After power down and a cold restart, I automatically restart in my Administrator Account.  Running 10.8.4 with one Administrator account, one user account and one guest account.  Recently downloaded and installed 3rd party software (Panorama).

After power down and a cold restart, I automatically restart in my Administrator Account.  Running 10.8.4 with one Administrator account, one user account and one guest account.  Recently downloaded and installed 3rd party software (Panorama).  Installation required that I create a super user named Other with root privileges. I did so and successfully installed the 3rd party software.  I powered down a few days late and when I restarted, I went automatically to my Administrator account with no login password required.  I deleted the Other account, powered down and restarted with the same result - opened in Administrator.   I then followed the steps to disable root user, powered down, cold restart - same result, opened in Administrator account.
Any suggestions?  Any thoughts?  Much appreciate any help you might offer.

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Disable automatic login. Open System Preferences > Users and Groups > Login Options, press the padlock at the bottom left corner, and select "Off" next to "Automatic login"

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  • Prevent shockwave player from trying to install 3rd party software?

    I am a sysadmin for a relatively small-ish enterprise (around 50-ish PCs).  We have scripts which push out shockwave player to all our systems but when a user loads a page which requires shockwave, they get a UAC prompt because the player is trying to install 3rd party software (usually Google Chrome browser).  How do I stop this from happening?  Is there a command line argument I can set (preferable method) or some other centrally-managed method for turning this off?  Thanks in advance.

    I guess I am not explaining myself very well. 
    I am currently using the EXE full installer from the distribution page.  The installation works very well and I can get it to run in "silent" mode to avoid interaction with the user.  Once the installation finishes, and I load a web page which requires Shockwave player, I get prompted at that point to download/install Chrome.  That is the part I would like to know if it's possible to stop, because all our users are getting UAC prompts and it's always because Shockwave wants to run some installer after loading.  I had hoped that going to the distribution version (as opposed to the straight download from the home page) would resolve this but they seem to be the same version, which makes me wonder why I bothered to sign up for it in the first place.



    the official word is that it is not supported and can invalidate your warranty.
    also discussion of any such activities is not allowed on here.
    threads/posts will be deleted and or locked if they are.

  • Why does Adobe install 3rd party software with PE 10 without asking?

    I purchased Photoshop Elements and Priemere Elements 10 together. During installation Adobe installed SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 on my computer. The installation did not ask if I wanted to install this software and there was no option to not install it. I am the only one who installs applications on my computer so what gives Adobe the right to decide what to install for me. Sonicfire Pro 5 is unwanted by me and it pains me greatly that software was installed on my computer without my consent. Besides it takes up 30GB of disk space. Yes I can uninstall it and I will but it should not have been installed in the first place. I bought Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10 because I was happy with my purchase of Photoshop Elements 6 and Premiere Elements 4 and wanted to have newer versions but now I am very unhappy. I will never buy a Adobe product or suggest Adobe products to anyone ever again. The only thing that would change my mind would be if Adobes next version did not contain any 3rd party software or if it did one should be given a choice during installation as to install it or not and Adobe should give me a free version to replace the one I have. As those two things are unlikely to happen I will continue to never buy any Adobe software or suggest to anyone to buy Adobe products and faithfully watch the stock market as Adobe stocks continue to decline. Guess what I do for a living!

    I did not answer you question, because I have no answer. That was why I recommended contacting Adobe. Though, at times, it might not seem like it, but they do listen to their customers. They collect tons of data, and try to prioritize things, based on that input. This is for Feature Requests, or just comments on how one likes, or does not like, the software.
    In very general terms, I find Adobe products to be very benign, and especially to many other companies' software.
    Over the decades, I only recall a few instances, where something was installed, without my input, at some level. Back about PS CS, there were some NIK Filters that were installed, and a few of them were "trials," which I am not keen on. SmartSound would be another example, except that I would want it, regardless (and probably only complain, if it was missing).
    One of the biggest rubs that I had with Pinnacle Studio was that even if one bought their biggest, most expensive package, a ton of Effects and Transitions were loaded as trials. To get all of those, one had to spend about US $400, above the price of the NLE. Not sure if that is still the case, as I switched to AVID Liquid, about they time they bought Pinnacle, and have not seen Pinnacle Studio in many years. When I moved from Liquid, to PrPro, and the CS2 Production Studio, I never looked back at AVID/Pinnacle. Now, CS2 Production Studio came with about 8 programs, and then a ton of "Goodies." I would have loved to have the Goodies as options in the full suite installation. As it was, I had to do the main, muli-program install, and then run installation routines for maybe 30 other plug-ins, add-ons and stand-alones.
    No, like you, I refuse to update my iTunes, as so much "other stuff" gets installed, and then I have to clean it out. You are not alone, except that we see SmartSound from different sides. Though I understand your not wanting anything, but the program, I view that as a necessity.
    My suggestion to Adobe would be to include that as a separate, user-selectable install, though I have never heard of anyone complaining, unless SmartSound did not work for them.
    I understand personal principles, and try to adhere to my own, but before you pass on SmartSound, I beg you to try it out. That will not ameliorate the need for Adobe to let the user decide what is/is not installed, but with a few sessions, you might change your mind about the program, itself.
    Do let Adobe know how you feel, and perhaps SmartSound will become an additional installation, like the additional Functional Content.
    Good luck,

  • Can't install 3rd party software

    I've just done an archive and install of Tiger on my G4 with a NewerTech 2gig CPU.
    I was able to download and install the update to 10.4.10 without problem. However, now when I try to install anything else, I get the authenticate admin window but it just opens, then snaps closed. I don't have time to put in my password. I tried DiskWarrior and trashing the pref files for system pref and finder. I've also run Cocktail. I've run out of ideas. Any help would be appreciated.

    I had VirusBarrier X4 installed before I did the archive and install. I didn't choose save/transfer my personal setting when I did the install. So, VirusBarrier shows up in the application folder but since I can't install any 3rd party software I haven't reinstalled it. I tried to uninstall it but the uninstaller can't find that it's been installed, as I suspected it would, but took a chance.
    I don't have EyeTV. I been using Macs since 84. This is a new one on me.

  • Will upgrading on to OS X Mavericks (from Snow Leopard 10.6.8) affect the running of the installed 3rd party softwares/programs?

    I have just received an email encouraging me to upgrading on to OS X Mavericks (from Snow Leopard 10.6.8). Currently I do have in my computer several 3rd party software and programs (from Adobestuff, finalcut Pro, MS Office, ILife etc.
    Will upgrading to OS X Mavericks affect the running of these software /programs?  Will I need to also upgrade these softwares?

    There may be issues with compatibilty, as with any OS upgrade. Snow leopard (10.6.N) includes a piece of software from Apple called Rosetta. This software allows older PowerPC applications to run on Intel based Macs. This software does not run on any OS X higher than the latest Snow Leopard, 10.6.8. You can see if you have any of programs that require Rosetta installed by bringing up the "System Information" application through spotlight (click on the magnifying glass icon on the upper right, type System Information in the search field and select the application thta is found).
    Once in System Information select "Applications" under "Software" near the bottom of the list. Scroll through the list of applications and if any indicate that they are PowerPC based then they will not run under Lion, Mountain Lion or Mavericks.
    Hope this helps.

  • Synchroniz​ing PC and Centro to install 3rd party software

    I stored software on my PC at folder Cokumente und Einstellungen/AS/Eigene Dateien/Palm OS Desktop/Holger/Install but when I activate the HotSync I get no installation on my Centro. Can anyone help?
    Post relates to: Centro (Unlocked GSM)

    I am trying to install "WEATHERBUG"  Weatherbug was allowed to run just fine on earlier versions of MOUNTAIN LION.  10.4 and later won't allow this 3rd party app to download.
    WeatherBug Alert for Mac helps you plan your day with confidence by putting severe weather alerts and your live temperature on your desktop.
    The most reliable weather information found anywhere.
    Severe weather alerts to help protect you and your family.
    One click access to radar, forecasts and more on
    Installation Intructions
    Download zip file.
    Copy file to Applications folder.
    Run the app.
    System Requirements
    Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
    Internet connection
    For support or to provide feedback on WeatherBug Alert for Mac, please visit the WeatherBug Alert Forum
    Click here for the OS X 10.3.9 Compatible Version
    WeatherBug Alert for Mac helps you plan your day with confidence by putting severe weather alerts and your live temperature on your desktop.
    The most reliable weather information found anywhere.
    Severe weather alerts to help protect you and your family.
    One click access to radar, forecasts and more on
    Installation Intructions
    Download zip file.
    Copy file to Applications folder.
    Run the app.
    System Requirements
    Mac OS X version 10.4 or later
    Internet connection
    For support or to provide feedback on WeatherBug Alert for Mac, please visit the WeatherBug Alert Forum
    Click here for the OS X 10.3.9 Compatible Version
    When I click install WEATHERBUG from the FINDER it get this message.
    "WeatherBug Alert" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. 
    Your security preferances allow installation of only apps from the Mac App Store and identified developers.
    Safari downloaded this file today at 7:33 AM from

  • How do I install 3rd party software with no optical drive on 27"

    How do I install Dreamweaver and Photoshop software without an optical drive, plus I have files on MacBook Pro to transfer but I do not want ti transfer everything and Transfer Assistant does not allow enough tight selection

    Buy an external optical drive to use.
    Borrow a Mac with an optical drive. Clone the DVD to a USB flash drive.
    Connect to another Mac via Target Disk Mode and use the other computer's optical drive.
    Connect another Mac to your home network and transfer over the network.

  • How can i install 3rd party software into my Mac with OS X Mountain Lion

    Dear Experts,
    I wish to install a software downloaded from a broadband service website (Yes, 4G broadband from Malaysia) for my 4G dongle to be able to work with OS X (10.8.1). But the system stopped me from installing it, as it said 'the installation file is not downloaded from App store and my security preference has stopped it'?!
    I have my 4G broadband with me but can not be used :-(
    **It works with my Macbook Air (OS X 10.6.8)

    Right-click it and press Open to install that application

  • How to install 3rd party software in Windows Azure

    Hello everyone
    I have a Oracle Database connectivity in My project, Which sync database table between SQL & Oracle.
    I use Oracle 12c, for that i need to install oracle client 12c & JDK on Windows Azure.
    And Oracle 12c & JDK setup size is almost 1GB(in Zip), And We are not use VM Role in windows azure, we use Web role.
    So i need to know which way is better StartUp Task or some powershell script, install through remote desktop connection, Azure File Storage or any thing?
    Thanks in Advance.
    Manish K. Bhalodi

    What is your Aperture version?
    In Aperture 3 the plug-ins are installed in one of the Libraries:
    For all users on your computer you install them in the system library:
         Your Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/
    If you want them installed only for you
       Your Home Folder/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins/
    Depending on the type of the plug-in (edit, export) the go into subfolders "Edit", "Export". Usually the plug-in should come with an installer, that moves it to the correct folder.

  • Do Satellite A200 features remain if I install 3rd party software?

    I have a question:
    I have a Satellite A200 Notebook and my software is wrecked and I want to install another but not the same (for example one bought by my),
    The features from Toshiba will remain?

    Which software do you want to install?
    As Jayjay said, its not easy to say if this affect the preinstalled Toshiba software.
    But you can make an image from your HDD before you install the software and if something goes wrong to restore the backup.
    You need only a program like Acronis True Image.

  • 3rd party software in DOM-0 supported ?

    we plan to deploy OracleVM on HP hardware with MSA SAN. Usually we install HP PSP (Proliant Support Pack) on the machines to configure and monitor them. Also PSP contains cpqacuxe (array configuration utility) used to configure the MSA SAN storage (add LUN's etc.). This tool is needed if you want to configure the MSA. I think this is a very common setup ( .. ok others may use IBM, but here you need different tools).
    Also we usually monitor servers with system monitoring software (nagios / HP Openview etc.).
    Oracle VM is based on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 which is a RHEL5 clone (like CentOS) so I expect that the HP PSP packages for RHEL5 work on Oracle VM DOM-0.
    Does anyone know what the Oracle support status is in regards to installed 3rd party software like system monitoring agents and hardware drivers / tools is ?
    Unfortunately the documentation only mentions support for Host and Client OS.
    Any hint would be appreshiated.

    Thank you - the link leads to the right website but the software you'll find there has not been updated anymore after March 26th. Until then there have been releases of new software or software updates on a daily basis.
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  • Using stock apple apps, instead 3rd party software

    I was wondering what would be the best option for cleaning application cache, memory and doing regular computer maintenance, without installing 3rd party software, or if there is any?
    can CleanMyMac or DiskDoctor functions substituted with apple stock apps ?

    How to maintain a Mac
    1. Make redundant backups, keeping at least one off site at all times. One backup is not enough. Don’t back up your backups; all should be made directly from the original data. Don’t rely completely on any single backup method, such as Time Machine. If you get an indication that a backup has failed, don't ignore it.
    2. Keep your software up to date. In the App Store or Software Update preference pane (depending on the OS version), you can configure automatic notifications of updates to OS X and other Mac App Store products. Some third-party applications from other sources have a similar feature, if you don’t mind letting them phone home. Otherwise you have to check yourself on a regular basis.
    Keeping up to date is especially important for complex software that modifies the operating system, such as device drivers. Before installing any Apple update, you must check that all such modifications that you use are compatible. Incompatibility with third-party software is by far the most common cause of trouble with system updates.
    3. Don't install crapware, such as “themes,” "haxies," “add-ons,” “toolbars,” “enhancers," “optimizers,” “accelerators,” "boosters," “extenders,” “cleaners,” "doctors," "tune-ups," “defragmenters,” “firewalls,” "barriers," “guardians,” “defenders,” “protectors,” most “plugins,” commercial "virus scanners,” "disk tools," or "utilities." With very few exceptions, such stuff is useless or worse than useless. Above all, avoid any software that purports to change the look and feel of the user interface.
    It's not much of an exaggeration to say that the whole "utility" software industry for the Mac is a fraud on consumers. The most extreme examples are the "CleanMyMac" and “MacKeeper” scams, but there are many others.
    As a rule, the only software you should install is that which directly enables you to do the things you use a computer for, and doesn't change the way other software works.
    Safari extensions, and perhaps the equivalent for other web browsers, are a partial exception to the above rule. Most are safe, and they're easy to get rid of if they don't work. Some may cause the browser to crash or otherwise malfunction.  Some are malicious. Use with caution, and install only well-known extensions from relatively trustworthy sources, such as the Safari Extensions Gallery.
    Never install any third-party software unless you know how to uninstall it. Otherwise you may create problems that are very hard to solve. Do not rely on "utilities" such as "AppCleaner" and the like that purport to remove software.
    4. Don't install bad, conflicting, or unnecessary fonts. Whenever you install new fonts, use the validation feature of the built-in Font Book application to make sure the fonts aren't defective and don't conflict with each other or with others that you already have. See the built-in help and this support article for instructions. Deactivate or remove fonts that you don't really need to speed up application launching.
    5. Avoid malware. Malware is malicious software that circulates on the Internet. This kind of attack on OS X was once so rare that it was hardly a concern, but malware is now increasingly common, and increasingly dangerous.
    There is some built-in protection against downloading malware, but you can’t rely on it — the attackers are always at least one day ahead of the defense. You can’t rely on third-party protection either. What you can rely on is common-sense awareness — not paranoia, which only makes you more vulnerable.
    Never install software from an untrustworthy or unknown source. If in doubt, do some research. Any website that prompts you to install a “codec” or “plugin” that comes from the same site, or an unknown site, is untrustworthy. Software with a corporate brand, such as Adobe Flash Player, must come directly from the developer's website. No intermediary is acceptable, and don’t trust links unless you know how to parse them. Any file that is automatically downloaded from the web, without your having requested it, should go straight into the Trash. A web page that tells you that your computer has a “virus,” or that anything else is wrong with it, is a scam.
    In OS X 10.7.5 or later, downloaded applications and Installer packages that have not been digitally signed by a developer registered with Apple are blocked from loading by default. The block can be overridden, but think carefully before you do so.
    Because of recurring security issues in Java, it’s best to disable it in your web browsers, if it’s installed. Few websites have Java content nowadays, so you won’t be missing much. This action is mandatory if you’re running any version of OS X older than 10.6.8 with the latest Java update. Note: Java has nothing to do with JavaScript, despite the similar names. Don't install Java unless you're sure you need it. Most people don't.
    6. Don't fill up your boot volume. A common mistake is adding more and more large files to your home folder until you start to get warnings that you're out of space, which may be followed in short order by a boot failure. This is more prone to happen on the newer Macs that come with an internal SSD instead of the traditional hard drive. The drive can be very nearly full before you become aware of the problem.
    While it's not true that you should or must keep any particular percentage of space free, you should monitor your storage use and make sure you're not in immediate danger of using it up. According to Apple documentation, you need at least 9 GB of free space on the startup volume for normal operation.
    If storage space is running low, use a tool such as OmniDiskSweeper to explore the volume and find out what's taking up the most space. Move seldom-used large files to secondary storage.
    7. Relax, don’t do it. Besides the above, no routine maintenance is necessary or beneficial for the vast majority of users; specifically not “cleaning caches,” “zapping the PRAM,” "resetting the SMC," “rebuilding the directory,” "defragmenting the drive," “running periodic scripts,” “dumping logs,” "deleting temp files," “scanning for viruses,” "purging memory," "checking for bad blocks," "testing the hardware," or “repairing permissions.” Such measures are either completely pointless or are useful only for solving problems, not for prevention.
    To use a Mac effectively, you have to free yourself from the Windows mindset that every computer needs regular downtime maintenance such as "defragging" and "registry cleaning." Those concepts do not apply to the Mac platform. A computing device should not be a focus of your attention. It should be an almost invisible tool by means of which you communicate, work, and play. If you want a machine that is always whining for your attention like a neurotic dog, use a PC.
    The very height of futility is running an expensive third-party application called “Disk Warrior” when nothing is wrong, or even when something is wrong and you have backups, which you must have. Disk Warrior is a data-salvage tool, not a maintenance tool, and you will never need it if your backups are adequate. Don’t waste money on it or anything like it.

  • Backup and synching with a Windows Server, what 3rd party software do I need.

    I have a Macbook Air.  We just got a new Server, a Dell PowerEdge T420 running Windows Small Business Server 2011 CAL Suite.
    I am told my Macbook Air will not Snych to backup files from a defined folder (like My Documents) and e-mail in Outlook.  Mac's can't do that. 
    I don't believe that is true.  Can anyone give me direction.  Is there some 3rd party software that allows Mac to do this?

    Hello Charlene,
    And welcome to Apple Discussions!
    There are several ways you can pull the music off your iPod and onto iTunes. The first link below provides step-by-step instructions for the direct method if you have a PC as well as a few third party applications (for both the Mac and PC) if you choose to go that route instead. You can also do a simple Google search for "copy music from iPod to computer" and you should receive a number of sites that can help you out.
    Just make sure that when you have your iPod plugged into your computer, that you don't hit "Erase and Sync" before completing the task of copying your music over.
    Also, if you have any purchased music, you will probably have to re-authorize your computer by heading to the Store drop down menu and choosing "Authorize computer."
    [5 Ways to Copy Music OFF your iPod and onto iTunes| d-windows-mac-os-x>
    Here are a few more helpful sites.
    [Copying Content from your iPod to your Computer - The Definitive Guide| d-to-computer]
    [How to copy songs your iPod to your PC| -pc-105256.php]
    Also, here is an article for the direct method that is for both Windows Vista and XP. nes.html
    Hope this helps.

  • Trouble getting java install wizard to work with 3rd party software

    I just installed Java 2 SDK version 1.4.2 under Solaris 8. The installation appears to be fine. I changed
    the links and PATH to make sure I'm pointing to the correct version. I am trying to install a 3rd party software called Powerchute Network Shutdown by APC, to be able to shut down our servers remotely, that are attached to our APC UPS. I get these error messages from the software:
    starting the wizard
    Exception in main calss "JExpressLoader"
    java wizard not started properly
    unable to start the install wizard
    Tech support at APC has been unable to help me. I am wondering if someone can tell me how to verify my java wizard is installed correctly. (I don't even know what a java wizard is by the way, so hopefully
    this question makes some sense to someone).

    You need Xwindow System in your sun.

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    When I am working in my RH project, after a few minutes, I get an error that RH 8 encountered an error and has to close. I can open a new "sample" project and work with it without errors, so it makes me think that it is something in the project itsel