After the Payment Run F110

Hi All,
I want to trigger a program immediately after the payment run F110, and this program should create a spool file with some output.
can any one suggest me how to trigger this program after the payment run F110.

use F110 - printout/data medium - lists

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  • Trigger a program immediately after the Payment Run F110

    Hi All,
    How to trigger a program immediately after the Payment Run F110.

    In general payment media programs are executed immediately after the payment run.
    You can execute payment media programs using transaction code SA38 or you can enter appropriate variants for payment media programs in printout/date medium tab while executing payment run in F110 so that they are run automatically along with payment run.
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  • FM after the Payment run is executed

    Hello All,
    Please can anyone let me know, which event can be used for follow up activity after the payment run (FPY1) is executed.
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    Hi Charvi,
    If your only requirement to post a Dr\Cr line item  to customer account whose payment run has been successful, then you can use event 0032.
    Event 0032 can create additional line items for a document in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable.
    So, if you only want to post the incentive after a payment run, place a check initially for the origin key (i_fkkko-herkf), if i_fkkko-herkf =06, i.e a payment run, then only proceed with the posting of the Dr\Cr line item.
    You can use FM FKK_COMPLETE_CHARGE_DOCUMENT for the purpose.
    Hope it helps.

  • Spool Deleted  After the Payment Run

    Hello SAP Guru,
    My client is having one issue quite often; the problem is after running the payment run via F110 the printing spool is getting deleted specifically for one company code; however, for rest of the company codes spools don't get deleted automatically. Interestingly, the payment run is run by the same user id so why the spool gets deleted for one company code but not for others?
    I've checked sp01 and there is no spool exist for that company code. 
    Here is the problem: Lets say when they run a payment run for over 200 checks and printer doesn't print out the checks they can't go back to locate the spool for this specific payment run. Due to this problem they have to delete each check individual and reprint via FCH7 which is really a time consuming.
    Could you please let me know why the spool getting deleted or how I can print out the 200 checks again without voiding them recreating new check numbers?
    Please advise,

    Go to SP01 or SP02 select the request and go to properties and you will get a check box - "Do not delete the spool" deselct the same and your issue will get resolve.
    This you have to do before printing the spool.
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  • Change Value of the Payment Run (F110)

    Can someone help me??.....
    In a customer that has a payment term with a Settlement Discount that pays on time, when we run the F110 (Direct Debit Run) we do not want to apply the settlement discount amount to the amount of the Direct Debit run,  so the user pays the full amount. We will locate the amount of the settlemetn discount into a the customer account (in a special g/l indicator, like we are saving that money for them) and the settlement discount will not be posted.
    1º How can I modify the total amount in the F110 (Direct Debit Run)?, is there any user exit? so we can change the full amount of the
    2º How can we not post the Settlement Discount in the F110 (Direct Debit Run)?. Could it be with a G/L Substitution or via user exit modifing the REGUH and REGUP table.
    3º The posting into the customer account with the special G/L will be with a Z program that will identify this cases and post the correct G/L.

    The cleanest way is to remove the settlement discount set up from the master. Any way you are using a Z program to post the settlement discount into teh customer account.
    Altering amounts in a automatically generated Payment Run is usually frowned on by Audit and the like.

  • Attaching the tax discount invoice to the payment run F110

    Hi Guys,
    Im using BTE 2040 to email the Remittance Advice, i would like to attach the Tax Discount Invoice aswell to send both documents at the same time. Please assist me achieve this.
    Kind regards,

    thank you

  • Automatic e-mail of remittance advice to vendors following the Payment Run

        We are implementing the Automatic e-mail of remittance advice to vendors following the Payment Run(F110) for one of our company code located at UK.
    But we have already implemented this process for one of the company code located in US using the Business transaction event 00002040 and it is working fine.
    Now i want to find out if we could utilitize emailing the employee reimbursement remittances for UK as we do here in the US using the same BTE.
    I just want to know if our current BTE (business transaction event) can be set up for their group also along with generating the SAP script to format the remittance.
    Earliest reply will be appreciated.
    With regards,

    do you mind share with me how did you implement the Automatic email of remittnance advice to vendor after payment run?
    I am in process research this solution. appreaciate if you can share with me if you have any info.
    +91 9791122480
    Thanks in advance.

  • Payment run F110 / RFFOAVIS_FPAYM: Print vs. Email

    Hi everybody,
    I have a question regarding the printing of payment advices within the payment run F110 via program RFFOAVIS_FPAYM.
    Whenever there is a email address maintained in the customer master data the payment advice is sent as an email instead of printing it on paper, although I want to have it printed on paper !
    I found some lines in the source code:
    *     Check if advice on paper is forced
           IF flg_papieravis EQ 1.
             reguh-ediav = space.
    But where is this flag set? Or how can I force the program to print the advice, no matter how the customer master data is maintained?
    Any hints are highly appreciated!
    Kind regards,

    SAP Menu -- Accounting -- Account receivable -- Document entry -- payment advice -- create.
    once you enter the business partner details click on enter button.
    then go to the over view button there you can find the export tab.
    go to export tab click on send button then enter your recipient details click on send button.
    i think so above points are helpful to you.
    Thank You.

  • How to Change the PDF's that are generated once the Payment run completes

    Hello All,
    After the Payment run completes, it creates a bank file, and check registry etc.  Our system also creates a PDF which is sent out to the vendors via email.  I need to make some changes to this PDF that is being generated.  Where can I do this?  The pdf sits in the Business Workplace.   Any ideas?

    It is not possible to change the PDF manually.
    You need to change the form assigned for payment advice in FBZP settings.
    However, these settings are uniform and across all the vendors.
    You cannot put different rules for different vendors.

  • Can not fiend  the payment run 02.09.2009 in transaction F110

    Hello Experts,
    Can you solve following problem - We have a problem where the end user can not fiend  the payment run 02.09.2009 in transaction F110
    Tha payment run has been executed and document is shown in log SM37, But payment is not med....further user has to made the payment manually....we have also check with workflow there we have seen that order is posted to bank.
    I can not find the reson why the payment run is not shown in F110...and after running the payment run successfully why the payment is not mede....
    Vaibhav Dhabe...

    Hello Stacy,
    Thanx for reply but the print program you mention above is not there...please suggest what I can do next to this

  • T. Code for Cancelling / Deleting the Payment Run in F110

    Hi Gurus,
    Can anybody please tell me the transaction code for deleting the payment run (before taking print out) in F110.
    I tried to do it from F110 itself and is working fine.
    I want to know if there is any separate T.Code available.

    Hi Chintan
    If there is no concept of Deleting Output then why SAP provided Delete Output Option in F110.
    Vikas you are right We can Delete the Payment Run in F110 itself.
    And as you mentioned you did not make the printout form so there is no Check Printed, you go to Transaction FBRA and Reset & Reverse the Payment Document(Clearing Document).
    If the Check is printed then you need to use FCH8 , Cancel the Check and then Reverse the Document as said Above by Zubin.

  • F110 run the payment run directly without running the proposal run first

    Hello to you all,
    Does any one know I do I block the option to run the payment run directly without running the proposal run first?
    Thanks in advance,

    First delete the payment run output by the following :
    Goto Edit on menu bar --> Payment --> Delete Output
    then run the proposal run again and after that process payment run.

  • F110, reset the payment run back to payment proposal automatically.

    When payment run is carried out, some line items are being paid and others are not.The line items that are not getting paid canu2019t be selected just for the next payment run because they are already proposed for this specific but stuck payment run und canu2019t be deselected anymore. Means, the stuck payment run canu2019t be started another time, the selected not paid items canu2019t be deselected. So what are you going to do with the items that are stuck in the payment run? You canu2019t deselect them, you canu2019t pay them, you canu2019t clear the vendor open items.
    Right now the solution is very manually and therefore very time intense and therefore the user is asking for a solution to automatically set back the payment run to a payment u2018proposalu2019. From this starting point we can deselect vendor line items and can run the same payment run again or delete the not paid vendor line items in the stuck payment run and transfer them to a new payment run.
    Can anybody provide me a solution.

    Dear Vardhan,
    Your query is not very clear. Nevertheless, i would try to explain as per my understanding.
    If some items are not paid in one Payment Run, then all such items will be under exception list. You have to check the exception list for the reason as to why those weren't paid. Once you know the reason of non-payment, you can go further.
    I hope this answers your query, as far as my understanding goes.
    Thank you.
    Suresh Jayanthi.

  • Exit or badi for tcode F110, which called during the payment run.

    Hi All,
    We have a requirement to create a txt file in the application folder, while doing the payment run.
    right we are copying the standard program RFFOEDI1, but we dont know in which part of code , we can find the values from REGUP and REGUH tables, so that we can code based that.
    so if someone can get the exit name for this purpose or where to find the REGUP values, it will be great.

    In program RFFOEDI1 subroutine EDI has logic of creating edi messages.
    If you are replacing edi functionality with custom file creation then replace call to this form with you own form.
    Program use logical database and FIELD-GROUPS to retreive and process data. I would recommend get familarise youself with FIELD-GROUPS.

  • Automatic Payment Run-f110 Reg

    I am not FICO Guy.But,I need to run the Automatic payment Run -F110.
    Can you please explain step by step procedure how to run the F110.
    Thanks in advance.

    Select run date and enter and identification
    Enter your parameters, company code payment methods, next pmt date, select the vendors and/or customers
    On the free selection screen you can select values which can be included or excluded
    On the additional log screen select the type of logging that you require along with the vendors and customers
    On the printout data medium screen youcan select a variant to use when running the program
    Save the parameters
    Schedule the proposal and run it
    After proposal has been created verify it is correct
    Schedule the payment run, run it and note posting orders carried out
    You can use SP01 to faciliate the printing of checks
    Then you can create a payment file - FCHX
    Print a list of checks from the check register FCHN
    The following link may also assist you...

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