After upgrading to 11.4 and downloading the new U2 album on my PC, all my other U2 songs disappeared from my itunes library on all my devices

How do I get my songs back?

BY following these steps you can remove "other" data:
Step 1: Take a backup of all data, preferably via iTunes instead of iCloud but if you’re happy with iCloud, you’re most welcome to backup on iCloud.
Step 2: Now, make sure – double or triple check you’ve got all your stuff backed up.
Step 3: Reset your iPhone: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Erase All Content and Settings
Step 4: Connect your iPhone to iTunes and restore from backup.
What this does is wipes off all the temporary files, cache, cookies and stuff like album art which steals – a little bite at a time – large amounts of free space. This clears things a lot but not everything will be gone. There’ll still be some (or occasionally, a lot of) “Other” data.

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