Alv list ..records with green ,red, yellow,grey lights

Hello Experts,
I have one requirement,
in my alv list if the records match the recors should be displayed with GREEN light,
similarly for other mmatches it should display with red, yellw, grey lights.
please help me by sending the coding ,its an urgent requirement.
thanks ,

*& Report ZMDEMO_ALV_04
*&Make an Exception field ( = Traffic lights)
*&There can be defined a column in the grid for display of traffic lights. This field is of type Char 1, and can contain the following values:
*& 1 Red
*& 2 Yellow
*& 3 Green
*&The name of the traffic light field is supplied inh the gs_layout-excp_fname used by method set_table_for_first_display.
report zmdemo_alv_04.
tables: sflight.
type-pools: icon.
types: begin of ty_sflight.
include structure sflight.
types: traffic_light type c,
lights LIKE icon_xml_doc,
icon type icon-id.
types: end of ty_sflight.
data: t_sflight type standard table of ty_sflight.
data: ok_code like sy-ucomm,
wa_sflight type ty_sflight.
Declare reference variables to the ALV grid and the container
go_grid type ref to cl_gui_alv_grid,
go_custom_container type ref to cl_gui_custom_container.
t_fcat type lvc_t_fcat,
wa_layout type lvc_s_layo.
S T A R T - O F - S E L E C T I O N.
perform build_fieldcat.
perform build_layout.
set screen '100'.
module user_command_0100 input.
case ok_code.
when 'EXIT'.
leave to screen 0.
endmodule. " USER_COMMAND_0100 INPUT
*& Module STATUS_0100 OUTPUT
module status_0100 output.
Create objects
if go_custom_container is initial.
create object go_custom_container
exporting container_name = 'ALV_CONTAINER'.
create object go_grid
i_parent = go_custom_container.
perform load_data_into_grid.
endmodule. " STATUS_0100 OUTPUT
*& Form load_data_into_grid
form load_data_into_grid.
data l_light type c value '1'.
Read data from table SFLIGHT
select *
from sflight
into table t_sflight.
Condition placing to the traffic_light Field
LOOP AT t_sflight INTO wa_sflight.
wa_sflight-traffic_light = l_light.
MODIFY t_sflight FROM wa_sflight.
IF l_light = '3'.
l_light = '1'.
l_light = l_light + 1.
Setting the Icon based on the traffic_light field value.
LOOP AT t_sflight INTO wa_sflight.
CASE wa_sflight-traffic_light.
WHEN '1'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_red_light.
WHEN '2'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_yellow_light.
WHEN '3'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_green_light.
MODIFY t_sflight FROM wa_sflight.
loop at t_sflight into wa_sflight.
case l_light.
when '1'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_red_light.
when '2'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_yellow_light.
when '3'.
wa_sflight-lights = icon_green_light.
if l_light = '3'.
l_light = '1'.
l_light = l_light + 1.
modify t_sflight from wa_sflight.
Load data into the grid and display them
call method go_grid->set_table_for_first_display
i_structure_name = 'SFLIGHT'
i_save = 'A'
is_layout = wa_layout
it_outtab = t_sflight[]
it_fieldcatalog = t_fcat
others = 4
endform. " load_data_into_grid
*& Form build_fieldcat
--> p1 text
<-- p2 text
form build_fieldcat .
data: w_fcat type lvc_s_fcat.
define macro_fcat.
w_fcat-fieldname = &1.
w_fcat-col_pos = &2.
w_fcat-coltext = &3.
append w_fcat to t_fcat.
clear w_fcat.
macro_fcat 'CARRID' 1 text-c01 .
macro_fcat 'CONNID' 2 text-c02 .
macro_fcat 'FLDATE' 3 text-c03 .
macro_fcat 'PRICE' 4 text-c04 .
macro_fcat 'SEATSMAX' 5 text-c05 .
macro_fcat 'SEATSOCC' 6 text-c06 .
macro_fcat 'LIGHTS' 7 text-c07 .
endform. " build_fieldcat
*& Form build_layout
--> p1 text
<-- p2 text
form build_layout .
wa_layout-cwidth_opt = 'X'.
wa_layout-excp_fname = 'TRAFFIC_LIGHT'.
wa_layout-excp_group = '1'.
endform. " build_layout
Pls. Reward if useful.

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          WHEN 'NAME1'.
            s_fieldcat-outputlen = '35'.
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            s_fieldcat-outputlen = '4'.
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            s_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Total'.
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          WHEN 'DMBTR3'.
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            s_fieldcat-seltext_m = '61 - 90'.
            s_fieldcat-seltext_l = '61 - 90'.
            s_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = '61 - 90'.
            s_fieldcat-cfieldname = 'WAERS'.
            s_fieldcat-just = 'C'.
          WHEN 'DMBTR4'.
            s_fieldcat-outputlen = '16'.
            s_fieldcat-seltext_m = '90+'.
            s_fieldcat-seltext_l = '90+'.
            s_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = '90+'.
            s_fieldcat-cfieldname = 'WAERS'.
            s_fieldcat-just = 'C'.
        MODIFY t_fieldcat FROM s_fieldcat.
    Your help will be muc appreciated!

      WHEN 'TOTAL'.
            s_fieldcat-outputlen = '16'.
            s_fieldcat-seltext_m = 'Total'.
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            s_fieldcat-cfieldname = 'WAERS'.
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            s_fieldcat-just = 'C'.
    comment the field   : s_fieldcat-reptext_ddic = 'Total' and s_fieldcat-cfieldname = 'WAERS'.
    Assign filedcatalog as s_fieldcat-fieldname = 'WAERS'.
    Definitly you will get good solution.
    Good Luck

  • ALV List Display With a Pushbutton in the basic list

    i have displayed the po details in teh basic list. I have used the double clicking functionality. It worked well. Now instead of double clicking, i will place the cursor on the po and click a push button. then it should show the other details.
    Can anyone please guide me how to create the pushbuttons on the basic list ?

       You create your own GUI status.Pass the name of GUI status to FM REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY.
          i_callback_program      = sy-repid
          i_callback_user_command = 'USER_COMMAND'
          i_grid_title            = text-020
          is_layout               = wa_layout
          it_fieldcat             = it_fieldcat[]
          t_outtab                = it_basic
          program_error           = 1
          OTHERS                  = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        MESSAGE ID sy-msgid TYPE sy-msgty NUMBER sy-msgno
                WITH sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.
    FORM PF.
    On pressing that button go to secondary list.

  • ALV list with count of the table

    Dear all,
    My requirement is i want display the output as alv list along with the count of the table .
    i got the count  but unable to diplay the  below the list.
    please suggest me.
    Thanks& Regards,

    If you are using a custom control on the screen and then a custom container you can easily do this.
    Create a screen(Size 200 x 240), place a custom control on the screen and make it to the max size  200 x 240. Now in the attributes of the custom control, check the Resizing option for both horizontal and vertical, with some minimum numbers there.
    Now, your ALV grid automatically occupies all the space available on the screen irrespective of the size if the screen and you will have only one scroll bar.
    Note - Please mark all the helpful answers

  • ALV List- Order a field under another one

    Hi, gurus.
    I got a problem with an ALV list.
    I got a record in my internal table with local currency imports and foreign currency imports.
    I must write the foreign currency import in another row (with row_pos = 2), but the "second row" data begin with first field, not with the local currency field.
    What can I do to order it in the right way?
    I want to show, for example:
    <account>  <description> <local currency>      <import>
                                              <foreign currency> <import>
    I hope you can help me.
    Thanks for all.
    Have a nice day.

    What you can do is to loop internal table, and for each row, create a new one.
    data: lwa_table2 like line of it_table1.
    Loop it_table1 into wa_table1.
       lwa_table2 = wa_table1.
       clear: lwa_table2-<Foreign currency>, lwa_table2-<import>.
       append lwa_table2 to it_table2.
       clear lwa_table2.
       lwa_table2-<foreign currency> = wa_table1-<foreign currency>
       lwa_table2-<import> = wa_table1-<import>.
       append lwa_table2 to it_table2.
       clear lwa_table2.
    Call Function ALV LIST DISPLAY with it_table 2.

  • Scrolling-problem in an editable ALV-list

    I have built an <b>ALV-list</b> with one of the fields <b>open for input</b>. The user wants to use the arrow to scroll <u>down</u> through the table and update that particular field in every row. I have <b>2</b> questions about this:
    - First of all, the cursor moves in a strange way. The first number of rows it stays in the right column, but then, out of the blue, it jumps back and forth to other columns after scrolling.
    - Secondly, the field I want to edit is always in Insert-mode. Is there any way I can get it into Overwrite-mode? I cannot use the Tab-key, because of the lead-selection.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Kind regards,
    Andre Moniharapon

    Hi Vijay,
    please don't get me wrong, I really appreciate your attempts to help me, but my problem is that when I press the Down-arrow it <u>doesn't</u> always go to the next cell in the <i>same</i> column. It sometimes goes to the next cell in <i>another</i> column. And if I can't force it to stay in the same column in some way, than my problem cannot be solved and I must think of another solution. So, I don't want the cursor to stay in the same field, I want it to go to the next cell in the same column. You got that right. Again, I really appreciate your help, but it looks more and more that there's no solution to my problem.
    Kind regards,

  • Dynamically assign value to a column in ALV LIST Display

    Hi all,
    How can I dynamically assign value to a column in ALV LIST Display without using classes and methods?

    Hi Vikranth,
    I am displaying one ALV list say with columns A and B.
    I have value in A but not in B. Now at runtime user selects one row, clicks on push button in application toolbar, then i have to display value in column B in the already displayed list.
    I searched and came to know it can be done with oops concept. but i am not using classes and methods.
    so how can i do this?

  • Convert Tree output of IH01 transaction to simple ALV list output

    We have immediate requirement of changing the ALV TREE output of transaction IH01 to general ALV LIST display (with rows and columns) . To match with the requirement, I have to analyze the standard program first, copy the code to custom program and then do the changes which will consume lot of time.
    Request your suggesttions if there are any simple ways to get the desired output so that i can quickly complete the development.

    ALV Tree uses a different class and added logic. What logic is common is fetching and building of internal tables from data perspective. You can re-use this logic by calling the subroutine in the program and passing required values. It would be fast but in this case would take a bit of time, as you still need to analyse the code to make sure everything is right.

  • Plsql query to list cases that have failed to create listing records

    i would like to create a query as follows
    Give me all docket_num (whose batch_id's are =11051) from Import_case table
    which do not have listing records on Listing_Table (either they don't exist at all
    or if the do; the create_date in the Listing table is null OR cretae_date on Lsting table not = record_process_date on Import_case table.
    -------- x ---------------
    Import_case Table
    1. import_case_id number(38) primary key
    2. batch_id number
    3. record_processed_date date
    4. docket_num varchar2(17)
    case_master Table
    1. case_master_id number(38) primary key
    2. docket_num varchar2(17)
    Listing Table
    1. Listing_id number(38) primary key
    2. case_master_id number(38)
    3. created_date timestamp(6)
    note: case_master table is a link between Import_case Table and Listing table
    where docket_num on import_case table = docket_num on case_master
    and case_master_id on case_master = case_master_id on Listing Table
    Please reply at your earliest. Thanking you. Arvind Modi.

    I have used following query, which gives me list of docket numbers on Import case Table; which don't have Listing records on Listing Table.
    ic.import_case_id as "IMP_CASE_ID",
    ic.batch_id as "B_ID",
    ic.docket_num as "DOCKET#",
    ic.insert_timestamp as "INS_DT",
    ic.record_processed_timestamp as "REC_PROCESS_DT",
    ic.next_date as "NEXT DT"
    from daoimp.import_case ic
    -- ** insert Batch id ** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    where ic.batch_id=11051
    -- ** insert Batch id ** <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    t.import_case_id as "IMP_CASE_ID",
    t.batch_id as "B_ID",
    t.docket_num as "DOCKET#",
    t.insert_timestamp as "INS_DT",
    t.record_processed_timestamp as "REC_PROCESS_DT",
    t.next_date as "NEXT DT"
    from daoimp.import_case t,
    case_master cm,
    listing l
    -- ** insert Batch id ** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    where t.batch_id=11051
    -- ** insert Batch id ** <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    t.docket_num = cm.docket_num
    cm.case_master_id = l.case_master_id
    The above query gives correct docket_numbers on Import_case table, but it also needs to include Docket numbers on Import_case Table
    whose Listing records in Listing table contain NULL value in created_date
    OR create_date on Listing table not equal record_process_date on Import_case Table.
    ---- x ----
    Here is the actual request and above is my interpretation of it.
    The goal of the task here is to create a tool. The tool can be run to check for missing listing records that were not created during the import process. When run, the tools returns a result set of records (docket_numbers) from the import case table that although processed on a particular date i.e., (record_process_date) do not have a matching listing record i.e., ( a listing record with a create_date equal to the record_process_date).
    The ONLY VARIABLE PARAMETER NEEDED in this tool is the Batch ID for the import case table.
    ---- x ---
    I am working on some other queries using inner join or outer join or not exists, but no success so far.
    Please call me at my phone number or reply on my e-mail, if you like; so that I can clarify any issues.

  • Start up and stuck with the flashing color (red green blue yellow...)

    I just bought Macbook pro(My first time with Mac product) today, and when i unbox the MBP it was have a good start everything is ok, than I test the DVD drive to make sure it work or not, than i put the VCD to it. it was stuck (with the flashing color). than i dont'know what to do. I press the shutdown button around 10s the pc is shutdown...I open it again and eject the VCD, than I was stuck with flashing color (red green blue yellow...) i have try to restart many time buy pressing the button but still the same. than i keep it away for about 1hour than I open it again It was WORKING AGAIN the same as I first started, than I restart, but the same problem happen again (flashing color (red green blue yellow...).
    1. I have tried to boot from DVD that come with the MBP holding C but nothing happen
    2. I have tried to reset PRAM (Command-Option-P-R) not work
    So what wrong with that?
    Could anyone help me to fix this out?
    Thank you

    Solida wrote:
    the flashing is the Macbook pro screen it Flashing Loop, sometime red, than suddenly change to green than yellow than loop again and again.
    Notice when it first start up I see APPLE LOGO than the waiting animation round. than the random screen flashing color is happened.
    Three options:
    1. Call AppleCare.
    2. Go to an Apple Store.
    3. Go to an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP)

  • Red, Yellow and Green button are grey.  "Show All" button disappears

    I'm having two issues that I can not figure out.
    First the red, yellow and green buttons are grey not colored. They still work but they do not show the correct color.
    The second problem is that the "Show All" button in system preferences is not visible until I float over the are where it should be. The button still works but is not visible.
    I can not figure out what happened or if the two situations are related.
    Any thoughts?

    Not sure on your other issue yet, but here's a suggestion for those buttons.
    Open System Preferences and click the Appearance option. Is it set to Graphite? Switch to Blue.
    I'll see if I can find a solution for your other problem as well!
    Edit: Can't hurt to try removing the preferences file and see if that fixes things.
    Click *Macintosh HD*, then Users> Library> Preferences. Delete--or move to the desktop--the file. Restart your computer. Any changes?
    Try another user account as well to see if the button reappears.

  • Printing only one line record with total of all items through alv

    hi experts,
    i am facing a problem while printing a list through alv.
    requirement is, suppose i have 3 line items under one document no.
    i have to print only one record with total amount of all items.more clearly...
    1001  10  1000/-
    1001  20    234/-
    1001  30   540/- these records in internal table then i am passing it to reuse_alv_grid_display.
    i need to display only 1001  1774/-(means sum of all the items)
    please tell me how to do this.
    thanks in advance,

    hi ansari,
    contains in itab
         3000000004     02.11.2000     5550     27.95     27.95     0
         3000000004     02.11.2000     5550     10.95     10.95     0
         3000000005     02.11.2000     5550     27.95     27.95     0
         3000000005     02.11.2000     5550     10.95     10.95     0
         3000000006     02.11.2000     3020     52.99     52.99     0
         3000000006     02.11.2000     3020     64.99     64.99     0
         3000000006     02.11.2000     3020     49.5     49.5     0
         3000000007     02.11.2000     3730     2,228.00     2,228.00     0
         3000000007     02.11.2000     3730     1,698.00     1,698.00     0
         3000000007     02.11.2000     3730     532     532     0
    now please tell me how to print the data
    output will be
    3000000004     02.11.2000     5550     38.90     38.90       0
    3000000005     02.11.2000     5550     38.90     38.90       0
    3000000006     02.11.2000     3020     117.19     117.19     0
    like that
    please help me out

  • How do I create a second set of red yellow green buttons for right handers

    I've moved over from using a PC for years and still use one at work - so I've grown used to using my mouse for everything.
    So, being right handed - I'm wondering how I can move or better yet create a second set of red yellow green buttons at the top right of each screen. It's a pain having to scroll from one corner to the other all the time.

    Welcome to the forums Chiliad. It's rare that a question like yours is answered "you can't do that" but I've never heard of someone wanting to do this. OS X is robustly customizable right out of the box with its many different ways of accomplishing identical tasks, but I suspect the locations of these buttons is somewhat of an Apple trademark and rooted deep in OS X code. I would avoid trying to hack the system to change their location lest such a change cause a future OS X update to break.
    There are many third party tools available to customize OS X to your liking, but I can recommend without reservation just a few. Products like Tinker Tool and the utilities written by Unsanity seem to be generally useful and trouble-free.
    You can minimize a window by double-clicking anywhere in the title bar, but I find Exposé to be much more useful when managing multiple open windows. I've grown to use Apple-w to close and Apple-q to quit, but that's just me.
    Seems to me the engineers at Apple have put an enormous amount of effort into designing an effortless user interface, which in my opinion rewards the user with an experience that doesn't get "in your face" as much as Windows does. It's hard for me to imagine improving upon it much, but there are plenty of others who try!

  • I seem to have lost the red, yellow and green dots that are in the upper left hand corner that close  or minimize the page.

    I seem to have lost the red, green, and yellow dots that are in the upper left hand corner that close or minimize the page.  How can I get them back?

    You may have to try a general OS X troubleshooting process to see if the issue goes away by doing this...
    Have you tried: starting the computer in SafeBoot mode, with shift key held down; a login screen should appear after a time, and then the regular desktop. At this point, locate Disk Utility in utilities folder, and run 'repair disk permissions' on the startup volume, usually the name given the hard disk drive as it appears on desktop. After Disk Utility is finished the permissions repair, restart the computer normally.
    ...The iTunes player has free support only through the duration of the hardware product's complementary or AppleCare extended plan coverages, so though you can download a newer version, that is not the same as free support for an issue. However, the iTunes Store or App Store has a different factor for their product.
    There is an iTunes area in Apple Support Community discussions for more topics like this; except for when they involve a hardware product where an OS X is involved. If your computer is NOT a powerPC (an 'intel'-mac) the topic would more naturally need to be posted where that hardware and later supported OS X version topics get seen. So that is why one asks 'on what Mac running what version...' instead of writing four paragraphs in a wide angle reply. The details about your iMac and the OS X say more; without them, more questions arise.
    Good luck & happy computing!

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    I am using PSE 7 to create a slide show.  I am attempting to add music but cannot seem to download songs from my itunes library where most of my music is stored. I am runnig Windows 7 and have been able to download from my Windows mucic folders.  Is

  • New T520 With Dead Pixels

    Hi, I have a new T520 that I have purchased about 30 days ago and it already has some deak pixels on the screen. How can I go about getting these fixed?  Thanks, Josh

  • Pass word does no work in ipad

    When I use my ipad it comes up verification failed when using icloud

  • I downloaded a movie rental on macbook air, how do I transfer this to the ipod touch?

    I downloaded a movie rental on macbood air, how do I transfer this to an ipod touch?

  • [SOLVED] Wine w/ EVE

    I have an i686 install, and no custom kernel, and all -syyu update.  Linux homebox 3.7.10-1-ARCH #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Feb 28 09:59:14 CET 2013 i686 GNU/Linux Except wine 1.5.25-2 -- as I using wine 1.5.24-1 -- which has been running great for playing E