Anti spam codes for website forms are not being accepted on my imac or iPad

anti spam codes for website forms are not being accepted on my imac or iPad

In Safari go to preferences click on privacy and on Block Cookies tick the never box

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  • Registrations for certain software are not being recognized by my Imac.

    Registrations for software that require web based verifications are not being recognized by my iMac 27 2010 10.6.8 
    Included in the list of software that I have been using for some over a year now is FCE 4, Bias Peak, and Sibelius, and iRealb from the app store. 
    This is not a new issue although with the latest security update installed last week, the problem has been exacerbated.
    I had the problem last year but found that if I shutdown (not just restarted) and then powered up again all my registrations would be recognized. Now my workaround no longer seems to work. I actually went for about 5 months with no problems and then occasionally I would have the shutdown/power up until last week.
    I mirror the same software on my Macbook Pro 10.6.8 and have had no problems.
    Thanks for any help.

    I can add Kindle reader to the software list now. I used it last week and this week the cloud didn't recognize my computer.
    Also on the iRealb app downloaded from the Apple app store I get a dialog that says the software was purchased on another computer (which it was, my laptop) and asks me to verify with my iTunes ID. I try to verify and it is unsuccessful, can not verify your computer.

  • I am not being able to create my apple ID as my card details are not being accepted by the app store. i tried with my visa card as well as master card. help me out to solve the problem..

    I am not being able to create my apple ID as my card details are not being accepted by the app store. i tried with my visa card as well as master card. help me out to solve the problem..

    Were the VISA and MasterCard issued to you by a bank in the country where you reside and do they have a verifiable billing address in the same country?
    Or are these debit cards that you bought in a local store. Apple does not accept debit cards that you bought.

  • HT1473 I am attempting to import my CD's but I'm finding some songs and albums are not being accepted.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

    After attempting to import music from CD's I am seeing that some of the tracks are not listed in my iTunes library and in some cases, whole albums are missing.  Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong or how to correct?

    Now that we've established that you have the CD correctly imported into iTunes, we can move on from there.
    Connect the iPod to iTunes. When it shows up as a Device (in the left window of iTunes) select it. You will be looking at the Summary tab (or pane).
    On this pane, my choice is to have the option to Sync only ticked songs and videos selected. I recommend this option for you. This is relevant to the next step.
    At the top of the pane select Music. On this pane, check the options for Syncing. You need to have Sync Music selected and then choose either Selected Playlists (which will only put your choice of Playlists onto your iPod) or Entire Music Library. If you select "Entire Music Library" then all your songs (one exception) will be transferred to your iPod.
    The exception is: if you un-tick a song in your iTunes Library, then at the next Sync, it will be removed from the iPod but kept in your Library.
    Any luck?

  • Responses for Imported Form are not showing in Forms Central but in Tracker?

    I imported pdf fillable form.  Added Submit button to lower right. Changed Form State to Open in Distribute tab.  Then Saved Submission Enabled PDF.  I then Downloaded the PDF to my computer.  I went to the PDF saved on my computer and Distributed the form using the Distribute command on Forms menu.  Responses are showing in Tracker but not on Forms Central.  Anyone know why?

    Don't do this step: "I went to the PDF saved on my computer and Distributed the form using the Distribute command on Forms menu. "
    That broke the file. That Acrobat distribute feature pre-dates FormsCentral and will break our workflow.
    You can distribute the form anyway you want - you do not need to use Acrobat. Just send an email or post to the web yourself.


    I am having a problem with loging in to my apps as i have had same id and password for all and for two years . youtube music video's helped get through the pain of cancer and the computer help me conect to my friend then i went to mail and i was recieving nothing my doctors all have same passwords and lawyers ,and it would be hard and i could never remember many password changes as i was fine with   ,now this is second time google caused this problem and said i must change password as i belived again and did with out anyone accepting it .i con not recieve mail, or go to face book,or google search as was my only browser and they will not accept my id as they say it is wrong as does all othe web sites as well as youtube i am at a loss . please help me .   Sincerely Debra Rossi Jones
    <Email Edited by Host>

    We are fellow users here on these public forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support - I've asked the hosts to remove your email addresses and password from your post. If that is your current password that you've posted for everyone to see then you should change it IMMEDIATELY.
    I'm not sure that I understand all of your post. By 'google' do you mean your gmail email accounts ? If you do then how are you trying to access your email, via the Mail app and/or another app on your phone, the Mail program or a browser on your Mac ? If you are using the Mail app on your phone and you've checked your email account's password then you should be able to add that new password on your phone by tapping on the email account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then tap on the 'account' at the top of the next screen, and you should then be able to enter the new password. If you are using the Facebook app on your iPhone, and you've changed the password for logging into Facebook, then you should be able to update it on your phone via Settings > Facebook
    If you are using the Mail app on your Mac, then to change your gmail password in it (assuming that you've changed the password for it) then go into Mail > Preferences (command-comma), select the Accounts tab on the preferences, select the gmail account on the list of accounts, and on the right-hand side of that screen you should be able to update its password.
    If the problems are on your Mac then you might be better off re-posting in one of the other forums (e.g. Safari, and there are forums for various Mac OS X versions), and there is also a Using iPhone forum - this forum is for the iTunes Store e.g. buying, downloading content from iTunes.

  • Thumbnail adresses, and website icons are not being deleted when I clear history and cache, how do I delete these?

    I am trying to delete the icons that websites use which are located in the user file of appdata/local/mozilla,
    and the website adresses that are located at the bottom of the thumbnails when opening a new tab. clearing data deletes the actual thumbnails, however the adresses are still located below where the thumbnails would be. I have tried clearing history with everything checked, and all history selected to be cleared, and also deleted the cache and cookies. what can I do to delete these things? Thanks

    Use these steps to remove saved (form) data from a drop down list:
    #Click the (empty) input field on the web page to open the drop down list
    #Highlight an entry in the drop down list
    #Press the Delete key (on Mac: Shift+Delete) to remove it.

  • Start/End Tags are not being accepted by parse if null.

    The is my database version:
    Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE      Production
    TNS for Solaris: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - ProductionWe have a new application that pretty much generates the xml tags. The sending system uses two tags even when a NULL value is being sent. However the Oracle parser does not like it. We get this error:
    ORA-31011: XML parsing failed
    ORA-19202: Error occurred in XML processing
    LPX-00231: invalid character 47 ('/') found in a Name or Nmtoken
    Error at line 1When I receive a list of parameters as a clob, I then cast it as xml for processing. When I use a tag like <phase/>, the xml parser accepts it. However, when I put into the format being sent <phase></phase> to signify a NULL value. The following is the code snippet that generates the error.
    vXmlDoc := XMLTYPE(pSearchParams_Tx);My question is there any way to allow the xml parser to accept the default format that is being sent in? Perhaps is the some sort of pre-processing that would allow the sent in format to be used? Thank you.

    I'm not sure I follow fully. I don't have to test against, but I do not encounter any issue with this simple example
    Connected to Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release
    SQL> set serveroutput on;
    SQL> declare
      2    pSearchParams_Tx   CLOB;
      3    vXmlDoc            XMLTYPE;
      4  begin
      5    pSearchParams_Tx := '<phase/>';
      6    vXmlDoc := XMLTYPE(pSearchParams_Tx);
      7    dbms_output.put_line('Done 1');
      8    pSearchParams_Tx := '<phase></phase>';
      9    vXmlDoc := XMLTYPE(pSearchParams_Tx);
    10    dbms_output.put_line('Done 2');
    11  end;
    12  /
    Done 1
    Done 2
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed I get the same thing on as well.
    Do you have a code example that demonstrates the error?

  • My 2009 macbook microsoft word documents are not being accepted as files.

    My 2009 Macbook seems to be falling behind. Using Mac OS X (Version 10.6.8) and Microsoft Word for Mac 2008 (version 12.3.6).
    For some reason, my files do not work online. They are "invalid." For example, "invalid file type" popped up on my school online dropbox and my online grad school application. My files are, however, in the correct (doc, docx, pdf) file types. I had to go on campus and use a PC to upload assignments and applications.
    Not sure if it's my software or old word version.
    Anywho, I just need some answers!

    Regardless of what system you are on (Windows/Mac), a filename extension is required when transferring files online. This was noted in the error message of your initial post:
    No File Extension For This File **File  Name**
    Make sure this  file has the correct extension.
    You would have had the same problem on Windows if you neglected a filename extension.
    It might be a bit more likely to accidentally save a file without an extension on Mac because Mac has been able in the past to work without filename extensions.  This is changing. Everyone should be using filename extensions if they expect to effectively share files.

  • My Apple ID and password are not being accepted by my iphone?  I have reset and reset these items but to no avail!  Thanks

    I have tried and tried to reset my Apple ID and password and on each web page (under Itunes) it has shown that the information was completely reset and no problems were noticed.  When I have put this information into my iphone 4 in order to download my (now 35) updates, the phone says that the password is not correct.  I have seriously attempted each step of these two processes at least 20 times but to no avail. Please help and thank you all for sharing.

    Maybe the apps were downloaded using a different Apple ID.
    Check using iTunes > Get Info on one of the apps. 

  • My edits are not being accepted or saved

    I am having issues with editing a PDF file, scanned from paper hardcopy and then edited in Adobe Acrobat X Pro.  I am able to edit fields either via Content>Edit Text, or also have tried using Recognize Text and OCR Suspects function on this document.  I am able to find the highlighted text I want changed, make the changes by overtyping the values, but, when I the "Accept and Find" button, the old values reappear and my edits do not take or save.  What am I missing?

    You are very likely not using ClearScan as your OCR, but searchable image. The latter will always display the image and not the text that you have edited. At least that is a guess.

  • HT203565 contacts on my iPad are not being uploaded to iCloud

    I have synced my iPad with my Yahoo account. It has downloaded all of the contacts located there. However:
    1- The Yahoo sync did NOT include any group information. I.e it downloaded all individual contacts, but none of the groups which existed.
    2- These contacts are visible on my iPad, but they are not being uploaded to iCloud when my iPad syncs with the cloud.
    The original problem is - how do I get the Groups from my  Yahoo account downloaded to the iPad.
    "Obviously" If I could get the Yahoo contacts uploaded to iCloud, I could create the groups there. (Which I can do easily enough), but I cannot get the contacts into t he groups.

    If you're talking about photo stream:
    Check the following:
    From your Home screen, tap Settings > iCloud > Photo Stream, and make sure the slider is set to the ON position.  If grayed out, check Restrictions in Settings>General.
    From the Home screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi, make sure the slider is set to ON, and that your device is connected to a wireless network.
    Ensure that Camera app is closed on the device where you took the photo. Photo Stream will not upload photos from an iOS device until the Camera app is closed.
    Ensure your iOS device has not fallen below 20% battery power. To preserve battery life, Photo Stream downloading and uploading are disabled when the battery reaches this threshold. Downloading and uploading will resume once you charge your device, and the battery charge is greater than 20%.
    Note that when photo stream is turned on, only pictures taken from that point on will go to the stream, not existing photos.  For those, sync them to a computer using itunes and USB cable.

  • My mail forms created by muse 2014.0.1.30 do not work. PHP 5.4 is enabled by hoster, so they should work. Can anyone help me, for these forms are crucial for my business.

    My mail forms created by muse 2014.0.1.30 do not work. PHP 5.4 is enabled by my hoster, so they should work. Can anyone help me, for these forms are crucial for my business. The forms confirm delivery, but the mails are not recieved. No spam filters enabled.
    Meanwhile, I was able to narrow the problem down: PHP seems not to accept a re-directed mail address as sender of the mail in some cases. So, it has nothing to do with the mail form itself.

    Hi Ingo,
    Please refer to this document, Troubleshooting Muse Form Widgets Used on Third-Party Servers
    Last section, "I've uploaded my new Muse form, and tried submitting it in the browser, but I never receive an email with the form data. What's wrong?"
    - Abhishek Maurya

  • Officejet Pro 8600 Premium error message The drivers for this device are not installed. Code 28

    Printer : Officejet Pro 8600 Premium. model CN577A
    OS : Microsoft Windows 7 Home
    Basic 64
    How is your product connected to your PC? : Network
    Problem description : In Device Manager I've got an error message with the
    Officejet pro 8600 icon - "The drivers for this device are not installed.
    (Code 28)
    There is no driver selected for the device information set or element." I
    have uninstalled and re-installed the driver to no effect. The printer
    appears to be functioning properly.
    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Yes, i too would suggest a clean re-installation of the software.
    Give Kudos to say "thanks" by clicking on the "thumps Up icon" .
    Click "Accept as Solution" if it solved your problem, so others can find it.
    Although I am an HP employee, I am speaking for myself and not for HP.

  • FORMS: Reader Enabled forms are not saving for all users

    I have created several fillable forms with both Acrobat Pro 8 & 9. All have been created with Extend Reader Rights In my testing i have success saving the forms in Reader (various versions as old as 7).
    After sending the forms out via email the saving functionality is hit and miss for all of our employees. Some can save others cannot. I can't seem to find a common thread as to why this is happening.
    All forms are created on a Mac OS X 10.6.1 and then sent out via email to Windows and Mac users about 50/50. Both OS users are having trouble
    There is no need to collect the data on a server or anything just trying to make it easier and waste less paper. We don't mind send PDF attachments all the time.
    Any help would be great!

    here is one of the forms that is not working in Reader (except on my wife's PC and another Mac) it is the current PDF form i am having trouble with. If we can resolve the issue then it will help me resolve my other forms too. I have made them all using the same process. (Maybe therein lies a problem)
    Form Creation Process:
    Create initial page layout in Pages (mac app for those that are not familiar)
    Export as PDF
    Open PDF in Acrobat Pro 9 (started making forms in v8 now i am working in v9 - both have produced this problem)
    Run Form wizard, adjust fields, save final version of form
    Extend Features in Adobe Reader (via Advanced menu) - Follow steps to save a new Reader Enabled version
    Email new RE version to co-workers
    All can fill out the form, only a couple can actually save the partially completed / fully completed form for reference, filing, or submission.
    Am I missing something? Thanks for all the help so far!

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  • Parsing Special Characters in XML

    Hi, I have an incoming XML snippet that has the special characters already escaped. If the Title is something like kkkkk ?& [] ]]> XML comes back escaped for & and > <title><kkkkk ? & [] ]]></title> Now I would like parse this ESCAPED Title correctly

  • MW - 2nd upgrade project configuration

    Hi. I am starting my 2nd MW upgrade from to R12 using a different instance than I used for the 1st upgrade. I am defining the 2nd customer and/or project and am trying to figure out the best way to do this. The 2nd upgrade has a completely

  • How do I deactivate when error says I must run in admin mode?

    How do I deactivate when error says I must run in admin mode even though I am already in admin mode?

  • [LINUX - CentOS 5] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    Okay, here it goes.. This error has been bugging me for the past few days and I really don't know what to do :( I'm running CentOS 5 and I installed the jdk1.5.0_14 package. I'm trying to run the following file: #!/bin/sh while true; do java -cp ../l

  • Run va01 error in discovery

    Short text      Syntax error in program "SAPLVFSP ". Error in the ABAP Application Program The current ABAP program "SAPMV45A" had to be terminated because it has come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed. The following syntax err