ALV using ABAP Classes and Objects

Hi All,
I am trying to print the values in my internal table using ALV, using ABAP classes and objects. Here the title for columns are picked based on the title specified in the data element. I want to set the title of my columns by my own. how to achieve this ?. Please provide me a sample code if possible.
thanks & regards,

Hello Navneeth
The following sample report shows how to build and modify a fieldcatalog (routine <b>BUILD_FIELDCATALOG_KNB1</b>).
REPORT  zus_sdn_alvgrid_events.
  gd_okcode        TYPE ui_func,
  gt_fcat          TYPE lvc_t_fcat,
  go_docking       TYPE REF TO cl_gui_docking_container,
  go_grid1         TYPE REF TO cl_gui_alv_grid.
  gt_knb1          TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF knb1.
  p_bukrs      TYPE bukrs  DEFAULT '2000'  OBLIGATORY.
*       CLASS lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION
CLASS lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION.
      handle_hotspot_click FOR EVENT hotspot_click OF cl_gui_alv_grid
ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_eventhandler DEFINITION
*       CLASS lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION
CLASS lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION.
  METHOD handle_hotspot_click.
*   define local data
      ls_knb1     TYPE knb1,
      ls_col_id   TYPE lvc_s_col.
    READ TABLE gt_knb1 INTO ls_knb1 INDEX e_row_id-index.
    CHECK ( ls_knb1-kunnr IS NOT INITIAL ).
    CASE e_column_id-fieldname.
      WHEN 'KUNNR'.
        SET PARAMETER ID 'KUN' FIELD ls_knb1-kunnr.
        SET PARAMETER ID 'BUK' FIELD ls_knb1-bukrs.
      WHEN 'ERNAM'.
*        SET PARAMETER ID 'USR' FIELD ls_knb1-ernam.
*        NOTE: no parameter id available, yet simply show the priciple
*       do nothing
*   Set active cell to field BUKRS otherwise the focus is still on
*   field KUNNR which will always raise event HOTSPOT_CLICK
    ls_col_id-fieldname = 'BUKRS'.
    CALL METHOD go_grid1->set_current_cell_via_id
        is_row_id    = e_row_id
        is_column_id = ls_col_id.
  ENDMETHOD.                    "handle_hotspot_click
ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_eventhandler IMPLEMENTATION
  SELECT        * FROM  knb1 INTO TABLE gt_knb1
         WHERE  bukrs  = p_bukrs.
* Create docking container
  CREATE OBJECT go_docking
      parent                      = cl_gui_container=>screen0
      ratio                       = 90
      OTHERS                      = 6.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
*              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
* Create ALV grid
  CREATE OBJECT go_grid1
      i_parent          = go_docking
      OTHERS            = 5.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
*              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
* Set event handler
    lcl_eventhandler=>handle_hotspot_click FOR go_grid1.
* Build fieldcatalog and set hotspot for field KUNNR
  PERFORM build_fieldcatalog_knb1.
* Display data
  CALL METHOD go_grid1->set_table_for_first_display
      it_outtab       = gt_knb1
      it_fieldcatalog = gt_fcat
      OTHERS          = 4.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
*              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
* Link the docking container to the target dynpro
  CALL METHOD go_docking->link
      repid                       = syst-repid
      dynnr                       = '0100'
*      CONTAINER                   =
      OTHERS                      = 4.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
*              WITH SY-MSGV1 SY-MSGV2 SY-MSGV3 SY-MSGV4.
* ok-code field = GD_OKCODE
  CALL SCREEN '0100'.
*&      Module  STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
*       text
MODULE status_0100 OUTPUT.
*  SET TITLEBAR 'xxx'.
ENDMODULE.                 " STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
*&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
*       text
MODULE user_command_0100 INPUT.
  CASE gd_okcode.
         'END'  OR
  CLEAR: gd_okcode.
ENDMODULE.                 " USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
*       text
*  -->  p1        text
*  <--  p2        text
FORM build_fieldcatalog_knb1 .
* define local data
    ls_fcat        TYPE lvc_s_fcat.
*     I_BUFFER_ACTIVE              =
      i_structure_name             = 'KNB1'
*     I_CLIENT_NEVER_DISPLAY       = 'X'
*     I_BYPASSING_BUFFER           =
*     I_INTERNAL_TABNAME           =
      ct_fieldcat                  = gt_fcat
      inconsistent_interface       = 1
      program_error                = 2
      OTHERS                       = 3.
  IF sy-subrc <> 0.
  LOOP AT gt_fcat INTO ls_fcat
          WHERE ( fieldname = 'KUNNR'  OR
                  fieldname = 'ERNAM' ).
    ls_fcat-hotspot = abap_true.
    ls_fcat-scrtext_s  = '<short text>'.  " short text of column
    ls_fcat-scrtext_m = '<medium text>'.  " medium text of column
    ls_fcat-scrtext_l   = '<long text>'.  " longtext text of column
    ls_fcat-tooltip      = '...'.  " ALV control: Tool tip for column header
    ls_fcat-coltext    = '...'.   " ALV control: Column heading
    MODIFY gt_fcat FROM ls_fcat.

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    Hi there,
    playing around some more with MAT I ran into the following error with some of my dumps. All were taken on 1.5 SUN JVMs (running on either Solaris or Linux).
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    Hi Michael,
    this smells like a bug. The easiest way again is to have a look at the dump. If you zip it, it should become smaller. I could also provide upload space. Right now, I am at the J1 in San Francisco so it might not be as easy for me to fix this.

  • File to Proxy Scenario using ABAP Class and DB Multi Connect

    Hello Friends,
    I have a scenario below and a proposed solution. I would like some input as to whether i am headed the right way.
    Scenario: Thousands of records come in from the legacy accounting system. The fields of these records need to be mapped to SAP fields using cross-reference tables stored in DB2. Finally, summarize the records by deleting a few fields and feed to R/3.
    Solution i proposed:
    (1) File Adapter is used to send the file
    (2) Although JDBC adapter comes first to mind but since i need to access the DB2 tables multiple times for each record i propose to use an ABAP class for the mapping. Within the ABAP class the intent is to open an database connection to DB2, read the relevant cross tables using native SQL and finally generate the output XML.
    (3) Reciever is Proxy which feeds this generated XML to SAP for creating posting via BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST
    Question: Is the above solution correct or is there a better method to implement this scenario?
    Please let me know.

    Looks fine. Few observations -
    1. Whether it is ABAP class or Mapping in RFC lookup, you are making multiple trips to the database.
    2. It looks like PI is being used only for reading the file and converting it to XML.
    3. If using PI is not mandatory, then a complete ABAP class on ECC it self would be faster than swtching between PI Java, PI ABAP then round trips to DB2 finally data push to ECC.
    If you could look at something like fetching all the required RFC look up data in one go and then map the fields according, might save u on processor and network resources.

  • Advanced ALV using ABAP objects

    Hi All ABAPers,
    I have a question in Advanced ALV using ABAP objects.Can we display the output ie., ALV Grid without defining the custom cointainer?ie., just as we do in the classical ALV without defining any screens.Can we do that as a normal executable program ie., without using module pool programming.Please give me a solution.
    Thanks & Regards,

    If you want editable grids then the cl_salv_table method won't unfortunately be of use since (currently) there's no editable facility / method.
    So if you are using cl_gui_alv_grid here's how to "get round" the problem.
    I'm essentially using my own alv class which is a reference to cl_gui_alv_grid  but the methodology shown here is quite simple.
    What you can do is to create a method which calls a function module for example ZZ_CALL_SCREEN so you only have to code a Screen and a GUI in ONE function module and not in every  ALV report.
    for example you could create something like this
    My version has the option of 2 screens - so when I double click on a cell in one grid I can  perform some actions and then display a 2nd grid before returning back to the ist grid.You can easily modify this to suit your applications.
    The parameters are fairly self evident from the code. You can just use this as a model for your own applications.
    I agree that having to code a separate screen and GUI for OO ALV GRID reports was for some people a "show stopper" in switching  from the old SLIS  to OO ALV reports.
    I Hope if any SAP development guys are reading this PLEASE PROVIDE EDITABLE FUNCTIONALITY IN THE NEW CL_SALV_TABLE class.  Thanks in advance.
    method display_data.
    call function 'ZZ_CALL_SCREEN'
        screen_number       =  screen_number
        program             =  program
        title_text          =  title_text
       i_gridtitle         =  i_gridtitle
        i_zebra             =  i_zebra
        i_edit              =  i_edit
        i_opt               =  i_opt
        i_object            =  z_object
        e_ucomm             =  e_ucomm
        it_fldcat           =  it_fldcat
        gt_outtab           =  gt_outtab.
    e_ucomm = sy-ucomm.
    function zz_call_screen .
    *"*"Local interface:
    *"  CHANGING
    assign gt_outtab to <dyn_table>.
    move title_text to screen_title.
    assign i_object to <zogzilla>.
    export <dyn_table> to memory id 'dawggs'.
    export i_gridtitle to memory id 'i_gridtitle'.
    export i_edit to memory id 'i_edit'.
    export i_zebra to memory id 'i_zebra'.
    export i_opt to memory id 'í_opt'.
    export it_fldcat to memory id 'it_fldcat'.
    case screen_number.
    when '100'.
    call screen 100.
    when '200'.
    call screen 200.
    process before output.
    module status_0100.
    process after input.
    module user_command_0100.
    rocess before output.
    module status_0200.
    process after input.
    module user_command_0200.
    *   INCLUDE LZHR_MISCO01                                               *
    *&      Module  STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
    *       text
    module status_0100 output.
    import <dyn_table> from memory id 'dawggs'.
    import i_gridtitle from memory id 'i_gridtitle'.
    import  i_edit from memory id 'i_edit'.
    import i_opt from  memory id 'í_opt'.
    import  it_fldcat from  memory id 'it_fldcat'.
    i_object = <zogzilla>.
    call method i_object->display_grid
        i_gridtitle = i_gridtitle
        i_edit  = i_edit
        i_zebra = i_zebra
        i_opt = i_opt
        g_fldcat = it_fldcat
        g_outtab = <dyn_table>
         it_fldcat = it_fldcat
         gt_outtab = <dyn_table>.
      set pf-status '001'.
      set titlebar '000' with screen_title.
    endmodule.                 " STATUS_0100  OUTPUT
    *&      Module  STATUS_0200  OUTPUT
    *       text
    module status_0200 output.
    import <dyn_table> from memory id 'dawggs'.
    import i_gridtitle from memory id 'i_gridtitle'.
    import  i_edit from memory id 'i_edit'.
    import i_opt from  memory id 'í_opt'.
    import  it_fldcat from  memory id 'it_fldcat'.
    i_object = <zogzilla>.
    call method i_object->display_grid
        i_gridtitle = i_gridtitle
        i_edit  = i_edit
        i_zebra = i_zebra
        i_opt = i_opt
        g_fldcat = it_fldcat
        g_outtab = <dyn_table>
         it_fldcat = it_fldcat
         gt_outtab = <dyn_table>.
    set pf-status '001'.
      set titlebar '000' with screen_title.
    endmodule.                 " STATUS_0200  OUTPUT
    *   INCLUDE LZHR_MISCI01                                               *
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
    *       text
    module user_command_0100 input.
      case sy-ucomm.
        when 'BACK'.
          leave to screen 0.
        when 'EXIT'.
          leave program.
        when 'RETURN'.
          leave program.
        when others.
    endmodule.                 " USER_COMMAND_0100  INPUT
    *&      Module  USER_COMMAND_0200  INPUT
    *       text
    module user_command_0200 input.
    case sy-ucomm.
        when 'BACK'.
          leave to screen 0.
        when 'EXIT'.
          leave program.
        when 'RETURN'.
          leave program.
        when others.
    endmodule.                 " USER_COMMAND_0200  INPUT

  • Find Universe, classes and objects used in each report

    I want to find a list of universes, classes and objects used in each report
    or the other way to find list of reports which use a particular universe. please let know, i could not get much information from activity universe in a proper way.

    Hello Venkataramat,
    plese post in more detail what kind of report you are using Crystal report ? webi ? Deski.
    Please post in the specific forums.
    If you have a Crystal Report I recommend to post this query to the [Crystal Reports Design|SAP Crystal Reports; forum.
    Best regards

  • Can I use classes and objects to create my own package in LabVIEW?

    Hi....I am writing my thesis on develpoing a simulation package.  I am trying to compare simulation packages and their feautures as a scope of my project.  Does anyone know if LabVIEW allows users to create their own toolboxes like MATLAB?...i mean something that can be done in object-oriented programming by making classes and objects.
    thanks guys 

    The short answer is yes. NI sells toolkits. There's also OpenG. How you code the guts is up to you - you can do it non-LVOOP or LVOOP.

  • Function module equivalent to SWE_EVENT_CREATE while using ABAP classes

    Hi there,
    I used to use SWE_CREATE_EVENT to fire the events linked to my BOR objects, in order to start certain workflows.
    Now I am using ABAP classes within the WorkFlows, and the name of the classes MUST (in my case) be longer than 10 characters, and SWE_EVENT_CREATE is cutting the name so it does not work
    Do you know any FM equivalent to start an event from a ABAP class (SE24) object?
    I have tried to use SAP_WAPI_START_WORKFLOW, but I cannot find the way to include my object in the container. Any ideas on this point would be welcome as well
    Thanks so much,

    Thanks for such a quick reply,
    You were right. I actually did follow Jocelyn's blogs, but somehow I skipped the raising event section.
    Just for information, the URL with the solution to this problem is:
    Have a good one

  • Customizing FD01 and FB70 using PS Class and Characteristics

    Hello SAP Experts
    I have the following issue:
    My client has a requirement where we need to customize the Customer Master  (FD01) screen and the Invoice Posting Screen (FB70). A few additional fields have to be added by creating a separate tab. I was intending to take Abaper's help and do this using user exits but I have been suggested by the cleint to use SAP PS Class and Characteristics feature to do this. Can someone please throw some light on this feature and how can i create custom fields on FD01 and FB70 screens. Is there a way we could customize these screens using PS class and characteristics. Your opinions would be much appreciated.
    Please kindly give your suggestions. Thanks in advance

    Joao Paulo,
    Thank you for the response. I have tried to obtain some info from OSS but no luck. Tried all means but there is limited information available.

  • How to use ABAP Class to modify Web Query Result ??

    Hi all !
    We are using Web Templates to display our Query.
    What I would like to do ( and seems a really important issue for our users! ) is to have a "PAGE BREAK" everytime the value of a charateristics change in the report
    For Example :
    -Page 1-
    Division     Project
       A               1
    -Page 2-
    Division     Project
       B               1
    and so on....
    I read threads about using ABAP CLASS but no example what so ever...
    We are presently under BW 3.1 but are considering upgrading to 7.0 by the end of the year so if there is a solution to my problem on either version i'd like to know.
    If anyone has any information about how I can do this it would be most appreciated

    Hi Yong,
    Ravi is right, first check the blogs by Jocelyn, and if you still have specific questions you can ask them. I have used ABAP classes in workflow and I know Mike Pokraka tries to use classes exclusively.

  • Class and Object name change in the universe designer

    Hello Experts
    I have a confusion , I am just wondering if I devlop a bobj universe, lets say, based on SQL database and change the name of the class and object during the creation of the universe, will that fetch the data from d/base properly while running a query / report. Although universe class and object has different names than database now but the records are the same. Do we need to point the object to d/base object in some kind of different or special way .
    To make my question more simple, In d/base table name is "Employee" whereas on universe side I create a class name "Staff" and at the same time field name in the database is "Emploee ID" whereas in the universe I named it "Badge number".
    Please advise if that will make any difference while I run the query or Is there any kind of complication on the universe side that I should expect which I am not familiar with.
    I would apprecite your response.
    Best Regards

    Hello experts,
    Let me rephrase the issue with exact scenario.
    I have a table names "REGION" with fields region id, region and country id.
    I have another table name REGION_SLINE with fields SL_id, region id and Sales_revenue.
    I created an equi join between these two tables based on region id field and checked the cardinality which is ok.
    Now when I try to create a report based on sales revenue per customer ( "customer's first name"  is an other field on CUSTOMER table), I dont get any result in the report and get a message that "No data to reterive"
    Also please note that when I run a report which is sales revenue per region id, I get the result, seem slike these two tables REGION and REGION_SLINE can generate the report but sales revenue per customer report is not generated because customer first name is a field of another table.
    I was just wondering if I need to write some kind of where clause in the object properties of region id which is used to create equi joon link.
    I woulld appreciate your response.
    Edited by: SAP_LCCHS on Jul 4, 2011 9:19 AM
    Edited by: SAP_LCCHS on Jul 4, 2011 9:21 AM

  • Calling a custom tcode using abap class from workflow

    Hi Experts,
    I have a requirement of calling a custom tcode from my workflow.
    For this i have created a class zcl_test ( has if_workflow ) .
    I created a method ztest which will call the tcode.
    CALL TRANSACTION 'ZTX'.  ( My tcode just has 1 input field, for testing purpose )
    Then i created a task in whichi hv used this abap class and method.
    But the tcode does not run when i execute the workflow.
    Please help.
    Thank You,
    Radhika Vadher.

    Radhika Vadher 
    use the sample code to get the data from the task container into the ABAP class
    DATA :
             w_ref        TYPE  REF TO      if_swf_run_wim_internal,
             w_ref_cnt  TYPE  REF TO      if_wapi_workitem_context,
              w_wi_ref   TYPE  REF TO      if_swf_ifs_parameter_container.
        CALL METHOD cl_swf_run_wim_factory=>find_by_wiid
            im_wiid     = w_wiid
            re_instance = w_ref.
      CATCH cx_swf_run_wim_enq_failed .
      CATCH cx_swf_run_wim_read_failed .
      CATCH cx_swf_run_wim .
    CALL METHOD w_ref->get_workitem_context
        re_ctx = w_ref_cnt.
    CALL METHOD w_ref_cnt->get_wi_container
        re_container = w_wi_ref.
    and the w_wi_ref is having a method GET use that method to get the values of the task container into the ABAP class.

  • Need help w/ created classes and objects

    I am having a difficult time understanding what is wrong w/ my classes and objects. I've looked in two books and have messed around a bit. Here is what I am -attempting- to do.
    I want to make a class called CLOTHING. In this class i want objects such as shirt and pants (for now).
    these are the errors im getting:
    .\ invalid method declaration; return type required
         public Shirt(int size){
    .\ class Clothing is public, should be declared in a file named
    public class Clothing {
           ^ cannot resolve symbol
    symbol  : constructor Shirt  (int,int)
    location: class Shirt
              myShirt = new Shirt(1,1);
    3 errors------------------------------------------------------------
    This is the code for my Clothing class:
    import java.awt.*;
    public class Clothing {
         private int shirtSize;
         private void Shirt(Graphics s, int h, int v){
         Polygon shirts;
              shirts = new Polygon();
              shirts.addPoint(5+h,8+v); // 1
              shirts.addPoint(17+h,12+v); // 2
              shirts.addPoint(19+h,13+v); // 3
              shirts.addPoint(33+h,8+v); // 4
              shirts.addPoint(37+h,13+v); // 5
              shirts.addPoint(25+h,20+v); // 6
              shirts.addPoint(25+h,28+v); // 7
              shirts.addPoint(15+h,28+v); // 8
              shirts.addPoint(15+h,20+v); // 9
              shirts.addPoint(1+h,12+v); //10
    }from what i understand each object is essentially a method...
    Here is the code for the java applet I'm making:
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.applet.*;
    public class MyClassHW extends Applet { // implements ActionListener, AdjustmentListener {
         Shirt myShirt;
         int size;
         public void init(){
              myShirt = new Shirt(1,1);
    // <applet code = "MyClassHW.class" height = 300 width=300> </applet>thank you for your time and help. as always, your efforts are appriciated.

    .\ invalid method declaration; return type required     public Shirt(int size){
    I guess, public Shirt(int size) is constructor in class shirt. You have one int in this constructor. Shirt(int size)
    Here you initialize your shirt with two int: cannot resolve symbolsymbol : constructor Shirt (int,int)location: class Shirt          myShirt = new Shirt(1,1);
    Shirt(int size, int what?)
    It's why it show such message.
    But even if you fix it seems like you have very vague ideas about what you are doing.
    As far as I understood you need three classes.
    First applet Clothing:
    public class Clothing extends Applet{
    Shirt myShirt;
    Pants myPants;
    public void init() {
    myShirt = new Shirt(1); // small shirt
    myPants = new Pants(32, 40); // medium waist and long legs
    Second and third your classes Shirt and Pants:
    public class Shirt extends Object {
    int size;
    public Shirt(int s) {
    size = s;
    public int getSize () {
    return size;
    same for Pants, only you need two parameters for it or whatever you want.
    You could design it diffrently if you want derive your Shirts and Pants from Clothing and then to use them in your applet. But, indeeed, you desperately have to do some serious reading, where authors are accurate in they definitions and stuff, because it's kind of complicated.

  • Hi when i use treeMap class and if i exit the program

    hi when i use treeMap class and if i exit the program,
    what will happen? the information that i put in the treeMap will be disappear??
    if it is like that,,how am i able to retrieve my data...when i restart my program..
    once i put ID as key and put my customer information,
    in it, after exit my program,, and i can't find
    my customers by their ID,,,,,,,,,how can,,i solve it......

    what will happen? the information that i put in the
    treeMap will be disappear??Yes. Of course. If you want data to hang around you have to tell the computer. If you want anything to happen you have to tell the computer.
    if it is like that,,how am i able to retrieve my
    data...when i restart my program..Tada! Tell the computer. Your simplest option is to use Serialization.
    Before exiting your program, serialize your TreeMap to disk. After starting your program serialize your TreeMap from disk.
    First stop should be your text book to learn what Serialization is and how it works, then try to write some code, then ask us to help with any problems.

  • Object Class and Object Id for material Determination tables.

    I want to know what is the Object Class and Object Id for material Determination records to verify tables CDHDR and CDPOS.
    The purpose is to know the changes done by the different users for material determination records.
    Can any one help.

    Similar question is answered recently.Please find the below link which will helps you
    Material determination: how to see the creater of a record?

  • Hide a specific cell using ABAP classes

    Hi Experts,
    Is there a way to hide a specific cell using ABAP classes for reports?

    Hello Thomas Daly
        I never saw a way to grant permission to a List, the only way I ever saw a list get its permissions is thru
    the group site it resides in, the Discussion Board is the problem in this case (it has preconfigure permissions but they seem more like properties that you select the value from RadioButtons).  However, ms-addnew gets rid of the Add new link but it
    gets rid of the one in the Discusson Board too because Discussion Board falls in the category of List.
        In other words ms-addnew in the master got rid of all of the Add new items, link etc as hoped but now
    I can't add to the Discussion Board.
        I am alright with a hack (I am open to any suggestions) that would work if it works but, the List's I am referring to are all "Links" in the Quick Launch so I dont know how you would be able to apply the jquery, how would you apply the
    jquery to a Links in a Quick Launch?
        Thank you

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  • SCCM 2012 R2 PS and SS HW requirements

       Hello to all, I'm involved in a SCCM 2007 --> 2012 R2 migration and managers are asking if some secondaries servers could work if they use 4 Gb RAM because they say that they do not have buget to buy/upgrade new HW. I know that MS suggested min. r

  • Invalid Printer Specified Error

    I have an application that allows the user to select the target printer from the list of available printers on the system. The following code generates the list of printers from which they select: Dim PrinterList As New List(Of String)         Dim Pr

  • Value of a read only check box is always null

    Hi, I have a read-only check box in my form which fetches its values using Y or N value from table. If the value fetched from the table is 'Y' then check box is checked. But when I tried to assign the value of this check box to some other item it is

  • Export Problems: "The share operation Master File has failed"

    When I try to export anything out of fcprx whatever the setting I get this "The share operation Master File has failed- The operation could not be completed because an error occurred when creating frame 1406 (error -1)" I have read that it a dodgy im

  • Description field iis required in version plan of a cost centre

    Hi, In KP06 , planning cost elementwise for cost centres : do we have a provision for writing down remarks for revision in cost element planning. ex : my repairs for X cost centre was 2 Lakhs and later changed to 3 Lakhs. Now I want to record remarks