Alpha field - need to extract numbers

I am working on a report that has an alpha field in this format:
The users insert numbers where the 0s are.  What I need to do is to add the values in the 3 columns.  So for example:
A total of 9.
Any ideas on how to approach this?  thanks

If this is consistently the format and there is never any difference...
Use the LEFT function to pull the first two
tonumber (LEFT(,2))
The MID function to get the digits in the middle:
The RIGHT function to get the last two digits:
tonumber (RIGHT(,2))
Then simply do a formula to add all three:
{@GetLeftTwo} + {@GetMiddleTwo} + {@GetLastTwo}

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    I think it has something to do with the way the value of the check box is exported, but I'm not sure.  With nothing being exported to Data5, Data6 displays the sum of Data1-4 rounded down to the nearest whole number and updates automatically as Data1-4 are updated.
    Right now, assuming Data1-4 are 0, where data 5 is the output of the second example and any box is checked,  "1" is displayed in data5 but nothing is added to data 6. Selecting any other check box or deselecting that check box will cause data6 to add 1 even if data5 displays "0".  By way of example:
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  • Problem in populating the new field from the extract structure. Kindly help

    my requirement a new text field is added on R/3 side and I have to populate
    the same field into BW.
    In the R/3 a new customization table 'AAA' is created which will have
    code - char 3 and
    text - char 30.
    The code field is added to a table BBB.
    The SAP standard generic data source exracts data from the table BBB where in the new code field have been added.
    Now I can the see the code field in the extract structure and not in the data source as the filed has selection value 'A' when checked in the ROOSFIELD table.
    To populate the value in BW, I will be creating a Generic Master Data text wherein I fetch the values from the table 'AAA' which the fields code and text  and replicate the same in BW.
    In the reporting level, the code InfoObject will be selected as display both KEY and TeXT, by doing I can populate the values of TEXT in the reporting.
    But to achieve the same I need to add the field code in the ODS but cannot do the same because I am not able to see the field code in the data source.
    Kindly let me know how to achieve the same.
    Also let me know if there is any alternate solution to populate the text field in BW.
    Any Inputs will be appreciated.

    > You should get the userdatasources bound to the
    > columns and assign the values of the recordset to
    > each one and after that use "setLineData" to write in
    > the matrix.
    > hope it helps
    Hi all,
    i have created tables (non BO Tables) directly on the SQL-server and want to use recordset to populate a user form matrix.
    Is there any workaround to achieve this using non BO tables?
    Please provide some sample code since it is a very urgent matter.

  • Joing two files by Numeric and alpha field.

    I asked this question yesterday and thought it complete. Unfotunately, I don't know SQL as well as I thought I did.  I nedd to link two files together. In the Address Book Master(F0902), I need to link ABAN8(numeric Field) to GBSBL(Alpha Field) in the Account Balances File(F0902).
    I was not sure how to convert the correct field and then how to link them. Below is the SQL that I have built. It is missing the convert and the Link.
    Thanks again, Rick
    SELECT "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAN8_Address_Number", "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABALPH_Alpha_Name", "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type"
    FROM   "F0101_Address_Book_Master" "F0101_Address_Book_Master"
    WHERE  ("F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type"='E' OR "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type"='X')
    SELECT "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBAN01_Net_Posting_01", "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBFY_Fiscal_Year", "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBSBL_Subledger"
    FROM   "F0902_Account_Balances" "F0902_Account_Balances"
    WHERE  "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBFY_Fiscal_Year"=11

    Not clear what your database is assuming its SQL server
    SELECT "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAN8_Address_Number", "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABALPH_Alpha_Name", "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type", "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBAN01_Net_Posting_01", "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBFY_Fiscal_Year", "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBSBL_Subledger"
    FROM "F0101_Address_Book_Master" "F0101_Address_Book_Master"
    inner join  "F0902_Account_Balances" "F0902_Account_Balances" on "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAN8" = cast("F0902_Account_Balances" ."GBSBL" as int)
    WHERE ("F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type"='E' OR "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAT1_Search_Type"='X')
    and "F0902_Account_Balances"."GBFY_Fiscal_Year"=11
    again assuming "F0101_Address_Book_Master"."ABAN8" is in fact an int, change cast to numeric if appropriate

  • Need to extract Order Quantity from T-code COIO

    We are having a Datasource build over the table RESB (generic datasource). And User came with a requirement, that they need to have Order Quantity and Batch from the T-Code COIO to be used in the same BI report.
    I cant find the backend table of T-Code COIO. Is there any possibilities to use those fields in the same datasource.
    Kindly share your ideas.

    Take abap expert help and find the possible relations. if relations are possible between COIO. and RESB then you happily enhance your data source.
    for data source enhancement logic you can get form your abap expert.
    you can add required field to your extract structure of data source thru by appending.
    unhide it at RSA6.

  • 0asset_afab_attr, added new fields, need them to work with delta

    Good day everyone,
    I have searched the sdn forum and have not found anything on this subject specifically.
    I have added two new fields to this extracter and in rsa3 it is pulling what i need. i have changed the bw side, including the bex query and all seems to be in working order.
    but, now that i have added these two fields, i would like for the master data on the bw side to be updated with the new data in these new fields, but nothing is being sent over thru the delta.
    is there a way to turn on these two new fields as delta specific? i would hate to have to delete all the cubes/dsos and master data and restart this process over again. it takes approx 7 hours to load the data to the cubes.
    please and thank you.

    Go to B2B XCM application : http://host:port/zb2b/admin/index.jsp
    select "Extended Configuration Management (XCM) Administration"
    then select your application configuration from the "Customer" node.
    Click on the "Display" button.
    then maintain "ipcdata" parameter as what you have maintained in the IPC application.

  • Need to extract PO's to send third party system

    I need to extract Purchase orders with the following criteria. I need to extract them based on vendor, Purchase Org and date of creation of PO
    1. PO with no GR and IR
    2. PO with no IR
    3. PO with no GR
    I need to extract the PO's as mentioned above as we need to send third party system. Please let me know is there any standard reports available to extract.

    Explore t-code ME2L.
    You can filter using the field Selection Parameters to identify those three segments:
    Selection Parameters:
    GUTSCHRIFT Invoices exist
    M-OFFEN Open target quantity
    R-ERLEDIGT No open invoices
    RECHNUNG Open invoices
    W-OFFEN Open target value
    WA351 Open issue quantity
    WA352 Issue quantity reversible
    WE101 Open goods receipt
    WE102 Goods receipt exists
    WE103 Open goods receipt
    WE104 GR blocked stock exists
    WE105 GR blocked stock exists
    WE106 Goods receipt exists
    WE161 Open goods receipt: returns
    WE162 GR exists: returns
    You can also use the column available in the layout to idenfity if the PO has an invoiced, if its pending, etc..
    Kind Regards,

  • Need to extract only file name from path.........

    Hi All,
    I have a parameter.This calls the function
    "CALL FUNCTION 'F4_FILENAME' to get the file from C drive.
    After selecting the file the path is displayed in the Parameter field.
    My problem is I need to extract only file name from the path.Please advice.
    Example : Prameter  id    C:\folder\file.xls  
    I shd extract only file.xls from the path.Please advice.

    Use the below logic:
    data: begin of itab,
               val    type  char20,
            end of itab.
    SPLIT  l_f_path  AT  '\'  INTO  TABLE itab.
    The last record of the internal table holds the file name.
    describe table itab lines l_f_lines.
    read itab index l_f_lines.
    l_f_filaname = itab-val.
    Hope this helps u.

  • Need to extract MPAN on the basis of AUFNR.

    I working on one Outbound idoc.
    The program is triggered by batch program and it will pass "Service order number (AUFNR)". I need to extract  the value of field  "MPAN"( i.e. "int_ui", "ext_ui" )by passing AUFNR .
    please advise.
    Vibhor Goyal
    Edited by: Vibhor Goyal on Feb 23, 2009 12:19 PM

    Hi Ankit,
    You will have to create your own program to do this.
    There is no standard way todo this.
    Best regards,

  • My data like +5.00824E-04 becomes 0.00 after through Extract (labview 7), what is wrong?

    My data in ASCii format like +5.00824E-04,+6.06995E-04,+7.27587E-04. All becomes zero after Extract in Labview 7. Please help what is wrong?

    Extract simply demostrate extracting decimal numbers. It is not used to extract exponential numbers. To do this, you need use the "Fract/Exp string to" from String >> String/Number conversion. Or the Scan From

  • I need to extract Recipient Email Addresses - is it impossible?

    Hi I spent way too much time tonight trying to solve this problem, I hope someone brilliant can help.
    I have a web store, and am CC'd on the receipts sent to my customers. So I have accumulated a large mailbox full of emails addressed to recipients other than myself.
    I now need to extract those recipient email addresses into a .txt file.
    Through my travels I discovered the simple script below. It's awesome except that it only works for sender addresses! When I try to tweak the code to extract recipient addresses it gives me an error.
    Can anyone either modify this code, or point me in the right direction?
    I just can't believe this should be so hard! (And it probably isn't except for me.)
    tell application "Mail"
    set selectionMessage to selection -- just select the first message in the folder
    set thisMessage to item 1 of selectionMessage
    set theseMessages to (every message in (mailbox of thisMessage))
    repeat with eachMessage in theseMessages
    set theFrom to (extract address from sender of eachMessage)
    do shell script "echo " & quoted form of theFrom & return & " >> ~/documents/extracted.txt"
    end repeat
    end tell

    Nice! Austin Kinsella1 your script works well but in some cases return this:
    I think this mail was sended with multiple addresses.
    Try this one, I made some little changes.
    Good Luck!
    tell application "Mail"
    set selectionMessage to selection -- just select the first message in the folder
    set thisMessage to item 1 of selectionMessage
    set theseMessages to (every message in (mailbox of thisMessage))
    repeat with eachMessage in theseMessages
    set headerMessage to all headers of eachMessage as string
    set recipientMessage to {}
    set start to false
    set char_f to ""
    set char_o to ""
    set char_r to ""
    set char__ to ""
    set previousChar to ""
    repeat with c in headerMessage
    set c to c as string
    if start is true then
    if c is ">" then exit repeat
    copy c to the end of recipientMessage
    end if
    if c is "<" " then set start to true
    if char_r is "r" and previousChar is "r" and c is " " then set char__ to " "
    if char_o is "o" and previousChar is "o" and c is "r" then set char_r to "r"
    if char_f is "f" and previousChar is "f" and c is "o" then set char_o to "o"
    if c is "f" then set char_f to "f"
    set previousChar to c
    end repeat
    set recipientMessage to recipientMessage as text
    do shell script "echo " & quoted form of recipientMessage & return & " >> ~/documents/recipients.txt"
    end repeat
    end tell

  • What are the mandatory fields needed to setup/register the SIP phone manually in CUCM

    What are the mandatory fields needed to setup/register the SIP phone manually.Also, if someone can let me know the mandatory fields for Cisco based SIP phone and also the third party SIP hard phones like Avaya or any other Third party SIP phones both Soft phone and physical phone CUCM
    Please suggest...I need to know if MAC address is mandatory for all Cisco SIP phone to setup

  • Need to extract data from R/3 to BI...

    Hi Friends,
    We need to extract some data available in the R/3 side to BI. I have written code in a function module which brings the output into the table e_t_data. now by attaching this function module, we created a Data source also. and then from BI side we replicated this Datasource. when tried to extract the data at BI from R/3, the process keeps on running with out bringing any data into BI. 
    Regarding this, i referred some docs in the forums. They say that we have to go with the approach followed in the FM 'RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE'. I have done all the coding and settings similar to this function module. there is no syntax error and code produces the required output in e_t_data.In that FM they used some Select statement under the Open Cursor statement. But in our requirement, we are not selecting anything from Table. but we generate some data by some calculations and these data will be our output. If it is the case, can't we use that open cursor approach...?  we need to get the output data not by any select statement  but the output will be some internal table entries which are created by some calculations.
    Please suggest how to handle this. That would be very much helpful. <removed_by_moderator>
    Thanks in advance...
    Edited by: Julius Bussche on Jul 14, 2008 2:17 PM

    If you dont require any coding, then why dont you extract the data using the DB view/table or DB query. why you are using the FM.
    If you are using the FM, then for the first extraction call it will pass the selectoption data into ranges and in the next extraction call it will open the cursor based on the input data and fetch the data according to the package size per extraction call.
    For the generic data sources using the FM, the main thing lies in Fetching the data. If you study the standard FM 'RSAX_BIW_GET_DATA_SIMPLE', it fetches the data according to the number of records per extraction call.
    At the BI, entire data cant be picked up at once. it will pick packets of data.

  • How to get the field COMPLETION in extract layout

    Does anyone knows How to get the field COMPLETION in extract layout? i have not been able to find it and it is imperative to have it for implementing a new evaluation.
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Hi Neil,
    The following steps describe what we did to get the new evaluation:
    1. Define Attributes and Object Types for Evaluations: here we added a new field for evaluation. The field was COMPLETION (degree of processing in percent), with relevant object "TASK". "No Summarization" was configurated as Rule for Summarization
    2. Define Extract Layouts: here we created a new extract layout for evaluation. The objects and attributes to be used were defined (the field COMPLETION  was defined as attribute).
    3. Assign Extract Layouts to Project Types.
    4. Define Evaluations: the new layout for evaluation were created using the attributes.
    5. Define Severity.
    6. Define Threshold Values. In the new evaluation the field COMPLETION was used in the formula.
    After configurating and testing, we have noticed that the values of field COMPLETION are not taking into account. It does not matter which value it has, evaluation always take 0.
    Thanks for your help,

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