After installing Win7 x32 SP1 I can not start Firefox. Not even in safe mode. I uninstalled Firefox and re-installed the program. Won't start.

After installing SP1 Firefox quit working and Internet Explore quit working. I can only use Chrome as a browser at this time.

A possible cause is security software (firewall,anti-virus) that blocks or restricts Firefox or the plugin-container process without informing you, possibly after detecting changes (update) to the Firefox program.
Remove all rules for Firefox and the plugin-container from the permissions list in the firewall and let your firewall ask again for permission to get full unrestricted access to internet for Firefox and the plugin-container process and the updater process.
Do a malware check with some malware scanning programs on the Windows computer.<br />
You need to scan with all programs because each program detects different malware.<br />
Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.
* - Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
* - SuperAntispyware
* - Microsoft Safety Scanner
* - Windows Defender: Home Page
* - Spybot Search & Destroy
You can also do a check for a rootkit infection with TDSSKiller.
See also:
*"Spyware on Windows":

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  • My Lightroom kepps stopping just after being loaded. My Lightroom is 5.4 64 bits installed on a Dell PC with Windows 8.1(upgraded from 8). I have uninstalled Lightroom and re-installed it with the same result. What could be the problem?

    My Lightroom kepps stopping just after being loaded. My Lightroom is 5.4 64 bits installed on a Dell PC with Windows 8.1(upgraded from 8). I have uninstalled Lightroom and re-installed it with the same result. What could be the problem?

    Try resetting your preference file next: -Preferences-file
    It survives an uninstall/reinstall.

  • Tbird will not send. unnown error. works in safe mode. turned off firewall and still does not work. works fine on desktop but not laptop

    cannot send on laptop. desktop, with same settings, works fine. getting unknown error on send. please help. here is the setup from the help function.
    This contains sensitive information which shouldn't be forwarded or published without permission.
    Application Basics
    Name: Thunderbird
    Version: 31.4.0
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:31.0) Gecko/20100101 Thunderbird/31.4.0
    Profile Folder: C:\Documents and Settings\Tim\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\dhtmqpol.default
    (Local drive)
    Application Build ID: 20150109111741
    Enabled Plugins: about:plugins
    Build Configuration: about:buildconfig
    Memory Use: about:memory
    Mail and News Accounts
    INCOMING: account1, Tim Corey, (imap), SSL, passwordCleartext
    OUTGOING:, SSL, passwordCleartext, true
    INCOMING: account2, Local Folders, (none) Local Folders, plain, passwordCleartext
    Crash Reports
    Important Modified Preferences
    Name: Value
    browser.cache.disk.capacity: 358400
    browser.cache.disk.smart_size_cached_value: 358400
    browser.cache.disk.smart_size.first_run: false
    browser.cache.disk.smart_size.use_old_max: false
    extensions.lastAppVersion: 31.4.0
    gfx.blacklist.direct2d: 3
    gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d10: 3
    gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d10-1: 3
    gfx.blacklist.layers.direct3d9: 3
    gfx.blacklist.layers.opengl: 3
    gfx.blacklist.stagefright: 3
    gfx.blacklist.suggested-driver-version: 6.1400.1000.5218
    gfx.blacklist.webgl.angle: 3
    gfx.blacklist.webgl.msaa: 3
    gfx.blacklist.webgl.opengl: 3
    mail.openMessageBehavior.version: 1 7bba5461-432a-473f-a4e4-9a009dfee73 false
    network.cookie.cookieBehavior: 2
    network.cookie.prefsMigrated: true
    places.database.lastMaintenance: 1375374210
    places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages: 78086
    plugin.importedState: true
    privacy.donottrackheader.enabled: true
    Adapter Description: Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family
    Vendor ID: 0x8086
    Device ID: 0x27ae
    Adapter RAM: Unknown
    Adapter Drivers: igxprd32
    Driver Version:
    Driver Date: 2-15-2008
    WebGL Renderer: Blocked for your graphics driver version. Try updating your graphics driver to version 6.1400.1000.5218 or newer.
    GPU Accelerated Windows: 0. Blocked for your graphics driver version. Try updating your graphics driver to version 6.1400.1000.5218 or newer.
    AzureCanvasBackend: skia
    AzureSkiaAccelerated: 0
    AzureFallbackCanvasBackend: cairo
    AzureContentBackend: cairo
    Incremental GC: 1
    Activated: 0
    Prevent Accessibility: 0
    Library Versions
    Expected minimum version
    Version in use
    NSS Basic ECC Basic ECC
    NSS Util
    NSS SSL Basic ECC Basic ECC
    NSS S/MIME Basic ECC Basic ECC

    Thanks for the reply. here is the behavior for all steps:
    1. use oper. system safe mode: it works, I can send email
    2. no oper. sys. safe mode, t'bird safe mode: cannot send mail
    3. no oper. sys safe mode, no t'bird safe mode, all addons disabled: cannot send mail.
    It only works when i use oper. sys. safe mode.
    Addons for t'bird were enabled in this test.
    (Not using T'bird safe mode either in this test.)
    Use BitDefender antivirus, which does not have a setting to turn on/off email scanning. Should I contact BD support? (it seems to point to BD as causing the problem. Interesting that I don't have this problem on 2 other desktops, only the laptop. And in the past, T'bird worked on the laptop. I have tried uninstall and reinstall, but mozilla is SAVING all my account and other info, so I cannot do a clean install. it seems to me that if I could do a clean install, it might work. Any idea how to remove all the data and uninstall?

  • Can't load Disqus comments even in safe mode

    Even in Safe Mode with all add-ons disabled, I can't load Disqus comments on any site. I have also tried enabling third-party cookies and pop-up windows and made sure all my plug-ins are up to date. I don't know what else to try.
    I get the message "DISQUS seems to be taking longer than usual. Reload?". When I reload I get the same message again after a few seconds. Sometimes the comments will flash on the screen for an instant and then disappear.
    This is on Mac OS 10.6.8.

    I don't know why your About window would say you are up-to-date if you do not have Firefox 15.
    (There is an extended support release (ESR) version of Firefox 10 for companies that want their IT departments to closely manage Firefox, but that currently is numbered more like 10.0.7.)
    It is possible that Firefox is incorrectly reporting its version to the forum software. If your About dialog shows a version other than 10.0.2, you might have the issues described in this article: [[Websites say that Firefox is outdated or incompatible even though it's the latest version]].

  • I downloaded the updates, now Firefox won't load as it says I must close the other sites to install the updates, which I don't have. I can't disinstall and reload as the program won't close.

    The automatic update came up and I downloaded them. When it came to reboot the computer a message comes up, can't install the updates, make sure all other firefox sited are closed. As there are no other firefox sites on my computer I click OK and the updates try to load ad infinitum. When I try to disinstall the program to download it again , I can't as the program updates won't install so I can't disinstall. What can I do to cancel the updates or re load the program?

    Do a clean reinstall and download a fresh Firefox copy from and save the file to the desktop.
    Uninstall your current Firefox version and remove the Firefox program folder before installing that copy of the Firefox installer.
    It is important to delete the Firefox program folder to remove all the files and make sure that there are no problems with files that were leftover after uninstalling.
    You can skip the step to create a new profile, that is not necessary for this issue.

  • Firefox crashes (even in safe mode) after updating

    Please can someone help me.
    For quite some time now, the firfox ive been using is version 3.6 something i think. Every time i update my firefox e.g. updated to v8 now, it crashes. I try reinstalling, opening in safe mode. Nothing works.
    The firefox im using still looks like the old one. Ive never been able to update to the new style (Orange Firefox button in top left corner)
    I would appreciate it if someone could tell me what the problem is or how to find out exactly whats causing the crashes.
    For the time being i am reinstalling the last wroking version of Firefox that i have downloaded.
    Latest Crash ID: bp-54bd7d29-fc36-4d7b-aef0-f7b662111109
    Thank you

    Can anyone help?

  • Why do I get the message "The item referred to by this shortcut cannot be accessed. You may not have the appropriate permissions." after having installed the updated version of Firefox, and the program won't start?

    I have tried to install the updated version several times, and each time I get the same message. I have never experienced this kind of a problem with Mozilla before.
    I have a Windows 7 system and a new computer, so I suppose it's not a computer bug.

    Here is a pic.

  • Firefox keeps crashing outside safe mode (resetting, uninstalling-reinstalling, & disabling all add-ons do not help)

    I have actually been having this issue for over a year now with the previous versions. The browser always crashes right after I start it, but it seems work well in safety mode. I have tried resetting the Firefox, disabling all the add-ons in safety mode, and reinstalling the application, but none of these methods seem to work. Here are the crash reports I have after I installed the newest version tonight:
    bp-fa942122-97fe-475c-b9fd-d701a2131217 12/16/2013 10:18 PM
    bp-86a19285-1c0a-40bf-af3b-cf60a2131217 12/16/2013 10:17 PM
    bp-9c74526b-1071-4353-8bbe-41b052131217 12/16/2013 10:12 PM
    bp-4e87b0b1-a2a6-41cd-932c-fdd722131217 12/16/2013 10:09 PM
    Seems the crash reason is "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ," whatever it means...

    Try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.
    *Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

  • After update Firefox crashes, even in safe mode and profile manager

    I don't use Roboform and Trusteer.
    AdapterDeviceID: 0116
    AdapterVendorID: 8086
    AvailableVirtualMemory: 4022325248
    BuildID: 20111104165243
    CrashTime: 1321003469
    Email: [email protected]
    FramePoisonBase: 00000000f0de0000
    FramePoisonSize: 65536
    InstallTime: 1320907104
    Notes: AdapterVendorID: 8086, AdapterDeviceID: 0116, AdapterDriverVersion:
    Has dual GPUs. GPU #2: AdapterVendorID2: 10de, AdapterDeviceID2: 0df5, AdapterDriverVersion2: D2D+
    DWrite? DWrite+
    D3D10 Layers? D3D10 Layers-
    ProductName: Firefox
    ReleaseChannel: release
    SecondsSinceLastCrash: 89
    StartupTime: 1321003468
    SystemMemoryUsePercentage: 45
    Throttleable: 1
    TotalVirtualMemory: 4294836224
    Vendor: Mozilla
    Version: 8.0
    Winsock_LSP: MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IP] : 2 : 1 : %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll
    MSAFD Tcpip [UDP/IP] : 2 : 2 :
    MSAFD Tcpip [RAW/IP] : 2 : 3 : %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll
    MSAFD Tcpip [TCP/IPv6] : 2 : 1 :
    MSAFD Tcpip [UDP/IPv6] : 2 : 2 : %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll
    MSAFD Tcpip [RAW/IPv6] : 2 : 3 :
    RSVP TCPv6-serviceprovider : 2 : 1 : %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll
    RSVP TCP-serviceprovider : 2 : 1 :
    RSVP UDPv6-serviceprovider : 2 : 2 : %SystemRoot%\system32\mswsock.dll
    RSVP UDP-serviceprovider : 2 : 2 :

    If you do not have Rapport or Roboform, then we need to have a crash report ID.
    When you send Mozilla a crash report it just puts it in a giant database. We have no way of looking it up without the Report ID. I have no idea what is wrong without looking up the crash report. Please get the Report ID of your latest crash report.<br>

  • Firefox continually seems to "freeze" giving me that lovely Mac wheel of death on numerous daily occasions seriously disrupting my workflow. These "freezes" can last several minutes at a time. Sometimes I give up and force quit the program.....

    the question above are the details

    I have this problem on my MAC and it also seems to affect thunderbird. I've found that by clicking and holding your mouse on the icon in the dock then clicking on the application window seems to unfreeze. I know it's a frustrating experience and I would love a better solution.

  • Can't Boot after crash, even in safe mode!

    My Mac froze while idle with Lightroom open. It may have hung while remotely copying something off an external hard drive.
    But now it won't boot even in safe mode with all USB peripherals detached (including the hard drive that I might have been copying from).
    In and out of safe mode, I get the same behavior. After the sound and the grey apple appear, there is also a progress bar, which I don't recal seeing before. It takes about 30 seconds and the progress bar advances about 10-15% of the way and then just power's off.
    Is it the main disk drive?
    This is an iMac that is several years old with all of software update applied. I don't believe that any software updates were applied recently. I assume that the 10.6.3 update was installed.
    Is it the main disk drive?

    I had the same problem on my MacBOOk Pro and iMac on 14th April - i had to reformat the harddisk and could restore from my Timemachine backup to the last 10.6.2 state only. Both happended after updating to 10.6.3. But my laptop was sluggish. Based on feedback, I reformatted my hard disk and carried out a fressh installation from my snow leopard disk (10.6) and updated it to 10.6.3 using the 10.6.3v1.1 combo update about a week back. The machine was definitely faster - but yesterday, the same problem reoccurred - the machine froze and would not boot even in safe mode. Repairing the hard disk using the boot CD did not work either. Just now I reinstalled Snow leopard from the OSx CD - it has replaced the OS and left all apps and data intact. I have upgraded it to 10.6.2 only.
    My desktop iMac has been running without problems on 10.6.2 for the last 3 weeks. In my opinion, the problems of freezing (reported by others) and this one here are all related to boot sector corruption due to some problem in 10.6.3. There have been some reports suggesting that after 10.6.3, the CPUs are heating up more. The CPU temp was close to 70 deg C when on 10.6.3 - it maybe that some change after the update makes the processor overrun leading to this boot sector corruption - it generally happens slowly over days or weeks slowly accumulating to a break down point.
    My suggestion from my experience over the last one month, is stick to 10.6.2 - don't update to 10.6.3. I am hoping Apple will fix the problems in 10.6.3 update soon.

  • Office 2013 Home & Business Edition - None of the application (Word, Powerpoint, Excel or Outlook) is opening, not even in safe mode..

    Office 2013 Home & Business Edition - None of the application (Word, Powerpoint, Excel or Outlook) is opening, not even in safe mode.. I tried to run the application in compatibility mode by right clicking the excel.exe and choosing the compatibility
    mode, still no success. It is installed on Windows 7 Professional SP1. All the latest updates are already installed. I have also tried Microsoft fixit, but still no Success. Please help!! 

    I'm so sorry that I forgot the Office programs even not open in safe mode and provide useless information in my last reply.
    The problem persists when we perform a Windows clean boot, right?
    Were the Office programs suddenly not working? Or it just can’t be open after you install it? Did you get any error message?
    If you haven’t try a repair of your Office installation, we can try it to check the result:
    In addition, try to use Event Viewer to see if we can get some useful error log about this problem. See:
    Steve Fan
    Forum Support
    Come back and mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help.
    If you have any feedback on our support, please click

  • Firefox won't start (not even in Safe Mode) on Windows 7 x64

    I am Running Windows 7 x64 and Firefox 3.6.15.
    Since the day before yesterday I am unable to start Firefox. Even in Safe Mode it just won't start.
    I click the Firefox icon, the mouse cursor changes to indicate the computer is doing something. After 3 seconds or so the mouse cursor again changes back to its default state. Nothing else happens.
    The Task Manager in Windows shows me that an instance of firefox.exe is running, but I see no Firefox window.
    Then if I again click to open Firefox, another firefox.exe instance starts, but again I see no Firefox window.
    There isn't even a warning about one instance of Firefox already running.
    What I have tried:
    I have uninstalled Firefox, removed all the Firefox files and folders from c:\users\username\AppData\Local and Roamning. I re-downloaded the 3.6.15 installation package and re-installed.
    No change.

    I have the same problem.
    The only Firefox version working is the 64bit nightly build 6.0a1. No 32Bit version of Firefox works!. Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer all work well.
    Another Problem I have in this context is, that the Firefox Installer hangs in the tidy up step - even for the nightly 64Bit version. I have to kill the setup.exe process but the Installation seems to be completed.
    Before my change to Win7 64Bit I had OpenText NFS Solo 14 installed on a 32Bit Windows7 and no Problems.
    Is there a solution for this problem without uninstalling OpenText NFS Solo 14?
    I need the NFS Server at work.

  • 2007 Mac Pro will not boot, even in safe mode

    I have a Mac Pro purchased in 2007 that had been working well up until a few months ago.  I had trouble with Microsoft Word 2008 repeatedly crashing; I repaired the hard disk and moved up to Word 2011, and the problem seemed to resolve. 
    Yesterday, the machine crashed, and I am not able to start it up, even in safe mode.  I have tried resetting the SMC and NVRAM/PRAM, removed and cleaned the graphics card (NVIDIA 7300 GT), and removed the 3rd party RAM I installed at least 2 years ago.
    When booting to the internal hard drive, the Apple logo will show, then a blue screen followed by a gray screen with a frozen cursor.  When I boot to an external hard drive or the OSX Leopard install DVD, the screen flickers like below:
    When I tried to boot in safe mode while holding shift + command + V, the safe boot froze after reading:
    panic (cpu 2 caller 0x2abf6a): kernal trap at 0x0029a4bc, type 14= page fault, registries:
    [4 lines of 2-3 letter acronyms and numbers]
    Error code: 0x00000000
    I am thinking of buying a new graphics card (ATI Radeon 5700), but I want to be sure (as much as possible) that will solve the problem I am having.  Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
    Thank you,

    replace the system drive
    always clone your system
    yes dump the 7300 if you plan to keep using it and use Lion
    A clean install would be nice start, on say 120GB SSD or something too
    And 2x2GB FBDIMM set is $30 if you need a set
    AHT is on your OEM DVD from 20007
    dust, temps and air flow is also important

  • No programs will run even finder after an update even in safe mode

    I tried installing the newest update in my macbook pro and after my comp ran out of battery no programs including finder will run even in safe mode. I get and error message that says finder quit unexpectedly over and over again.
    any help would be awesome

    [[Firefox 18 crashes on startup due to malware - how to fix]]

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