All my tracks have gone

Downloaded a CD from ipod store left my ipod on charge.Next day went to create a cd from the download and found that all my tracks both on the ipod and in itunes have been erased. don't think I caused the problem,getting on a bit in years but have had it for a couple of years and had no problems before when carrying out the same operation.
Any suggestions please.

How do I restore lost playlists - ?

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  • Upgraded to v6 iphone software, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to my email.  Other web pages seem ok.  Help!

    Can anyone help me?  Since upgrading to v6 of the iphone software the other day, all my contacts have gone, and I can't connect to orange contacts restore to get them back, or access my email. Other web pages seem ok.
    When I try to connect to the orange backup app, the connection just times out and says connection error.  When I try to access my email it says verify i have put the correct a/c info into mail settings.
    Both things were fine before I updated.
    iPhone 4S, iOS 6

    I am having the same problem. Have tried everything I can think of and have bee searcing the community for a solution without any luck. I think I am going to uninstall ios6 if I can figure that out and reinstall.
    Good luck!

  • All audio tracks have same waveform in cs5

    Dear Friends,
    When i import 1080p AVI with 8 different audio tracks in Premier CS5 all my audio tracks have save waveform as that of track no 1. I mean all tracks looks the same though they are different as 5.1 and stereo.
    Please help and advice. Thanking You.

    I really have no idea what you are doing or what your signal routing looks like, nor do I know how experienced you are with audio software and signal routings in general. What I now think you mean is that you can't monitor your input properly, you cannot hear the signal of the mic? Is that right? Or how did you arrive to the conclusion that none of your plugins work on audio tracks? Have you actually put an audio file on your audio track?
    If you want to hear your input +processed through Logics' plugins,+ you need to enable Software Monitoring - just add its button (with a 'muted speaker' icon) to the transport by rightclicking the transport and ticking *Software Monitoring* on the list. Button grey=off, button green with dot in it=on.
    Of course the channel strip/track you receive the input on should also have an output selected, or you will never hear anything.

  • All my contacts have gone on my iPod from my iPhone how do I stop it

    My daughter is using my apple id for her iPod touch, all my contacts from my iPhone have gone onto her iPod, how can I stop this without making another apple Id

    Go to Seetings>iCloud and turn off Contacts. You can still locally use the iPod for contacts.

  • All my accounts have gone? Looks like it has reset?

    My MacBook Pro froze, when I restarted and opened mail all the accounts were gone? The rules are al still there and the 'on my mac' mailboxes but none of the six POP account details I are there?
    Timemachine is no good.
    It seems the mailboxes are in the mail library, is there anyway I can restore ? Meaning I don't have to go through and type passwords and full account details to get them all back.
    Man... SO annoying...

    Same same same, Does anyone know of an app or way that allows you to rebuild you as mine is bad BUT all the accounts and info must still be there ??

  • All my playlists have gone inc. the ones that come with itunes - why???

    I opened itunes today and for no apparent reason all my playlists have disappeared - even the recently played, recently added etc. The only one it didnt delete was Party shuffle. I don't know how to get them back and I really want them!! It's taken me ages to build up my playlists and I cant understand why they have suddenly disappeared. It didnt go wrong due to a recent upgrade or me fiddling around - they were literally there one day and gone the next. I still have all my music tho. Is there any way to get them back?? I particularly miss my recently played list! Also I dont want to attach my ipod in case it get rid of the playlists that are on there too. Help!

    Well, I sure can't answer the why, but I've been there too!
    I found software called Senuti that will copy a playlist from an iPod back into iTunes, without copying all the music files back in if they're already there. It sure felt like a lifesaver to me!
    Just make sure you have iTunes set to manually manage your music so it won't update the iPod automatically.
    Good luck!

  • All my photos have gone from iPhoto is there any way i can recover them?

    I turned my laptop on and when i opened iphoto it asked me to create a new library as there was no existing one, therefore all my photos have disappeared. There are no photos in the trash and my laptop is a macbook pro and it's not old. Please help i had a lot of important photos!
    Thank you

    Download and run  Find Any File  to search for a file named "Library6.iPhoto".  There's one in every iPhoto library.  FAF can search areas that Spotligh can't, like invisible or system folders.  If there's a second iPhoto Library on your hard drive FAF will find it.

  • Just updated to 7.0 and now all my apps have gone from main screen?

    Just updated my iphone and now all my apps have disappeared from my home screen

    If he upgraded properly he wouldn't have to restore anything.    I'm curious how he did this upgrade on his device.

  • I have just updated my iphone 4 to the ios 7 and all my apps have gone!! anyone have an idea as to where they could be

    i have just updated my software to ios 7 and all of my apps that i downloaded have completely gone!! can anyone help me to as where they could be??

    it's possible that the installation inserted a blank app page into your phone. be sure to swipe from right to left until you have no more pages to look for apps you may be missing. also, there are multiple app pages in folders in ios7, so your apps could be hidden on a different page in the folder. to search for your apps in your device, you will want to swipe down in the middle of any of the main pages that hold your apps to reveal a search bar, then search for the app in question to see if it is still installed on your device.

  • HT3819 Have just set home sharing, but on the computer it as been shared with all my tracks have come up individually and there are no sign og selecting my playlists. Is this normal and also there is no sign of my audio books.??? Any advice appreciated .

    I have just set up home sharing, but all that has come up on the new computer is all my individual tracks and not my playlists, also there are no sign of my audio books... Is this normal?? Any advice appreciated...

    I'm sorry, but your sister, unless she had already turned on the "Find my iPhone" feature and the person who took the phone has not disabled it, is out of luck. She should report the theft to local police authorities, including the serial number of her iPhone. While her experience is unfortunate, there are good reasons why Apple cannot do anything else about it.
    I hope she gets her phone back.
    Best of luck.

  • All My Contacts have gone after updating iphone4 to ios5

    So i decided to move with the times and finally update my iphone as some apps would no longer work without updating to ios5.
    Everything is in my phone apps, music, calenders, notes emails but the contacts have all gone. I have tried to restore my iphone through itunes but this hasnt worked i only had one restore option available which was a sync that was completed after my contacts were gone from the update.
    I now realise how stupid this was to never have uploaded my contacts to so sort of app but to be honest i never gave it a second thought. Is there anywhere i can get my contacts from or are ther lost forever????
    please have some magic fix for me

    I've lost mine, too. However, I've found that they're all there if I go in via the phone. The contacts app just shows "no contacts". When searching from other apps (such as Reminders), it doesn't find anything, but spotlight finds them.

  • All my alarms have gone

    Hi, a SunMC system with no alarms should be a good thing, but it is in fact "alarming".
    Our system is a SunMC 4 platform on a T5220 (dedicated) with latest SMC patches installed.
    Last week, my SunMC system showed alarms for all the 70 or so systems I have configured.
    This week, I can no longer browse any alarms.
    I click on a client, select the Alarms tab and if I wait patiently enough, it will eventually do one of two things:
    1) quietly fail and display no alarms
    2) fail and popup a notice that says
    Exception occured during alarm select request. 
    Fail to connect to Event manager And then I am stuck. But alerts are shown in the "summary" view so I can see recent events are being logged.
    All the clients are logging to their appropriate agent logs.
    The server event logs show lots of activity.
    No firewalls are in place and it all seems to be Ok otherwise.
    Some advise at this point would be helpful as I have scoured this forum and tried what should work and I am stuck.
    Edited by: virag064 on Aug 4, 2009 6:49 PM

    Sounds like there may be problems with your Event Manager. You might want to rerun setup on the Sun MC server. Is this in a production environment? Before doing so, you could send me your logs and I can further look into the problem for you.
    Run our diagnostics utility and send our experts the resulting file:
    Usage and email addresses can be found on the page above.

  • I can't locate any of my music on iTunes, even my purchased tracks have gone

    All my music has disappeared from iTunes, even my purchased stuff & it has an explanation mark next to it. It says locate file but they are nowhere to be found in the iTunes or any folder. Also I can't play the missing tracks in the iTunes Store. What should I do?

    Hi Topher23Gunner,
    Welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like there is an issue with music missing from iTunes. The articles below should help you resolve the issue, the first will help you locate missing files and the second describes a software conflict with a small group of PCs.
    iTunes: Finding lost media and downloads
    iTunes creates an empty library file in Windows
    I hope this helps.

  • HT1937 My iPad has reset it's self from find my iPad (app) and I thought it was connected to iCloud but all my pictures have gone?

    HELP! I really need to get my pictures back! I can't belive it ;(;(;(;(;(

    If you didn't have a backup and didn't have them uploaded to photostream, they are gone.

  • On my iphone and in icloud all calander events have gone

    On my work iphone 4s and in icloud all my calander events have gone

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    There's a small number of such reports currently, I'd be inclined to hang on a little while to see if they return.

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