Airplay vs. Bluetooth

If I want to play music only from my iPod Touch, iPhone4 or MacBook Pro (mid-2010) to a remote speaker . . . is there any advantage to Airplay over Bluetooth?

Bluetooth has a nominal range of 10 meters (30 feet), but it varies considerably depending on what is between the partner devices. Wifi has about three times that range, also depending on the intervening walls, bodies, etc.
iTunes on a Mac can stream radio broadcasts from a list of specific stations (many hundreds). The iOS Music app does not, but there are apps that do.

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  • IPhone 5 wont setup airplay via Bluetooth. iPhone 5s will successfully setup airplay via Bluetooth.

    iPhone 5 wont setup airplay via Bluetooth. iPhone 5s will successfully setup airplay via Bluetooth.
    Both iPhones are 7.1.

    Is the Apple TV up to date?
    Note: airplay still requires both to be on the same wifi network. The bluetooth feature is only for discovery, in place of using bonjour, and most useful for business/school networks.

  • Can iPad3 connect to Apple TV via Airplay, and Bluetooth speaker at the same time?

    I'm making a best man speech using Keynote at a wedding tomorrow, for which I need audio as well as video. The Apple TV is connected via HDMi to the projector, and I can control the presentation wirelessly from my iPad. So far so good. There is a Bluetooth-enabled speaker which my iPad can connect to via Bluetooth, but then it loses the Airplay connnection to the Apple TV. Is there a work around? I guess if I had an Airplay-enabled speaker and not a Bluetooth enabled one, I'd be OK, but I don't have time to go buy one now.
    It appears my only option if I want to use the speaker (which I do), is to use my MacbookPro instead and connect via HDMI straight into the projector and bypass the Apple TV altogether. Which means I'm stuck standing by the macbook pressing SPACE BAR every time I want to change slides, as opposed to using the iPad wirelessly which lets face it would look far cooler!

    Pretty sure you can't route the audio via bluetooth and the headphone jack.

  • Wireless portable speakers - airplay or bluetooth?

    Hello everybody
    Could you recommend based on your practical experience portable stereo speakers to stream audio from iphone or ipad? These speakers would be used around home 99% of the case and while they can be plugged to a power plug I'd rather have an option with battery because I'd like to have an option to take them on a trip and do not want to deal with different power/voltage problems.
    Fiest of all - if only audio streaming is required, would be Bluetooth sufficient? I do care about the sound quality.
    Budget is no more than $200. Based on that I've identified two possible candidates:
    iHome iW3 AirPlay Rechargeable Wireless Audio System - Black ess-audio-system-black
    Logitech UE Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone -speaker-and-speakerphone?fnode=3f&fs=s%3DtopRated%26m.tsOtherFeatures%3Dbluetoo th
    Do you have an experience owning them? If yes, could you share it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Bluetooth and WIFI Airplay are both very good quality audio.  You'll be more limited by the speakers in the device, than you are the two interfaces.
    I like WIFI-Airplay for home, more versatile and better range.
    I like bluetooth for traveling, because I don't have to worry about having a working WIFI network.  But really this works fine for home as well.  Bluetooth really is more versatile.

  • No Airplay OR Bluetooth?

    I currently have the most recent Apple TV, an iPhone 5C, and an iPad mini.  Airplay is not connecting to any of my devices, including my PC with home sharing.  I've reset everything, restored everything, and unplugged everything.  No luck on getting the airplay icon to come up.  It seems that it happened when I updated the recent software on all my devices, including itunes.  What's even more interesting is that my bluetooth won't connect at all.  Not to anything.  I only recall it happening once a few months back when I tried to use it, but the connection wasn't strong enough.  However, now it's not working at all.  Even when I restore the apple TV and it gives me the option to use bluetooth to set up my device.  I'm exhausted and have no idea what to do.  Any help?  Oh and FYI, my wi-fi is through my apartment building so I don't have access to shut it down and reset it.

    Netflix and all other services - Vimeo, Youtube, NFL Now, The iTunes store etc all work/download without problem on the AppleTV. Not a wifi issue. It's been working for years without problem. Home sharing is not working with any of my devices, when previously, it had.

  • Bluetooth or AirPlay?  Have MacBook Pro/iPhone4/iPad

    I would like to:
    1) Play content from my iPhone 4 through external stereo speakers
    2) Play content from my iPad through same
    3) Play content on my MacBook Pro
    As of now I have no external speakers.  I watch movies/videos on all three, play albums in lossless mostly from my MacBook Pro, and listen to Internet radio on any of those 3 devices.
    I've read about Bluetooth speakers and AirPlay speakers. Assume for now that I won't need to play content from any non-Apple approoved devices.
    Can anyone say which one, Bluetooth or AirPlay would be the best way to go just using all these Apple products?

    You don't necessarily need an Airport Express for Airplay.  There are speaker systems which support Airplay.  AppleTV supports wifi based airplay and can play music from Apple Macs, iPad and iPhone though mirroring a notebook/desktop monitor will not be available until Mountain Lion.  I have from time to time mirrored my iPad to my TV using my AppleTV.  The AppleTV has wifi built in as do the AirPlay-enabled speakers.
    The only time I needed an Airport Express was when I wanted to play music from my iPad, iPhone or Macs on my hi-fi stereo system.  The Airport Express can operate as an AirPlay device and has a combined headphone and optical audio output port.  I used the optical output then a converter to digital coaxial (TOSLink) which was I needed for the back of my amplifier.  And, voila, my stereo was AirPlay enabled.
    Now, back to your original question.  AirPlay or Bluetooth.  There are a lot of discussions out there on this topic.  Some argue that the fidelity of the music is better on Airplay (wifi) but I wouldn't know.  What I do know is that AirPlay requires that the source and target be on the same wifi network.  That works for me when I am home.  But when I travel I have a small Bluetooth based speaker (Jambox - though I have heard the new Philips speakers are quite good as well).  They are small and I don't need to us a network.  This would also apply if you wanted to take speakers with you to the park or wherever.
    The one other thing I run into is AirPlay signal drop.  This very rarely happens when going through the Airport Express to my hi fi system or when going to an Apply TV (which is also HDMI-wired into the amp for my surround sound system).  But when I try to us my Bowers Wilkens speakers it is common for the signal to be dropped.  Very frustrating.  It even has me looking for a different set of BT-based speakers to replace the B&W.

  • IOS5 airplay pictures question

    Hi, I have iOS5 on my verizon iphone4. I can play music through my computer via bluetooth with my iphone. Is there a way I can view pictures on my iphone on my computer using airplay over bluetooth or wireless? My computer is windows7.

    I also had a lot of problems after ios 5. Go back andcheck your settings in itunes. Make sure you have the movies and photos added to the library and have them selected to sync. Then resync and you shoulb be ok.

  • Can Apple TV connect to air play via Bluetooth

    Can you use airplay via Bluetooth or can it only be used via a wifi connection?

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    Wifi only, unfortunately.

  • Streaming via Bluetooth to Apple TV

    I'm thinking of putting an Apple TV in my SUV where there is no network so my kids can stream content to the existing built in Entertainment Center. Can Apple TV use Bluetooth to receive steam content via iPhone or iPod? Similar to AirPlay?

    bluetooth don't have enough bandwidth for that sort of thing even if appletv supported it
    plus bluetooth is noterious for people not being able to keep audio and video (when video is not don by bluetooth) in sync well would assume all devices and std's where audio and video were seperated would suffer greatly from not being in sync

  • AirPlay speakers...where's the 802.11n??

    So I'm in the market to get some whole home audio going in my house.  I've researched all of the various methods to do so (wired + receiver, airport express + speaker + amp, airplay speakers, bluetooth, etc) and I think I'm going to settle on getting AirPlay speakers.  I just don't want to mess with wiring everything up and doing the AirPort Express AirPlay speakers are actually cheaper than doing anything else.  Granted you don't get the flexibility, but it's still a better budget decision. 
    In looking for some good AirPlay speakers, the only budget options ($150 or so) are Phillips and iHome.  I've found both on eBay for around $80 a pop depeding on the version.  Anyway....what's the deal with the AirPlay speakers only having 802.11b/g?  I was getting ready to pull the trigger, but now I'm thinking I won't because of 802.11n becoming the standard and b/g will be going out the window soon.  My wifi router supports the legacy frequencies, but I don't want to buy speakers and then in 2 years they are obsolete.  I know I know, go with the airport express route.  Well I'm open to suggestions at this point, but I'm just curious as to why the speaker manufacturer's are bundling b/g into their NEW products?

    I had a similar concern: an airplay speaker only support 11g, not 11n.  I did some study and made my move and hopefully it helps by sharing what I did.
    The major chip inside airplay speakers comes from one single vendor: SMSC (lately got bought by Microchip).  It offers 11b/g and not 11n.  No firm schedule on 11n, it takes time to make a speaker from a chip
    Most 11n routers support 11b/g too.  So playing music to 11g airplay speakers shall not be a problem; but it will affect your internet speed as some old routers will downgrade to 11g (which is 54Mbps, not too bad).
    The new 11ac routers with multi-bands (2x2 or 3x3) can be a solution to this with ability to have separate channel for 11g airplay and other channel for 11ac internet browsing.
    My Purchase:
    I did not buy any airplay speaker as it is over $100 my budget.  Instead, I bought Yamaha PDX-60 dongle speaker which uses propietery RF technology which happened on sale at Amazon at that time.  I did a check at Amazon store as I write and they are gone already.  (relief: as I do not want to be sounded like sales :-)
    Hope it helps//

  • Whole Apartment Audio ideas using Airplay, TV, Airport Express?

    My wife and I are buying our first place (one bedroom apartment) and finally I can make some more permanent choices and I can tech out the house in ways I would not have considered when we were renting. I was looking at systems like Sonos but I cant see why I need anything more than what I already have for the most part. I would like to find out if there are "cooler" options than the simple setup I have in mind. Please tell me how I can improve upon this setup.
    We already have:
    a) 3 flat screen televisions
    b) 4 ipads
    c) 3 iphones
    d) 2 TV's
    e) 1 Airport Express
    f)  1 Airport Extreme
    g) 4 Mac computers
    h) One 20TB Drobo NAS device
    i)  One PS3 (used only for Blueray video)
    My basic plan was to keep the main stereo in the living room and connect the TV to my main stereo via digital output.
    Keep my secondary audio system in the bedroom and connect the Airport Express to it via analog miniplug.
    Get powered in-wall mounts for 4 ipads and put them in the living room (near the couch), in the bedroom (near the bed), in the kitchen and in the bathroom.
    In the kitchen I will use a small bluetooth speaker and in the bathroom I will use a bluetooth waterproof shower speaker and stream from the mounted ipads in those rooms.
    We mostly use itunes match and Spotify on all devices but also have a huge music and movie collection on the Drobo.
    I would just choose a Mac, ipad or iphone and stream to whatever speakers we will be near via Airplay or Bluetooth. The apartment is only 1100 sq ft so distance should be no issue. I will also put some water resistant bluetooth or Airplay speakers on the terrace to stream to at some point.
    I would hide the wires in the wall for the ipad mounts and possibly the speakers. The televisions would also connect via analog wire to the stereo systems. Video would come from DVR, TV, PS3, Netflix directly to the TV's or occasionally via Airplay.
    The TV's would be in the LR, BR and dining room. I would get one more TV for the dining room TV and occasionally stream to it via Airplay.
    We will rarely have more than 2 things streaming at once as there are only 2 of us. Will the Airport Extreme with super fast TWC service suffice without issues?
    How can I make this setup better? Do you see any potential problems?
    Are there any GREAT sites that have ideas for awesome Mac based home A/V?
    Is there a better place to post this?
    Thank You,

    Hello WillMendoza,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    For more information on this, take a look at:
    iOS: Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
    Ensure that other devices are not trying to stream to the same Apple TV at the same time.
    Turn off Bluetooth on your iOS device by tapping Settings > Bluetooth.
    Ensure that your Wi-Fi router is set up with the recommended settings for the best performance.
    Certain external devices, such as microwave ovens and baby monitors, may interfere with a Wi-Fi network. Try moving or disabling these devices.
    If possible, try to locate your Wi-Fi router in the same room as your iOS device and Apple TV.
    If your wireless and wired networks are the same, try connecting your Apple TV to the router via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.
    If the Wi-Fi router has an external antenna, check to see that is it connected properly and in good condition.
    Use the Wi-Fi network troubleshooting guide to resolve interference and other issues.
    Best of luck,

  • Airplay: Wireless desktop speakers?

    I have a wonderful pair of Bowers & Wilkins MM-1 speakers on my desk, and I'm very happy with the sound quality, but I'm trying to see if I can diminish the growing number of cords on my desk.  So I'm wondering if anyone makes really good desktop speakers that are wireless.  Airplay, Ethernet, Bluetooth, whatever. 
    I know B&W makes the Zeppelin Air, and I'm going to check that out, but I'm not sure a single unit will sounds as good as the pair of speakers I now have.  In theory, I'd prefer a 2.0 or 2.1 system.  But if the Zepplein sounds really good, I'd go with it. 
    Any recommendations?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but that would be fine if my only audio need was to play iTunes through the speakers.  But I want these to be the speakers I use for everything that comes through my computer, from website audio to DVDs.  I don't think Airport Express hooked up to powered speakers will do that.

  • Turning on Garageband Airplay turns off audio input for guitar

    Turning on Garageband Airplay turns off audio input so I can't hear my electric guitar via my bluetooth speaker.  I know I can wire my speaker to my ipad but I don't want to.  Any help?

    Did you notice the alert window that Audio inputs are dialed when using Airplay or Bluetooth? This window pops up when you turn Airply - Bluetooth on. So the behavior/restriction is normal
    Hope that helps 
    Edgar Rothermich 'I may receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, from my recommendation or link.'

  • All sounds go to Airport Express when iPod AirPlay has been used

    This could be quite a nice idea. However, it is very annoying that game sounds appear remotely if AirPlay hasn't been turned off. The delay makes gameplay completely silly. And Speak Auto-text is strange too.
    Is this a bug or a feature? Or am I missing some way of controlling what audio is sent where?

    It seems more like they just overlooked one possibility than a true bug. They would have to make two different ways for developers to request to play sound. One for games and one for media play back. Sound has been working for me, however, it does play through airplay if it is on and with the inevitable delay. I'm glad that they did manage to sync video with airplay and Bluetooth for video playback though.
    Hopefully you noticed that the airplay controls are available on the dock by swiping so the dock move to the right so you at least don't have to leave the game when you forget.

  • Apple TV Hooked up to two receivers-Ad wireless speakers?

    Presently I have my 5.1 HDMI receiver hooked up to my AppleTV with wired speakers in my den.
    I also have another old receiver that also runs my AppleTV (analog) with speakers in my sunroom which are also wired.
    I am able to play my AppleTV music to both at the same time with both receivers with no problems.
    I would like to switch out the WIRED Sunroom speakers to wireless speakers.
    Would I just buy "Airplay" or Bluetooth speakers to replace the sunroom speakers?
    Can I still use my old receiver to power the wireless speakers?
    Can both receivers/AppleTV work like my orig set up?
    My concern is in my IPads "settings".

    Bluetooth on the ATV is only for connecting a keyboard.
    If using AirPlay speakers, keep in mind that when AirPlaying content from an iDevice to the ATV, no sound will be sent to the AirPlay speakers.  If you are okay with that limitation, go right ahead.  Otherwise, keep the current setup.

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