After MIGO po should not change

Dear Sir,
my requirement is If material document exist against purchase order then system will not allowed to user to change purchase order or cancel release by t code me29n or me22n.
Mukesh Dwivedi

To make the PR mandatory in PO you can handle it through Function Authorization
Go To OMET create a function authorization PR Mandatory tick the "ref. to PR" & "ref to quotation" all the fields in General Parameners, Field Selection : NBF
Go to SU01 and assign parameter EFB to the user ID so for that user PR will be mandatory for creating PO.
Manish Jain

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  • Aftre MIGO - PO should not be unreleased

    Dear Friends,
    After MIGO , if i go to ME29N then systems allow me to unrelease PO. WHY?
    How can stop this .( Means After MIGO , PO should not be unreleasd)

    Set Changeability Indicator 1 in Release Indicator during designing of release procedure which act as once PO released, PO can not be changed & do GR.
    Biju K

  • Schedule lines should not change 3 weeks time from MRP date

    Is there any specific customisation required to get following results in case of schedule lines.
    1) MRP should not change/adjust the already send delivery schedule lines  which are lying within 3 weeks time from MRP date
    2) System should not allow to book the GRN unless the messages / print out has been generated from the system in case of scheduling agreement.
    Thanking you

    There are 2 possibilities:
         1. use MRP fixing using planning time fences, this is done by putting the relevant settings in the MRP1 view of the material master
         2. use the firming options of the scheduling agreement, these are set per material number that is entered in the scheduling agreement.
    The GR can only be posted for schedule lines that have been processed aka output generated.

  • PR should not change after PO generation

    Dear gurus,
    when i create a PR from  cj20n/cn22 with qty and rate and do the PO against that PR. Having created PO against the PR system is allowing us change the data in the PR(like Qty, Rate..etc.).but the requirement in my project  once the PR is converted into PO system should not allow us to do any changes in the PR. please help us in controlling this.

    This can not be control by user exit. You have to take Abaper's help to disble the screen qty for modify from enhancement provided by SAP in ecc 6.0. If you have lower version then original screen has to be modified taking sap key for modification

  • Firefighter Configuration - FF Owner should not change the configuration

    Hello Experts,
    We have requirement to restrict Firefighter configuration changes only to Firefighter Administrators.
    1. Restricting Firefighters to make any changes in Firefighter Configuration -- SAP Note 1101665 Superuser Security Role Modifies Tables - Successfully Achieved.
    2. Restricting Firefighter ID Owners (having /VIRSA/Z_VFAT_ID_OWNER) to make any changes in Firefighter Configuration --> Need your inputs on how to achieve this.
    We want that Firefighter ID Owners can only assign the FFID to Firefighters and assign a new controller only, but no following should be allowed to Firefighter Owners -->
    a. Creating a new owner for a FFID.
    b. Changing Firefighter configuration.
    c. Creating or changing Reason Codes.
    And which role should be assigned to Firefighter ID Controller?
    Looking forward to hear from your experiences.
    Thanks & Regards
    Davinderpal Singh

    Thanks Alpesh and Simon for your valuable inputs.
    My observations are, if you assign Firefighter Owner and Controller role only, then user is not able to make any configuration change, Reason Code change, etc, etc - behaviour is as expected.
    And in our case, this problem is coming as FF owners/controllers have been assignbed few other roles/profiles which seems to override the authorisations of FF owner role and allow changes in FF configuration.
    Now searching through each of these roles/profiles for extra set of authorisation objects is a huge security job.
    And we don't have much experience in Security - so as per your experiences what should be the best way to restrict FF owners to not make any change in FF configurations, without removing existing roles/profiles ( as we don't know what all would be removed if we remove all of these roles).
    Is it possible to specify a condition/check so that if a user has been assigned FF owner role, inspite of whatever extra permission he has - he should not be able to make configuration changes - please bear with me if i am expecting too much over here.
    Which authorisation objects controls FF configurations changes?
    Best Regards
    Davinderpal Singh

  • Cursor will not open web page icons after upgrade, icons are not changeing cursor and page sliders not working. .

    Hi ,
    Since I upgraded none of the web pages I visit will function correctly. In Yahoo mail I cannot opem the search box, Similiary in Google I have the same problem, In addition other icons are not recognised as the curson does not change and my page sliders do not work.
    I am using Vista on a Toshiba laptop

    Hi ,
    Since I upgraded none of the web pages I visit will function correctly. In Yahoo mail I cannot opem the search box, Similiary in Google I have the same problem, In addition other icons are not recognised as the curson does not change and my page sliders do not work.
    I am using Vista on a Toshiba laptop

  • PO value should not change after PO history update

    Dear Gurus,
    I m using release indicator u20186u2019 in my release strategy (i.e. new release will occur only if value increase), but now Iu2019m facing an issue since it gives the provision to decrease the value. So our users have decreased the price after few GRNs. Because of this our inventory has gone up but payment has done for the correct value. I want to know how to block changing of value or quantity after PO history updated. But I should be able to put the delivery complete indicator. Please provide me a solution.

    While you cannot achieve this through release strategy configuration as it doesn't look at price reduction, you can try to authorization objects. This solution will involve putting field EKPO-MENGE, EKPO-NETPR & EKPO-PEINH under an authorization object and then assigning it to users who are only allowed to make changes in these fields. For the rest, lack of this authorization object in their user role will prevent them from making any changes.
    The disadvantage of this rule is that it prevents increase of price also, given that you have such a requirement I presume that price increases are not so frequent.

  • Profit Center should not change after copying from Template

    I have a scenario wherein there is an operative project which has a profit center maintained at the project definition level. I copy the WBS structure on to the 2nd level from a template which has a different profit center maintained at the WBS level. My requirement is that the profit center maintained in the template should remain as it is after i copy the template to the operative project.
    As of now after copying the template the profit center changes to the one maintained at the project definition level after i save the operative project. Is there a way by which i can restrict the system from copying the profit center maintained at the project definition level to the 2nd level WBS (which is copied from the template)?

    Hi Mohamed,
    Thanks for your response but i already checked that note and it seems that it doesn't cater to my requirement. Presently i am checking with my ABAPer if we can use some user exit and get this done which i think will require considerable amount of time. In case you have any other suggestions please suggest.
    @ Abdul Khader : - I already tried all the possibilities using substitution. Would appreciate if you could suggest something else.

  • PR should not change after PO Creation without Unrelease

    We want that User cann't change the PR after PO Creation.
    For Ex.:- We create a PR with 10 Qty., release it and also create PO with 10 Qty.. Now after PO creation with same qty, no one can change PR (Qty, Purchase Group etc...)..
    If User Un-release the PO and PR, then user should be able to change in PR...
    Please guide...

    Thanks a lot dear..
    After doing this, i create a new PR and PO with 10 qty... After PO, i unrelease the PR and change the Qty from 10 to 15 nos..then system shows an error message Requisition already converted into purchase order...
    But when we change 10 qty to 5 qty, PR allow the same... I want to insert another check here, that user cann't insert less than qty there... There should also be a Message there in system...
    Please guide...

  • Project Definition should not change after releasing

    Hi SAP Gurus,
    Could anyone please throw some light on the method to disable project definiton field from changing after it has been released..

       Master data lock can be used with reference to the object selected, by going to editstatus-Lock----- master data, by selecting this, all the data (like fields present with respect that object, excluding cost planning, budgeting, account assignment) pertaining to the object will be locked and you wouldn't be able to make changes to those fields.
    Now, coming to automating of this lock can be done through using user status, when you set that user status, all the master data will locked.
    Avisek Bhardwaj

  • Plz ans this:after refreshing the values should not change

    In my applcation iam using jsp as view.
    After entering the values if we refresh the page the values are
    invissible.Plese any body tell me is there any way to protect this one.

    use <jsp:usebean...
    suppose usebean id = beanid
    eg. for input type text use
    <input type="text" name=address value=<%=beanid.getAddress()%>
    like wise you proceeed..
    the above syntaxes maybe not properly. take care..

  • Having problems on my iPad with camera after downloading IOS7, will not change from picture to video setting

    After I downloaded IOS7 on my iPad I saw that the camera had changed to video, picture or square.
    It will only take a picture, I will not go to the other two settings.  Any suggestions?

    Its no problem. There are a lof of little things that will take time to discover and sometimes it just easier to ask
    Glad I could help

  • Excel row height changes when it should not change

    I have a client using Office 2010 on a Citrix server. They are using Windows XP Pro SP3 for the desktop and the server is running Windows Server 2003 R2 STD.
    I have two users working in a spreadsheet in Excel 2010. The spreadsheet opens fine and they can perform their updates by either adding manually or doing a cut and paste. The problem comes up when all of the sudden a number of rows in the spreadsheet
    change height for not reason. The spreadheet has the row height set to 14.5 but for some reason the rows that change height sent the height to 405.9. Usually all the user has to do is go back and reset the row height on these cells and save before they can
    go back to making changes.
    It's more annoying then anything else so if someone could provide any solutions, it would be greatly apppreciated.
    thanks, Joe Trainor
    Joseph Trainor [email protected] Weidenhammer Systems Wyomissing, PA

    I have been working with Excel for 20years, and have been hit with this resizing of row height and also drawings or shapes, after opening an old XL97-2003 file.
    Chad's method below works!
    Please try the following to resolve the issue:
    1. Boot Excel 2010
    2. Open [Excel Options] dialog. ([File]-[Options])
    3. Select [Advanced] tab, turn on [Cut, copy and sort inserted objects with their parent cells] option. (In [Cut, copy and paste] section)
    *This will not resize rows that are currently set to 409.5 but I would like to know if this keeps rows from doing this in the future.
    1) I found that after opening the workbooks the row height and shapes are correct.
    2) Save the file, then save as to the new .xlsx format (for a macro free workbook)
    3) After reverting to former; turn OFF[Cut, copy and sort inserted objects with their parent cells] option. (In [Cut, copy and paste] section), and then opening the XL97-2003 files, the fault is still there.  For the newer xlsx files, though,
    the fault has gone.
    4) So yes, Chad, it does keep rows from doing this in future, if the newer file format is used.  Thanks.
    Chad's answer is "the answer"!

  • Save VO with Edited fields But as a New Record, Old one should not change

    Hi All,
    I have set of VOs, those are connected by View links, in such a way One VO comes under Another up to 7 level,
    And My requirement is if I made any of the Operations,( Insert/update/Delete) on any of the VO's(Records of the VO) that comes in this flow, I have to save it as a new record with the Edited Fields , new Id and new revision number, Also I have to keep the original one unchanged.
    that is After updating the record I should have the old one as a Library and New one as the active record.
    Please help....

    Hi Timo,
    The JDev I am using is Studio Edition Version and Build JDEVADF_11.
    And the Relationships between the VO's are *:* When I change a record of level 3, I need to copy all the other 6 levels along with the updated one.
    The revision Number is in the Top VO, which will increment but all the other record will remains the same other than Id and updated fields.
    That is , there should be a new set of records with the same data with updated fields, and the old set remain the same, which can be used as a Library for reference.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ranjith C

  • In Billing doc Base price should not change where as in SO system allow

    I have one requirenment the Base price (ZPR0) should pick automatically from condition records and system should allow to change ZPR0 in Sales Order item level , where as it should be Grey mode in billing document item level.
    1. In the condition type ZPR0 i had maintainted as NO LIMITATION and in copy controls of VTFL the pricing type as" D"
    so system is allowing to change the base price at both Sales order & billing doc level.
    my requirement is System should allow to change the price manually in Sales order and at billing document it should be in grey mode, so that no user cannot change the price at billing level.

    Hi ,
    Create transaction varient for vf01 and vf02 in SHD0 and assign it to Users.

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