Aironet 1100 won't show IP Addr. w/ IPSU

I am trying to set up a Aironet 1100. I enter the mac addr. into the IPSU and get a error - device does not answer. I've reset the device, ng. Tried 2 different computers, ng. I cannot get to the config. page. Any ideas?

Plan B: Get yourself a copy of tftpd from here:
A very lightweight TFTP & DHCP server (amongst other things). Install on a PC and connect to the new AP with a cross lead (or in such a way that the PC and AP are isolated from the main LAN). Start TFTPD and configure a DHCP scope, power on the AP and watch the TFTPD log screen. Connect to the AP with a browser and give it a static address on the main LAN.
Plan C: Connect a console cable to the AP and reboot it, watch the boot process carefully and you'll see the IP address it leases.

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  • Event log errors after upgrading Aironet 1100

    We have upgraded an Aironet 1100 to 12.3(8)JA. We used TFTP for the upgrade and everything seems to be working properly.
    However, the event log shows the following message every four seconds: "System running-config write error; configuration failed" This has Error as the severity.
    Every thirty minutes another, Critical error is logged "Memory allocation of 900000 bytes failed from 0x22DC78, alignment 0"
    I've searched the site and can't seem to locate applicable information on these errors and what they mean. Can someone help?

    Oddly enough, this is the most stable AP we have! A PDA can connect to it and stay connnected, whereas our other 1100s (which have not been upgraded and generate the same error messages but only once or twice a day)will permit a device to connect then boot it off after a few seconds to several minutes. We thought the upgrade would make the AP connections more stable but were surprised to see the error messages being generated so rapidly.

  • Aironet 1100 Default Username and Password not working

    I have a Cisco Aironet 1100 series access point (AP1120B) that after resetting to factory defaults the default username and password (Cisco and Cisco) aren't working in the web GUI.  I am able to telnet to the AP's IP and log in with Cisco and Cisco but don't know the ENABLE password. I have tried Cisco and cisco and everything else i could think of with no luck.  any help would be appreciated. 
    I also have a Cisco Aironet AP1242AG that is doing the same thing.

    Hi Rich,
    I assume that you are using the mode button to reset the configurations on these units -- this procedure *should* reset all credentials to Cisco.
    If this is still not working, you can try the following:
    1) Connect console port and power-cycle unit
    2) When IOS starts loading, hit ESC key twice to get to the boot-loader prompt
    3) At the boot-loader prompt show a directory of the flash filesystem (dir  flash:)
    4) Delete or rename the files "config.txt" and "env_vars", then boot  the  system ("delete flash:/config.txt" "delete flash:/env_vars")
    -Patrick Croak
    Wireless TAC

  • No IP address on Aironet 1100 AP

    We have 5 Aironet 1100 series APs deployed in one of our buildings. A few days ago, 3 of them showed down in our monitoring. The next day the other 2 showed down. When I go to the switches that they are attached to and do a show cdp neighbor detail, I see all the access points but NO IP address. Also, when I went to to site, I can connect to the APs via wireless and be on the network just fine. We have static IP addresses assigned to them. However, they are not pingable and do not show up in the ARP table of the switch.
    They have been running a couple of years without changes.
    Any ideas?

    Probably a dumb question but have you rebooted the AP's? Also, are they drawing power from a powered switch or do they have their own mains power bricks attached?

  • Aironet 1100 with Static Address

    Hi All
    I have taken over some access points from a company which were providing our wireless service and have not yet received the IP scheme information.
    I need to get onto one of the Aironet 1100 access points to see what the config etc is.
    I will only be able to take it down for a few hours, how to I actually connect to it.
    I am pretty sure it is configured with a static IP address which I do not know so is there anyway of connecting to it without using the Reset to Default method obviously!
    I have tried IPSU and a hub but no good.
    All replied gratefully received!!

    Thanks for the replies guys but it hasnt solved my problem.
    Looks like it's not a static address after all
    I have done the following
    1. Plugged the AP into a switch on our network and connected to it wirelessly. I receive an IP the very same as if I was plugged into the switch directly and when I do an IPconfig I get the very same info as if I was plugged directly in. Still cannot find the AP IP Address though.
    2. Plugged the AP into a switch on our network and connected to the switch and did a show cdp neighbour, the access point does not show up, only other switches.
    3. Read the user guide and connected my laptop directly to the AP with a CAT 5 cable and gave the laptop an address of . The AP does not seem to revert to as suggested in the manual.
    4. I have tried to run the IPSU under all the above conditions, searching by the mac address of the AP but it has not received anything.
    ANy other ideas, Im at my wits end!!

  • Have a first gen ipod touch and it is not showing up on my computer, it is in my devices but won't show up so I can put music on it.  it syncs please help

    I don't know hoIw to fix this problem, anyone.   I have tried to add device, but like I said it is already on the devices but won't show up in the computers so I can put music on it syncs on the itunes site it also says my ipod on the itunes site but no itunes logo shows up  any help is appreciated thanks

    Have yu tried here:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • IPhone 5s won't show up in iTunes

    I bought an iPhone 5s today and after it was fully activated and working, tried to hook it up to my computer. It said my itunes had to update, however it wouldn't update so I uninstalled itunes and downloaded it off of apple's site. This time it downloaded and when I checked itunes for updates, it said it was at 11.1.5 and current. However, when I plug my phone in, it won't show up in itunes. It registers on the computer and the phone asks me if I want to trust this computer, to which I answer yes.
    I've tried checking the apple mobile support and stopping and starting it again along with anything else to do with the mobile. I've tried reinstalling, restarting and pretty much everything I can think of.
    My computer is a fully updated, windows 8.1 HP

    Error -50 is generally associated with firewalls or anti-virus software as described here:
    Separately, are you using iTunes 11.1.4?

  • My iPhone 5S won't show up in iTunes to sync. It charges still and it opens iPhoto, but doesn't even register in iTunes

    My iPhone 5S won't show up in iTunes to sync. It charges still and it opens iPhoto, but doesn't even register in iTunes. I have no idea what to do and nothing is working!
    And the other night while i was trying to sync my phone, it was working until "Error message (-50)" started coming up every time i tried to sync or update my phone's software through itunes on my computer. eventually, itunes quit and i unplugged my phone and updated it wirelessly. i have no idea why any of this is happenings. Itunes is still acting weird for me too.

    Error -50 is generally associated with firewalls or anti-virus software as described here:
    Separately, are you using iTunes 11.1.4?

  • TS1538 My iphone 5s won't show up on my itunes

    My phone does show up on windows when I plug it inbut not in iTunes. I've tried everything that it says to do under support as well as uninstalling itunes and reinstalling it but it still won't show up. Is anyone having the same issue? I'm using the latest version of itunes and iOS and am running windows 8.

    Hello macr888,
    I would be concerned as well if my iPhone was not recognized by iTunes.  Thank you for providing all the information with the steps you took in regards to this issue.  I found an article with a few more steps you can take (you can skip the steps you have already taken):
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • My ipod won't show up on my computer. I have another ipod touch, that works fine. What should I do? Do I need a different ipo usb cord for the nano?

    my ipod won't show up on my computer. I have another ipod touch, that works fine. What should I do? Do I need a different ipo usb cord for the nano?

    iTunes never displays the iPod in the left pane?
    iTunes is shipped with a "helper application" called the "iPod Service" that runs and is used by iTunes to communicate with the iPod device. This service may be disabled.
    If your system is Microsoft Windows XP and you are logged in as an Administrator:
    1. Quit iTunes and, if your iPod is currently connected to your computer, safely remove it using the system tray application to manage removable devices.
    2. Right click on "My Computer"
    3. Select "Manage"
    4. In the "Computer Management" window, left pane (tree view), follow this path:
    +Computer Management (local) > Services and Applications > Services+.
    5. In the right pane, scroll down to "iPod Service" and double click it.
    6. If the service is listed as "Disabled" and "Stopped," change to "Manual" and "Start" it. ("Manual" will cause it to start when iTunes starts and "Start" starts the service right now.)
    7. Close "Computer Management"
    8. Restart iTunes and wait for it to completely come up.
    9. Reconnect your iPod.
    Does your iPod show up in iTunes?

  • I have an audiobook that I purchased via iTunes and it won't show up on my iPad, but it's everywhere else, iPhone, iPod and computer?

    I purchased an audiobook via iTunes on my phone and it won't show up on my iPad? Why?

    Did you sync it to your ipad?

  • IPod won't show up on itunes or mac, freezes, and doesn't play bought songs

    Okay i have four issues with my iPod
    1. It won't show up on iTunes or on Mac desktop
    2. When i plug it into the USB port it freezes and say 'Do Not Disconnect'. It will not come out of this
    3. Every single song i have bought won't play on my iPod. They transfer fine, but when i click on a bought song it simply skips over it
    4. I authorized this computer but songs still need authorizing, and i have already authorized them
    So we bought a new Mac and i plugged in my 30 GB video iPod for the first time. It showed up in iTunes then so i synced it to our new computer. Then i tried to listen to my bought songs and they simply wouldn't play. The iPod just skipped over them. I had one song out of three hundred or so that were bought actually play. Then i tried reauthorizing my new computer and getting rid of all the old computers that had been authorized. That didn't work, and the songs that actually needed to be authorized wouldn't be authorized even when i clicked on them.
    So then i unplug and just listen to it as is for awhile but then i try plugging it in again and it just doesnt show up on my Mac desktop or iTunes. And the screen becomes frozen with the same message, 'Do Not Disconnect' I wait for a half an hour for it to show up and it never does. I have no choice to unplug it and then it is still frozen with that same message. Five hours pass, and it is still like that. It finally goes off and then it simply doesnt work. So i plug it in to my charger and its fine except the whole not playing bought songs business.
    Please i beg if you have any answers to any of these problems HELP!!!!!

    Have you had a chance to look at these troubleshooting pages? They may be of some help:
    iPod's battery doesn't charge
    iPod missing in My Computer and in iTunes
    iPod is not recognized properly by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date
    Microsoft Support - A computer that is running Windows XP cannot detect a USB thumb drive, an Apple iPod, or an external hard disk drive
    If you are using a laptop, this page might help: iPod not recognized when connected to Windows laptop over USB

  • My movies and music videos won't show up on screen, I can hear the sound but not see the video how do I fix this?

    My movies and music videos won't show up on my computer screen, I can hear the sound but not see the video how do I fix this? I'm not sure what to do as far as turning my purchased movie into DVD goes either. I just want to put the movie onto a DVD disc but my itunes won't even show that I have a blank disc in the drive, I'm not sure what is wrong or how to fix this, any help at all would be much appreciated.

    Hi @anthony7722 ,
    Thank you for your query, I will do my best to help!
    I grasp that you uninstalled the Intel graphic driver and the catalyst control.  You reinstalled the Intel driver and now you can view and hear videos on the Internet but you are unable to set the resolution as high as previously.
    When I checked the specifications for your notebook I see that you have switchable graphics.
    Here are two links that I believe will help.
    Overview of Switchable Graphics or Dual GPUs
    Switchable Graphics on Notebooks Configured with Intel and ATI GPUs
    Here is a link to HP Pavilion dv7-6150eb Entertainment Notebook PC Drivers
    Please try this process.
    1. Download the chipset driver, and both graphic drivers and save them  but do not install them yet
    2, Delete the chipset driver and install the updated one.
    3. restart your notebook
    4.Delete the Intel driver and install the updated one
    5. restart your notebook
    6. Delete the AMD driver and install the updated driver. 
    You should now have a Catalyst Control Center.
    This should now allow you to use the higher graphic card which should support the higher resolution.
    I hope this helped.
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom right to say “Thanks” for helping!

  • My iPod touch won't show up in iTunes, but charges and shows up on different computers.

    My iPod touch 5th gen last was synced with my iMac a couple weeks ago. Now when I plug it into iTunes, it won't show up. It's done this before and I've fixed it by updating iTunes, restarting the iPod/computer etc, but it seems I've tried everything. I've connected it to different USB ports, and it charges in all of them but doesn't show up. When I plug it in, Dropbox recognizes it and can get the pictures off, but iTunes won't work. I tried connecting the iPod to a different computer, and it showed up in iTunes just fine. I have the latest version of iTunes. I didn't restore my iPod from the other computer because if I can't get it to re-sync with this computer I'd rather not lose all my data. It seems I need to reinstall iTunes, but I don't know how- will it delete all my music that I already have on there?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    I had this issue, I fixed it by going to:
    Start > Control Panel > Devices and Printers
    Then find the iPod, and Right Click > Properties > Hardware > Properties > Driver > Update Driver > Update Automatically
    The driver had not been automatically installed, and windows found and installed the driver files for me. Took ~90 seconds, and then the iPod began it's sync process almost immediately after. Hope this helps anyone with the same issue! I'd try this before re-installing iTunes.

  • I have purchased music from itunes on my iphone and it won't show up in my Ipod music library on my phone.  It shows up in my itunes library on my computer.  This is a recent glitch as up until this week purchased music downloads fine on phone.

    I purchased music on itunes on my iphone and the songs won't show up in my music library on the phone.  They are on my computer itunes library but it won't let me transfer the purchases back to my phone (which I have never had to do before).  Never had this problem before this week when purchasing music on my iphone.
    My Itunes library on my laptop is slightly different from my Iphone library so I don't want to erase and sync the entire library.

    In iTunes, try signing out of your Apple ID & then back in: click on iTunes Store on the left sidebar of iTunes, click on your Apple ID on the top right, sign out, sign back in.  Then try to sync your purchased music to your phone again.

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