After uninstalling "No Squint" Firefox zoom is not saved - Solution

I just wanted to post the solution to the problem described in this question
because I saw that none of the replies were helpful and the person had to restore from a backup.
In my case the source of the problem was that this option
was set to false.
Also commented at add-on's issue tracker

Hi Cor-el.
I don't clear site preferences, and ZOOM is not remembered even '''within a browsing session'''.
I have deleted the content-prefs.sqlite file, this made no difference.
From the links you gave me it appears there may be a hidden way of disabling FF site specific ZOOM, maybe this is what NO SQUINT has done?? This refers to a very old version of FF though, and there is no hint as to how to reverse it:
I don't want to install any more add-ons, I just want to restore the native FF21 site specific ZOOM functionality.
Thanks Petef

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  • After uninstalling "No Squint" Firefox zoom is not saved

    I uninstalled "No Squint" when I found it did not work as I wanted.
    Now Firefox (v.21) no longer remembers zoom levels of pages I visit after FF is closed and re-opened.
    The "No Squint" uninstall asked if I wanted to restore FF zoom functionality - to which I answered YES.
    After Uninstall I tried Windows RESTORE to return system to state prior to "No Squint" install, this did not help.
    Tools>Options>Privacy>Clear History when Firefox closes>Settings>Site Preferences is NOT set, so as I understand it, Site Zoom level should be kept. I have tried setting and unsetting this to no effect.

    Hi Cor-el.
    I don't clear site preferences, and ZOOM is not remembered even '''within a browsing session'''.
    I have deleted the content-prefs.sqlite file, this made no difference.
    From the links you gave me it appears there may be a hidden way of disabling FF site specific ZOOM, maybe this is what NO SQUINT has done?? This refers to a very old version of FF though, and there is no hint as to how to reverse it:
    I don't want to install any more add-ons, I just want to restore the native FF21 site specific ZOOM functionality.
    Thanks Petef

  • Firefox 36.15 not saving history on Snow Leopard

    Firefox 36.15 not saving history on Snow Leopard. When I go to show all history nothing is saved, settings in preferences is remembering history

    This can be a problem with the file places.sqlite that stores the bookmarks and the history.

  • I still cannot view flash players in firefox after uninstalling and reinstalling firefox and flash multiple times. how do i fix this issue perminantly?

    I can go into chrome without any issues and watch any video without any problem. the second i get into firefox nothing works. i have had this issue on and off for years. i really do not see why you cannot fix this if everybody else can. i have uninstalled and reinstalled firefox and flash player multiple times. nothing seems to work. I am truly getting really tired of this same problem year after year, i stay with firefox because you are privacy conscience and are being more so consistently. i do not know what other details to tell you other than this just keeps happening and it is making it very tough to do anything on firefox when i cannot use a simple thing such as flash player. as i said, if the other browsers can fix this i see no reason why firefox cannot year after year. i hope there is a simple fix for this problem because it has basically halted a lot of my work on the net as i will no longer use google or microsoft. thank you

    Firefox does not play videos. That is the job of the plugins.
    Security Issue: Update your Flash Player '''v16.0.0.305<br>'''
    If you have problems with current Shockwave Flash plugin versions then check this:
    * see if there are updates for your graphics drive drivers
    * disable protected mode in the Flash plugin (Flash 11.3+ on Windows Vista and later)
    * disable hardware acceleration in the Flash plugin
    See also:
    * ''''''

  • How do I get rid of the blue "downloading the latest applications" bar which won't go away even after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox?

    Can't get rid of the blue "downloading the latest applications" bar that seems to be just hanging and won't go away. I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox, but the bar is still there after 2 days. I updated something (can't remember what!) on I.E., and it had the same blue bar, but it had a box I could x out of so it went away on I.E. I don't know why the blue bar is there on Firefox, as I did the update while on I.E.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == I updated an application while on Internet Explorer.

    #In the menu bar, at the top of the Firefox window, Go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extensions.
    # Locate ''each ''of the following extensions by name and click the disable button
    #Restart Firefox as prompted and see if the undesired toolbar has been removed.
    #The extensions to disable are: '''Crawler Toolbar''', '''MP3 Rocket Toolbar''', '''MSN Toolbar''', '''Search Helper Extension'''
    If you don't need some / all of those toolbars, consider leaving them disabled.
    You can probably remove these toolbars permanently from Start -> Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs.

  • [solved] firefox user settings not saving

    I am a linux noob. So the answer to this is probably very obvious, but I haven't found it through googling, searching these forums or the arch wiki. I am having the same problem with most of my applications actually. The problem is that my firefox personal settings are not saving. When I reboot all of the addons are gone, the tabs are back on top, and everything is reset as if this were the first time I've run the program. I'm having a similar problem with lxpanel. I suspect it has something to do with post-installation home directory config files and not knowing what to do for each program. The only setup I've done for firefox is # yaourt -S firefox-esr. A whereis firefox-esr yields only /usr/bin/firefox-esr. Just the executable file itself I guess.
    Although the arch wiki firefox page doesn't seem to specifically mention losing all settings there is something about setting a download location that caught my eye: XDG directories:
    It says to create ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs and add:
    I'm not sure if this has something to do with the temporary nature of my personal firefox settings, but it seems like a move in the right direction. I get that tip of the iceberg feeling though. I've been meaning to look up all of that stuff including .desktop and .directory files and standard locations. I assume that this is part of that and not only for firefox specifically.
    If anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of how to set up the user directories and files necessary for saving firefox settings I would be very grateful. Or maybe I installed the program wrong?
    I am not using a desktop environmnt. Just (for the moment) pekwm, lxpanel, and idesk. Presumably that's part of the problem. That going modular is much more difficult for a Linux noob. If I were using kde or gnome I'm guessing a lot of this post-installation application setup would be done for me automatically.
    edit: I just found this information on the location of the firefox profile in linux.  It says that profile folders are located in "~/.mozilla/firefox/<profile folder>". At first I thought I didn't have this folder, but I do. So I'm not sure why the settings and addons are not saving.
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    For next time:
    It might be a better idea to change permissions with "chown" :
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  • Cannot close firefox process, even after uninstalling and reinstalling firefox,and ending precess in task manager

    Firefox will not open, says "already running". At task manager I cancelled process, and still no result. I then uninstalled all firefox files, and reinstalled. I still get same error message. I cannot open any firefox page. I have skype.
    I followed troubleshooting info, an d still I cannot open firefox.
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == I restarted my computer

    I removed the program and reinstalled by with no success, i get allways the same massage:
    "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system."
    I don't know what to do can someone give directions
    Thank you

  • I've lost the capability to print pages (e.g., from Amazon) and after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox, the problem persists.

    I had to go to Internet Explorer to print an invoice copy from I've never had to NOT use Firefox before to do this. I lost some of the icons, apparently, and one was the one for print.

    Please check for the issue in a new profile: [[managing profiles]].

  • Outlook 2007 mails are upgraded to outlook 2013 but after uninstalling Microsoft 2007,outlook 2013 are not opening.

    Dear Support
    Yesterday, i have upgraded the outlook mails 2007 to outlook 2013.Today i have uninstalled the Ms-Office 2007 and try to open the outlook 2013.The application is not working and showing the message of quick repair (or) go to online to fix the issue.
    Let me know what is the root cause of the issue and why it has happened?
    Is there any option to upgrade the mails from outlook 2007 directly to outlook 2013.
    Thanks & Regards

    Both of them rely on some system files and some interrelated registry keys. So, this is a direct result of that interdependence. When you uninstall the previous version of Office from your computer, it will definitely break the existing installation, a repair
    is required to fix all the corrupt registry entries.
    We do not recommend to install multiple versions of Office on one computer, we suggest you to completely remove any previous version first if you do not plan to use any of the Office applications of a previous version of Office, then install it.
    Ethan Hua CHN
    TechNet Community Support

  • I cannot uninstall a theme, even after uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Help! is now my default home page. I can't get rid of the floral theme no matter what I try. I have changed themes, uninstalled Firefox and reloaded it, and tried to uninstall using the add-ons menu in tools. There uninstalling is no an available option! It is faded out.

    Change your homepage.

  • After installing the update firefox will just not open.when i click nothing happens not even any error message,what is the problem? please help!

    when i reinstall the older version it works fine,but when i update it to latest version it will stop working nothing happens when i click on it

    Still the same,i downloaded from the main sit and installed it after that it will start and check add ons compatibility and then just nothing.

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    I am going under Tools and Options, then Advanced -> Network -> Settings and changing the automatic configuration script for my work network. When I hit OK everything works. But when I close out Firefox, and then reopen it at a later time, it does not save the setting change I made and I have to do it all over again. This is also happening when I change my home page information as well...


  • Firefox 4 is not saving pages (using frames) I visit in the history list, but Firefox 3 does. What could be wrong (may be related to no-cache)?

    When using FF 3, I can go back through the history using the arrows on the toolbar. When using FF4, I can't. This applies to an internal site where the page uses frames and the header pragma "no-cache". This also happens in safe mode.

    I was reading the above post about typing in code to darwin, i have a similar problemWell,posting all that isn't necessary, and disguises your new post. I take it you mean you typed in the tail command and saw those messages?
    localhost launchd:server 3d27 in bootstrap 1103 uid 0: "/usr/sbin/lookupd"[47]: exited abnormally: HangupDespite the word "abnormally", this is in fact normal and recurs frequently. The lookupd process is told to "hang up", i.e. quit, when it is done, and will restart as necessary.
    I don't know what the "initcardwithstoreprefs failed" means: you need to set it in context of the other messages. But the main purpose of using the tail command is to look for "loginwindow exited" messages, and then see what came before them.
    So, give a bit more detail about your problem: for a start, on which of your machines is this happening? Have you tried disconnecting any USB devices except for mouse and keyboard? In fact, give a lot more detail

  • Render Quits Unexpectedly, Progress is not Saved

    While rendering today I the render progress kept quitting after 1-5% The render progress was not saved, and I could not locate the render file that fcp looked for when I restarted it. This happened about 6 times.
    My temp fix is hovering the mouse over the render progress window and placing something heavy on the button. Seems to work for now, but I would like a better long term solution. Anyone else had this issue?

    The keeping the render progress window active trick is no longer working.
    The issue seems to be happening with only longer renders. Right now I am thinking it is an issue with Magic Bullet. Lately I have also started getting an error message that says something like: "Misfire: Vignette - Plese verify filter parameters."
    I saw that buffalo, yak, or whatever it is running around on the screen the other day. Wish he would tell me how to fix this.

  • After uninstalling and downloading the latest Abobe Flash player, I can no lnger play youtube videos. I get the message "blocked plug-in". It works in Firefox, but not Safari.

    After uninstalling and downloading the latest Abobe Flash player, I can no lnger play youtube videos. I get the message "blocked plug-in". It works in Firefox, but not Safari?

    in Safari’s Preferences, select its Security tab, and make sure that its “Internet plug-ins: Allow Plug-ins” checkbox is checked.

Maybe you are looking for

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