Another User Modified Table Error.

Dear All,
        My Client is using SAP B1 2007 B PL 11, When he is updating the Freight Amount in the Freight Window at that time he is getting the Error of Another User Modified Table Error.
       Plz guide me solving this issues.
Hitesh Parsawala

Hi Hitesh ,
This problem occurs when 2 users access the same form simultaneously .
So just restart the SAP , It will work ..
Hope it Helps
-- Ashish Ranjan

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  • Another user modify table error on Service call

    Dear All,
    i am getting error while updating the service call.
    As this is SAP2007B PL 16 i have created a service call when i am updating this service call i am getting the error like-another user is modify table-service call .
    Kindly help me out.
    Divya Singh

    Dear Divya,
    In most cases, the error messages " Another user modified table XXX (XXXX) (ODBC -2039)." comes because after opening the form at your side, another user opened the same form and applied some changes. You can close the form, open it again, apply your changes and then update it to avoid this error message.
    But in some cases, even if you close all the clients and login again, the problem still exists. In that case, this error might be caused by Database Corruption which need DB fix.  If this is the case, Kindly log a message to SAP Support.
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • Error: Another User Modified Table in Service Call in SAP B1 8.8 PL9

    Hi Experts,
    We are facing an issue in SAP B1 8.8 Patch 9 in Service Call.  When taking service calls continuosly, when we try to update every 3rd Service Call the following error is coming
    "Another user or another operation modified data; to continue, open the window again  'Service Calls' (OSCL) (ODBC -2039)  [Message 131-183]".
    Only 1 user is using the service call.. Several times we logged out and logged in, still the same error is coming,
    Kindly help to solve this.

    You may check this thread. It might be a bug.
    Re: another user modify table error on Service call

  • Error: Another user -modified table (ODBC -2039)

    I receive an error when trying to post data through to the SapbobsCom6.7 business object reading "Another user -modified table (ODBC -2039)"
    Could anyone please assist me regarding this!
    Thank you!

    Hi Etienne et al,
    I don't know if this helps you, as your last post in this topic was quite a while ago, but never the less I found one reason for the -2039 error which may be of help to other Business One developers in the future.
    I was getting the -2039 error every time I tried to update a record in one of my user defined forms, yet the error wouldn't happen with most of the other records in the table.
    Looking at the record I found that there was a column related to a Date field on the which had an incorrectly entered value from a previous data import.
    What should have been '2004-06-23 00:00:00.000' in the table was actually '1899-12-30 23:06:04.000' and would appear as 30/12/99 in the form field. Once I corrected the format of the data the addon form was happy to update the record.
    I hope this helps anyone else out there.
    Nick Jacka

  • Another user-modified table... Errors

    Dear Experts,
    Two of our clients are experiencing same error message but different Table name and scenario.
    First: Customer1 change the password of Manager account and it became successful. But when they change the password again, they encounter the u201CAnother user-modified table 'Users'(OUSR)...u201D error message.
    Second: Customer2 can't change the Item description in Item Master Data. When they try to update the description, the "Another user-modified table 'Items'(OITM)(ODBC-2039)[Message 131-183]"  error message appears.
    I've read some of the preferred solutions but the same issue occurs.
    Are these considered as bugs?
    Please help us.
    Thank you so much.
    Doriza Cortez

    Dear Doriza Cortez,
    All those errors are caused by table locks. Users have at least to exit from B1 for all their sessions. If the problem still persist, restart server is the last cure. Before that, you can try to kill certain hidden session from SQL Studio.

  • Another user-modified table 'Product Tree' (OITT) - Error message

    Our B1 2005A SP01 PL48 sometimes shows the following error message when trying to change a BOM, even if this error is not possible.
    Another user-modified table 'Product Tree' (OITT) (ODBC -2039) [Message 131-183]
    What can I do, except for deleting and recreating the BOM?

    Hi Franz,
    Please check these threads to find anything in common:
    Another user-modified table  'Items' (ODBC -2039)
    Another User modified Table (ODBC -2039) - Sales order
    In Purchase Order
    Re: Warehouse alerts not popping up.

  • Another user-modified table (VPM1)

    Dear Experts,
    I faced the above error when trying to add outgoing payment.
    Firstly, I saved the outgoing payment as a draft. Then, I open the outgoing payment draft through payment draft report.
    Before I add the outgoing payment draft into valid outgoing payment document, I have to confirm and update the check number in payment mean.
    Finally I save the outgoing payment. However, system doesn't allow to save this draft into valid document and display error "Another user-modified table (VPM1) (ODBC-2039) [Message 131-183]". Please help!

    Dear Teng,
    It seems to be a database corruption issue.
    We would like to suggest you to open a message for SAP Support.
    Rakesh Pati
    SAP Business One Forum Team.

  • Another user modified table rdr3

    I got error "Another user modified table rdr3" when try to update additional expenses on sales order form.
    Case: Update Add. expences through my code based on condition and document updated well with add. expenses
    but after that if i update add. expenses through system functionality <b>means By pass my code</b> based on some condition, SBO throws this error.
    Help needed!???

    In what event are you performing your update?  I was getting the same message when I did my update in the in "item clicked" (for the update button) and this is evidently before the form does the update.  It saw the changes I made to the record and therefore aborted the update.
    I moved my update to item-pressed and that solved the problem.  But it's been a little more complicated than that for me.
    As far as I can tell, SBO updates the object on the form AFTER the BeforeAction event is triggered from item pressed.  But the way my debugging suggests it happens is that if there are no errors from that update, while item pressed does get it's AfterAction triggered, the form is no longer in update mode - it's in OK mode. So it seems that the update really needs to happen from OK mode but there's one more complication.
    At least for the item master form, button 1 can be in OK mode after doing an Update (which will work), but will also be in OK mode after a find (where the user types, for instance, an item number and presses enter, rather than the find button).  So what I am doing is setting a flag on item pressed/update mode/before action that let's me know that update is requested.  then in item pressed/find mode/after mode I test for update requested, then update the object and turn off my flag:
      Case Is = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_ITEM_PRESSED
        If pVal.ItemUID = "1" Then
           Select Case pVal.FormMode
                Case Is = SAPbouiCOM.BoFormMode.fm_UPDATE_MODE
                         If pVal.BeforeAction Then
                            g_UpdateModeStarted = True
                         End If
               Case Is = SAPbouiCOM.BoFormMode.fm_OK_MODE
                          If g_UpdateModeStarted Then
                               If pVal.Action_Success Then
                                  g_UpdateModeStarted = False
                               End If
                          End If
    WARNING:  I am very new to SBO programming and haven't even taken the class yet.  This works for me but I imagine that others in this forum might say I'm going about it all wrong.  But since no one else has offered a solution to this yet, I thought I'd let you know how I got around the problem.
    Good Luck!

  • [OACT], Another user-modified table 'G/L Accounts' (ODBC-2039)

    Dear All,
    When AP dept user attempting to add outgoing payment, the error message ""[OACT], Another user-modified table 'G/L Accounts' (ODBC-2039)" appears, what could the causes of the problem be ? I have restarted server many times but still unsolved yet.

    One reason why this happens ("Another User Modifed table") is if the SQL database has been updated while the document is open. When trying to add the document, the information in the document will be inconsistent with the values in the database itself.
    It can also be because someone tried to Run one of the Restore Balances Procedure.
    Please contact SAP Support by logging a message at

  • Another user-modified table  '' (POR1) (ODBC -2039)  [Message 131-183]

    I have updated the purcahse order form.I have added a combo excisable.Also I have defined excisable and non-excisable warehouses.I have added a condition as,
    If I select Yes from the combo then the warehouse of the item should be excisable.And,if I select No then the item should be from non-excisable warehouse.
    When I change the warehouse as per the above condition it gives error as,
    Another user-modified table  '' (POR1) (ODBC -2039)  [Message 131-183]
    I am using SAP Business One 2007 B.
    The errors occurs when I click on update button.The error does not occur if I don't update purchase order.
                                                                                    Dilip Kumbhar

    Dilip Kumbhar,
    You may check these threads first:
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  • Another User modified Table (ODBC -2039) - Sales order

    Via a button on sales order form I delete some of the order lines with oMatrix.DeleteRow(rowNr).
    It works fine but the DocTotal is not updated as it will be if I delete the row manually with the right-click Delete Row command.
    When saving the order via Update button it refuses with the error "Another User modified Table (ODBC -2039)".
    Do you have any ideas for workarounds for this?
    I've tried to set the price to 0 before deleting the row (the DocTotal will be updated) but the error is the same when saving.
    I don't manipulate the FormMode in the code.

    SAP has answered with notes 720076.
    They suggest to use
    instead of
    It works for me.
    Best regards,

  • Another user-modified table  'Items' (ODBC -2039)

    I have a problem with the Items object. I have a folder on the Item MasterData  form and a extra table that stores the info from that tab.
    When I try to update an item i get this error message :
    Another user-modified table  'Items' (OITM or OITW) (ODBC -2039)
    I can update items normally if my addon is stopped. I have read something about a similar message about PO, but I get the error on all items( even newly added ones) so I don't think it's about them being involved in PO.
    Any ideas on this matter ?

    I faced a similar error once, i also modified the Item Master screen and added a tab with an extra table, then i was modifing the FORM MODE explicitly.
    If ur are modifing the FORM MODE explicitly we may get this error.
    Vasu Natari.

  • Another user-modified table ODBC -2039 [Message 131-183]

    I created a matrix that it is linked to a ChooseFromList, that has multiselection = true.
    The thing is that if i'm trying to update the record selecting multiple values, this error is displayed "Another user-modified table ODBC -2039 [Message 131-183]".
    If i try doing it with just one record, the UDO works perfectly.
    Also, it works fine if i'm creating for the first time the record and adding the multiple selection lines.

    I think you have some transactions in the background.
    Close all stuffs, delete SM_OBS_DLL directory from your TEMP directory, and start the work again.

  • Another user-modified table '' (NNM1) (ODBC -2039)  [Message 131-183]

    Hi All,
    I am trying to create a new numbering series in SAB B1 2007 B PL 14 and facing with this error:
    Another user-modified table '' (NNM1) (ODBC -2039)  [Message 131-183]
    I would really appreciate your advise since new numbering series is not getting created.

    To avoid these type of error message
      1.Ensure all users are logged out.
      2. Restart the Server
      3. Create Numbering series.
    *Close the thread if issue solved.

  • Another User-modified Table [Message 131-183]

    Hi Expert,
    My client tries to add the Sales Quotation and get a following error message.
    "Another User-modified Table u201C(QUT1) (ODBC -2039) [Message 131-183]"
    And also canu2019t add as a draft either.
    Using: 2007A PL42
    I checked notes and Forum but canu2019t solve this issue.
    Please help me.
    Thank you!

    "Another User-modified Tableu201C is a very common problem.  It is either caused by a bug or the result of actually another user locked the record.
    If you could not find any other clues, log to SAP support. In the mean time, try to reproduce it in the test environment.

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