After transfer mail to new computer new message content not showing in view mode

I've been transferring data from OSX mavericks Macbook pro to imac using airdrop (migration assistant wasn't working).
Wanted to duplicate mail from macbook so followed instructions for transferring as below tml
Mail transfer worked great but my new messages aren't showing the content in the view area.
I can get the new message blurb in the list but nothing in full viewing.
The file actually was a plist.lockfile so not sure if that made a difference
Plus, I did transfer the as well. The older versions are on my desktop.
The account names are different from one computer to the other but they show up as read-write on new computer files. I even added an administrator with read write priveleges on those files just incase. Nada.
Any thoughts?

Rebuild the mailboxes.

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