All of a sudden Reader says all pdf's rec'd by e-mail are damaged or corrupt. Help available?

I'm using the latest version of Office 365's Outlook on Windows 8.1. I receive many e-mails from different sources containing PDF files. All of a sudden I receive an error message on every PDF. Generally its "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and can't be repaired." I even forwarded a PDF that I know others have been able to open to my wife's e-mail address and it gave her the same error message. So not only are PDF's I receive not able to be opened but my Reader or something else on my computer seems to be damaging or corrupting them! I thought I had a malware problem so I re-set my Dell laptop back to reinstallation of Windows and re-installed Adobe Reader XI. I have also right-clicked on a PDF file and set Adobe Reader XI as the default program.

Hi bellingenbob,
Please let me know what version of Adobe Reader you are using.
You might need to choose 'Check for Updates' option under the Help menu to use the latest version of Reader i.e. 11.0.10
Also, tell me whether you are viewing the PDFs through 'Preview' or first download the files and then open with Reader.
Try disabling protected mode from Edit> Preferences> Security (Enhanced) and check.
Hope to hear from you.

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