After upgrading to Mountain Lion, launching iPhoto reboots MBP

After upgrading to Mountain Lion, when I go to launch iPhoto, my MBP re-boots.  This happens every time I try to launch iPhoto.  The re-boot has occured randomly when using Safari and iMovie.  Looking for help.

I was hopeful thAt this would help, but it did not.  Still experiencing the same behaviors.

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  • IPhoto Library won't open after upgrade to mountain lion

    One of my iPhoto libraries (stored on a WD Pasport Studio) won't open properly after upgrade to Mountain Lion 4oo5 open ok. One opens but disc symbol keeps spinning and Iphoto stops responding. Any ideas?

    See if anything in here will fix it:
    1. Hold down the Command and Option keys as you click the iPhoto icon.
    The Photo Library First Aid window opens:

  • TS1277 "iPhoto was unable to connect to Photo Stream" error after upgrading to mountain lion

    Has anyone gotten this error after upgrading to mountain lion on a computer that already had a user setup on it?
    My iphoto was working with photostream and now it will not connect at all.
    I ran fix disk permissions and once it showed up in iphoto, photostream was loading and then it disappeared again.

    FWIW I fixed mine when I realised I'd probably downloaded iPhoto using an AppleID from the App Store but logged into iCloud with a different AppleID. I deleted iPhoto and it's related files (but not the iPhoto Library) using CleanApp, entered the App Store with my usual AppleID and downloaded iPhoto again. Once the App Store, the downloaded iPhoto and iCloud logins were the same iPhoto Stream worked again.

  • HT1338 After upgrading to Mountain Lion iphoto doesn't work

    Can't open my iphoto after upgrading to Mountain lion.  Goes up to step 2 at 54% and crashes.  Please help!

    You can't run Windows on a Mac unless you use BootCamp or a third-party utility such as Parallels Desktop.
    Perhaps you mean Microsoft Word (which is part of the MSOffice suite).
    Only MSOffice 2008 and later will run in Mountain Lion.
    However there are very good free alternatives, such as LibreOffice.

  • After upgrading to mountain lion i keep getting an error message saying my startup disc is full. it shouldnt be full because there is barely anything on there and i was running windows with bootcamp prior to this with no issues

    after upgrading to mountain lion i keep getting an error message saying my startup disc is full. it shouldnt be full because there is barely anything on there and i was running windows with bootcamp prior to this with no issues. my computer now freezes and programs close randomly. The usual command for opening windows with bootcamp doesnt work. once in restarted my computer after it froze and it rebooted in windows automatically. i really just want to know if there is a way to take the upgrade off my laptop because it is very annoying.

    Hi Memalyn
    Essentially, the bare issue is that you have a 500GB hard drive with only 10GB free. That is not sufficient to run the system properly. The two options you have are to move/remove files to another location, or to install a larger hard drive (eg 2TB). Drive space has nothing to do with SMC firmware, and usually large media files are to blame.
    My first recommendation is this: download and run the free OmniDiskSweeper. This will identify the exact size of all your folders - you can drill down into the subfolders and figure out where your largest culprits are. For example, you might find that your Pictures folder contains both an iPhoto Library and copies that you've brought in from a camera but are outside the iPhoto Library structure. Or perhaps you have a lot of purchased video content in iTunes.
    If you find files that you KNOW you do not need, you can delete them. Don't delete them just because you have a backup, since if the backup fails, you will lose all your copies.
    Don't worry about "cleaners" for now - they don't save much space and can actually cause problems. Deal with the large file situation first and see how you get on.
    Let us know what you find out, and if you manage to get your space back.

  • HT4798 username/password not working after upgrade to mountain lion

    hello, on my imac after upgrading to mountain lion my computer password and/or username seems not to work anymore: when i want to install an update or search for updates on the app store the combination i used so far, does not work anymore. i tried to find out how to reset the computer password but without too much success, and i'm a bit confused, what can i do? thanks a lot

    You went wrong at the very beginning by not erasing the hard drive of a used computer before starting to use it yourself. I suggest you do that now.
    Back up all data to at least two different storage devices.
    Boot into Recovery (command-R at startup), launch Disk Utility, and erase the startup volume. This operation will destroy all data on the volume, so you had be better be sure of your backups. Install OS X. If your Mac was upgraded from an older version of OS X, you’ll need the Apple ID and password you used to upgrade, so make a note of those before you begin.
    When you reboot, you'll be prompted to go through the initial setup process. That’s when you transfer the data from one of your backups. For a walkthrough, see here:
    Using Setup Assistant
    Don't transfer the Guest account, if it was enabled on the old system.
    Note: You need an always-on Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the Internet to use Recovery. It won’t work with USB or PPPoE modems, or with proxy servers, or with networks that require a certificate for authentication.

  • After upgrading to Mountain Lion 10.8.2, I cannot print to my Samsung laser printer ML 2525w?  How can I get this set up to print?

    After upgrading to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on my iMac, I cannot print to my Samsung B&W Laser printer ML 2525W either by USB or wireless.    Any help on how to setup or reconfigure would be apprecaited.
    I either print blank pages or prints one time then goes off line, or spits out a bunch of blank paper, etc.  Have gone through all the standard fixes, reboot, reset , reload driver, etc.

    From the link to the Thread you provided, I worked through the one message procedures that were listed.
    For ease of reference, I have copied them and printed them below.  This was an old thread but the guidance still works with no firmware upgrade required.
    I would stress that you MUST delete any and all files relating to USB connection of the printer to the MAC, including all print drivers (from both Apple and Samsung either from CD or web downloads) and all print queues, etc.  I was only able to get the printer to properly hand shake with my Mac by setting it up wirelessly after all old files were deleted with hard power off reboots on both the Mac and Printer. 
    I hope that someone from Apple will pass this note along to their programing department because there is some type of incompatibility in the new ML OS and the Samsung ML2525w print dirvers used for a cable (USB) type connection.  Apple needs to be talking to Samsung to get the USB issue resolved.  I am going to post this same message on the Samsung site to see if someone from there will contact Apple to work together on a final solution for USB connectivity.
    Here is the steps I followed to get my ML2525w to work in the wireless mode.  Again, I cannot stress the need to clean out all the old files (drivers, print queues, etc. - everything) before setting up wirelessly. 
    As a note, I ran this printer with Lion for almost 2 years and it always worked fine (both wireless and USB).  From other comments on the thread, users were good with this printer using Lep. and Snow Lep also. - - no issues from either a USB connection or wireless until Mountain Lion.
    Before the fix, I was experiencing many of the same issues as described on user chat threads, printer going offline after a print job.  1st page sometimes printing but all the rest of the pages were garbage.  No printing at all. Printer just running a bunch of blank pages out. etc.
    I run an iMAC 27" desktop with the ML OS upgrade just installed from Lion.
    "I've just installed one of these printers for my parents.
    First of all, don't waste your time connecting the ML-2525W as a USB printer. The printer will go offline after each print job. It's hopeless, at least (I assume) until Samsung gets around to publicly releasing a firmware update.
    Instead, you have to use the ML-2525W as a wireless printer. In that mode, it works fine.
    This is what I did:
    (1) First, if you have already attempted to install the Samsung driver software from the included CD-ROM, uninstall it. Get the uninstaller from the Samsung support site:
    Download the "Printer Driver (ver. 4.0)" ZIP file. It unzips to a folder that contains the uninstaller. Likewise, download the "Smart Panel Driver" ZIP file and uninstall the Smart Panel software.
    (2) Disconnect the USB cable from the printer, if it is connected. Pull the power plug on the printer and power cycle it.
    (3) Restart your Mac.
    (4) Go to the "Printer Driver (ver. 4.0)" folder that you previously unzipped. Inside it is a folder named "WirelessSetting". Open the folder and run the "Wireless".
    (5) The application will ask you to connect the USB cable to the printer. Do so, and the Mac should be able to communicate with the printer to perform the wireless setup.
    (6) The application will show you a list of wireless networks. One of them is the wireless interface in the printer (ad-hoc). You can ignore that unless you intend to use the printer without connecting to another wireless network. In my case, I selected the wireless network in my parents' home (infrastructure) and entered the security passphrase. The application then configured the wireless interface in the ML-2525W to connect to the home network.
    (7) The Wireless Setting application will then tell you to disconnect the USB cable.
    (8) After finishing the Wireless Setting application, go to Word, Textedit, Pages, or Safari, and select a file or page to print. In the print dialog window, you should see the ML-2525W as a "Nearby Printer" (i.e. via Bonjour). Select the ML-2525W, and your Mac will automatically connect to Apple's Software Update and download the latest Samsung driver. If for any reason the Software Update download does not succeed, you can manually download and install the Apple driver using the previously published link in this discussion.
    (9) After that, you should be able to print to the ML-2525W whenever you want, without the printer going offline.
    (10) If you have a USB printer queue still in your Print & Fax Preferences (from your previous unsuccessful attempt to connect via USB), you can delete it. You only need to keep the Bonjour queue.
    Obviously YMMV, but in my case this procedure got the printer working reliably without the need for a firmware update."
    MacBook (white 12"), Mac OS X (10.6.5)

  • After upgrading to Mountain Lion, i can't connect to app store or safari

    After Upgrading to Mountain Lion, I can't access the app store, itunes store, Safari - anything that requires the internet.  I tried resetting my modem and rebooting.
    I also tried deleting items from the keychain that look like they are related to the above.  When I did that and rebooted, It works for a little while, and then gets back to where it won't login to anything on the internet and safari won't load anything.

    This means that at some time you had the iWork ’09 trial installed. You need to delete the trial & then reinstall from the boxed DVD or the Mac App Store. The files to delete are the iWork ’09 folder from the main HD > Applications; the iWork ’09 folder in HD > Library > Application Support & the individual iWork application plist files found in HD > Users > (your account) > Library > Preferences for each user. Yvan Koenig has written an AppleScript that removes the files. You can find it on his account in for_iWork'09 > other_iWork'09 items > uninstall iWork '

  • After upgrading to mountain lion e-mail no longer pushes to my i-Phone

    after upgrading to mountain lion e-mail no longer pushes to my i-Phone I have to launch the mail app on phone to retrieve mail now

    The OS on your Mac has nothing to do with behavior of email on your iPhone. The only thing I can imagine is that Mail on your Mac may be receiving messages and marking them as "read" before your iPhone has a chance to receive them. What kind of email account are you talking about here!

  • After upgrading to mountain lion my mac is very slow?

    After upgrading to mountain lion my mac is very slow
    It was starting in 10 seconds and shuting dow in 5 seconds and now it's taking more than one minute to start it or shut down it and everything is slow

    First, back up all data immediately, as your boot drive might be failing.
    Take these steps when you notice the problem.
    Step 1
    Launch the Activity Monitor application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad. Click Utilities, then Activity Monitor in the icon grid.
    Select the CPU tab of the Activity Monitor window.
    Select All Processes from the menu in the toolbar, if not already selected.
    Click the heading of the % CPU column in the process table to sort the entries by CPU usage. You may have to click it twice to get the highest value at the top. What is it, and what is the process? Also post the values for % User, % System, and % Idle at the bottom of the window.
    Select the System Memory tab. What values are shown in the bottom part of the window for Page outs and Swap used?
    Next, select the Disk Activity tab. Post the approximate values shown for Reads in/sec and Writes out/sec (not Reads in and Writes out.)
    Step 2
    You must be logged in as an administrator to carry out this step.
    Launch the Console application in the same way as above. Make sure the title of the Console window is All Messages. If it isn't, select All Messages from the SYSTEM LOG QUERIES menu on the left.
    Post the 50 or so most recent messages in the log — the text, please, not a screenshot.
    When posting a log extract, be selective. Don't post more than is requested.
    Please do not indiscriminately dump thousands of lines from the log into a message.
    Important: Some personal information, such as your name, may appear in the log. Edit it out before posting.

  • The Airplay Icon is not showing up on My Taskbar After Upgrading to Mountain Lion

    Please help.  I have 2nd generation Apple TV and a 2011 Imac but the Airplay Icon will not show up on Taskbar after upgrading to Mountain Lion.

    Finally after trying to uninstall/reinstall (no luck!)
    I'm on Windows 7 64 bit.  iTunes 10.7   And I have a solution:
    If found a thread about IPv6.
    I followed the same directions on Windows 7 64 bit and it worked.
    Disable IPv6 on _all_ of your IP ethernet adapters. 
    That includes Virtual Machines (VMWare... yes those too), including IPv6 for wireless.
    Close iTunes.  Start iTunes.  Works.  Airplay Icon is back.
    It looks like All of the AirPlay devices may have to be re-setup.  At the very least rebooted.
    I found that I had to clompletely erase my DHCP addresses from my (non Apple) router.. and that fixed it.  Finally.
    Even though this is for the Mac... I believe they are onto something.   Original thread link:

  • Cinema display USB stops working after upgrading to mountain lion

    I am using a newly bought 27' Cinema display + mid 2011 MBA. an Apple USB keyboard is attached to the display USB port, and a logitech mouse is attached to the USB port on the keyboard.
    After upgrading to mountain lion, when I unplug the thunderbolt from MBA, and then plug it back, the USB keyboard and mouse stops working. Moreover, I cannot open anything in System preference, and cannot properly shutdown the machine!
    Please help on this issue.

    Launch Terminal, type or copy/paste the following:
    killall Dock
    Hit enter.

  • Application quit unexpectedly after upgrade to Mountain Lion.

    Hi, Please help. after upgrade to Mountain Lion 10.8.1 my iPhoto keeps quitting unexpectedly, then after upgrading to 10.8.2 yesterday, now almost most of my application which I used todays quits unexpectedly, this includes my broadband connection. I plan to fallback to Lion, but paying $20 for OS that causing me so many problem is not worth it. Anyone can help me to resolved this? Thanks in advance..

    Have you tried booting into the Mountain Lion Recovery Partition by booting while simultaneously holding down the Command - R keys?  You can repair the main Mountain Lion partition disk from there by using "Disk Utility" from THAT location.  Select the Macintosh HD in the column by highlighting it and selecting "Repair Disk".  Then I would run "Repair Permissions" twice.  That may solve your problems.
    Hope this helps

  • No Faces Integration after upgrading to Mountain Lion

    After upgrading to Mountain Lion, I still don't get Faces integration in my photo picker whenever I choose a profile or contact picture. Does anyone know how I can enable this feature?
    On the OS X Mountain Lion 200+ New Features page, it states:
    Faces integration in photo picker
    The photo picker now includes Faces, which displays all the pictures of you contained in your iPhoto library. So it’s easy to choose a photo for your account picture, Contacts card, or Messages account.

    I just spent 2 hours on the phone with Apple's customer support.
    It turns out, this seems to be an issue affecting part of the users. It will work for some, but not for others. After trouble shooting (we tried deleting the cache, reinstalling iPhoto, etc.), the senior advisor said he is unsure what is causing Faces integration to not appear and he is sending it to the engineers.
    On the computers where Faces integration was working (this senior advisor said he tested all the computers that were around him), it only works with Contacts with the same name, as Redarm mentioned above.
    If and when he follows up with me, I'll post his findings here.
    Please note that this discussion is not about Facebook integration, it is about Faces (i.e. Faces in iPhoto) integration in the photo picker for Contacts and other apps. This is a feature that is already pushed out with Mountain Lion, but due to some unknown reason is not functional with all users.

  • After upgrading to Mountain Lion on my 2011 27" iMac, my Mac occasionally lock-ups.

    After upgrading to Mountain Lion on my 2011 27" iMac, my Mac occassionaly locks up while using Safari, Mail or Dreamweaver and I have to d a force-quit, then restart my Mac.  Anybody having similar probelms?
    I am thinking about doing a clean install of Mountain Lion.  Would I be able to restore my applications and data from Time Machine after the re-install?

    My 24 inch iMac... 2.8 GHZ dual core (Early 2008) is having the same problem.  After it sleeps, I go to use something... and the beachball of death occurs.  This happens multiple times a day... and let me tell you... it is annoying... and I am the one who is being annoyed!
    It could possibly be revolving around safari... as that is really the only thing that is running consistently.  I don't use iTunes on this iMac as I have so many other Macs up and running in the house... and I never consume media on it... so I kind of dismiss iTunes being the culprit.
    This is majorly affecting my Mac... in terms of reliability and uptime... which coincedently is the main reason why I switched to Mac in 2008.  This is my only Mac that could upgrade to ML... so I don't know how widespread this is... but I hope that this problem can be solved...
    I agree with another person who commented on this issue... do we really need a 10.8.1 update already... to fix this?

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