Alert category - SALERT_CREATE

Hi Al,
   When we define alert rule/Alert catefogy in  SAP PI, nomally it internally calls SALERT_CREATE report. How should i call customized ABAP report from an alert category?
When i checked in alert category under Administration Data , i could find application pac which always has SALERT..What does it mean? Is it possile to change this so that alert category will call our customized ABAP report?

So you are terminating the mapping in case if your source payload does not contain the data for particular field and sending the error via alert...
In order not to receive multiple alerts for this..either to remove the alert in UDF or should not end the message mapping in error if udf condition is not satisfied...(continue the mapping dont throw the alert in exception..instead use in try block itself.)
if mapping should not be continued..for this error and if you remove alert in UDF,still  you can use enable trace in UDF and can find the cause of the error in moni..after receiving the alert using alert rule...(only thing will be error message will not be like what you will frame...)

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  • Customizing request window when save the alert category

    i create an alert category in the solution manager and try to save it, but the customizing request window pop up, and i have no idea what is that for.
    anyone knows how to save the alert category i created?
    Thanks a lot
    Jessica Ding

    hey, don't want to transport this alert category to prod ?? ,request is for that purpose...

  • Container Element in Alert Category

    Any one can tell me what is the use of container element in Alert Category.
    While creating a container variable there is an drop down for Object type.When we go for each of these object type.
    When i selected the object type as 'XML object type '  i could be able to see all the abstract interfaces and the fields that are created in the IR.I am able to select that field in the long text tab also.
    But the value of the field is not getting reflected when an alert message is triggered.
    Am I in a right track or doing anything wrong?Can i directly access this field in the long text?

    Hi Sreedivia Narath,
    Go through this blog for alert configuration by Michal. Its a beautiful blog and explains about the container variables:
    The specified item was not found.
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Intenal table  as container variable in the alert category

    Is it possible  to create   internal table as Container Variable in the alert category. If it is possible how can we pass the data to this internal table in the Run time to the funtion module SALRT_CREATE_API.I have tried this to pass the data to the container parameter
    it_container ,but i was unable to achive it .If anyone has come across this please guide me .
    Thanks and Regards,

    You can use the Forms "From Clause Query" as the datasource for the data block. Then you can change the QUERY_DATA_SOURCE_NAME using set_block_property, so you can use any SQL statement you like. Of course you must name/alias the columns in a consistent manner so that the number of database items on the block matches those being queried.

  • Capturing custom error message from alert category

    We are using XSLT mapping and We are raising custom error message based upon some conditions i.e if vendor number is invalid or blank.If it doesn't meet the requirement,mapping will fail and it will throw error message as" IDoc XXXXXXXXX is having invalid vendor number".
    My question is,we would like to send this custom error message to email receipients through RWB-AFW.
    How do we capture this custom error message is alert category or alert rule?

    You can not unless u use BPM.

  • Create multiple rule in single alert category

    Hi All,
    any body tell me can we create multiple rule in single alert category.When i click on a  add rule button in existing category nothing will happen same page will come with existing data.
    Thanks & Regards

    you can define alert category multiple rules.. see the below links
    You must define the binding from the task container to the rule container for each rule. For further information, refer to Rule Resolution

  • Problem using multiline container in Alert Category

    Hello, experts!
    Could you please suggest me how to solve the following issue.
    I have userdefined multiline container MY_CONTAINER with two elements FIELD (stores name of field) and VALUE (stores value of field). This container is filled in runtime by means of BADI extension. So in transaction ALRTDISP filled container looks like:
              FIELD    SystemCode
              VALUE    42
              FIELD    Key
              VALUE    0292383728232
              FIELD    State
              VALUE    1
          ...and so on. Number of filled elements of container is unknown.
    I need to add the contents of this container to Long text of Alert Category in form of:
          SystemCode: 42
          Key: 0292383728232
          State: 1
    ...and so on.
    I added MY_CONTAINER on the Containers tab of my alert category. And in Long text included the following expression:
    But in long text it looks like:
          SystemCode Key State ...: 42 0292383728232 1 ...
    If the expression is like
    then long text contains only the first element:
          SystemCode: 42.
    Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
    I think I need to use expressions (something like FOR-loop) for filling Long Text in Alert Categories. Is it possible?

    Hi Experts,
    still trying to work out but couldn't understand the behaviour.
    <b>If the Long text :</b>
    Error: &SXMS_ERROR_CODE& <b>of category &SXMS_ERROR_CAT&</b> was found in a message &SXMS_MSG_GUID& from the service &SXMS_FROM_SERVICE&  <b>and  Interface &SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE&</b>
    to test I am running the program <b>RSALERTTEST</b>
    <b>Msg got thru E-mail is </b>
    Error:  and category:<b> &SXMS_ERROR_CAT&</b> was found in a message  from the service  and Interface
    And when I change the Long text</b>
    Error: &SXMS_ERROR_CODE& <b>and &SXMS_ERROR_CAT&</b> was found in a message &SXMS_MSG_GUID& from the service &SXMS_FROM_SERVICE& and Interface &SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE&
    After running the program <b>RSALERTTEST</b>
    E-mail msg</b>
    Error:  and was found in a message  from the service  and Interface <b>&SXMS_FROM_INTERFACE&</b>
    coudn't able to understand why it is displaying the container variable as is in the mail.
    checked all the Alert Framework configuration, Everything looks good.
    Thank you,

  • Access XML Content from Alert Category (ALRTCATDEF) ?

    Hi PI Expert,
    is that possible to access xml content from Alert Category (ALRTCATDEF) if the error occurs from Adapter engine.
    For example IDOC number / PO Number, so i can put in into Subject email notification.
    At the moment i am only know how to send dynamic data from ccBPM.
    Please advise.
    Thank You and Best Regards

    Yes the user existed in QA before I transported the category. (Since users are not transported, I simply created a user with the same name.) Also, I used the role SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR for the receivers via subscription and roles.

  • MessageID not getting generated using Alert category created in ESR & BPM

    hi All,
    We are trying to use Creating Alert Categories in ESR and using them in Integration Processes by refering to the blog below:
    In BPM, we have selected context objects 'LogError.MessageId','LogError.Interface' and specied an xpath for two fields 'Name' & 'Studentid' . In long text i have used container variables correctly while defining alert category.
    But while checking the raised alert in RWB -> Alert Inbox, context objects are coming as blank, out of two fields only name is coming, but for Request it is coming as '&Stud entid&'
    Do i need to do anything more to get messageid etc in the alert.
    Please help!

    Now MessageID and interface are coming correctly in the alert raised, but still Request is coming as '&Stud entid&, i checked in PE, container varaibles are set correctly, in alert inbox it is coming as &Stud entid&, we have 4 contianer variables used in Long text, it is coming like this for only one variable.
    Any suggestions?
    Also how can i define newline in between two words in long text?

  • BPM : Alert Category : PI 7.1

    HI Experts
    I am working on New BPM features of PI 7.1. I configured and BPM Scenario with User decission and now try to work out on Alert Category.
    As per the below blog
    Enhancements in ccBPM within SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1
    Alert Category can be defined in IR and that Category can be added in RULE from RWB(Alert Config)
    The issue is, i am not able to see my Alert Category which is defined in IR in RWB, as the source of Alert in BPM is defined as "Enterprise Services Builder"
    Please let me know..
    Thanks in Advance

    Using SLG1, i traced the alert and found that Receipients are not assigned properly.
    Issue solved by this.

  • Container for alert category could not be loaded

    Hi All,
    I am having very strange issue with container(Variables).
    I defined Alert category, created container elements and I was using them in long and short text. They were working fine, but now if I open Alert category and click on container tab, its says: Container for alert category could not be loaded and I dont see container elements that I created before. Same thing happened before and I re-created those container variables. But now I have many Alert categories. Is this an existing issue? or does any body having similar situaltion? Can anybody please provide information on this.
    Thank you,

    Hi Moorthy,
    Thanks for your quick reply . We are on WAS 6.40,SP16, but SAP note 656488 is released on 01.09.2003 for 620, it should have been implemented alreay. Do you think we still need to implement that???
    Thank you,

  • Variable values in Alert Category

    Hi Experts ,
    I have all the Alert Category and the respective configuration set.
    I am also getting email for the error.
    But the standard variables like
    SXMS_FROM_NAMESPACE     are not gettng populated.
    Please suggest what could be the error or anythng tht could be the reason for this.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi thomas,
    Did you are using a BPM design to trigger the alert,
    if yes ..
    You cannot use these container variables for alerts of the Business Process Engine (BPE).
    Please refer the link..
    Hope this helps you

  • Alert Category not showing in WEB GUI

    the alert was create inside the PI-PRD server, then while looking for the alert in WEB version:
    see photo below,
    how can i resolve this problem?
    Thank you.
    we're using SAP PI 7.1

    For transporting alert categories/rules u can check this
    BTW, under alert config u will find a tab to update/refresh alert category which u have created on ABAP stack, so did u tried refreshing the same?
    Amit Srivastava

  • Alert Category in rule not yet confirmed.

    Hi All,
      I am getting the following error in Alert log
        Error :
    "Alert Category ALERT_CCMS in rule not yet confirmed, Skip creation of new alert".
      I have followed all the steps in the Monitoring setup guide
       for sap xi 7.0 ( 2004s) sps 12
      but still not getting alerts to inbox
    Can anyone help me in overcoming this error?

    In the Alert Inbox check whether you have confirmed the Alerts which are already generated.
    If supress alerts check box is check for alert rules , if the previous alert is not confirmed the next alert wont be triggered.
    Check the Report RSALERTPROC and delete the Old alerts.

  • ALERT Category Lont Text (email) fomatting

    I have Alert Management configured to send an email alert correctly. I need some formatting for the email and therefore I choose to edit the alert category long text using SO10 ( remembering that the Text-id is ALRT ). while editing the Alert's Long Text using SO10, I add bolding, paragraph formatting and some IF statement as I would in a sapscipt for as commands. Print Preview of the newly updated standard text ( example used ALRTFRMWRKTESTL for SAP supplied alert category ASRTFRMWRKTEST ) show the formatting looks great, but when we triger the alert and view the correponding email based on this long text, we find the formatting is lost. Is there a way to hae the formatting show in the email?

    I Think you are able to send the email with HTML tags.
    You can also use the famous FM ZOUTLOOK to send email with the format you want, but you can only do it with you oulook client.
    hope this helps

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