ANN: New XDK release for 9.0.2B and available

New XDK Releases for 9.0.2B Beta Version and Procudtion Version are online at:
What's new:
- Oracle9i XDK for C and C++ released on Linux
- Oracle TransX Utility Aids loading data and text.These release is part of the XDK for Java 9.0.2 Beta.
- Oracle SOAP APIs added to the XDK for Java
Support for the SOAP services have been added to the XDK for Java Production.
- XML Schema Processor for Java supports both LAX Mode and STRICT Mode Validation
The XML Schema Processor for Java now supports both LAX Mode and STRICT
Mode Validation. Compared with STRICT Mode where every element from the root on down is required to be defined and validated, LAX Mode Schema validation provides developers the ability to limit the XML Schema
validation to the subsections of the XML document.
This will simplify XML Schema definitions and the validation process by skipping the ignorable content. Furthermore, with LAX mode, developers can divide their XML documents into small fragments and carry out the XML Schema validation in a parallel or progressive way. This results, in a much more flexible and productive schema validation process.
- SAX2 Extension support in the Java XML Parser
The XML Parser for Java now supports two new handlers - LexicalHandler and DeclHandler.
XML documents now can be parsed through Oracle XML Parser SAX APIs with full access
to the DTD declarations and the lexical items like comments and CDATA sections.
This ensures that the complete content model is preserved.
- JAXP 1.1 supports is now added to the XDK for Java
- New Differ Bean in the XDK for JavaBeans
A new bean has been added the the JavaBean XDK which analyses the differences between to XML documents and outputs the XSL sytlesheet that will convert one into the
other. This is extremely useful when converting an XML document retrieved from a SQL query into an xHTML page on the web.
Stylesheets can now be automaticly created for use in XSQL pages.
- XML Compression now supported in the Java XML Parser
Now developers can take advantage of a compressed XML stream when serializing their DOM and SAX outputs. This new functionality significantly reduces the size without losing any information. Both DOM and SAX compressed streams are fully compatible and the SAX stream can be used to generate a
corresponding DOM tree. These compressed streams can also be stored in Oracle as a CLOB for efficient storage and retrieval.

bump up for east cost.

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    I have just uploaded a reference guide to all CSS2.1 properties and selectors at It's intended as a companion site to my new book, "Getting StartED with CSS", which is due to be published later this week. However, I hope the reference material will be of use to others, even if they don't want to buy a copy of the book (although I hope many people will ).
    It's not really a tutorial site (the tutorials are in the book), but there are links to lots of example files, most of which have the CSS embedded in the head of the page. When I get time, I hope to add more material dealing with common CSS problems.

    Looks great, David!  I wish this had been available to me when I was learning CSS.
    Nancy O.
    Alt-Web Design & Publishing
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  • New patch releases: JE 5.0.48 and 4.1.20

    Please note that new patch releases for JE 5.0 and 4.1 are now available.
    The JE 5.0.48 update contains a number of critical bug fixes that can cause corruption (data loss) under certain circumstances. We strongly recommend that anyone using JE 5 upgrade immediately to 5.0.48. This update also contains fixes for issues that prevent upgrading to JE 5 from an earlier release, or cause problems after upgrading.
    Note that running the pre-upgrade utility is mandatory before upgrading to JE 5 from an earlier release, and the pre-upgrade utility must be run using JE 4.0.20. The JE 4.0.20 update contains fixes to the pre-upgrade utility as well as one critical bug fix. See the first section in the JE 5.0.48 change log for detailed information on upgrading and running the pre-upgrade utility.
    We'd like to thank all the users who reported problems and especially those who worked with us over email, in some cases for long periods of time, to diagnose problems and test fixes. Some, but not all, of those who helped are mentioned in the change log. Thank you for contributing to the reliability of the product!
    Complete information can be found in the JE documentation. The release is available via the download site or Maven.

    the biggest problem is that we are using bought application not made in our company. I have tried out this java application with JRE 1.4 and 1.5 and it just doesn't work. So the only solution is using JRE 1.3 on all intranet computers. This application uses digital certificate so why doesn't Sun allow digital signet java programs to run on older versions of JRE?
    There could also be one more solution. I exactly know md5sum (or sha1sum) of 3 JAR files used by applet needing JRE 1.3. So if this sum would be enabled manualy (or I could send batch file to make this in registry or any other storage this would be good).

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    Ministry - From Beer to Eternity– CD (Best Buy Exclusive 2 Bonus Tracks)
    Earth, Wind & Fire - Now, Then & Forever [Best Buy Exclusive 2 Bonus Tracks] – CD
    Sean Kingston - Back 2 Life – CD [PA] (Best Buy Exclusive)
    Rise Against -Long Forgotten Songs: B-Sides & Covers – CD (Best Buy Exclusive 2 Bonus Tracks)
    Keith Urban - Fuse [Deluxe Edition] [9/10] - CD
    Also available Keith Urban - Fuse [9/10] - CD
    Arctic Monkeys- AM 9/10 CD
    Juicy J - Stay Trippy PA
    K. Michelle - Rebellious Soul [Best Buy Exclusive 3 Bonus Tracks] - CD
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    Check in the Activity Monitor if Firefox is still running.
    If he is running, kill it and try to install the new version.

  • New software release for N 2700c

    Please tell me when we will be
    getting the new software
    release for Nokia 2700c.

    It's highly unlikely that the 2700c will get any further updates. That model is now considered to be old and obsolete.
    All you can do is wait and hope or buy a newer model that has the newer operating system on it.

  • Updated Z10 to new software release and having trouble with sending BBM/text messages

    I recently updated my Blackberry Z10 to the new software release and I'm having trouble sending messages on BBM b/c the red X shows up on every single message that I send to any contact on my list. This was never a problem for me prior to updating it. I also suddenly cannot open my browser nor can I open my texts properly nor send or receive texts. The keyboard on the touchscreen shows up constantly while im trying to navigate through the phone and it stays frozen until I lock/unlock the phone. All of this ONLY started happening ever since I updated it. What's going on? Please help, this shouldn't be happening!!

    Hi and Welcome to the Community! 
    Keep the phone on, and remove the battery for about a minute or more and then replace it
    VIA | rat-7​Z10/z10-update-10-2-0-424-problem-with-text-messag​...
    Please thank those who help you by clicking the button.
    If your issue has been solved, please resolve it by marking "Accept as Solution"

  • New shuffle plays for about 15 seconds and then turns off even through it's charged

    brand new shuffle plays for about 15 seconds and then turns off even through it's charged. 3rd one I've had that does this

    Double check to make sure the headphones are plugged ALL the way in, meaning no silver can still be seen from the headphone's plug.

  • HT203167 I got a new hard drive for my lap top and when i re-downloaded iTunes most of the songs in my library were missing.  What do i do?

    I got a new hard drive for my lap top and when i re-downloaded iTunes most of the songs in my library were missing.  What do i do?

    Your songs will only be where you put them.
    Did you copy them from the old drive or your backup copy of the old drive, to the new one?

  • New driver releases for E-MU PCI, PCMCIA and USB models (Jan 2008)

    For XP/Vista
    PCI & CardBus v2 -
    0202 USB & 0404 USB v2 (preview, expires in May '08) -
    Message Edited by jutapa on 01-18-200810:24 PM

    maiki wrote:
    I see very new driver and Patchmix releases for the 1616 and 1616M PCMCIA interfaces (1/16/08), I did not look at the pages for the PCI boards, but I sure don't see any new drivers, firmware, etc for USB, 0202 and 0404 USB.
    For instance, here is the current page to download drivers, etc., for the 0404 USB:
    The install package there is dated April 2007.
    Why did you include USB models in your post about new driver releases? Are they somewhere else?
    Hmm... maybe you didn't look close enogh behind the link given for drivers for USB models in my post ... though, those are not new final drivers but as the previous USB driver expired 17 or 18 January, E-MU refreshed them 18 January. Also, I have not informed anything 'bout new drivers for USB but only new driver releases as the subject says.

  • My mum set up an iCloud account and forgot the password, and this caused me to create a new account. The new account works for the App Store and all that, but I can't change the initial iCloud account without the password. Help?

    My mum set up an iCloud account for my iPhone 4 but forgot the password. This caused me to create a new account, and it can be used for the App Store and iTunes and all that, but I can't change the initial iCloud account (the one my mum made). My device keeps prompting me for the password every few minutes after updating to iOS 8, and I've tried every option possible to retrieve the password, but I don't even know the answers to the security questions and I can't find the password reset email anywhere and I don't know the back up emails my mum used. I literally cannot find any legitimate way to sign out of the initial iCloud account without entering a password (which neither I nor my parents know). Is there a way for me to retreive the password or change to my new account without the password?

    See:Creating an iCloud account: Frequently Asked Questions and How do I mange iCloud account about 3/4s of the way down.

  • I just got the new iOS5 update for the iPhone 3GS and I cannot receive messages because it says that the SMS is full. I deleted all my texts, but still cannot receive texts. Is there something I can do???, I cannot receive texts with the new iOS5 update

    Hi everyone, I just got the new iOS5 update for my iPhone 3GS. I receive a message saying that "Your SMS mailbox is full. New messages cannot be recieved until you delete some messages." I deleted all of my messages but still could not receive texts after restoring and restarting my phone. Can anything be done to remedy this??? Thanks!

    Apple is screwing the pooch on this one.  Need to call in and be vocal. 

  • Create a new condition type for tax... and assign in the Tax determniation

    I need to add custom condition tax type, i tried creating the condition in OBQ1 and add that condtion in FI pricing OBQ3, now I want to confirm what is basic conept means whenever we create on condtion in OQB1 and add in OBQ3.
    i need to add that in Sales order and need to maunally populate that in the sales order.
    could anybody suggest to create a new condition type for tax.(full process).

    Goto the T.Code "V/06".Create one new "Z" condition type.
    Maintain the Condition Class as "D(Taxes)".
    Calculation type as "A(percentage)".
    Cond. Category as "D(Tax)".
    Select the tick mark for "Group Condition" if it is applicable for you.
    In the next step assign this condition type to your pricing procedure by using the T.Code "V/08".
    Also maintain access sequence by using the T.Code "V/07" and assign it to your Condition type.
    Now this condition type will appeared in your sales order after maintain teh condition records.

  • Registered a new user-name for BB app would and it says use the username associated with this smartphone

    i have an old email which i used to use it back home on another blackberry before, since i bought the news blackberry 9900 i use that username and it working till now, but i want to register it with another one, i have register and i use it in blackberry app would but it is not working and it says (enter the username associated with this smartphone), please help i tried to download it again and the problem still the same. 

    Hi jasmeen,
    Welcome to the BlackBerry Support Community.
    This KB article provides more information on the issue you are having using your new BlackBerry® ID on your BlackBerry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone. ""Please enter the username associated with this smartphone" appears when logging into BlackBerry App World with a BlackBerry ID using a BlackBerry 7 smartphone"
    To switch to using your new BlackBerry® ID, please follow the steps in this KB article. "How to change the BlackBerry ID on a BlackBerry PlayBook tablet or BlackBerry smartphone"
    Hope this helps.
    Come follow your BlackBerry Technical Team on Twitter! @BlackBerryHelp
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  • HT1277 I cannot open the new email icon for 10.6.8 and the latest secrtoy update. My old "Stamp" icon email won't let me in either indicating that the new OS version doesn't work. Please help

    I cannot open the new email icon for 10.6.8 including the latest security update. My old "Stamp" icon email won't let me in either indicating that the new OS version doesn't work. Please help. I have spend over 4 hours installing and reinstalling updates, etc. and I don't know where to go from here.....

    Mac OS X v10.6: won’t open, or "You can't use this version of Mail…" alert after installing Security Update 2012-004:
    Fellow user Grant Bennet-Alder offers this solution:
    Some users have reported this problem if the Mail Application has been moved out of the top-level /Applications folder, or duplicated in another location.
    When the Security Update is done, the old version of Mail is disabled.
    The solution has been to:
    1) make certain Mail is in the /Applications folder
    2) There is no other copy anywhere else.
    3) Once steps 1 and 2 have been done, Manually download and re-apply the Security Update (2012-004) by hand.
    Security Update 2012-004 (Snow Leopard)
    If the has been LOST, it can be re-installed by applying the 10.6.8 version 1.1 combo update. But this update is quite large and it is usually not necessary:
    Mac OS X 10.6.8 Update Combo v1.1

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