off my old Ipod classic to the computer so that I can pick them up with my new Ipod 4.  Also I want to transfere some songs to my spouses Ipod 5.  Please let me know what I can do...
    Thank you..

    You can try the steps in that support article, but I doubt they'll help: you're trying to copy from an iPod Classic, to an iPod Touch.  As far as I know, that can't be done using backup and restore.  (But you can try—it wouldn't hurt.)
    The question I have is, do you have the songs on your computer also?  Or do you only have the songs on your iPod Classic?  (Maybe from an old computer that crashed or something?)
    If you have your songs on the computer, all you have to do is just set up your new iPod through iTunes on your computer and sync the songs from iTunes to your new iPod.  You don't have to do anything with the old iPod Classic.
    (Does that help?)

  • I had to restore computer to factory out of box how can i put all my songs from my i phone back on the computer

    how to put songs from i phone to computer aftera reboot

    Follow the instructions here >  Transferring purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer

  • Can i download my Hotmail address book onto my phone?

    Or do i have to enter this manually for each contact?
    I'd really appreciate it if you could help.

    I don't do Hotmail, but if you can determin how to download or export your hotmail address book to your PC (like an ASCII, CSV or Excel file), then you can import that data into Outlook to sync to your BlackBerry.
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  • Can i download all "cloud" songs at once, instead of finding them individually?

    Is there an option to download all of these "cloud" songs to my iphone at once instead of searching for them and clicking on them individually? I don't know how some of my songs ended up like this but i always seem to find these songs when i don't have signal.

    If the song are part of an album, the album should have a cloud icon for downloading it in full. If they are separate tracks (not in the same album) you will have to download individually.

  • My iPhone 4s deleted all of my contacts today. I have them all backed up onto iCloud but how do I get them back onto my phone?

    I went onto my phone to send a message and none of my contacts are there. I checked iCloud and they are backed up but how do I get my contacts from iCloud back onto my phone?

    I just figured out how to restore contacts from icloud....
    Try this if you already have the contacts tab turned on in iclouds on ur phone settings:
    Go to - contacts
    bottom left hand corner is the gear icon which is settings - then select all
    This selects all your contacts then go to export as tv card or something like that
    A window pops up asking u to save - save onto ur computer where u can access easily
    go to ur email, compose new email & attach the saved contact list that u just saved onto ur computer
    on ur phone open mail, then open ur email with the attached contacts
    open the attached contacts - at the top it will say ' add all contacts' select that
    then it will pop up 'create as new contacts' or 'merge contacts'
    i selected create as new contacts as iphone 4 deleted all my contacts from my phone
    after a while it downloaded all my contacts back onto my phone which I double checked by entering the contacts app from my iphone
    so happy i got all my contacts back yay! i had over 400!!!

  • How can download all the songs from itunes match to an ipad 2?

    I activate itunes match in my Imac, the process of scan and identify the library songs is finished successfully, after that i activate the itunes match in my ipad,  I need download all the songs in the ipad, I select Music Icon and don't appear the (download all) button in the section of songs,  i have to push the cloud button in each song to download?
    I enter in the section of albums and playlist and in this section the button download all appears. How can i download all the songs to the device?

    I just found the answer by myself.  Instead of clicking Cloud icon one by one, highlight all the songs in Cloud (after sorting by Cloud status) and riight click, download.  Now I am getting all the songs back to my local machine.  I will sync my iOS devices tomorrow and just GET RID OF iTUNES MATCH.  To me, it was a disaster.  Worse than their map app.

  • HT1391 how can i download all my itunes purchases?

    how can i download all my itunes purchases onto my mp3 player?

    Depending on your MP3 player and what OS you use, you might want to check out these articles:
    MP3 player compatibility with iTunes for Windows
    iTunes for Mac OS X: Compatible Players
    Also, this article can walk you through converting the song files to a couple of different formats, in case your music player doesn't support the default file type of iTunes (MPEG-4 AAC) :
    I hope this helps!  Best wishes and good luck!

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