Agent Commission in PP

Dear Fnds,
For some Sales orders i Need to give Agent Commission ,This commission is based on the  sales
document value.
Here requirement is ,Every Agent ,we r making as Vendor (XK01).
I maintained 1 condition type in PP(AG01-Agent commission).and I'll trigger when ever i requires in sales order
Lets say sales order value is 1000/-
iam giving 10% commission so its becomes 100/- and Order value is showing 1100/-
Sales order value should be 1000/- only.
This 10% should not effect the Order value,just its calculate the Percentage .....100/- and it should update in Vendor account.
Thanks in Advance

Go to your commission condition type , and in its configuration  , tick the accrual mark in control data 2 option
and in pricing procedure assign appropriate account key and accrual key
and t code VKOA maintain g/l account for gievn accont keys

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  • Agent Commission

    Dear All,
    How to map Agent commission in SAP. My client has Agents in between customer and company. When ever he sells the goods that amount will be comes through Agent from customers. based on the Sales amount Agent will get the Commission directly in his account. If Customer will pay with in the Payment terms limit then only Agent can be get Commission.
    So, please tell me how we can Map this Scenario in SAP.

    That's soemthing which is part of CRM.
    Commissions management, part of CRM.
    Post in there.
    I don't think general R/3 has such features or not.

  • Agent commission process configuration

    Dear All,
    I am trying to configure Agent commission process.
    Based on the information available on various threads and links provided in the threads, i ahve completed configuration of below steps.
    1. i have configured new partner function ZA (commission agent) as customer (not as vendor) and assigned the same to partner detrmination procedure AG in customer.
    2. i have configured new customer account group ZCAG by copying sold-to-party 0001. Define number range for ZCAG and define screen for ZCAG.
    3. Assigned ZA to ZCAG
    4. Assigned ZA to sales order partner detrmination procedure
    5. Assigned ZA to Billing partner detrmination procedure
    6. Created customer master for commission agent
    7. Assigned that master to sold-to-party customer master.
    8. added condition type BO03 (customer rebate) to pricing procedure.
    now after doing above configuration.
    i have tried to create rebate w.r.t. customer ID of commission agent, but system doesnt accepted it. so, i created the rebate w.r.t sold to party (to which commission agent was assigned) and in condition i have mentioned the ID of commission agent.
    que? do we  need to create rebate w.r.t cust ID of commission agent if yes then HOW?? is there any configuration i have missed??
    After creating rebate, i have created SO for that sold-to-party and run the complete cycle upto billing. but the accruals didnt got update.....
    Kindly suggest if i have missed any thing and also auggest how to move further.
    Also note that sales org, customer and billing doc are marked for rebate.
    please dont give reference of any other threads or link, as i have gone through each every threads and link available before posting.
    quick reply will be Appreciated

    Sorry in the recent past, I have not handled this.  Long time back I configured and not sure how I had handled.
    But you should not treat the commission agent as customer; instead, he should be treated as vendor.  Assign this to your sold to party code.
    Create a condition type with Condition Class and Calculation type as "A".  Of course, assign this condition type in your pricing procedure.
    In V/07, for this condition type, have an access sequence where you maintain table 363.  For this combination, maintain the commission percent in VK11.
    Try creating sale order and update the forum.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Agent Commission in SD

    We have the following scenarios in sd, how to handle them, can it be done through rebates or any other way.
    1. Agent Commission - customer will have multiple agents and order can have multiple agents. How to work on the commission settlement in this case and what is the best method.
    2. Qty discounts - What is the best method, using rebates or normal sd condition discounts.
    Please help

    any std way, like rebates
    If you want to configure commission, without using some zee table or user exit, you cannot achieve the requirement through standard configuration.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Third party agent commission

    Dear Experts,
    I have a scinario whereby we do give commission to our third party agents.We want to built system such a way that while genrating sales order itself we will be able to enter some amount manually through pricing condition or any other way which should be having a link with it's own g/l in which the amount will be accumilating and the value which was entered in sales order should not have any impact on it's orignal invoice pricing.
    Any help would be highly appriciated.
    Please advice how can we built this in SAP?
    Best Rgds

    1. Create a Agent master how u want like customer or vendor master.
    2. Define New partner functions for that agents like Z1, Z2 etc..,
    3. Assign Agent partner function  to that particular customer master under partner function tab
    4. Define new condition type for Agent commission , in that codition type click on the accruals fields in for that Condition type
    5. In the pricing procedure click on the statistical fields for corresponding Condition type and also maintain account key , Accrual Key also
    Try to create one Z report to know about the agent commission
    Check and Revert for further help

  • Regarding Agent Commission

         Does anybody have notes on Agent Commission..
    with some detailed description.

    Refer to this documentation for Agent Commission
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Assign points if useful.
    Sridhar M

  • Agent Commission Payment via Rebate settlement or any other

    Hi Gurus,
    In our scenario: My client business is 90% through Agents (i.e both Domestic and Exports).
    Client wants to settle the commission 1. immediately after the invoice 2. monthly 3. quarterly.
    Could you please throw light immediately to address this issue.
    As per SDN -  I have configured FA as a partner function to the Customer. But the rebate agreement will be settled with customer. But how to settle that directly to the Agent.
    Through VA05 list the sales orders per the FA and settle it manually or
    Credit memo request to the amount (%) per each and every sales order.
    Please respond to this ...
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Gurus,
    Could anybody explore further with details.

  • Sales Agent Commission

    Dear Experts,
    Good Day.
    I need your opinion/solution about a requirement from my client.
    The client is using the invoice list to calculate the sales commission that will be paid to the sales agent/broker. This sales agent is configured customer in SD.;
    A sales commission condition type is created in the master and updated in the Sales Order where the condition unit currency is foreign currency (USD)and condition currency is local currency (MYR). During sales document pricing, the final condition amount will be converted from the local currency to the document header currency based on the exchange rate and the same goes during billing posting.
    Invoice list is created with reference to the billing document to post the sales commission individually once the original billing is cleared. The issue is that the vendor (sales agent) is invoicing my client in local currency and the posting are based on the foreign currency in the system. Finance department is really having a hard time to reconcile the postings and payment.
    Please, can you expert throw some light to solve this issue.
    Many thanks,
    Sutha Subramaniam. 

    The payment is generally against each sale transaction and the client process is adhoc.
    Some times they pay after order and some times after delivery .
    They even settle the commission once in a quarter also.
    Could u explain me further

  • Agent Commission Settings required

    Hi Every One,
    Each Customer is having more than one Broker and also they are giving the Commission to the Brokers. Brokerage rate is fixed and is divided among the brokers. How to configure this in SAP and how to settle the payment to the Broker?
    Note: In the Above Case there is 3 Scenarios
    A.     If the Customer will return the Material & it is not possible to rework on it and if, payment is made to the Broker, in that case how to handle this in SAP for settlement?
    B.     If the customer will return the material & it is not possible to rework on it and if, payment is not made to the Broker, in that case how to handle Commission in SAP?
    Also note that the returns could be partial as well.
    C.     If there is no Sales-return, how to settle the commission amount to the broker in SAP and how to configure in SAP?
    Please guide to Solve the issue bcoz i am new to this scenario
    And also i posted this thread in SDN Forum but i didnt get the proper solution to solve my issue
    please help me to solve my issues
    Moderator Message: Wrong forum.
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    Thanks Sir,
    In this case, When I spoke to end user in detail, he provided the information that they have created customer group according to each Agent, which is maintained in the customer master.
    I picked up the field of Customer Group itself in the Report for Agent.
    Trupti Deulkar

  • Agent commission in the way of rebate

    Is it possible to pay the commission to the agent in the way of Rebates?
    Please advise.

    Dear Sandeep,
    Rebate is the process which a certain percentage of order value accrued & settle the amount partially or fully. It has validity period also. You can have customer reabate & material rebate. Material rebate specific to material only. Customer rebate specific to customer only
    In your scenario, if the business dealts with many finished goods and the agent is dealt with many customers, then it not viable to maintain rebate percentages.
    If your company  with  limited number of agents & agent is limited to specific customers / materials & his percentage is same for all the deals.
    You can maintain rebate process. If the combinations are very limited & the percentage is (fixed) for a specific period obviously you can map the process thru rebate.
    Deepu Pillai

  • Customer's Agent Commission

    Dear Expert,
    In my business scenario, Commission agent need to add for customers. That commission has to be  paid to agent in periodically.
    For that what are all the configuration need to do?
    Thanks in Advance

    Please search in this forum or google with the same text so that you will find lot of threads discussed on this topic.  Please put some efforts to find out solution before posting such repeated questions.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Export Sales- Agent Commission in 2 different ways

    I have a business Scenario where the Agent is involved in Export sales and the commission is paid to him in two different cases.
    Case 1: We will supply the goods to the Export customer on behalf of Agent and Customer pays Us directly and then we will pay X% on the same to Agent
    Case 2: The Agent will supply to the Customer/We will supply to the Customer but the Customer pays to Agent and Agent inturn pays to Us after deducting the Commission for him.
    Could some one explain me how to configure this and any reading material with steps
    Thanks & Regards

    The payment is generally against each sale transaction and the client process is adhoc.
    Some times they pay after order and some times after delivery .
    They even settle the commission once in a quarter also.
    Could u explain me further

  • Agent's Commission calculation in pricing procedure only for NEW Saleorders

    Hi Guys,
    In a pricing procedure, .the base for agent commission was calculated on cost + markup price and freight and this base for commision + commision + insurance gave the base price.But now client wants to calculate commision from cost + mark up + freight + insurance + packing charges
    So, the steps are changed in pricing and it is working perfectly. While checking the billing documents and open orders, it is showing new pricing procdure.
    The pricing procedure should take its effect from now only and not for old billing documents I mean the open orders, open deliveries and open items.
    I understand that in open sales orders, if update button is pressed on condition tab and carry out new pricing only changes will occur. Otherwise it will NOT happen
    If I goto VF02 and take a billing documen, it is having the new pricing procedure
    I didnot maintain new condition types. Only the steps were changed.
    Please help me in this regard by suggesting a suitable solution.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion. i had already made the changes in the existing procedure and given them.... then only we realized the problem....they created around 15 billing documents that day and all showed the changed pricing procedure( these were open orders). but my client doesn't want to revert back to the old procedure and as a solution to the change in value for the newly billed documents they have issued the debit note.... now everything is ok( except  that the changed procedure is seen in the old documents too. but the values haven't changed) so client is happy this way...  hope there wont be any issue regarding this in future...
    Thanks a lot for your advice....

  • Pricing for Commission agent

    Dear Gurus,
    FYI..I have already referred all the SDN threads before posting this.
    I'm dealing wiht the normal commission agent commission payment.
    Now i have created a commission agent as vendor master in XK01 and a Z-commission cond type assigned to pricing procedure. Also the same vendor assigned with Sold-to-party's partner function.
    Account determination made with an account key in VKOA.
    Now when the sales order gets created the value of the commission % is  being added with the total value of the sales order. If i make the condition type statistical it will not be posted to FI entries.
    How to deal this issue? Also should i use accrual account key? how to pay the commissin amt to the commission agent.
    Pls suggest.

    After the sales invoice, Accounting entries corresponding to the account receivables from the Payer(or Customer).
    But in your case you want to pay the commission to Vendor(let's say Forwarding Agent).
    Then in this case you should keep the commission condition type statistical, just to calculate the commission payable to the respective Vendor.
    You can do modifications at your Item category & schedule line (with TAS properties pertaining to PR).
    You can use the Purchase Requisition->ServicePO->ML81n method in which through routines/Exits, PO should automatically select the Commission value through Sales Order-> Item Details-> Conditions->Commission Condition value & vendor code from the Partner functions-> Forwarding agent.
    Sales cycle will be continued as usual SO->OD->Invoice.
    Alternative solution:
    If you have less number of Commission agents.
    We did one Zprogram for the same.
    You will need to keep the commission condition statistical.
    And add one more partner function as commission agent as Customer and select at the time of Sales order creation.
    One sales order will have single commission agent only.
    Now let's say if you have to pay this commission on weekly basis.
    Then at the end of the week, user will execute ZWCP (Weekly Commission Pay) tcode.
    with selection screen for respective commission agent. You can also schedule the batch job for the same.
    Report output will show all the sales invoices generated within that week filtering based on the Forwarding Agent entered at input screen.
    On the out put screen we had provided one button 'Create Credit Note' .
    Credit note pricing will copy only the commission statistical condition from the referring Invoice.
    Through background BDC program, system will create credit note for each sales invoice.
    After the executing this report if you will one again execute ZWCP. it will show the credit note number for each invoice.
    Thank You,

  • Agent mapping & credit block Issue

    hi friends ,
    Client Issue : inter linking issue
    1) Agent should assign to partner function(sold to party ) & should trigger the agent commission automatically in pricing procedure which should not include in basic price .
    2)  If one customer is not settled the amount then automatically block other customers of agent .Means agent is responsible for payments .  In credit management credit block is for payer .  Here the case is how to block the agent in credit management .

    The control is in the TOR configurations.
    Go to OVZ7, in 01 (Credit limit) , select Confirmation block .
    This is used to block the reservation of the TOR from MRP.
    M. Lakshmi Narasimhan

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