After the download of the new version of numbers the cells with formulars are not updated automatically after changing values in cells in the formular. In the previous version this was done automatically. How to make it work again?

Downloaded new version of Numbers last night. Formulars in excisting spreadsheets are not working anymore.
Pls. Help.

You need to give a lot more information if you are to grt help. What are the formulas and how are you using them?

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    Hello soraiaSP
    Try putting your iPod classic into Disk Mode and then use iTunes to restore it. Then it should show up within iTunes to sync media across to it.
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    -Norm G.  

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    If the Mac is too hot to touch, take it in for service.
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    The podcast actually does update if I re-start iTunes or, if I manually update the podcasts (there is always the latest 1 or 2 daily episodes of say NBC nightly news available, but not yet downloaded)... (but this is not a great solution as I am using iTunes through Plex, the Mac is mor a TV/Mediacenter for my family; Plex can access playlists and podcasts in iTunes, but obviously it cannot trigger iTunes to update, so I have to go out of Plex to update iTunes, very annoying)
    How can I ge my my podcasts to be downloaded automatically by iTunes.
    Thank you for any help!

    Here is a screenshot of the phenomenon/problem... NBC Nightly News is not updated, even both the computer and iTunes are running constanly. Once I click update podcast, the podcast updates, so there is an update available.

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    How can I solve the problem în the subject?
    What exactly are you trying to do?
    Have you been editing photos in iPhoto and want to add them to your camera rool or photo stream?
    Then do exactly as the article describes, that you lonked to:
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    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Check all your devices still have documents and data syncing turned on in settings > iCloud and that iCloud is enabled at settings > Pages. If this doesn't help, reset documents & Data from a computer at...

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    Well, best bet would be to reinstall FCP.  I'd use the FCS REMOVER from (free) to uninstall the app first, then reinstall from the DVD.

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    Google may have put in a program that overrides what you want.
    It could be the work of one of your add-ons, or even add / mal-ware.
    Open your '''Add-ons Manager <Control><Shift > A''' and make sure you
    know what each one is and what it does.
    Some added toolbar and anti-virus add-ons are known to cause
    Firefox issues. '''Disable All of them.'''
    Also, check the programs that are on your computer
    '''Windows:''' Start > Control Panel > Uninstall Programs.
    '''Mac:''' Open the "Applications" folder.
    '''Linux:''' Check your user manual.
    Go thru the list. If you find something that you don't
    know what it is, use a web search.
    '''[ Troubleshoot Firefox Issues Caused By Malware]''' {web link}

  • My backlit keyboard will not go off automaticaly i have the box checked but it still doesn't turn on and off. i am having to do it using the f5 and f6 keys. anyone know how to make it work automatically in low light?

    i am having a problem with my back lit keyboard on my 13in mac book pro. i have the box checked in the keyboard setting for auto so the keyboard should turn on and off in low light conditions but it doesnt. anyone know how i can getit to work properly?

    I have taken it back to the Apple store genius bar, but they say they don't see anything wrong. Well unless you use it all day and experience the problems when they happen, you wont see anything wrong. But there are lots wrong with it. But this would be the same store as I purchased the phone. And they backed up my old Iphone 4, but were not able to get anything to load back onto my new phone. So, I lost pretty much everything. But over time, some of my contacts have started showing up, although i am still missing over 800 of them.

  • How to make it work again?

    I'm creating a heater system and i've used plant for the lag and dead time. However after inserting the plant simulator block into my VI, my PV no longer gets to my SP. But when i remove that block its seems fine again. Whats the problem?
    The attached is the VI i've written
    With Regards

    Hi Wormwood,
    1. The plant simulator is suppossed to mimic the system that needs to be controlled. So technically, you should be plotting the Manipulated Variable (output of the PID and input/control for the plant) versus the Process Variable. The manipulated variable tries to bring the Process Variable to the Set Point.
    2. The PID needs to be able to output control action that is both positive and negative. So, the output range of the PID should be set to (-100, 100), for example. In your VI, it was set to (0, 100), which means that the PID could never output any negative control.
    3. You are performing some numeric operations on your Process Variable in the lower part of the while loop. Although, these affect the PV, you donot need to plot them in the graph.
    I made some changes in your VI, some calculation is gone but its useful to see how the Manipulated Variable can actually bring the Process Variable to the SetPoint.
    National Instruments
    LabVIEW Embedded Product Support Engineer
    Attachments: ‏37 KB

  • HT201317 My Photo Stream has suddenly stopped pushing my photos to my PC though they appear on both my iPhones. Any ideas why or how to make it work again?

    My Photo Stream has suddenly stopped pushing photos from my iPhone 4s to my PC although they are appearing on my other iPhone. Any ideas why or how to fix the issue? I have not altered any settings.

    Hi Kevinmvb,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The article below may be able to help you with this.  It sounds like you may have moved your photos out of the Uploads folder where they need to reside.
    iCloud: My Photo Stream troubleshooting
    - Judy

  • Since update to v4 chatroom page will not update automatically. how can i fix this?

    Since the update to V4.0.1 when using prodigits chat, the chatroom page displays a warning bar stating ,Firefox has prevented this page automatically redirecting and an allow button.
    Pressing allow does refresh the page, but only once! Using the page's manual refresh button also works, but this is really annoying! I have tried enabling/disabling cookies but neither has any effect. Please help me get rid of this pesky bar!! thanks in advance.

    Thank you John99. I used a combination of your suggestions above. The "Reset Firefox" worked the best, after I did a System Restore!
    Thanks for your help.

  • Business area not updating automatically.

    Hi Gurus,
        Business area is not getting updated when a transaction is posted thru PO/SD process. BA is getting updated only for line items i.e. FI-MM(GL maintained in OBYC) and FI-SD(GL maintained in VKOA) but the same is not happening for line items for TAX CODES (i.e. GL maintained in OB40).
    Because of which BA wise B/S & P/L is not getting tallied.
    Please suggest is there any program thru which we can update the same and view BA wise balalnce sheet.
    Thank & Regards,
    Praveen R Marati

    hi, i sorry to say,
    tax accounts means, as per as my knowledge
    tax payable account, tax receivable or tax pool account, these accounts are balance sheet account.
    these accounts u can easily update tax catagories.  if i m wrong let me know please

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