All my contacts have gone on my iPod from my iPhone how do I stop it

My daughter is using my apple id for her iPod touch, all my contacts from my iPhone have gone onto her iPod, how can I stop this without making another apple Id

Go to Seetings>iCloud and turn off Contacts. You can still locally use the iPod for contacts.

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  • Upgraded to v6 iphone software, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to my email.  Other web pages seem ok.  Help!

    Can anyone help me?  Since upgrading to v6 of the iphone software the other day, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to orange contacts restore to get them back, or access my email. Other web pages seem ok.
    When I try to connect to the orange backup app, the connection just times out and says connection error.  When I try to access my email it says verify i have put the correct a/c info into mail settings.
    Both things were fine before I updated.
    iPhone 4S, iOS 6

    I am having the same problem. Have tried everything I can think of and have bee searcing the community for a solution without any luck. I think I am going to uninstall ios6 if I can figure that out and reinstall.
    Good luck!

  • I have just had an iPad mini but all my messages are coming through on my iPad and iPhone how can I stop this happening

    I have just had an iPod mini but my messages are coming through on my iPad and my iPhone how can I stop this happening ? Do I need to reset my iPad ?

    To prevent messages from reaching both devices you can turn off Messages on the device you do not want to receive messages but keep Messages on on the device you do want to receive Messages.
    You might also look at this option for both devices.
    Settings > Messages > Send and Receive > review the a riotous choices for how you can e reached and select the ones that are most appropriate for you and the device you are setting.

  • All My Contacts have gone after updating iphone4 to ios5

    So i decided to move with the times and finally update my iphone as some apps would no longer work without updating to ios5.
    Everything is in my phone apps, music, calenders, notes emails but the contacts have all gone. I have tried to restore my iphone through itunes but this hasnt worked i only had one restore option available which was a sync that was completed after my contacts were gone from the update.
    I now realise how stupid this was to never have uploaded my contacts to so sort of app but to be honest i never gave it a second thought. Is there anywhere i can get my contacts from or are ther lost forever????
    please have some magic fix for me

    I've lost mine, too. However, I've found that they're all there if I go in via the phone. The contacts app just shows "no contacts". When searching from other apps (such as Reminders), it doesn't find anything, but spotlight finds them.

  • HT204150 All my contacts have gone and been replaced with numbers i dont know


    I'm guessing if your contacts are gone from the cloud, they're gone unless you can get them back with a "restore backup".  If they are still on the cloud, plug your IP/iPad into iTunes, open Contacts and select "On my Mac" on the left side of the window.  Then sync and your contacts should appear on your IP/iPad.
    At least they did for me using this routine.

  • Any time I try to down   download something from torrents an add fro MacKeeper pops up. It then doesn't let me complete the installation. so I have neither MacKeeper nor anything from Torrents. How do I stop the MacKeeper ad from popping up?

    Any time I try to down load something from Torrents an ad for MacKeeper pops up. It then doesn't let me down load it to my computer so I have neither MacKeeper nor anything from Torrents. It will not let me access the the client Transmission. How do I stop it from popping up and blocking my access to torrents?
    Thank you.

    1. This procedure is a diagnostic test. It changes nothing, for better or worse, and therefore will not, in itself, solve the problem. But with the aid of the test results, the solution may take a few minutes, instead of hours or days.
    Don't be put off by the complexity of these instructions. The process is much less complicated than the description. You do harder tasks with the computer all the time.
    2. If you don't already have a current backup, back up all data before doing anything else. The backup is necessary on general principle, not because of anything in the test procedure. Backup is always a must, and when you're having any kind of trouble with the computer, you may be at higher than usual risk of losing data, whether you follow these instructions or not.
    There are ways to back up a computer that isn't fully functional. Ask if you need guidance.
    3. Below are instructions to run a UNIX shell script, a type of program. As I wrote above, it changes nothing. It doesn't send or receive any data on the network. All it does is to generate a human-readable report on the state of the computer. That report goes nowhere unless you choose to share it. If you prefer, you can act on it yourself without disclosing the contents to me or anyone else.
    You should be wondering whether you can believe me, and whether it's safe to run a program at the behest of a stranger. In general, no, it's not safe and I don't encourage it.
    In this case, however, there are a couple of ways for you to decide whether the program is safe without having to trust me. First, you can read it. Unlike an application that you download and click to run, it's transparent, so anyone with the necessary skill can verify what it does.
    You may not be able to understand the script yourself. But variations of it have been posted on this website thousands of times over a period of years. The site is hosted by Apple, which does not allow it to be used to distribute harmful software. Any one of the millions of registered users could have read the script and raised the alarm if it was harmful. Then I would not be here now and you would not be reading this message.
    Nevertheless, if you can't satisfy yourself that these instructions are safe, don't follow them. Ask for other options.
    4. Here's a summary of what you need to do, if you choose to proceed:
    ☞ Copy a line of text in this window to the Clipboard.
    ☞ Paste into the window of another application.
    ☞ Wait for the test to run. It usually takes a few minutes.
    ☞ Paste the results, which will have been copied automatically, back into a reply on this page.
    The sequence is: copy, paste, wait, paste again. You don't need to copy a second time. Details follow.
    5. You may have started the computer in "safe" mode. Preferably, these steps should be taken in “normal” mode, under the conditions in which the problem is reproduced. If the system is now in safe mode and works well enough in normal mode to run the test, restart as usual. If you can only test in safe mode, do that.
    6. If you have more than one user, and the one affected by the problem is not an administrator, then please run the test twice: once while logged in as the affected user, and once as an administrator. The results may be different. The user that is created automatically on a new computer when you start it for the first time is an administrator. If you can't log in as an administrator, test as the affected user. Most personal Macs have only one user, and in that case this section doesn’t apply. Don't log in as root.
    7. The script is a single long line, all of which must be selected. You can accomplish this easily by triple-clicking anywhere in the line. The whole line will highlight, though you may not see all of it in the browser window, and you can then copy it. If you try to select the line by dragging across the part you can see, you won't get all of it.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line of text below on this page to select it:
    PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/libexec;clear;cd;p=(Software Hardware Memory Diagnostics Power FireWire Thunderbolt USB Bluetooth SerialATA Fonts 1000 25 5120 KiB/s 1024 85 \\b%% 20480 1 MB/s 25000 ports ' \*dropbox \*genieo\* \*GoogleDr\* \*k.AutoCAD\* \*k.Maya\* vidinst\* ' DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES\ DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH -86 "` route -n get default|awk '/e:/{print $2}' `" 25 N\\/A down up 102400 25600 recvfrom sendto CFBundleIdentifier 25 25 25 1000 MB 'com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0 com.adobe.AAM.Updater-1.0 com.adobe.AdobeCreativeCloud com.adobe.CS4ServiceManager com.adobe.CS5ServiceManager com.adobe.fpsaud com.adobe.SwitchBoard com.adobe.SwitchBoard com.citrixonline.GoToMeeting.G2MUpdate org.macosforge.xquartz.privileged_startx org.macosforge.xquartz.privileged_startx org.macosforge.xquartz.startx' '879294308 4071182229 461455494 3627668074 1083382502 1274181950 1855907737 2758863019 1848501757 464843899 3694147963 1233118628 2456546649 2806998573 2778718105 2636415542 842973933 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    Copy the selected text to the Clipboard by pressing the key combination command-C.
    8. Launch the built-in Terminal application in any of the following ways:
    ☞ Enter the first few letters of its name into a Spotlight search. Select it in the results (it should be at the top.)
    ☞ In the Finder, select Go ▹ Utilities from the menu bar, or press the key combination shift-command-U. The application is in the folder that opens.
    ☞ Open LaunchPad and start typing the name.
    Click anywhere in the Terminal window and paste by pressing command-V. The text you pasted should vanish immediately. If it doesn't, press the return key.
    9. If you see an error message in the Terminal window such as "Syntax error" or "Event not found," enter
    exec bash
    and press return. Then paste the script again.
    10. If you're logged in as an administrator, you'll be prompted for your login password. Nothing will be displayed when you type it. You will not see the usual dots in place of typed characters. Make sure caps lock is off. Type carefully and then press return. You may get a one-time warning to be careful. If you make three failed attempts to enter the password, the test will run anyway, but it will produce less information. In most cases, the difference is not important. If you don't know the password, or if you prefer not to enter it, press the key combination control-C or just press return  three times at the password prompt. Again, the script will still run.
    If you're not logged in as an administrator, you won't be prompted for a password. The test will still run. It just won't do anything that requires administrator privileges.
    11. The test may take a few minutes to run, depending on how many files you have and the speed of the computer. A computer that's abnormally slow may take longer to run the test. While it's running, there will be nothing in the Terminal window and no indication of progress. Wait for the line
    [Process completed]
    to appear. If you don't see it within half an hour or so, the test probably won't complete in a reasonable time. In that case, close the Terminal window and report what happened. No harm will be done.
    12. When the test is complete, quit Terminal. The results will have been copied to the Clipboard automatically. They are not shown in the Terminal window. Please don't copy anything from there. All you have to do is start a reply to this comment and then paste by pressing command-V again.
    At the top of the results, there will be a line that begins with the words "Start time." If you don't see that, but instead see a mass of gibberish, you didn't wait for the "Process completed" message to appear in the Terminal window. Please wait for it and try again.
    If any private information, such as your name or email address, appears in the results, anonymize it before posting. Usually that won't be necessary.
    13. When you post the results, you might see an error message on the web page: "You have included content in your post that is not permitted," or "You are not authorized to post." That's a bug in the forum software. Please post the test results on Pastebin, then post a link here to the page you created.
    14. This is a public forum, and others may give you advice based on the results of the test. They speak only for themselves, and I don't necessarily agree with them.
    Copyright © 2014 by Linc Davis. As the sole author of this work, I reserve all rights to it except as provided in the Use Agreement for the Apple Support Communities website ("ASC"). Readers of ASC may copy it for their own personal use. Neither the whole nor any part may be redistributed.

  • TS1702 How can I transfer a game and game files (Minecraft) from my iphone to my grandson's new ipod touch.  Is there a way to do it without having to restore his ipod from my iphone?

    How can I transfer a game and game files (Minecraft) from my iphone to my grandson's new ipod touch.  Do I have to restore the ipod from my iphone or can I just transfer this one game (plus files).

    Back your device via icloud and restore on other ipod via icloud.

  • I have an iphone and my daughter has an ipod.  She has all my contacts showing up on her ipod.  I deleted them and now they are gone from both.  is there any way of retreiving this deleted information.

    I have an iphone and my daughter has an ipod.  She has all my contacts showing up on her ipod.  I deleted them and now they are gone from both.  is there any way of retreiving this deleted information.

    When you share an iCloud account, any data you sync with the account is merged, and any actions you take on one device (such as deleteing contacts) is synced to all other devices sharing the account.  To avoid this, each person's device(s) should have a separate iCloud account with a separate ID.  (You can continue to share your iTunes account; it does not need to have the same ID as the one used for iCloud.)
    To create separate icloud accounts, decide which iPhone will be keeping the current iCloud account.  On the one that will be changing accounts, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account from this phone, not from iCloud.  The phone that will be keeping the account will not be effected by this.)  When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On My iPhone.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom).  Then turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On, and when prompted about merging with iCloud, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to the new account.
    Finally, to un-merge the data you will then have to go to on your computer and sign into each iCloud account separately and manually delete the data you don't want (such as deleting the other person's contacts from your account, and vice versa).
    As for recovering the deleted contacts, you can try restoring her phone from her most recent backup.  This may recover the contacts, however it often doesn't.  Restoring to an iCloud backup has to be done in the initial setup process.  If she have any data on your phone now that is not in the backup that she wants to save she will need to do that first.  Then go to Settings>General>Reset and tap Erase All Content and Settings.  You will then go through the setup screens as you did when the phone was new. When given the option, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.  Be sure you are connected to wifi and your charger as this will take some time to finish.

  • I have a 3gs that just updated to 5.0 all my contacts are gone. how can i get them back?

    i have a 3gs that i just updated to 5.0. all my contacts are gone. how can i get them back?

    Are your contacts still on your computer? If yes, set one contact up on the phone and sync it, you'll get the option to merge data.
    If there are no more contacts on the computer, see if your latest backup still has the info, if you did not sync after you lose the info, they are still part of the backup.
    Backing Up, updating, and restoring your iPhone and iPod touch software

  • I have an iPhone 4S and while upgrading to OS 8.3, I noticed that all my contacts are gone.  Can I connect to my iMac OS Yosemite 10.10.3 and transfer contacts directly onto my phone?

    I have an iPhone 4S and while upgrading to OS 8.3, I noticed that all my contacts are gone.  Can I connect to my iMac OS Yosemite 10.10.3 and transfer contacts directly onto my phone?

    Hey there,
    I see that you have a question about one of the functions of USB syncing. To answer your question, yes, you can sync contacts from your computer to your iPhone using USB syncing and iTunes:
    Info: Sync your contacts and calendars.
    Sync your iPhone, iPad, and iPod with iTunes using USB - Apple Support
    Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities!

  • My daughter register her ipod with my account and now all my contacts are gone?

    my daughter register her ipod with my account and now all my contacts are gone and I have her contacts in my iphone I need my contacts back!!

    If you are sharing the same iCloud account your data will be merged.  Then if she deleted your contacts from her device, they would have been deleted from yours too.
    The first thing to do is migrate your daughter's iPod to her own iCloud account (you can continue to share the same iTunes ID; it does not need to be the same as the ID you use for iCloud).  To do this, start by saving any photo stream photos she wants to keep to her camera roll (unless already there) by opening her my photo stream album, tapping Select, tap the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), then tap Save to Camera Roll. Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud), choose Keep on My iDevice and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create her new account and choose Merge to upload your data.
    Once she is on her own account, you may be able to recover your contacts from your iCloud backup by following these steps:

  • I upgraded to ios 5 last night and all of my contacts have gone!  Where can I find them?

    I upgraded to ios 5 last night and all of my contacts have gone!  Where can I find them?

    Thanks - I actually went into Settings - then icloud - then contacts and switched it to off and they came back!  Thanks anyway.

  • I have an android and all of a sudden all my contacts are gone.  How can I get them back?

    I have an android and all of a sudden all my contact are gone.  How can I get them back?

    If you were not syncing and backing up your phone to either iTunes or iCloud, then they are gone. There is no "undo".

  • I received my new Iphone 6 last week, backed my iphone 5 and then restored my new handset.  It has been working fine until today when I deletec all my contacts from my old handset.  Contacts have gone from my new handset too, how do I get them back?

    I received my new iphone 6 last week, backed my iphone 5 and then restored my new handset.  It has been working fine until today when I deleted all my contacts from my old handset.  Contacts have gone from my new handset too, how do I get them back?  I don't think the back up was done using icloud as I keep getting the message "not enough memory"

    The point is not whether you used iTunes or iCloud to restore your new iPhone. It's whether you have Contacts turned on in Settings > ICloud. If you do on both your old iPhone and new iPhone then those devices are connected through iCloud. Deletions on one device are also made on the other.
    You may be able to restore your Contacts be using your old device backup to restore your new iPhone again. Make sure that you turn Off ICloud functionality on your old iPhone before you delete anything else from it.

  • All my contacts have suddenly disappeared!! I just changed my email exchange details as have changed my company and 5 mins  after that my contacts were all gone.!! am going through messages to understand the contact person and saving numbers.

    I just changed the details of my mail exchange and suddenly after 5 min.s all my contacts are gone??!!!!! I am trying to go through all messages to recognize the people who have sent me their messages.. PLEASE help. How can I get my contacts back??
    I dont really have my backup. The laptop I used to sync with, is with my old company now.

    I just changed the details of my mail exchange and suddenly after 5 min.s all my contacts are gone??!!!!! I am trying to go through all messages to recognize the people who have sent me their messages.. PLEASE help. How can I get my contacts back??
    I dont really have my backup. The laptop I used to sync with, is with my old company now.

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