All My Contacts have gone after updating iphone4 to ios5

So i decided to move with the times and finally update my iphone as some apps would no longer work without updating to ios5.
Everything is in my phone apps, music, calenders, notes emails but the contacts have all gone. I have tried to restore my iphone through itunes but this hasnt worked i only had one restore option available which was a sync that was completed after my contacts were gone from the update.
I now realise how stupid this was to never have uploaded my contacts to so sort of app but to be honest i never gave it a second thought. Is there anywhere i can get my contacts from or are ther lost forever????
please have some magic fix for me

I've lost mine, too. However, I've found that they're all there if I go in via the phone. The contacts app just shows "no contacts". When searching from other apps (such as Reminders), it doesn't find anything, but spotlight finds them.

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  • Upgraded to v6 iphone software, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to my email.  Other web pages seem ok.  Help!

    Can anyone help me?  Since upgrading to v6 of the iphone software the other day, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to orange contacts restore to get them back, or access my email. Other web pages seem ok.
    When I try to connect to the orange backup app, the connection just times out and says connection error.  When I try to access my email it says verify i have put the correct a/c info into mail settings.
    Both things were fine before I updated.
    iPhone 4S, iOS 6

    I am having the same problem. Have tried everything I can think of and have bee searcing the community for a solution without any luck. I think I am going to uninstall ios6 if I can figure that out and reinstall.
    Good luck!

  • ALL my contacts are gone after IOS5 update. WHY?

        I can't find my contacts anywhere, after updating to IOS5. There are not even in my address book on my mac. I backed up my ipod regularly, and did on last backup right before i updated to IOS5. They are all gone, i don't understand why. Does anyone here have ANY ideas? (i really, REALLY don't want to type in all my contacts, i probably could not even remember them all). please help, thanks.

         I tries that and they didn't come back? : ( ANy other ideas? -thanks!

  • All my music is gone after updating my iPhone 4. And if i try to download it again in iTunes music store i have to pay for it again?

    After updating my iphone 4, all my music disapered, and when i tryed to download it again on itunes music store, it said that i have to buy it again. Is there a way I can get it back whitout buying it again.?

    On the home page in iTunes on the right, is a purchased link. Click that to download past music purchases for free,

  • My Address Book Contacts Are Gone After Updating to SL 10.6 - Help!

    I updated from Leopard to Snow Leopard and all my contacts in my address book are gone. How do I get them back? All my email is there, but it seems to have wiped out programs too.

    Hi JCH4CHG;
    Restore from the backup you took prior to the upgrade.

  • All 3rd party plugins gone after update !!! HELP APPLE !!!!!!

    All my 3rd party plugins are gone after the new update from apple !! I am running lep and logic studio G5 dual 2.5 ppc 8 gigs of ram !!!! What happen ???? Can not get the AU manger to launch !!!!! Help dead in the water !!!!!!!

    Relax guy!
    Try trashing to audiounits cache, and the Logic caches:
    Reboot, and try again...

  • All my contacts have gone on my iPod from my iPhone how do I stop it

    My daughter is using my apple id for her iPod touch, all my contacts from my iPhone have gone onto her iPod, how can I stop this without making another apple Id

    Go to Seetings>iCloud and turn off Contacts. You can still locally use the iPod for contacts.

  • All my contacts are gone after webos doctor

    I synced my contact with facebook.
    I linked my sim contact with the facebook profiles and added the facebook as a primary profile.
    I used the Webos doctor and I synced again the facebook profile and all the contact from my simcard are gone.
    I cant see them only if one of them calling me then I can see the him but the contact list are empty from those that I likned to the facebook.
    I can see that the simcard have all the contact when I press for information of the simcard but I cant reach them
    someone know what can I do?

         I tries that and they didn't come back? : ( ANy other ideas? -thanks!

  • HT204150 All my contacts have gone and been replaced with numbers i dont know


    I'm guessing if your contacts are gone from the cloud, they're gone unless you can get them back with a "restore backup".  If they are still on the cloud, plug your IP/iPad into iTunes, open Contacts and select "On my Mac" on the left side of the window.  Then sync and your contacts should appear on your IP/iPad.
    At least they did for me using this routine.

  • All pictures and videos gone after update to 1.1 o...

    I just updated to 1.1
    When I open gallery there is no images or videos at all?
    How can I get it back?

    update OTA
    anyhow after one more restart I can see pictures and videos in galery, but tags and albums are still gone....
    I have nearly 2000 pictures.... I hope I do not have to sort and tag pictures again.....

  • 10.8.1 - Major Issue - All Mail in "Trash" Gone after Update

    ML 10.8 started off for me (and many others) with a few bugs and a major battery issue and now with the 10.8.1 update comes the biggest nail in the coffin with all of my email in the "Trash" folder completely gone.
    I need some help from some experts here.
    99% of the mail in my "Trash" is gone. I only have email dating back to August 22, 2012 (which is the day I upgraded from 10.8 -> 10.8.1)
    I'm using 3 POP accounts and 1 IMAP account.
    All accounts and their appropriate "Trash" folders had hundreds of deleted items and the IMAP account had thousands.
    I noticed this today while doing a search for somthing in the "Trash"
    I'm not sure what to do here, cannot contact AppleCare at the moment as they are closed.

    I get an error "No valid mbox files were found" on both
    Re-adding won't help me for this account - my IMAP server doesn't have any items in the Deleted Messages folder on the server-side.
    Here's where I'm confused - if I receive email in my Inbox, I delete certain items, they end up in my Trash (have been there prior to 10.8.1) and now they're just gone. I've made sure to specify that Mail doesn't permanently delete items on the Server, leaves them there, etc. And since I can remember all items I manually Delete, just go into the "Trash"

  • I want to cancel my icloud? and all my ringtones are gone after update

    I want to cancel my icloud how do i do that?

    You don't cancel icloud. It is a service available to you if you choose to use it.  You may simply choose not to use it.

  • After updating iPhone4 to IOS5

    After I had updated my iPhone4 to the IOS 5, the zoom option on my camera will not show up at all. Is there a way to get it back?

    Thank you! I had figured I just needed to double tap, like before the whole time. Thanks for your help Natalie!

  • Ive lost all contacts and messages after updating to ios5 ??? Help

    Ive lost all my Contacts and messages after updating to ios5 ??? Help
    How can I get them all Back ???

    Have had the same issue - and conflicts between PC, Ipad and Iphone.  Gained 6000 names and lost contacts or contact contents.  Have had to edit on PC.  Spoke with Apple Express and was advised to do editing only on PC and then sync.  Was also told not to use Icloud until problems had been solved.  Have spent last two weeks recreating my contacts list.
    Haven't yet bothered to reclaim my missing paid ring tones.

  • HT1451 all my playlists have disappeared after I joined the cloud?? How do I get them back? They are still showing on my Ipad abut my windows 7 laptop is messed up.

    My audible books have also disappeared from my itunes account?

    all my contacts have disapeared after the actualization.
    I've got iPhone 4s.
    Very uncommon. In the second day of the actualization all my contacts are gone.
    In favourites remained the numbers. But i can't use it.
    In the third day, my email accont has been removed too!!
    The email I've registered again.
    I'm in a job travel and my last backup was made in my imac at home.
    So I'm having trouble without my contacts.
    Do u know how can I get my contacts back in this situation??

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