Allocation of Costs from Cost center to COPA

We are booking costs to a Cost Center with reference to a Primary Cost Element. However, in month end, the same cost has to be transferred to COPA. One of the Characteristics in COPA is also Profit Center.
The issue is that we can allocate costs from Cost centers to COPA through Assesement Rule, system requirement is for Assesement Cost Element, which is a secondary Cost element. In such a case, the PCA Balances, after execution of Assesement cycle are shown with the Secondary Cost Elements.
In a case, I have booked costs of INR 100000 in a cost center 103007 against a Primary Cost Element 423101. Since Profit Center 103007 is assigned in Cost Center 103007, the Profit Center Line Items will show a balance of INR 100000 against cost element 423101 for Profit Center 103007.
After this at month end, we need to allocate costs from Cost Center to COPA. But the requirement is that after allocation also, the balances should be shown against Cost Element 423101 for Profit Center 103007

Hi Sanil
That is not possible.. There is no "Distribution cycle" available for COPA.. In COPA you can have either an Assessment Cycle or an Indirect Act Allocation or a Template Allocation...
I dont know about template allocation as I have never used that, but gut feel says even that wont serve the purpose...
One work around is you allocate from Cost Center to an Internal Order using Distribution cycle... Then Allocate from IO to COPA using assessment... In order to use IO as sender in allocation cycle, use note 605281
At best, what you can do is to use an Allocation Structure instead of one single assessment cost element per Segment... Using an Alloc Str, you can map, say, GL Accounts for Basic Salary, DA, HRA to one Secondary cost element... This way, create logical groupings of GL accounts and map to multiple secondary cost elements
But bear in mind, The more you use Secondary cost elements, the more will be the line items in CE1XXXX table...
Ajay M

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  • Transfering the Cost from Cost center to PM Work order

    Hi all,
    We have a scenario.
    we are doing material consumption from storage locaiton to a cost center using 201.
    when the material requirement comes from work order, we are doing reverse consumption posting from Cost center to storage location using 202. and then issue the material to work order using 261.
    Is there any way, that we can move the cost directly from cost center to work order (skipping the storage location in between).
    Thanks in advance.

    I guess Initially you are transferring material (201 movement) from Central Warehouse to Cost Center assigned to each department. After that, if you get any reservation from the particular department work order, you are issuing the components to work order by doing 202 & 261 movements.
    You can follow either one way.
    1. Without doing 201 movement type, once you create a order, based on reservation you can do 261 movement to order from central warehouse directly.
    2. Define storage location, do the stock transfer between storage locations. While creating maintenance order, assign the concern storage location in the order. So from that storage location, you can do 261 movement. Also by Material valuation, you can find the value of materials as well.

  • Transfering costs from cost centre to a WBS

    Dear Experts,
    I have 250 PO's where the cost is booked to the cost centre. They were suppose to be loaded on to WBS elements.
    How do i transfer these costs to the WBS?

    Hi Burzes,
    You can do this in  KB11N or can create a distribution cycle where in sender will be the cost center and receiver is WBS element
    Warm regards,
    Murukan Arunachalam

  • Error in Distribution of Actual cost in Cost Object Hierarchy

    I am getting an error while doing the Distribution of Actual cost from Cost Object Node to the assigned Order.
    Cost element/origin 630000 could not be distributed
    Message no. KZ468
    The cost element/ origin 630000 could not be distributed because there are no target costs for this cost element/origin or for cost element group CO-PC-TOT.
    Check the calculated target costs and cost element group CO-PC-TOT assigned to the target cost version.
    Procedure for System Administration
    Although the Cost element is Present in cost element group CO-PC-TOT.
    One more information, the order  that is assigned in Cost Object Hierarchy is of CO-Product orders.
    I have searched in the forum but I havent got any solution.
    Kindly help.

    Concerning error message KZ 468, it has the following origin: In the  customizing of the cost object category (transaction okz5), check if the 'single object selection' is set to 'Control through variance key'. If you consider the F1-Help for this option you will find the following  explanation:
    if the indicator Control through variance key is turned on, the production order, process order, or product cost collector can only be assigned to the cost object hierarchy if:
    -> The material is assigned to the lowest node of the hierarchy
    -> No variance key is specified in the order
    The important point is, that orders that have a variance key are excluded from the cost distribution.
    In transaction KKF8 you will find that all these orders do indeed have  a variance key. Hence, all of these orders are included, there are no target costs from the orders and the costs cannot be distributed. Thus the error message kz 468.
    Please consider that and check the customizing again.
    Not having target costs in the distribution indicates either a wrong set up of the hierarchy or, more likely, no valid cost estimate for a certain material of a production order or product cost collector could be found.
    Did you check whether for this cost element/origin target costs exist, and also for the cost element group? If not the message KZ468 is correct and probably the cost element group has to be maintained properly.
    The distribution of actual costs calculates target costs on-the-fly and the variance calculation does not have to be carried out before. Quite the opposite than the variance calculation requires the distribution as a preceding step. Furthermore it is not sufficient that one cost element is in a cost element group but the interval where the cost element has been assigned to has to have some target costs. Otherwise this won't work and message KZ468 is issued.

  • Allocation of cost  from one profit center group to various profit centr gr

    Hi Experts,
    Here we  created one profit center as group function having various cost centers like common function Admin,Accounts,Legal,HR etc. Now we want to allocate the the cost from group function to various profit center group.
    Kindly give your valuable solution.

    The allocation can be done through Distribution either in a fixed value or in percentages.  You can define a planning
    cycle for a sender profit center group and define the amount to be allocated to receiver profit center group.
    Define Actual cycle in the same way.  In periodic processing which may be every month/quarterly/half yearly,
    you can distribute the values from one group to the other.
    Best Regards,

  • Copa assessment from cost center posted with zero values

    Hello all,
    We are running for the first time in my clients system assessment cycle for actual values from cost center t copa
    The cycle at the test run shows the values and the reciever tracing factor allright but in update run the document created with zero values
    Can anyone adress me why this happnes

    You must be getting some errors in update run, like profit center update (if new gl active) or other, please check and revert.

  • Allocation of cost from service cost center  to production cost center

    Dear sir ,
    Will I use to distribute the cost from service department to production department  and that cost centers also using for activity planing will get currect result in product costing ?

    Can you clarify what you want to do ?
    Allocation of cost from service cost centers to production cost centers can be done with the help of Assessment / Distribution cycles and you can do a activity planning using the same costs as well. The steps for activity planning would be as under:
    1. Create primary cost planning in the service and production cost centers (KP06)
    2. Create activity planning in the production cost centers (KP26) without any rate
    3. Run assessment / distribution cycles to transfer cost from the service cost centers to production cost centers (KSUB / KSVB), in case you are not transferring based on activity quantity then also do SKF planning in KP46
    4. Run plan cost splitting in case you have more then one activity type (do config for splitting structure beforehand) (KSS4)
    5.  Calculate Plan price for the production cost center activity types (KSPI)
    BR // SG

  • CO-PA derivation of Country from Cost center

    I am trying to derive Country for COPA purposes from business area of Cost center. I have creation a Table-lookup rule for first deriving the business area from Cost center. But this rule has Controlling area, Cost center and Date To field as the key field. I am confused which field to enter in the corresponding field of COPA for Date TO field in CSKS table. Can we derive business are through this method in COPA? When i display the characteristic COPA_KOSTL, Origin table and Origin field is coming as blank. Please clarify these two things.

    Hi Waman,
    My problem is in case of non project related expenses which we book to Cost center. I can derive country in case of project related expenses from Project itself which has country of project.
    Please clarify if you have an option for doing this.

  • Distribution from cost center to order

    hi all
    when I  do the distribution from cost center to order with "ksu5“
    error message"不允许 "实际间接费用分摊"(ORD103601000058)"
    "not allowed actual overhead distribution ,ORD103601000058)
    anyone can help me ?thanks in advance...
    Edited by: DUNBAR XUE on Apr 22, 2008 10:53 AM

    Well, there are other ways of doing this, than trying to assess using CCtr Assessment Cycles.
    You could use a Costing Sheet to collect the costs and apportion to the material. This us the idea behind Overhead Cost Allocation.
    Alternatively, you could use an Activity Based Costing template for the apportionment. Create a Business Process and have your Cost Centre assess costs to the Business Process by the end of the month. Now run template allocation and, all the config being okay (this is the catch), you will see this costs on the Production Order / Product Cost Collector / Material, etc.
    All of these require some config, but definitely you cannot assess from a CCtr to a Production Order. You are better off defining a Costing Sheet for this one.

  • Cost Allocation based on receiving cost center

    Hi All,
    I have a uniqure requirement. I have 1 producing cost center A and i have two main cost centers Z1 & Z2. I use KB21N for activity allocation and i use sending cost center A and receiving cost center Z1 for 100 hours and Z2 for 200 hours at $2 per hour for activity type labor. The entry posted is credit cost center A and debit cost center Z1 & Z2. At month end i end up over/under absorption of $5000 in cost center A, and i need to allocate this over/under absorption of $5000 to cost center Z1 and Z2 based on the actual consumption from cost center A. This can be done easily, based on the secondary cost element cost of the activity type, BUT the catch is cost center Z1 & Z2 also get costs for the labor cost element from other cost center too. For example cost center Z1 as labor cost element of $500 in total out which it has $200 from cost center A and rest from other cost centers, if i allocate the over/under absorption of $5000 based on the total $ values on the secondar cost element, it takes the total of labor cost element for allocation, that is $500 for basis of allocation. SKF also does
    How can we address this issue, can it be done apart from assessment? Please let me know

    Hi assign or select Revnue field in the sort key figure  and the system will allocate cost based its revenues for each product.

  • Cost transfer from profit center to a WBS element

    Hi All,
    Can cost be transferred from a profit center to a WBS element? If yes, how, and are there any prerequisites for the same?
    Thanks & regards,
    Nimish Goswamy

    Costs are not directly posted to a Profit center instead they are posted to a cost center which is assigned to a profit center. You can posts the costs from a cost center to a WBS element thru Allocations ex: Assessment.

  • Allocation of cost from one business area to another business area

    Hello friends,
    Client Requirement: They have 5 business areas. one is for Head office and other 4 are business operations. Their head office expenses are booked under various cost centers in H.O Business Area. Now they want to allocate all H.O expenses to other business areas where business operations are carried on.
    currently all allocations are made manually. now they want to incorporate in SAP.
    is it possible to allocate the expenses which are booked under one business area to other business area???
    pls give your ideas for how to allocate those expenses.....

    They didn't have profit centre. so i cann't go for that option
    Each operation area has many cost centres and internal orders... i have to allocate the costs from the cost center to internal orders.... if it is a same business area there is no problem we can create assessment cylce and allocate the cost.... the problem comes only when the allocation needs from one business area's cost center to other business area internal orders
    for that the solution might be create Secondary cost element As you said and by using assessment cycle we could allocate the costs...

  • Derivation of Funds Center from cost center for Asset PR/PO in FM

    Hello Experts,
    We configured new FM area and relevant BCS settings. It is working fine except PR or PO for Account assignment category A.
    Issue: system is not able derive funds center from cost center in the asset master. cost center is not updated in EBKN table for Asset PR.
    we have maintained the following;
    1. Funds center is activated in Asset account assignments
    2. Maintained derivation rule with function module: FMDT_READ_MD_ASSET
    3. Derivation rule for cost center to funds center also maintained
    If maintain funds center manually in PR it is working fine and consuming budget also.
    Requirement: How derive funds center from cost center assigned in asset. I have verified all tickets raised in this forum, but nothing has answered my question.
    Request you to provide solution for above issue.
    Thanks in advance for support.

    Hi Venkata,
    You have two derivation rules, first related to Asset function module and second one is related to CC and FC combination.
    You need to maintain the function module derivation rule first then you need to maintain the derivation rule related to combination of CC and FC. Because first you need to derive CC from asset master and then you need to derive fund center with reference to this CC.
    Ankit Agarwal

  • Profit Center deriviation from Cost Center

    Hi all,
    I have just configured CCA and PCA for one of our new company code.
    I have created 3 cost centers like A, B, C and subsequently same have been created as profit centers too.
    Maintained the profit center in the cost center master data.
    No other derivation rules has been configured so far.
    Now i am trying to do a expense posting with F-02, after entering cost center, system is updating profit center field with a dummy profit center only.
    Even i f a changed the dummy to normal profit center, again system replacing the normal PC with dummy PC.
    I want like...when i enter CC as A, then i need to derive PC also as A for the line item. ( For both expense items as well as revenue items).
    Please suggest.

    Hi Chintan,
    Thanks for your quick response.
    We have already implemented the said SAP note.
    Let me explain my requirement again.
    We have IOA, CCA, PCA active in our system.
    For every expense or revenue line item Internal order is mandatory.
    apart from we have 3 cost centers and 3 profit centers ( 1:1 )
    in cost center master , profit center is assigned.
    1) users are going to decide the cost center, while posting FI direct entries only. So while doing F-02, they will enter CC, and IO manually and at the same time PC should derive from cost center master data ( as it is 1:1 only).
    2) as specified above, we have IOA, CCA, PCA active. In this case IO, CC, PC are to be set as mandatory fields for Field Status Groups G004 and G029?
    Please advise...

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