ALE-IDoc : Outbound message control for MIRO,IDoc message type for INVOIC

Dear Experts,
                    I am using the IDoc message type INVOIC. For that i have created the new output type. Then i assinged the the Program RSNASTED and form routine ALE_PROCESSING.
                    But when i am saving the transaction in MIRO i am getting the Update Error like VN 056: Processing log for program RSNASTED
                    Please help me to rectify this problem

Hi Dharmendiran,
We also have the same requirement to send status acconf messages on Inbound INVOIC idoc posting..
Can you let me know how you went about creating new output type..did you mean new output type in NACE for application MR?

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  • Error messag -'Error while determining for WM via Table 156S:'

    Hi Guys,
    I am currently facing some issues with respect to the deliver creation.
    The scenario is somthing like this.
    I have assigned a FOC Item category to an Consignment Issue order type.
    The system is able to determine the Item category successfully.
    However when the delivery is created it throws an error message
    'Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 903/X/X/W/L/X/'
    Not sure why this occurs.
    All the settings seem to be set.
    If any one of you can help me out it would be great.

    Dear Pandiraj
    The standard process is that consignment issue order should be created with reference to Proforma invoice.  Having said that I dont understand why you have assigned a FOC item category to issue order.  Not sure, whether this will work.  Also I feel that you should explain in detail the process for which you are configuring this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • How to setup a routing rule for a specific file type for the content organizer?

    how can I set a routing rule for a specific file type, for example for "pdf" or for "docx", for my content organizer?
    As standard I can only choose for the rules the content type, name and title of the file uploaded.
    Thank you in advance!

    Hi Johny,
    Based on your description, my understanding is that you want to create a routing rule for a specific file type.
    I recommend to create rules with the conditions as the image below shows for the Document content type(for example: .docx files):
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Which Access sequence will use for sales tax condition type for TAXINN

    which Access sequence will use for sales tax condition type for TAXINN procedure.pls give one example (Access sequence) and give fields.
    Because i couldnot create the condition record,the system not accepted for tax indicator.

    We also got the same problem with our client and escalated it to SAP.
    they advised to use the access sequence <b>JIND</b> which consists of condition tables in the order given below
    <b><u><i>Step    Condn Table</i></u> 
    10            354
    20            355
    30            40</b>
    Attach this to your condition types.
    Rewards if it helps.

  • Switch Sign For Flow and Switch Type for Flow

    Hi Can any one Please make me clear at least with 3 examples how to understand Switch Sign for Flow and Switch Type for Flow
    and also the good example with Balance Recurring Account Types

    Hi Chennai,
    Consider an account "Fixed-Assets" supported by movement analysis in Custom1, as follows:
    If you mark the Custom1 member Disposals as SwitchSignForFlow, you will enter positive values in Disposals but HFM will subtract from the other two members to calculate the Closing Balance. You may use this functionality if your client prefers to see all values as positive on the reports.
    Using the same example, you might recognize that while Closing and Opening balances are of balance type (they provide a snapshot of the account at a specific instant meaning that you see the same number whether you view the YTD or Periodic values of the account), Additions and Disposals are movements, which means that they accumulate during the same year starting from a zero balance on 1/1/201X and therefore you will see different numbers depending on viewing the YTD or Periodic values of the account. In order to provide with this behavior you have to mark both Additions and Disposals with SwitchTypeForFlow. If you don't they will behave as the underlying account (the Fixed-Assets account) and like the other two Custom1 members, Opening and Closing balance members.
    As for the BalanceReccuring, an account of this type behaves like a normal Balance account, but once you input a number in an intermediate period (say June), the same number will be copied to all following periods (July-December) until you override the numbers by explicitly inputting new values. With a normal balance account, all following periods will be empty.

  • Message control vs with out message control

    tell me the differenece between message control and without message control.

    Message control and output type. In R/3, message control is a mechanism by which documents are output based on certain selection criteria, requirements, and sequences. Message control determines the type of document, its timing, number, and medium (print, fax, ALE, or EDI.). Outbound messages in SD (Sales and Distribution) and MM (Materials Management, Purchasing) are created and processed by message control records. The output records are stored in the NAST table.
    Message control uses the condition technique. The conditions for creating an output message are stored in condition tables that have selection fields picked from a catalog of application fields/tables. To determine if an application document qualifies for output, search strategies are used through access sequences, output procedures, and requirements. Once a message qualifies for output, message control modules use the parameters set in the condition type or output type to determine the timing of transmission and the medium of the message. The output type also specifies the program or module to be invoked to create the output.
    Message/output determinations are concepts applicable not only to EDI and ALE, but also to other output mediums.

  • REG selective and % inspection for 03 and 04 types for batch material

    Hello Gurus,
    The scenariois:
    1. Material is batch managed and 03 & 04 types activated.
    2. Against a production order, several batches will be generated.
    Client requirement is:
    1. After the relase of PO, only the first batch will be inspected.
    2. After that, if required, 10% of that PO will be inspected (type 03)
    3. After all these inspection, RR and UD, next stage will be confirmation of PO and generation of 04 type lot.
    Is that possible in SAP? I have my doubts. If we activate 03 type in mat master, it should generate lot for every batch. Is it possible to manage the scenario with 04 type, where next stage becomes stock transfer?
    Really appreciate quick help on this.

    Sorry.  I would say you would have to develop all your own custom sample procedures for this.  I don't see any easy way for this to be done in standard SAP.
    It would even be difficult if you had one PO for each batch.  Maybe others might have some ideas but I don't at this time.

  • PO outbound message control - Condition record / PO IDOC outbound user exit

    I have a system with PO outbound message control sending PO idocs to a unique plant that is set up as a customer in the partner profile. I am using a custom message type and RSEOUT00 to send my idocs with custom message type to this plant. This interface works fine. Now my requirement has changed. I need to send PO's to varying plants (depending on the plant in PO item- all items on my POs belong to same plant).
    I noticed that i cannot create condition tables with PO type and Plant combination. (SAP Note 457497 .Q-34).
    So I have decided to populate all my PO idocs with a generic receiving partner number '9999' and planning to change this somewhere in a user exit. I found an user exit which looks helpful.
    MM06E001 - Enhancement.
    But somehow this exit is not triggered in during PO creation ME21N or change Me22N/Me22.
    Is this because I am using a custom message type instead of standard message type ? (I still use the process codes Me10/Me11). Would this matter ? When should this user exit trigger (during creation of idocs in status 30 or when i run RSEOUT00 to sweep these idocs in status 30 to status 03) ? Any tips will be useful.
    Edited by: Shareen Hegde on Jul 21, 2008 10:13 PM

    I found a OSS note -Note 457497 (Q&A # 34), which talks about the same . This was my assumption too. I was just confused because I saw plant(WERKS) in the field catalag of the access sequence.
    I don't know what header field I can use to map the plant (I agree its a good idea to do this). But I have decided to do it another way. I will change the receiving partner on the control record depending on the plant in an user exit
    -  EXIT_SAPLEINM_001.
    Thanks for your answer , Mahesh.

  • How to send IDoc(Sales Order Confirmation) without Message control

    I need to send Sales Order confirmation,Delivery and Invoice through ALE (IDoc's). I am asked not to use MESSAGE CONTROL or CUSTOM IDoc to send confimation.
    I dont need to send a instant confirmation but i can do it at a specified time intervals.
    Do we have any other possiblity other than the both?
    Can you please give the steps to do, if possible?
    Thank you in advance,

    This link may be useful
    Re: Re-open EDI - ORDCHG for outbound sales order

  • Outbound message control for sales order SISCSO.

    I am trying to generate IDoc for Sales order using message control. The IDoc of type SISCSO is getting generated as per the requirement.
    I want to calculate certain things before generating IDocs. I have done the following configurations:
    1. A function module 'ZIDOC_OUTPUT_SALES_ORD' is created with interface same as 'IDOC_OUTPUT_ORDRSP'. (Where i am planning to write a code)
    2. WE57 where Function module is assigned to SISCSO as outbound FM.
    No BD51 is done as it is only for inbound process.
    3. New process code ZSO is created through WE41, which is made message independent and FM created in step 1 is assigned to it.
    4. In WE20 , this process code is attached to V1 type of application under message control.
    Still, my FM is not getting called... I have checked it by applying Break point as well as raising exception in the FM. But still it's not working..
    Where am i going wrong??
    Can anybody suggest solution??

    You need to use FM : MASTER_IDOC_DISTRIBUTE to create outbound idoc.fill the data in the tables EDIDC,EDIDD and generate the IDOC.
    check this link:
    Re: Master_IDoc_Distribute
    and use transaction : WEDI for IDOC configurations.
    here you will have all the transactions(step by step) to set the outbound IDOC configurations.

  • Output type for MB1B & MB1C-IDOC creation

    Dear Expert,
    I have to make output type for MB1B & MB1C transaction to create IDOC.Can anybody guide path to create Output type for same.

    Hi anupmore124,
    You can create a new condition type, named as "ZWA1" and you can copied this from WA01.
    Once this is copied, change the following data:
    1. In partner functions, include:
    Medium: 6 - EDI
    Funciton: (blank)
    You can delete the other partner function(s), if you want that this new output message type can be handled only by EDI (for IDOCs).
    2. In the "General data" tab, you need to have selected only:
    Access sequence: i.e. 0003 - Trans.Type/Print Vers./Indic.
    Check box active "Access to conditions"
    The rest of the check box needs to be inactive.
    3. In the "Default" tab, define:
    Dispatch time: 1 - Send with periodically scheduled job
    Transmission medium: 6 - EDI
    Then, save the data and now, the IDOC can be created.
    Obviously, I presume that you made your customising before in WE20 with the correct IDOC message type, etc.
    I hope this help.
    Kind regards,

  • Message Control clarification

    When a purchase order is created, the message control processes the associated messages to create IDOCs or Printouts etc.
    Does anybody know whether the processing of the messages happens after the creation of the purchase order (i. e. after commit) or before commit?

    When I remember correctly: neither nor. It is IN commit, because it's part of update modules (of course only the 'immediate' messages).

  • Purchase Order list pending for MIRO days wise

    i want to know t.code for outstanding Purchase order list dayswise which is pending for Miro....for example payments will be in 15days 30days which is mention in P.O.
    Thanks & Regards
    Rekha Sharma

    Please check MR11

  • Other document type for credit memos in MIRO

    i would like to use a seperate document type for credit memos posted with MIR0 compared to RE for invoices. I created a new Z transaction. And now I thought that I could enter this new transaction code in OMR4 (tablle V_169F), but I can not add a new customised transaction in this list. What can I do?
    Or is there an other way to have another document type for credit memos?
    Thank you.

    You can create a new document type for credit memo through t code OBA7. Once the T code is created with all necessary parameters you can assign this to MIRO transaction.
    You cannot create a customised transaction through OMR4. This is meant for assigning the Doc type to Invoice verification

  • for WM

    I am getting an error message 'Error while determining for WM via Table 156S: 101/ / / /B/X/ ' while creating inbound delivery. Is anyone acquainted with such an issue? Can you please advice?
    I have checked all the config for movement type definations. Everything looks ok. Please let me know if there is a fix.

    Hi Avi,
    I think, you didn't get me ...
    In the above configuration what I explained, all you need to do is just adding the ref mvt type the one that is must be currently blank because of which the error what you posted is appearing.  All that you need to do is just add the ref mvt type for the line as explained....
    Remaining checkboxes, indicators are not even expected to be able to change....
    What it means?  for mvt type 101 of IM, when a material related transaction GR posting happens, for the material type used for setting up the material, in the plant of your concern, when there is no value and qty update is active in material type config, and which is not of special stock related posting, but referencing B - Purchase Order, of Transfer Type ie, stock transfer PO, the corresponding Ref Mvt type required to process further in WM, is missing in IM mvt type assignment (T156)...

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