Android OS, V4.1 (Jelly Bean), which flash player will support

i have Android OS, V4.1 (Jelly Bean), which flash player will support to my device.i intalled Flash Player for Android 4.0 latest V( to site but
when i run video on facebook to my device, its showing flash player upgrate required.

Adobe stopped ALL development of Flash for Android last year.
There are older versions of Flash Player (for Android) at that link, but there are no guarantees any of them will work.
See also:
I've read a lot about "Dolphin" for Android
I'm not an Android user (no tablet or phone) so I can't make any endorsements that would hold any credibility, but most of the Flash solutions I've read point to Dolphin as the best alternative.
Check the Android forums: to see what their "gurus" recommend.

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  • "Flash Player" will not work on Android 4.0.3!

    I recently purchased  new Samsung tablet 2 (10.1) which operates on Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
    I have since found out that “Flash Player” will not work on Android 4.0.3
    (Ice Cream Sandwich) as adobe is no longer supporting android OS above 4.0
    This means I now have many “apps” that I can not us because they require
    “Flash” to operate!
    Can you assist with this problem?
    Is there a patch I can buy to allow flash to work on Android 4.0.3?

    Moving this discussion to the Installing Flash Player forum.

  • Adobe flash player not support in android 4.1.2 samsung s2

    Plz give me feedback (private contact info removed by moderator). i have Samsung S2 Mobile. And i have android 4.1.2(Lastest S2 Version). I can install this software. but I cant see any LIVE TV CHANNEL. EveryWhere flash player required. And i READ somewhere that in ADOBE FLASH PLAYER not SUPPORT in Samsung S2 Mobile. Sir plz SOLVE THIS PROBLEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
              -THANK YOU SO MUCH...

    There is no more Flash Player for Android and there won't be another. Android is no longer compatible with Flash Player. Playing Flash content is very processor consumptive and it drains your battery, also shortening the life of it. Android (Google) recommends using either "Dolphin" or "Puffin" as your browser if you need to view Flash content with a mobile device running Android. They're both free in the GooglePlay store. These browsers use "server side" rendering to reduce the load on your device.

  • Which Flash Player

    My company purchased a Flash-based e-learning development
    tool. It comes with many compiled SWF templates. There are no FLA
    files to work with. I'm getting inconsistent behaviors and think
    that the SWF may have been compiled for early, or possibly various,
    Flash Player versions.
    Is there a tool or a method that will report which Flash
    Player a SWF was compiled for?
    I'm sure I can devise a test. I discovered the issue when
    some SWFs wouldn't work with the FlashVars parameter and others
    would. There's hundreds of templates, so I'm looking for a fast
    approach first, before I develop a more laborious approach.

    Found it.
    Got a demo version of a Flash Decompiler. It includes a Movie
    Info feature that reports the version of Flash Player the SWF was
    compiled for. I did not and will not decompile the SWFs. That would
    be wrong. I just needed the info.

  • Which flash player to export to is best in compatibility.

    I develop these site in PHP BB BMW Dubai and Porsche Dubai but failed to rotate images in top banner. After lot of dissapointment,  i recently converted that baner with 6 small pictures than 2 big  pictures (previously).
    Now im thinking of changing or  rotating those 6 pictures in flash. So my question is which flash player  is the bestest to export to, i mean level fl5,6,7,8. I dont wanna  export at most recent as it might bug users to upgrade their old flash  player, when they browse my content.
    Also please let me  know if there are known issues anyone knows about PHPbb stuff with  flash files. I will be experimenting this for first time. As in Dubai at  least i have not seen any one site using flash in PHP BB, as people  dont detailing attention to community board.
    Thanks in advance.

    Then target flash player 9 or 8.

  • Which flash player works with mac 10.5.8  intel

    Which flash player works with leopard 10.5.8 intel based

    This page will tell you which version you have and the latest version for your Mac & OS...
    4. Install Flash Player
    Important: Flash Player installation requires a browser restart. Bookmark this page, so that you can visit this page whenever required.
    Download and install the latest Flash Player version.
    For any reason if your installation is not successful: 
    a. Uninstall the installation files using the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller.
    Note: Use only Adobe Flash Player uninstaller to uninstall Flash Player installation files.
    b. Reinstall the latest Flash Player version.
    Go to step 5 to check if you can access rich media content properly.

  • If I run both Firefox and IE 11 which Flash Player do I download or can I download both?

    If I run both Firefox and IE 11 which Flash Player do I download or can I download both?

    Firefox and IE uses different plugins of Flash Player but you can install both in your system.
    Just go to from IE browser and Install Flash Player -> It will install ActiveX plugin of Flash Player which is used by IE
    And if you go to from Firefox browser and Install Flash Player -> It will install NPAPI plugin of Flash Player which is used by Firefox.
    Hope it resolves your query.

  • Which Flash Player when publish?

    I'm using Flash CS4. What's the prevailing wisdom about which Flash player to select when publishing? I just accepted the default (Flash player 10), but I'm a bit worried because when I started my Flash movie on a computer today, the movie didn't start. It looked like a broken image link. There was no indication that it was because because the computer didn't have the latest Flash player, but I assume that was the problem.

    Only you can answer the question about which player version to target when you publish. Many factors come in to play.
    Is your audience early adopters and likely to have the latest player?
    Is your content so insanely great that your audience will install the latest player just to see your content?
    Is your audience likely to be corporate users who have a policy of being 2 (or 3!) versions behind the latest and greatest?
    Does your content require some fancy feature only available to plugin X or greater?
    And so forth. So once you have answered those questions you can say, "Yes, we must publish to Flash 9 and nuts to those who won't come up to at least that point." (or whatever you decided.)
    After that you should add detection code to your html page that will redirect the user to some alternate content if they don't meet the minimal requirements. You can use the basic code that Flash generates to do that or you can use swfobject to roll your own.
    You should customize the alternate content to make it clear what is needed and how to get it. Maybe even give a little preview screenshot or something of your content to tease them and convince them on how much they are really missing out on, etc.
    Also in the past there were some bad detection scripts out there that would sometimes deny the user the ability to get to the content based on errors of judgement. So I generally like to add a link that says something like, "Yes, I really do know what my computer has installed and your detection script is stupid. Take me directly to the content. (Warning, if your computer really isn't up to date you will see only a broken link.)"

  • Which flash player for kindle fire?

    which flash player can I use for kindle fire?

    The latest Kindle Fire HD is not officially supported by Flash Player.  Please see this page for a list of all certified devices:
    Flash Player Certified Devices
    That said, some users have been able to get Flash Player working on the Kindle Fire by using Dolphin, a third party browser.
    How to install Adobe Flash on your Kindle Fire HD   
    Get Flash on Kindle Fire HD (video)

  • Which Flash player do I need

    1.After finishing a flash file is there any way of viewing
    which flash player people need to view my movie.
    2.Does chooseing the flash number under flash publish
    settings determine what flash player people need.
    3.where can I get that little image with its script so I can
    use with dreamweaver on my site.I want it so that people push the
    image and then transports the person to a download page so they can
    down load the flash player.
    flash files on my site

    1. Choose File -> Publish Settings, and under the Flash
    tab, verify the player version you're publishing to. That's the one
    they'll require.
    2. Yes.
    3. Search the site for the Flash Player download (one of the
    first Adobe pages), right-click and download the image, then click
    the image and copy the URL it takes you to that installs the

  • New edition of adobe flash player will not load on samsung tablet. how do i load an older version?

    newest edition of adobe flash player will not install on samsung tablet. how do i download an older version like 10.3?

    This might help - How do I manually install Flash Player on my Android device?

  • Flash player will not work on my computer, would love advice

    I have windows vista.  When I visit a web page that requires flash, it instructs me to download it (even though I'm sure I have it ialready...).  I do so, it says it has downloaded successfully but I still cannot view the website.  I have uninstalled my current version of flash and reinstalled the latest version numerous times.  It even shows up in my list of programs.  But each time I visit a site that uses it, it tells me I need flash to view it.  Very frustrating.  And suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!

    This was very helpful - thank you.  I unchecked "active x filtering" and it seems to be working, under tools in IE.  a simple solution, that may have taken me days to figure out myself!  Hopefully it continues to work from thiis point forward.  Thanks!
    Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2013 12:42:26 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Flash player will not work on my computer, would love advice
        Re: Flash player will not work on my computer, would love advice
        created by Chris Campbell in Installing Flash Player - View the full discussion
    Do you see an animation and version number when you visit the Flash Player Version page? If you are using Internet Explorer, please verify that the following two FAQs check out. Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer
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  • Adobe Acrobat Message : ''To view the flash technology content in this PDF, please install the version of flash player that supports Adobe reader and acrobat "

    I am using interop acrobat dll in one of my client , when trying to open a pdf file in acrobat X the following message appears :
    ''To view the flash technology content in this PDF, please install the version of flash player that supports Adobe reader and acrobat "
    Is there any workaround to fix this issue ?...
    will installing the flash player fix the issue ?

    i am trying to convert the pdf to tiff image using
    //Using ACROBAT PRO
                AcroAppClass app = new AcroAppClass();
                AcroAVDoc doc = new AcroAVDocClass();
    i tried downloading the flash player ,now the error does not appear but for those pdf that displays this flash message error i am not getting the pdf converted to tiff file , instead i get an image with message
    What could be the cause of this issue ?

  • Adobe flash player will not load and run.  Uninstalled and reinstalled with no change.

    Adobe flash player will not load.  Uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. 

    Adobe’s advice regarding Flash Player 13:

  • Adobe Flash Player will not run since installing Firefox 25.0 upgrade

    Windows 7 Home Premium X64.
    My question says it all. Within Firefox's own system it says the flash player is update and enabled. Any place I go today and want to play something the page posts "Get Adobe Flash Player". I upgraded to Firefox 25.0 just before I retired for the night. Today Flash Player will not work.
    Within Tools>Options>Content the option to turn java off and on is no longer there. I believe you folks have CREATED A BIG BUG!!!!!

    Your statement: "I missed that Firefox 25 turned on "click to play" as the default behavior for plugins. I assume you prefer to have Flash run automatically if you've approved the site in NoScript."
    I didn't read anything anywhere, nor was I aware of the fact that Firefox may have changed "my" plugin settings, or broken them. How many users do you think there might be that have NoScript set this way for one or more sites.
    I'm just saying it might have been nice to have been forewarned about this - obviously something that was KNOWN that the update was going to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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