After updating to Mavericks I can't open iTunes. I keep getting a popup telling me to unclick "run in 32- bit mode" in iTunes info. I have done that several times and rebooted. Everything else seems to be working fine.

After updating to Mavericks, I can't open iTunes. I keep getting  a pop up telling me iTunes needs to run in 64-bit mode. After following directions several times to go to Finder, iTunes, Get info and "unclick 32-bit mode" it still won't work and i keep getting the smae pop up window. I've rebooted several times also.

What version of iTunes do you have? The current version of iTunes for Mavericks is 11.1.5 and the default mode is 64 bit. If "Open in 32 bit mode" is checked and you cannot uncheck it are you logged on using an account with administrative priveleges?

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