Another Finder Freeze

Uggh. Happened again, another Finder freeze -- this time in the middle of work. A spinning beach ball simply appeared and at that point the Finder refused to respond. Could not quit any open applications. Could not interact with a terminal window. Could not force quit any applications. No way to restart Finder. After a few minutes of waiting and fussing, it was obvious that nothing was going to resolve this, so I held the power button down to shut the machine down. Then restarted. No crash log. Same as last time. Was it the last Airport Extreme update? Bad RAM? The machine doesn't feel particularly hot. Warm on top, but not hot. This is bumming me out.

Here I have the same issues! Latest build of 10.4. with and without the last Security Update and iChat Update (so this is not the reason). Permissions seems right. I can redo the freeze when starting Dashboard. It stayes ever on opening the widgets …
Have also the same issue when login as Admin without running any additional sofware (where no additional Widgets are running - simply the 4 default ones) - finder Freezes with spinning beachball
Whats wrong on these systems??
4x2.5 GhZ G5 Quad Mac OS X (10.4.8)

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  • Finder freezes when trying to move files to external hard drive

    Whenever I try to move files from internal hard drive to my external finder freezes it. I have over 5 TBs of free space on my external, so I know it's not a space issue. This happens no matter the size of the file. It starts the copy and then will freeze before it finishes. If I try to force quit and select relaunch it acts like it is relaunching but my icons never re-appear and the command bar at the top never returns. So I end up having to hard boot.
    I just reinstalled the 10.5.8 combo update and verified both hard disks, if any repairs came up I repaired and then did the same with disk's still freezing on me. I am frustrated because there are some files I'd really like to move to my external raid hard drive but I'm not able to.
    The freezing happens if I'm trying to transfer files from a disc or an additional external HD. My internal HD is only so big and the external Raid drive is for my capture scratch on Final Cut Pro and I'm even having issues capturing to that drive. Everything wants to be on my internal HD and that doesn't work for me.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sean Dale1 wrote:
    Do you get any error messages and if so what are they? Do you have any problems copying files off the problem drive back to your Mac or do the freezes only occur when copying to the external?
    No I don't get any error messages, the finder just freezes and when I try to relaunch finder it doesn't relaunch properly..all icons are missing and I'm not able to access the the task bar to properly shut down so I have to hard boot.
    It happens only when trying to save files to the external, whether through drag and drop or within programs. I am able to access files on the external and copy files from there to my internal without problems.
    Have you tried attaching this drive to another Mac and if so do you get the same issues?
    I don't have another Mac to attach the drive to.
    How is this RAID attached, SCSI, FireWire, SATA or what? How was the RAID created, Disk Utility or third party software and have you verified the integrity of the RAID?
    The RAID is attached via SCSI. In an attempt to solve this finder issue I re-installed the drivers to the most current drivers available and in doing so updated any firmware....and there was no change. I was not the one who set up the RAID so I don't know how it was created. It's an Enhance UltraStore R16 and I've been using it without issues since January 2007 and this freezing thing has been intermittent for a few months now but now it's constant and annoying. I've verified the disk through disk utility but I don't have any software to check the integrity otherwise. Do you have any recommendations as to what software I could use to do this?
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  • Finder freeze at " Open with" menu

    While I right click a MP3 file and try to select another application to open it.
    The finder freeze at "Open With" menu 
    My Mac is 3.1 GHz Intel Core i5  and OS X 10.8 (12A269)

    Try that rebuilding the LaunchServices register.  Launch /Application/Utilities/Terminal and copy & paste the following command:
    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user
    Then hit "enter'.
    Edit: sorry the command got damaged - hopefully fixed now.
    Then log out and back in.

  • Ever since I upgraded to Mavericks the Finder freezes up on me all the time. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I recently upgraded my 27" iMac from Mac OS 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.0.1. Now my finder freezes all the time, usually when transfering a file from one folder to another. Most recently I simply double clicked on my Macintosh HD icon and got the spinning beach ball. I then am forced to force the computer to shut down, and start up again.

    Sounds like the backup you're using to restore from is corrupt. Restoring from a corrupt backup will continue to restore the problem. I'd suggest you start fresh and delete all of your current iPhone backups(there should only be one). You can delete them here: iTunes>Preferences>Devices.

  • Finder freezes every 10min or so, necessitating Relaunch to continue working

    I have a MacBook Air (purchased Aug 2013) and am using OSX version 10.9.5.
    Processor = 1.3 GHz Intel Core i5
    Memory = 4GB 1600MHz DDR3
    Storage = 8.75GB available out of 120.47GB
    At the moment I am sorting through photo files (.jpg) on an external portable hard-drive (Seagate Backup Plus 2TB), and am simply copying files and moving files between folders. Every so often (say every 10min or so), when I am copying a file, or dragging and dropping a file from one folder to another on the external drive, my mouse freezes and turns into a spinning ball.
    The only way to continue is to hit Command-Option-Esc (Force Quit); I am told that "Finder is not responding" and I am then given the option to "Relaunch" the Finder. My screen then goes blank for a second or two, but then all the icons on my desktop re-appear and I can re-open my external drive and continue "normally" for another 10min or so until Finder freezes again.
    Can anyone tell me what is going on / what I should do to find out more about what is going on / what I can do to fix it?
    Many thanks! mmorsink

    Hi ..
    Might be corrupted Finder preferences.
    Open the Finder. From the Finder menu bar click Go > Go to Folder
    Type or copy paste the following:
    Click Go then move the file to the Trash.
    Restart your Mac.

  • Finder freezes when attempting to access a "shared" external hard drive (wireless via Airport Extreme)

    Finder freezes.   As soon as I click onto my "shared" external hard drive (3TB WD - wireless via Airport Extreme), finder immediately freezes / eternally spinning beach ball (until I restart finder).  Can still access wirelessly on another Mac (not on Yosemite).
    Please help!

    Ok - for a while there, the hard drive would not come up on the desktop - but now on a re-boot of the compter, or if I disconnect the hard drive and re-connect it, a message comes up with three buttons which say:
    Sound like the hard drive has died?

  • Another finder annoyance (with spaces)

    I am using spaces with the config that if I click on a application in the dock which has an open window in another space, it does not throw me into that space, but just stays in the space where I am and activates the app. I get that behavior by deactivating the last option in the spaces preferences. I mucho like it that way because with that setup I get the following: If an application window is open on my current space, clicking once on the application icon activates that window (and brings it into the foreground when I am not seeing it), but when no window of the app is open on the space, it does not throw me away, it just activates the app and I get the chance to open a new window of that app by hand.
    This setup works perfectly for all application I use...except finder. When I have a finder window open in space 1 and I am currently on space 2 and I click on the finder icon and no finder window is present in space 2 I get thrown all the way to space 1. It annoys me quite a bit because it is an inconsistency in the user interface.
    I already searched the forum database. I found one topic where a user describes exactly the same behavior I am experiencing. No solution provided though.
    So is that a bug or a feature (which I would not understand)?
    I can reproduce that behavior on three different machines (but all running 10.6.2).
    Kind Regards

    Here I have the same issues! Latest build of 10.4. with and without the last Security Update and iChat Update (so this is not the reason). Permissions seems right. I can redo the freeze when starting Dashboard. It stayes ever on opening the widgets …
    Have also the same issue when login as Admin without running any additional sofware (where no additional Widgets are running - simply the 4 default ones) - finder Freezes with spinning beachball
    Whats wrong on these systems??
    4x2.5 GhZ G5 Quad Mac OS X (10.4.8)

  • Ways to restart when Finder freezes

    My finder freezes during several occasions. Opening windows, using thoth 1.72, and some other applications. The only way I know to restart is pressing the on/off switch. Is there another way to (keyboard keys) restart. I still have mouse movement.
    eMac   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    OK, go to your upper-left Apple menu and choose Sytem Preferences. Now go to Accounts. There is a little + button at the bottom of the window. This will create a new user account. This new account will act like a fresh install with default preferences and settings. If the Mac works great under this new user account, then the problem is most likely a bad preference file. Do not do anything to this account. Always keep it as a test when things go awry.
    To delete your Finder preferences, go to your Home folder and open the Library folder. Find the preferences folder, open it, and locate the file as well as Finder.plist and throw them into the trash. Now restart your Mac. This should fix the problem.

  • Another Illustrator freeze/crash plea...

    I have reviewed all the questions and answers relating to Illustrator's crashes and freezes I could find on the forum. I am running CS4 on a Vista 64 bit pc.  There is nothing wrong with my new video card or any other hardware component.  I changed the scratch disk to non-OS disk.  I reduced the size of the files I'm using.  I now close all other programs when working in Illustrator.
    I haven't changed my preferences because I don't find them-- I do not have the file names listed inthe Windows 7 or XP answers... some of those routes were listed in answers for Vista 64, but I think those were incorrect... (Oh, and yes, I've set the hidden files to be visible...).
    So here are my first questions:
    Can someone reply with the location of the preferences for Vista 64bit?  and can someone tell me how to tell if a font is corrupt?  (this is unlikely, but would like to check).  And any other suggestions you can offer.  
    I'm not a skilled Illustrator user.  I am trying to create the vector files I need for a deadline submission and this is making me suicidal. Help!
    Thank you.

    Thanks.  I put up some Illustrator info.  Will add PS info later.
    Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2010 06:03:56 -0600
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Another Illustrator freeze/crash plea...
    Just wanted to make you aware of my post yesterday:
    Participating/providing details may help resolve some of this.

  • Finder Freezing During Network File Transfer

    I have 2 external G-Drives daisy chained via FW800 on another Mac in the house.  Sometime when I try to look at the drive in finder from another computer on the network Finder freezes.  All I can do is a forced renoot and then things are back to normal.  Sometimes this happens when I try to look at the second hard drive in the daisy chain or during file transfers I will get an error code - 50.
    Again after a reboot things are normal again, but it happens more often then not.

    Just did that this morning, and it made know difference. 
    After computer goes to sleep if I wake it up via the network drive 1 loads and 2nd daisy chain drive kills finder.
    System reboot fixes it.

  • Finder freeze while copying over network

    i have two mac on a network at home, both are now with 10.4.11 - but ever since i updated to this system version i am having a problem with the laptop. whenever i copy a file over the network from the desktop to the laptop, the laptop's finder freezes for the duration of the transfer - i can't open other apps, can't access anything else. the status bar of the copy doesn't change. if another app is open before the copy starts, it works fine. mouse works fine.
    i can't figure out why this is happening... any clues?

    Same problem here, I think: Finder hangs (beachball & Not Resopnding in activity Monitor) during file copy then comes back when copy finishes. Hang starts when I click in the finder to view another directory on the remote machine. When copy is done on PowerBook via Airport, Finder hangs. 100 Mb/s ethernet stutters but does not hang up, but 10Mb/s hangs up.
    Same issue on this thread in Feb:
    Some things I've tried to no avail:
    Fixed Permissions.
    New user does the same.
    Reinstall 10.4.11.
    Etehrnet 100Mb/s - No freeze, but finder still jerky.
    Ethernet 10Mb/s and Airport 802.11g hang.
    Other mac, wireless to laptop - ok.
    Used file appleairports2.kext from 10.4.9, no help.
    Deleted Finder.plist, no help.
    Re-reinstall 10.4.11
    Tried airport with no security settings
    Trashed recent servers file.
    When airport is faster, finder works slightly better, clearing freeze occasionally.
    Activity monitor Finder not responding, sampling does not clear freeze.
    I think it is interesting that Finder does better with higher data transfer rates. In fact, the problem is evident on an ethernet connection when I slow it down to 10 Mb/s, OK at 100. So it may be purely a Finder problem.
    What I have not tried is going back to 10.4.9 nor a clean install of 10.4.11.
    Has anyone figured this one out yet?
    Thanks to UltraSoul for clear postings on this.

  • Finder freezes and Networking and Locked drives will not unlock

    I have been having trouble with my Mini'S finder freezing when I try to connect to another computer. Sometimes it works OK but it often freezes, beachball and cannot relaunch finder, have to reboot. The mini is Intel Duo, Network is 6 windows machines and 1 g5 PPC 1.8 single. An Apple Airport Extreme, a Linksys router and a Buffalo router, I can connect to the Win machines no problem but , like I said, often when connecting to the G5 I get the Finder Crash, but only about 60 % of the time. I have sharing turned on, Personal and Windows on both machines. I am admin on both. Also the MINI drops Network connections which have been working for a few hours.
    I am beginning to think the MINI's Network card is bad.
    ANother maybe related issue, from the MINI, 2 drives on the G5 appear as Locked, I have repeatedly unlocked them with Xray and by the terminal, from the G5 (to which the drives are attached) the drives show unlocked but always from the mini they appear as locked. I have tried to unlock them form the MINIS terminal but get a long Beach Ball.
    Both the G5 and Mini are running the latest OSX and everything else is updated.
    Anyone else relate to these issues? thank you,
    pmac 1.8 single, MIni Duo   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    0. In order to unlock screen highlight a # and double click it to enter, do this until screen is unlocked. Then highlight "settings"
    1.       Double tap screen to go into settings
    2.      use 3 fingers to (swipe) scroll down/up
    3a.     highlight reset, then double tap on the screen
    3b Highlight accessiblity - voiceover - on/off
    (There is also a voiceover pratice option in that accessbility menu)

  • Finder freezing under Update 10.5.5 in connection with pdf-Files

    Since the update to 10.5.5 I have this problem:
    My Mac will freeze ever so often when viewing pdf-files or even the directory containing such files.
    * Problem inked to 10.5.5
    * Occurs when opening pdfs or simply opening directories with pdfs
    * The freezing is progressive: at first I might be able to view like 5 pdfs, then the mac starts to freeze when opening just one. At last it freezes when simply opening the directory.
    * Anti-Virus Check (Norton v11)
    * Disk utility repairs
    * Disk Warrior full repair
    * Complete formatting of HD and complete reinstallation
    * MAC Hardware test tool
    * OnyX full repair suite
    * TinkerTool System full suite
    * 10 nights of work, lots of frustration an settings lost, functionality not reestablished
    Mac: Dual 2.3 Ghz PowerPC G5
    OS: 10.5.5
    Software: Only original Apple Software and MS Office installed (asside of above ment. SW)
    The files are now - after reinstalling the System - on an external HD
    I wonder how long it will be till Apple publishes a statement and/or workaround.
    My hopes are on you guys!

    I had similar weirdness with the finder freezing or getting the spinning rainbow wheel of death associated with pdfs and various applications that utilize that file type. For me, it did not have to do with OSX 10.5.5. I finally narrowed it down to the updated version of Acrobat Professional 6.0 I was using, which works and is likely not compatible with an intel based mac, but who want to shell out another few hundred bucks. It was not opening after it was updated, stating the international language preferences were not selected. But i was able to open pdfs using preview, adobe photoshop etc. So I deleted the updated Acrobat Professional 6.0, and reinstalled the original and it works. Also if the pdfs are really huge and multiple pdfs are open at once, they and use alot of different images, fonts etc. It places huge demands on your ram, processor etc. causing the application to freeze as it searches your hard drive. Maximizing your RAM will help. Repairing permissions using disc utility from the hard drive (not the OSX install dvd) may help. Sometimes when I click on the desktop the finder does not open, so i relaunch from the force quit in the apple menu. It may have something to do with the applications you are using to work on pdfs. Hope this helps.

  • Macbook OSX 10.7.4 Finder Freezing/Crashing Unusable

    My Macbook has been slowing down progressively over the last week and is now virtually impossible to use.
    Takes a long time to boot and when it does the finder freezes for long periods before refeshing itself and freezing again.
    I have booted in recovery mode and run the 'Repair Disk' utility which finds no problems. I have also Repaired permisions which always finds the exact same cycle of errors with every run.
    I would like to do a clean reinstall but have come to a dead end with ways to get the files off the computer and back it up.
    If the computer is booted it is now impossible to get eh files off.
    In recovery mode when I try to create a 'New Image' it always crashes or gives me an error so I was hoping someone might have soem advice on how to proceed?
    The macbook only has USB ports so I don't think I can boot it in Command-T mode and use my other computer to get access to the files.
    Run out of ideas here so would appreciate any help.

    I had similar problems with my  2010 MacBookPro i5, 2.4ghz after I upgraded to 10.4.7.
    slow to start up, freezes, not waking up, beach ball forever......
    after googling the problem I came across these 2 sites:
    They show you how to reset the PRAM and the SMC
    I followed the instructions and now my mac is working fine.

  • Finder freeze when opening folders of my Western Digital external hard disks

    I'm facing a big issue. I'm runnin' Mac Os Lion, I realized a clean install a few days ago. Everything is going fine, but every time I plug an external hard disk on my MBP, I can see the disk appearing on my desktop or in the finder, and when I open it, the finder freezes, I have to reboot manually, or wait to relaunch the finder. My disks are in HFS format, used to work great on Snow Leopard no longer than a week ago... What is weird is that my time machine (external hard disk usb) works fine... Moreover, I can see the disks in the Disk Utility, I can't click on "verify permissions" but on "verify disk" and it says that the disks are fine... Any idea ?
    PS : I could have erase everything on them and reformat, but I need the files inside...

    Here's a suggestion from BDAqua:
    In finder, select Go menu>Go to Folder, and go to "/volumes".
    Volumes is where an alias to your hard drive ("/" at boot) is placed at startup, and where all the "mount points" for auxiliary drives are created for you to access them. This folder is normally hidden from view.
    Drives with an extra number on the end have a side-effect of mounting a drive with the same name as the system already think exists. Try trashing the duplicates with a number, and reboot.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi - I have a UK iTunes account and I have moved my PC to Switzerland. I tried to update my iTunes and iPod, yet now I cannot connect to the iTunes store. Can anyone please help? Thanks, JC

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    I'm using a ipod nano, and I'm only able to get back a portion of my purchased music and none of the music that I have added from a CD. Is there any way, without having prior copied all music from the library to my ipod, getting it back in my library

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