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Dear Experts,
Can you please explain how to get target lead time and actual leadtime in minutes instead of in days in reports like MCP1, MCP3 etc.
Also please explain how target lead time and actual lead time are calculated?
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Hi jejal,
Pls check your Material Master for the component , in the MRP view 3 and the field  Total lead time ,
In this Material Master , Total lead time is maintain in the Days only
If you maintian the Total lead time here . so system pick this value , because the priority is more to Material Master then what you enter in the Routing .
So if you need to have the total lead time in MINTS
Pls remove the entry from  the Material Mater

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  • Purchase Analysis Report

    Hi Experts
    When I Run Purchase analysis report in SAP Business One 8.8 under individual vendor view the Open A/P Invoice (not done Payment) sowing 0.00 in the Applied amount and the purchase amount is showing negative value bacuse it is a credit memo - which is correct.
    But when I run the same report in my customer site who are running SAP B1 2005 PL 43, they are not seeing 0.00 in the applied amount instead they are seeing the same negative amount which is displayed in the purchase amount.which is not correct.
    Please assist me
    Thanks and regards,
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    Hi Vinodh,
    You may check these threads to see if they have anything related to your question:
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  • Sales Analysis Report - Items -- blank result

    I'm testing a setup and running the sales analysis report. It works for the Customer version but I get no results when running on Items.
    I'm on SBO 2007A SP01 PL07. There are open and closed invoices for inventory items; no credit memos have been posted. All Item type invoices.
    When I run by Customer, I get the correct data - open and closed invoices for that customer.
    When I run by Items, I get no results. The date range is the same for both reports.
    When I run the purchase analysis on Items, I get data for the same items I am trying to see in the sales analysis.
    Any ideas what could be causing this?
    Thank you,

    HI Gordon,
    I left the default settings: 
    - Annual Report, Invoices, Individual Display, No Totals
    - Posting Date:  whole fiscal year
    - Main selection:  left blank/default (group = all, no properties)
    I have double/triple/quadruple-check even the Secondary SElection to make sure there's nothing there.
    I have also run it on Due Date instead of Posting Date, still no results (if run on Items).
    As I mentioned, the selection criteria is what I want but for some reason that one version, Items, does not work. The other 2 tabs work with the same selection.

  • Issue while opening the web analysis reports

    One of our user is not able to open a web analysis report with an error messages saying
    "Java.Lang.Exception: Unexpected HTTP status code of 500 received from server"
    "Document does not exist or no authorization to open the document"
    Other users with the same level of access are able to open the report fine and also the same user is able to access the report fine with a test id from his machine.
    What could be wrong? Any suggestions please.
    The only thing I see here, something wrong with userd ID or password.

    I had also faced this problem earlier. I was using HFM as data source for WA reports. After searching I found that there was some change at HFM level. Some dimensions/members had been deleted or added in HFM. And I was using those missing members in WA Grid.
    I had to recreate my reports again as I didn't get any other way to deal with this problem.
    Please shared any other alternative option, if you found while working on this issue.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Mohit Jain

  • Issue in Due date analysis report S_ALR_87012168

    Hi Friends,
    We have a strange issue regarding due date analysis report (S_ALR_87012168)...
    When i execute this report it displays different amounts in "Not Due" column under 0-30 bucket. In 0-30 bucket, under not due column it shows 10,000 and under total open items column it shows 15,000. How it is possible?
    Thanks to everyone

    This has been closed due to Local and Document currency prob...

  • Unable to open web analysis reports through workspace

    I am connecting web analysis with MSSQL server 2000 and generating reports. I am using essbase 9.3.1 version.
    But my problem now is that I can just open these reports from web analysis studio and cannot open them from workspace. In workspace, if I right click on the report and open it from web analysis studio it does open. But it does not open by double clicking the report in workspace. It just shows a blank report on just parts of the report.
    The issue is only there for the reports that are getting data from relational db (MSSQL server 2000). The other reports that are using the cube data are fine and opening from everywhere.
    Are there any other configuration settings involved in order to open a web analysis report(that uses relational db) from workspace?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Atul,
    Try using the in built config checker:
    This has several tests you can perform to see what's running.

  • Stage Analysis Report Issue

    I have run a stage analysis report but it says no data inspite of open opportunities being present in the system. Could anyone kindly let me know what could be the issue?

    Hi Sharat,
    Welcome you to the forum. Please close your first thread.
    Regarding your Stage Analysis Report Issue, what selection has been made? This report show closed opportunity only.

  • Vendor master analysis report

    what is vendor master analysis report? and how to create it?

    This link may be useful

  • Sales Analysis Report service warehouse wise

    Dear Experts,
    I've configured 4 service warehouses to an item  in SAP B1 8.8 PL:16.  And now I want to see sales analysis report of that particular item against each service warehouse. But from the Sales Analysis or purchase analysis report I can't able to see service warehouse wise sales quantity & amount.
    N.B.-Those items are created as Sales & Expense item only, no inventory.
    Plz help.

    Hi Subrata,
    in this case you need a customized report trough Query or through Crystal Report.

  • Sales and Purchase Analysis reports by Item

    The current functionality of these reports is more like an open items list rather than an analysis report.
    If you Run a Purchase Analysis report by Item with a secondary selection of Supplier, and choose GRPO - the scenario is to find out how many of which products you have received in the date range from a specific supplier. This type on data is useful to use for negotiations on pricing etc.
    Currently, the report will only display values for GRPO that have not been drawn to AP Invoice. This is supposedly system functionality, but, the report is called analysis, so should provide data for that purpose?

    You may double click the column header to change the sort.

  • With reference to contract Purchase Order Analysis report.

    I need SAP Standard " With reference to contract Purchase Order Analysis report"

    there is no standard report to get the PO list wrf to contracts,
    but you can get through SE16 from the table EKPO, where you have to pass the contract numbers ( get through ME3L,ME3M or ME3C ) in the field KONNR,
    lakshmi reddy

  • How can I see Foreign Currency FC balance in Purchase Analysis Report??

    Dear Experts,
    Right now in the Purchase Analysis Report, I can only see Local Currency and System Currency balances. How can I see Foreign Currency balances??
    Much Thanks!
    Warmest Regards,

    I belive its not there in Purchase\Sales Analysis Reports. You need to build a Customized report for that.

  • SBO 2005 A PL 31 Annual Purchase analysis report missing result

    My client runs on SBO2005A ( 6.80.319) SP 01 PL31. When running standard Annual Purchase Analysis report, all data is missing, any ideas which patch could resolve this. Can successfully run Annual Sales Analysis report

    Welcome you post on the forum.
    2005 version had out of support for such a long time. They need to upgrade to new version to fight the problem. Even 2007 version will be out of main stream support soon. Better ask them to 8.8 directly.

  • Zero Quantity in Purchase Analysis Report

    I have create Item AP invoice on today date,  raise AP credit note for that full AP invoice on today date. Then run  purchase analysis report. (Quantity column will show zero) How can I get rid of these zero quantities.

    Check in the Inventory tab of item master data for those items.  What is the value for in stock and available.
    If you have done a/p credit memo for those items then by default the system will show zero quantity as the system considers it as the items which are returned
    Hope its helpful
    Darshan Desai

  • Strange figures in Purchase Analysis report

    I am running a purchase analysis report and am a little confused by the results. I am running the reports using goods receipts. What I am finding is that there are a vast amount of zero quantity items shown in the results. When I drill down into the good receipt I can see that there are quantities there but they are not shown in the results. The quantities that are shown are where the goods receipt is open. Where the quantities are zero the goods receipts are closed.
    Is this normal?

    Hi Juan,
    This is system behavior. When you select the report to be run on basis on GRPO, it wud display all the GRPO's but when you see a qty as zero in the report, it means that the target document is created for that GRPO. As suggested by Ms. Julie, you would have to make query report to get desired data.

  • Cant see Purchase analysis report of standard SAP B1

    Hi friends,
    I am using SAP B1 2005 B , PL 36 facing Prob. that-
    ->though i make AP invoices , but cant able to see its report in Purchase analysis
    , it does not show any data .just empty report comes without data.
    But if i see Sales Sales Analysis report it shows perfect data in report.
    pls. guide me.

    Hi Mahesh
    Sridharan is not entirely right, the purchase analysis will include all valid A/P Invoices, even if they are paid. The only ones excluded are canceled documents, and since an A/P Invoice cannot be canceled, it is not a problem. If it is credited by a credit note in full, then it will not be displayed as the nett effect is zero. The purchase analysis will look at A/P Invoice less A/P Credit Notes, or GRPO less Returns, depending on what you select.
    My suggestion is that you check all the options like from date and to date are correctly specified. Make sure you don't have properties selected that are not in use, etc.
    If you still can't get data, please give us the exact options you are selecting so we can test and help you resolve. We need to know if it is Annual/Quarterly/Monthly, AP Invoices/Purchase Order/GRPO, Individual/Group, Posting Date/Due Date/Document Date, etc.
    Kind regards
    Peter Juby

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