Aironet 1100 Default Username and Password not working

I have a Cisco Aironet 1100 series access point (AP1120B) that after resetting to factory defaults the default username and password (Cisco and Cisco) aren't working in the web GUI.  I am able to telnet to the AP's IP and log in with Cisco and Cisco but don't know the ENABLE password. I have tried Cisco and cisco and everything else i could think of with no luck.  any help would be appreciated. 
I also have a Cisco Aironet AP1242AG that is doing the same thing.

Hi Rich,
I assume that you are using the mode button to reset the configurations on these units -- this procedure *should* reset all credentials to Cisco.
If this is still not working, you can try the following:
1) Connect console port and power-cycle unit
2) When IOS starts loading, hit ESC key twice to get to the boot-loader prompt
3) At the boot-loader prompt show a directory of the flash filesystem (dir  flash:)
4) Delete or rename the files "config.txt" and "env_vars", then boot  the  system ("delete flash:/config.txt" "delete flash:/env_vars")
-Patrick Croak
Wireless TAC

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    Default Username is admin and default password is admin...However, if it does not work then you need to enter the password that was set when you installed the camera for the first time...If you don't remember the password then you need to reset the camera and re-configure it...

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    There are two wats to install the ILM toolkit:
    1) Directly on the server where your instance is located. In this case you do not need to provide a TNS connection name. Therefore, you would execute the script as follows:
    @ilma_install.sql pune
    2) Remotely from a client. In this case you do need to provide a connection string to your remote database instance. Therefore, you would execute the script as follows:
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    in this scenario the connection details are derived from your TNSNAMES.ORA file. If you have multiple Oracle products installed you have multiple copies of this file and it can be difficult to track down which file is being used. To point to a specific TNSNAMES.ORA I normally set three parameters:
    ORACLE_HOME - points to your 11g Client installation directory
    PATH - point this to the Oracle home containing SQLPlus, usually this is ORACLE_HOME/bin
    TNS_ADMIN = ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
    then make sure the TNSNAMES.ORA contains a reference to your identifier "11". You can test the connection by using the TNSPING utility that is part of the 11g client installation. The format for your instance would be:
    TNSPING 11
    this will tell you if you can connect to your instance. If there are any issues check the connection via the Net Configuration Assistant, or you can edit the TNSNAMES.ORA file directly via Notepad.
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    I have a weird issue. I recently setup an ASA 5510 and had SSH working. To make it easier on my VPN users I then decided I wanted to setup a Windows 2008 Network Policy Server for RADIUS authentication. Ever since I added the RADIUS part to aaa authentication, when I use SSH to connect to the ASA it will not take the local user name and password I have setup. I can however get in using a Domain user name and password. Below is the SSH and AAA configuration. Am I missing something here? The username and password in the ASA is not on the domain and it's like the ASA is not even trying LOCAL when it tries to authenticate. I want it to use the local username and password if possible. I'm kind of new to ASA's..
    On another note, I have never been able to SSH in on the internal interface. I always get a "The remote system refused the connection" error message. I can only use the outside interface.
    Site-ASA# sh run | in ssh
    aaa authentication ssh console SERVER_RADIUS LOCAL
    ssh outside
    ssh inside
    ssh timeout 60
    ssh version 2
    Site-ASA# sh run | in aaa
    aaa-server SERVER_RADIUS protocol radius
    aaa-server SERVER_RADIUS (inside) host
    aaa authentication ssh console SERVER_RADIUS LOCAL
    aaa authentication http console SERVER_RADIUS LOCAL
    If there are any other config that would help I would be more than happy to display them

    Thanks for the reply. I was just coming in to update this because you are exactly correct. For some reason I kept thinking that if the authentication failed via RADIUS it would use local which is not the case.
    Problem (or no problem) resolved.

  • AirPort Base Station disk username and password not working

    I got a new AirPort Base Station the other day and everything worked fine until I started to set up the networked disk. On my mac it works fine, it just pops up when I connect to the network ( woot for macs ). On my windows it asks for the username and password. After I enter it it comes up with "Unknown user, incorrect password, or login is disabled. Please retype the login information or contact the disk's administrator." I have tried to log into the disk on 2 other computers running windows xp with the same problem. What is wrong with it and how do I fix it?

    Specifically, I had the typical problem connecting when using Windows Live OneCare, despite allowing AirPort Disk Agent in its firewall pop-up.
    This is the procedure which unlocked access via AirPort Disk Agent:
    Double Click Windows Live OneCare icon in system tray. Or use your own means to get its main window open.
    Click the "Change OneCare Settings" topic listed along the left edge column. This will open a new dialog box.
    Click the "Firewall" tab of this new dialog box.
    Click the "Firewall connection tool" button shown right under the protection level slider. This will open yet another dialog box.
    At the top of the list in this "Set up connections" dialog box will be a checkbox (probably unchecked) next to the words "Network Discovery: Browse your network to find printers, computers and other devices."
    Close all the dialog boxes using an OK button where available, else the usual [X].
    Left-click the AirPort Disk Agent icon in your system tray. From the menu that pops up, select the disk you were having trouble with. Enter its password (the one you know works from a Mac, if appropriate).
    After a delay, your "My Computer" window should show a new drive. If you have window settings appropriate to this display, the drive should appear under the "Network Drives" category. In my case, it became drive Z:.

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    I am trying to set up my work email on my new Palm Pre.  I am using the identical settings as I did (successfully) in my Treo 755p.  IMAP server, SSL, etc.  But on the Pre I always get an error message that my username or password are incorrect.  My username is inordinately long (32 characters) and I am wondering if the Pre has a maximum and it's not passing the full username onto the server?  Or maybe something else?  Super frustrating for sure.
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    I use IMAP accounts with self-signed certs, which didn't seem to work... so I had to choose unsecured for both my incoming and outgoing email. Can you setup the account if you select unsecured (assuming your server allows unsecured connections)?

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    With NI WSN 1.1, using a 9792, I can click the Set Permissions button and if none had been set it would simply ask me for a new administrator password.  Now, with NI WSN 1.2, when I click on the Set Permissions button it takes me to the 9792's web interface and says "Either no one is logged in or you do not have permissions to view/edit users, groups, and permissions."  When I click the Login button, a box pops up and asks me for both a username and password.  I scoured the release notes, help files, and the internet and it seems there is NO documentation on how to setup the very first username/password combination nor does it state what default username/password combination there might be.  I also tried a brand new 9792 straight out of the box and loaded 1.2 on it and it has the same issue.  Is there something obvious that I'm missing?  How does someone initially set up security on the 9792?
    Go to Solution.

    Hello Garrett,
    Thanks for your post! 
    It looks like you are needing information on how to find out the log in information of your 9792. When using NI-WSN 1.1 we allowed users to set the initial password and this is still the case for the 9791. The 9792 is a NI-WSN node gateway as well as a LabVIEW Real Time target. Its default log in information can either be found in a Knowledge Base (KB) the LabVIEW help or MAX help. Are you using LabVIEW 2009 SP1 or LabVIEW 2010?
    The default user name and password is the following:
    username: admin
    password: <blank>
    Default Username and Password to Log into a Real-Time Controller
    LabVIEW Help
    Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> LabVIEW xx >> LabVIEW help
    then go to .. Fundamentasl >> Working with Prjects and Targets >> How-To >> Monitoring and Configuring a Remote Device from a Web Browser
    MAX Help
    Open MAX >> Help >> MAX Help (can also press F1 in MAX if open)
    then go to .. MAX Remote Systems Help >> LabVIEW Real-Time Target Configuration >> Device Configuration >> Logging into your System 
    The LabVIEW help link above is called out in the 9792 getting started guide under Related Documentation that directs you to the LabVIEW help.
    NI Wireless Sensor Network Getting Started Guide
    Is this the information that you were looking for? Please indicate if there is anything else we can do. 
    WSN R & D PSE

  • 1042N-A-K9 Default Username and Password

    I just recieved in the mail an aironet 1042n ap. It was assigned an ip of by my router. When I attempt to connect it prompts for a password and states the default username and password is admin and 1234. It will not except this, or Cicso and Cisco, or cisco and cisco. Does this mean it's doa? Any ideas? Also does this require a wlan controller?

    Have you tried via the serial port?
    The config guide says Cisco/Cisco on the HTTP server, but I've seen the admin / Cisco before.

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    I think you meet the same problem that I had fix.PLS set connect
    string in http://yourhost:yourport/webdb/admin_/gateway.htm,This
    step must be done!!I think this version Webdb use SQL*NET to
    connect DB.
    Guest (guest) wrote:
    : I did run it as root and oracle but no luck there!
    : Luis Claudio (guest) wrote:
    : : Hi,
    : : try doing this as root :
    : : # wdbstart <port> &
    : : I think it works, ok? :)
    : : Luis Claudio
    : : guest (guest) wrote:
    : : : same problem. on the other hand, it is possibel to go to
    : : : and you can
    : : : manage seetings in this page. as a result, wdlistener is
    : : : running, but still have a problem.
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    : : : : Hello, all! I installed webdb, but when I try to do
    : : : : then it prompt me for a
    : username
    : : : and
    : : : : password. I put in username: webdb password: webdb
    : (default)
    : : : and
    : : : : then it gave me a message saying "Database login failed"
    : Any
    : : : : ideas please???
    : : : : NOTE: I didn't start the webdb listener yet, same as
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    : : : : Is it neccessary? I don't know! I had listener started
    : for
    : : : : ORACLE 8i.

  • Default username and password Oracle Hyperion workspace/shared services

    Hi Friends,
    I had installed Install Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition Release (foundation services and planning)
    but i am unable to login to workspace,shared services
    what is the default username and password for these.Please let me know?

    Default Admin user is: admin and default PW: password.
    If you have not yet changed.
    Focusthread Hyperion Trainer

  • BPM Default username and password

    Hi Experts,
    Will anyone please help to find the bpm composer default username and password to log into bpm composer. i installed bpm  and trying to login with weblogic/welcome1. response is invalid ID and password. please help me out.

    Usually you have to set the standard weblogic username and password at install time.  Common "default" combinations are weblogic/weblogic1, weblogic/welcome123, weblogic/welcome1, weblogic/oracle, weblogic/oracle123.  But there really is no "default" as it is dependent on whatever you have indicated during the install.  Many prebuilt VMs from Oracle will use one of the combinations that I mentioned though.
    But if none of those work, you can change the weblogic password in WLS console --> Security Realms --> myrealm --> Users and Groups as already mentioned by the previous reply.

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    Okay, once in a while my e-mail actually works on my I phone but about 90% of the time I get this notification; Cannot Get Mail: Username and password not accepted. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it? Oh yeah, I'm using 1.0.2, gmail, and I'm positive my password and username is right.
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    I think the problem is solved. Last night I was on my friends computer and I accidentally stored my gmail password. I couldn't figure out how to delete it so I changed my password and then updated my iPhone with the new password. Ever since then I haven't had any problems.

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    hi . username and password not save in firefox 7.0.1 . please fix it.

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    I need to administer my F4500 Deskjet through my web browser, but do not know the username and password.  I presume there is a way to default the settings, but I need to know the defaults.  Please provide the default username and password for web access.

    The default username is Admin, but the password is blank by default.  Somehow, a password was added at some point.
    You can try going to the EWS and going to Settings and looking for a password reset option in the Administrator Settings section.  If it is there, it will be the only way I know of clearing the password on this particular printer. 
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  • Default username and password for BPEL Console

    What is the default username and password for BPEL Console?

    can you provide the version which you have installed?
    10.1.3 / 10.1.2?
    Advanced installation?
    oc4jadmin or bpeladmin as user
    welcome or welcome1 as password (i do not remember exactly)

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