All or None Responsive Design

Here's the thing - when you have some objects (text boxes) that are responsive, but the webpage they are built upon is not, you can end up with some seriously frustrating issues, such as objects moving from their X/Y coordinates from design to preview to published. If I put something at nX and nY, I wanted it right there in relation to the the page I placed it on. I don't want it moved by x pixels because on page A there was a scroll bar and on page B there was not.
The issue also causes objects to randomly resize and shift even when a scroll bar is not at issue, skewing carefully laid design elements and causing no end of frustration.
So, if, as I've read here and elsewhere, Muse has no intention of creating responsive design for whole pages, then the responsive elements within static pages need to be an option, not the default with no way to create a static design.

Kind of in a rush today, but I promised a rationale for why iTunes U is working as intended…why what you get is really more of a feature and less of a bug.
Consider a site that is private and has content that should only be viewed by people who first authenticate to a portal website. For example, at your school, you might want to limit the content for a particular course to the people who are enrolled in it. If you could interrupt a download, and later restart it, then it would, conceivably, be possible to get access to content that you are no longer entitled to have. A public (non-iTunes U) podcast is different. People who podcast that way have absolutely no control over who may access content and for how long that access can persist. That is why such sessions do not time-out.
iTunes U sessions have fixed durations in order to protect your content…the content that you want to keep private. The downside is, of course, that if you cannot get content after a fixed time, you will have to reestablish an authenticated iTunes U session. This is similar in concept to what a lot of banking websites do…if you let any web session go unattended for five minutes or so, the bank's website invalidates your web session so-as-to protect your account.

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  • Canon pixma mg3510, plug in, push ON, green light comes on, ALL buttons non-responsive

     non-responsive canon pixma mg3510 wireless print copy scan , costa rica
    1, I take printer out of the box
    2, I install power cable. [photo paper light comes on]
    3, I install paper per instructions
    4, I push power switch [ green power light comes on, stays on, never blinking ]
    5, All buttons are non-responsive, including STOP, even when held down 15 seconds.

    Your Lombard can run a maximum of 512MB of RAM (2x256MB). The memory module for the top slot is standard height which is approximately 2.0"; the module for the lower (bottom) slot is low-profile, meaning 1.5" or less. The standard height module will only work in the top slot; the low-profile will work in either slot. Also, these 256MB modules are unique to the early iMac, Wallstreet, and Lombard; generic 256s will not work properly.
    Generally, when a powerbook's sleep light comes on when either a charged main battery and/or a power adapter is connected, and a power manager reset does not resolve the issue, you have some other hardware problem. Since the 'book is not even turned on, bad RAM would not cause this. If memory were bad, you may or may not get the startup chime, but then you would receive a dialog box on the lit display of a problem with RAM or cache memory in 9.x; OSX does not have this dialog box but nonetheless the POST (power on self-test) still runs.
    When you get a power adapter, I would try this:
    -remove all power;
    -remove the optical drive;
    -lift off the keyboard and very carefully disconnect the keyboard ribbon cable;
    -disconnect the rechargeable backup battery (PRAM battery);
    -lift out the microprocessor card, remove both memory modules;
    -disconnect the HD ribbon cable from the logic board;
    -reinstall the microprocessor card without any memory;
    -connect just the power adapter, then press the power button; if no response, press the reset button on the back panel, then try the power button.
    In the above, you have stripped down the powerbook to its bare essentials for a power test. If you have no hardware problem, you should have no light steady sleep light and when the power button is pressed, you should hear RAM detected.
    If the above produces no positive results, then you have a failed component somewhere.

  • Non-responsive filters in Query Designer

    Good afternoon all,
    We have upgraded to version 7 but are still using the 3x version for reporting.
    We have noted that within the query designer when trying to place filters on certain characteristics e.g Wage Type, Pay Scale Group the report hangs for a long time before bringing back any values for selection. This only seems to be happening within the query designer, when the query is executed we are able to filter on variables with ease, yet these same objects within designer are non responsive.
    I've searched on here and for any relevant notes but with no joy, any ideas?
    I should also say that also after upgrade we had issues when selecting on these characteristics within the selection screen when running these queries and solved it by changing the Provider Specific Properties  Query Exec Filter to Value M Values in Master Data table.

    We have exactly the same problem. We also upgraded to 7.0 but are using 3.x functionality. Did you solve this problem?
    Kind regards,
    Bernd Evers

  • My Ipad 2 no longer displays anything.It may come on for a few seconds,but then half of the screen goes completely black, and the system becomes non responsive to all bottons. At other times all four sides of the display becomes black, about 1/4 inch.

    Can anyone help me on this one? I got my IPAD 2 in June 2011. It never gave problems until a few days ago. It began to "hang", becoming non-responsive to all buttons. Then just yesterday morning, it went totally black. The display no longer displays. The Battery was charged 96%. I tried the power adapter, but had the same result. I tried the resetting, holding the two buttons for 10 seconds or more but no result. I have already restored it to the factory setting,(via my PC) and put back my apps etc. But after all this I still cannot see anything on the screen.
    I know it is still working, because from time to timer I hear the message alerts, and other sounds.
    Waht is the likely solution?

    Try a Reset...
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button at the same time for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears. Release the Buttons.
    If no joy... Try a Restore...
    1: Connect the device to your computer and open iTunes.
    2: If the device appears in iTunes, select and click Restore on the Summary pane.
    3: If the device doesn't appear in iTunes, try using the steps in this article to force the device into recovery mode.
    From Here
    Unresponsive iPad

  • TS1382 4th gen iPod nano wheel and buttons still non-responsive after all t-shooting suggestions performed.

    Hello all,
    My beautiful 1 year old daughter pull my nano off a Bose speaker dock and ever since the wheel and buttons have been non-responsive.  I've tried a rest and all troubleshooting steps with no luck.  Does anyone out there have any other suggestions?  Thanks.

    Mine is no longer responding to anything but when it's connected to the computer, it will restore and sync, but I cannot turn it off, play music or anything else and I would really like to know a solution for this as well!

  • 4620 all in one control panel non responsive

    4620 all in one printer front control panel buttons non-responsive.  The panel shows information but nothing happens when pushing buttons.  So I can not copy, etc.  I can print from the computer which is directly hooked up.  The wireless light is on even though I don't use it.  I have tried unplugging with no luck.

    Hey , Welcome to the HP Support Forums!
    I understand that the control panel display on your HP Officejet 4620 e-All-in-One Printer is unresponsive. I would like to assist you today with resolving this issue. There is the chance that either a power issue or Firmware Programming issue is occuring within your product. Therefore, to start troubleshooting I am going to have you perform some standard hardware troubleshooting steps. Please follow the steps below.  Step 1: Check Power: Please plug your printer directly into a wall outlet for power. Power strips and surge protectors may cause your printer to lack power and not respond properly. Once your printer is plugged directly into a wall outlet please power it on. Next, please test the control panel buttons and Copy function to confirm that the issue is resolved. Should the issue persist, please proceed to the next step.    Step 2: Perform a Power Reset: Turn your printer ONWith the printer ON please disconnect the power cable from the rear of your printerLeave the power cable disconnected for 60 secondsAfter 60 seconds plug the power cable back inYour printer should start back up on its ownOnce your printer returns to the Ready state please test the control panel buttons and Copy function to confirm if the issue has been resolved. Should the issue persist please proceed.    Step 3: Update Firmware:  The Firmware is the internal Programming within your printer. Essentially, it is the 'brains' of your printer and controls what your printer does and how your printer does it. If the internal Firmware Programming is corrupted, it may cause performance issues within your printer. Therefore, I would like you to run the latest Firmware Update for your printer. However, before I am able to provide you with the correct Firmware Update to run I do need to know what Operating System you're using on your computer. Once I find out what Operating System you're using I will provide the latest Firmware Update for you to download and 'send' to your printer.   Please respond to this post with the result of your troubleshooting. Should the issue persist, be sure to include your Operating System in your response. I look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!  

  • Slideshows in responsive design

    Making responsiv designs in Dreamweaver has become easy but if you want to make a webpage with a full page slideshow optimized for ordinary screens and high resolution screens (Retina) you must have images of a rather large size. So if you have images that fit eg. the new 30" Apple Retina display an Iphone must download the same images and downsize them to fit the phone display. What I'm concerned of is the pageload time. I know that Muse automatically downsize images in the different layouts but Muse doesn't do true responsive design.  My question is then - is it possible to have the same slideshow pointing to different folders with images of more appropriate sizes?
    Or is the solution that you make 2 or 3 slideshows on the same page and then in CSS hide (display: none) the slideshow that is not needed? But if an element is hidden, isn't it loaded anyway?
    Or are there other solutions?
    Best regards Jørgen

    Never tried this myself but I guess appending the images using jQuery based on screen width might work: If screen width is more that 500px the appropriate 'desktop' img is appended to its <li></li> container, else a smaller image is appended to it.
    Might be a good reason this won't work just thinking off the top of my head. (I don't know if all the images are download when the document is ready or just those that conform to the screen width.) Someone will have a view.
    <meta ="charset=UTF-8">
    <title>Untitled Document</title>
    <script src=""></script>
    $(document).ready(function() {
    if ($(window).width() > 500) {
    $(".slide_1").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_2").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_3").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_4").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_5").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_6").append("<img src='desktopImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    else {
    $(".slide_1").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_2").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_3").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_4").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_5").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    $(".slide_6").append("<img src='mobileImages/slideshow_1.jpg' />");
    ul {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;
    li {
    margin: 0;
    padding: 0;
    list-style: none;
    <div id="slideshow">
    <li class="slide_1"></li>
    <li class="slide_2"></li>
    <li class="slide_3"></li>
    <li class="slide_4"></li>
    <li class="slide_5"></li>
    <li class="slide_6"></li>
    <!-- end slideshow -->

  • Responsive Design

    Six months ago I purchased Dreamweaver CS6 to have my site more interactive, i'm new to Web Development. I currently ran into a slight IE 7 & 8 comp ability issue with DWCS6 and CSS3.
    My computer system is Windows 7 with IE9, so when testing my new site all went well, until I uploaded and learned about Internet Explorer Developer Tools, which has cross browser mode to test IE 7 & 8 versions.
    Unfortunately my site shows phone view first, I’m using Dreamweaver Fluid Grid Responsive Design System, which gives 3-layouts, phone-tablet-desktop.
    For the past month my reasearch is circling to no avail, I have tried many methods on the net , but none seems to be working.
    I have learned that “" and "respond.min.js”
    are not working properly with my site ( in IE 7 & 8).
    May I humbly request your assistance with resolution to these issues?
    Thank You,

    It's really a waste of time to make a site responsive for old browsers.
    The hacks required are not simple and tend to add to an already bloated
    approach by Adobe. Concentrate on modern browsers and, of course, mobile
    Unfortunately, there is little consensus on best practices for
    responsive design - primarily because the methods are evolving
    constantly. It is very easy to happen upon an out of date article, which
    is probably how Adobe developed their Fluid Grid monstrosity
    But if you have a problem with a particular page, you really need to
    post a link to a live page or it will be nearly impossible for anyone to
    help you.
    Al Sparber - PVII
    The Finest Dreamweaver Tools
    Since 1998

  • Dynamic Linking fails aerendercore non-responsive.

    I sent this bug to Adobe:
    Concise problem statement: Dynamic Link Server fails to connect in Media Encoder--aerendercore in non-repsonsive state.
    Steps to reproduce bug:
    1. Usually happens after using Media Encoder several times in a row to attempt the render of an AE sequence either by sending the sequence to ME from AE OR by trying to dynamic link to the sequence from ME.
    Is fairly reproducable here
      Results: Nothing added to cue or Dynamic Link Server never shows results.
    Expected results: For either method to work as designed.
    Force killing the process, aerendercore, (which shows as non-responsive in the Activity Monitor) allows normal operation as expected for a while.
    Dynamic links suck, you know that don't you?
      Model Name: Mac Pro
      Model Identifier: MacPro5,1
      Processor Name: 6-Core Intel Xeon
      Processor Speed: 3.33 GHz
      Number of Processors: 1
      Total Number of Cores: 6
      L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB
      L3 Cache: 12 MB
      Memory: 32 GB
      Processor Interconnect Speed: 6.4 GT/s
      Boot ROM Version: MP51.007F.B03
      SMC Version (system): 1.39f11
      SMC Version (processor tray): 1.39f11
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 2048 MB
    All latest updates/drivers

    I took a look at Apple's source code changes to Cyrus IMAP, which is working with Open Directory. I did a diff against the original 2.2.12 sources using FileMerge and I see that Apple added code to look in Open Directory for user name and pass. So this explains why IMAP works but sendmail does not.
    A pertinent question at this point is: Has anyone ported sendmail to Mac OS X Open Directory, similar to what Apple did with IMAP? If so, it would save me from trying to do it myself. I can probably merge the IMAP additions into sendmail, and this would allow Workgroup Manager accounts to send SMTP using SASL authentication.
    Alternatively, the easier path seems to be to create a separate database for sendmail SASL, which isn't too far from what they recommend anyway.
    No comments from anyone?

  • Responsive Design - Hide DIV in Internet Explorer

    I'm building a responsive design site and have multiple Navigation Bars for each screen width. 
    In my CSS depending on screen size I have the navigation bar turned off or hidden display.
    Doing this works fine in FireFox, but doesn't in Internet Explorer.  Specifically IE8, but I would like a fix for all IE browsers.
    /*  THE HTML  */
    <nav id="tabletnav">
    <div class="sixteen columns">
    <li><a href="index.html">Home</a></li>
    <li><a href="about.html">About</a></li>
    <li><a href="designs.html">Designs</a></li>
    <li><a href="process.html">Process</a></li>
    <li><a href="contact.html">Contact</a></li>
    /*  THE CSS */
    @media only screen and (min-width: 959px) {
    #tabletnav     {

    Use an IE conditional comment in the <head> of your HTML document, below all other stylesheet links and embedded CSS styles.
    <!--[if IE ]>-->
    <style type="text/css">
    #tabletnav {display:none}
    Alternatively, you could replace that style in the conditional comment with a link to your IE-only.css file. 
    <!--[if IE ]>-->
    <link href="path/IE-only.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen">
    Personally, I prefer using an IE-only.css file to cover all the IE exceptions.
    Nancy O.

  • When playing games on my iPod touch.  Some are stutters and non responsive

    Trying to play games on my iPod touch and they are slow, stuttery and non responsive. iPod software is up to date

    Do the games require an internet connection? If so then maybe slow connection.
    - Reset the iOS device. Nothing will be lost
    Reset iOS device: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
    least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
    - Reset all settings
    Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
    All your preferences and settings are reset. Information (such as contacts and calendars) and media (such as songs and videos) aren’t affected.
    - Restore from backup. See:                                 
    iOS: How to back up           
    - Restore to factory settings/new iOS device.

  • Firefox 13 is unusable hanging/non-responsive. I've downgraded flash, uninstalled plugins & un/reinstalled Firefox but I can't use it to try other possibl fixes

    Since updating to Firefox 13 it not only runs slow but hangs and becomes non-responsive on all different websites. I was told that the most recent Flash update was known to be incompatible with Ffx 13, so down-dated Flash and uninstalled non-essential plugins - which definitely helped, but has not fixed the problem.
    I haven't even been able to try the other potential fixes I've found on the Support site (adding into my computer's safe settings in case of firewall issue or creating a new profile) because Firefox won't work long enough for me to access them. At this point, shouldn't I just down-date to the last version of Firefox??

    All of a sudden firefox has become unstable - its hanging on the NYTIMEs website. I've done done everything - uninstalled, reinstalled, removed all add-ons, used default themes, reset firefox. Some serious problem here - I had to switch back to IE9. (Version 16.0.1 Firefox running under Windows 7)
    Oh by the way, I'm having the same problem on different computers all of which are running the latest firefox under Windows 7

  • Now that I was sent by Microsoft to your download update site to get the latest version 4.0.1, Firefox crashes (becomes non-responsive) before opening any site page I try. When will you fix this problem?

    For two weeks I have tried to use your automatic download of the latest version 4.0.1. It would sit there telling me it is trying to connect to the download computer for hours, several times overnight. Then, it became non-responsive and error messages were sent to Microsoft who directed me to your download site. After downloading your latest version several times, the new page would open. After selecting a bookmarked site, it would open (sometimes only partially) but when I tried to scroll down, it would freeze up and become non-responsive, again prompting error messages to Microsoft. They must be getting a kick out of this. I'm running a Gateway 7200S desktop with Microsoft XP and Intel single range Pentium 4 processor. I have been using your Mozilla Firefox as my default browser for several years with much satisfaction. Unfortunately, whatever upgrades were made have rendered it useless for me.

    I have had a similar problem with my system. I just recently (within a week of this post) built a brand new desktop. I installed Windows 7 64-bit Home and had a clean install, no problems. Using IE downloaded an anti-virus program, and then, because it was the latest version, downloaded and installed Firefox 4.0. As I began to search the internet for other programs to install after about maybe 10-15 minutes my computer crashes. Blank screen (yet monitor was still receiving a signal from computer) and completely frozen (couldn't even change the caps and num lock on keyboard). I thought I perhaps forgot to reboot after an update so I did a manual reboot and it started up fine.
    When ever I got on the internet (still using firefox) it would crash after anywhere between 5-15 minutes. Since I've had good experience with FF in the past I thought it must be either the drivers or a hardware problem. So in-between crashes I updated all the drivers. Still had the same problem. Took the computer to a friend who knows more about computers than I do, made sure all the drivers were updated, same problem. We thought that it might be a hardware problem (bad video card, chipset, overheating issues, etc.), but after my friend played around with my computer for a day he found that when he didn't start FF at all it worked fine, even after watching a movie, or going through a playlist on Youtube.
    At the time of this posting I'm going to try to uninstall FF 4.0 and download and install FF 3.6.16 which is currently on my laptop and works like a dream. Hopefully that will do the trick, because I love using FF and would hate to have to switch to another browser. Hopefully Mozilla will work out the kinks with FF 4 so I can continue to use it.
    I apologize for the lengthy post. Any feedback would be appreciated, but is not necessary. I will try and post back after I try FF 3.16.6.

  • What are you considering non responsive with the plugins? Flash player is working just fine then I get your crash page in the middle of doing something. You say it only crashes when it's been unresponsive for 45 seconds. Mine is crashing in less then 1

    I have had problems with firefox crashing for the last three month. I have updated to the latest version with the crash protection. Now the flash player crashes about every 20 minutes or so. On your blog page you state that I will get the crash page when the plugin has been non-responsive for 45 seconds well with mine the games are going along just fine then wham crash page. Flash player was responding and you gave me crash report anyway. What's up???? Flash player is crashing within seconds not 45 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your check plugin page always states that my plugins are UP TO DATE!!!!!
    == This happened ==
    Every time Firefox opened
    == three months ago and getting worse with every upgrade you send!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    '''''"I have had problems with firefox crashing for the last three month."'''''
    You need to investigate the cause of your crashes that started prior to the release of the first Firefox version that offered crash protection, version 3.6.4, released in mid to late June 2010; that is just over one month ago.
    <u>'''The crash protection feature does not prevent a plugin from crashing, it prevents the whole Firefox browser from crashing because of a crashing plugin; only the tab with the crashing plugin crashes.'''</u>
    For information about report plugin crashes see:
    You need to post the crash Report IDs for the crashes occurring over the last 3 months. To do so, type '''about:crashes''' in the URL/location/address bar, then copy and paste the Report IDs (only) into your reply. See:
    In addition, please do the following. Type '''about:support''' in the URL/location/address bar, on the screen presented, click "Copy all to Clipboard" and paste that into your reply.

  • I have an ipod nano 2nd generation with a non responsive click wheel

    I have an ipod nano 2nd generation with a non responsive click wheel. I have fully charged it tried resetting it and on two different computers with the latest iTunes I have restored it with the latest firmware then moved it to hold and off hold held in the menue button and select button for 10 seconds but all I get is a screen where I select the language but cant get any response from the scroll wheel.
    The hold button is working (I see the lock icon go on and off) I have done the restore procedure and then reset many times but no good I am wondering if I should open it up and disconnect the battery for 30 seconds.
    I would appreciate any advice thanks in advance. (This is my Daughters ipod mine is an 8 gig one.)

    You need a newer model iPod, a 4G or 5G. The 2G can only go to iOS 4.2.1

Maybe you are looking for