Any app audio through Airplay no longer works on ipad2 after 5.1.1 update. Working Airplay on my iphone.

I have a working Airplay connection to my Pioneer VSX-1021 Receiver. My iPhone 3GS and iTunes on my PC connect and send audio with no issues.
On the ipad2 through the music app for instance, I am able to select the Receiver as an Airplay destination but the blue Airplay icon soon goes white and it defaults back to iPad. The scrub bar and time counter never advance. Similar results with Garage Band. Settings on ipad and iphone are the same.
I have noticed this since upgrading to 5.1.1 but it could have been this way prior to the upgrade.
Any ideas?

Honestly, this is a WAG but try a system reset.  It cures many ills and it's quick, easy and harmless...
Hold down the on/off switch and the Home button simultaneously until the screen blacks out or you see the Apple logo.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" text if it appears.  You will not lose any apps, data, music, movies, settings, etc.

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    Apple Composite AV Cable no longer working on Ipad2 after ios8 update. I'm only getting sound no video can you revert back to ios7 or buy a cable that will work any help would be appreciated

    The 30-pin connector on the iPhone 4 dock might not have all the connector pins to do video.
    I'm 99% sure the Universal Dock does have the pins (and therefor supports video out).

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    Fixed it. It is on Chevrolet's end. Press config to access the configuration settings. Turn menu/tune knob to highlight vehicle settings. Press menu/tune to select the vehicle settings menu. Choose return to factory settings.

  • Any app in OS X Mavericks unable to detect location after updating

         I'm using MacBook Air (late 2013) & OS X Maverick 10.9.3 on it. I'm facing to this problem since I updated to 10.9.2 from 10.9.1.
         Like no any app from Maps, Twitter, Facebook is able to detect location. Earlier it was able to. Mean, when I click on Current Location button nothing happens on Menu bar earlier there used to appear sign like this (➤). I connect to internet strictly through the WiFi so not any problem with that. In Systm Prefrences Location service is also enabled. So very frustrated, Please help me.

    2 things you could try.
    1. If you go to Google Maps, is that able to locate your location?
    2. Do you have access to another computer or smartphone that can use your wireless network to determine your location, without relying on cell towers? For example, if you have an iPhone, if you put the phone into airplane mode and then turn the Wi-Fi back on, it will only search thru your wi-fi network. Can it determine your location by that means? If so, at least the Wi-Fi router can be discounted as part of the problem.

  • MSI GT70 audio not working with hmdi after windows 8.1 update

    When I connect my laptop to the TV, the video comes out fine, but the audio for the TV does not show up in playback devices. It worked fine with windows 8, but after the windows 8.1 update it stopped.
    I have tried updating realtek drivers, but it still doesn't show up. updating other drivers also doesn't work. plugging the cable into the computer then booting it up also doesn't work like it did for other people. This is really making me mad... any help would be appreciated.

    Quote from: zipper.sippola on 16-December-14, 23:25:58
    Pah, no probs to my ext. monitor speakers via HDMI, GT70 0NE, Win 8.1.
    Have you tried assigning HDMI one on audio tab as default and see if sound will come out to tv? if so then that was the problem.

  • How long is an 'abnormally long' time to boot after 10.4.8 update?

    How long is too long to wait for my macBook Pro to take to boot up after installing the latest update?
    An hour?
    2 hours?
    A day?
    I installed from Automatic Updates and shutdown rather than restart. Came abck hours later turned on powerer and waited and waited. After about an hour I tunred it off booted from the install CD, ran the disk utility, fixed a few permission and rebooted...
    Should I take it in to the Apple Store tomorrow morning if this continues or reinstall the OS and start over?

    Hello dn:
    As an aside, comparing Windows to OS X is like
    comparing a plow horse ready for the glue factory to
    a thoroughbred race horse. I use both every day and
    have for years, so I have vivid daily comparisons.
    Now then, as I indicated above, you probably caused
    the problem by interrupting the software update
    process. At a guess, you have clobbered directories
    (you, not Apple). The first step would be to run
    repair disk from your software install DVD (boot it,
    holding down the "C" key). Repair disk is found in
    the disk utility. If that works, you should be back
    to the point where you can reinstall the combo
    updater. There is also an excellent third party
    program (mentioned above) called DiskWarrior (pricey
    at about $90, but worth it if it saves the day).
    If none of that works, you probably should do an
    archive and install:
    A good back up/retreat strategy is just good
    computing practice whether or not you are a computing
    professional. There are several approaches. I make
    bootable clones of all my iMacs on an external
    firewire drive using a little program called
    SuperDuper (&28 at The
    bootable clone gives me almost complete protection
    against hardware or software problems.
    By the by, these forums are user-to-user. Everyone
    is a volunteer - not an Apple employee. Apple
    monitors/moderates the forums and provides an
    excellent resource. If you are new to Macs (as your
    post seems to indicate), you should spend some time
    browsing the forums and using the tools available -
    including the excellent library of knowledge base
    OK, So I'm a cry baby.
    But I do not buy your argument that it was all my fault. After I inrterupted the hour ling gray screen and ran and fixed a few previlige problems and tried again over 2 hour went by with nothing but the gray screen.
    Archive and intall did get me back and running, but by now 4 -5 hours of my life are gone that I want back!
    And the tone on this whole board seems to be we MacBook owners, who unsupectingly trusted Apple and let the Automaitic Software Update have its way with a computer that was functioning just fine, the result of which is a computer that needs to have the OS reinstalled, are at fault for having poor prior knowledge?
    I bring up Microsoft because they are BAD. They have an OS that allows 3rd parties to install code to render your computer useless at best, a robot of evil at worst.
    Yet here we have the Apple, a trusted known entity and the manufacture of not only the hardware but the OS handing us an install that should have just WORKED.
    So al I can think is the Delta install is the culprit, since I had previously been on 10.4.7 and the Archive & Install put in 10.4.6. The Combined installer is ok.
    Again MacBook owners are victimized for keeping current?
    Some one at Apple deserves a dummy slap at least.
    MacBook owners represent the "Switchers". They bought on style and a promis of stability and reliability. Not the allure of becoming UNIX Geeks or even Uber User or browsers of forums. They came from that dull gray world out there where viruse roam but if you let automatic updates run and loaded up with antiv virus and spyware scanners, things pretty much worked.
    I'm not new to mac as I have been usinge them since I shelled out $3,500 for a Mac SE. (Don't laugh). I gave up however being a Uber User and I at least am tenaciouse enought to find this discussion board. I suspect there are going to be a lot of busy Mac "Geniouses" for the next few days as ordinary computer users stream in with MacBooks with gray screens.
    You know Sony support totally *****, but they are rated the best on the PC side for customer satisfaction. Why? You almost never have to seek support from Sony.
    Again I'm just ******** 'casue it happend to me on a new laptop that was bone stock. Its working now so problem solved.

  • Video's are missing and can not post any video's and can no longer see on Facebook after upgrading mac software.  Facebook says content is unavailable.  Is this a facebook issue or is there something that I can do to fix on my mac.

    Video's are missing from facebook album under photo's.  It shows that I have 99 and only shows 24.  These are not copyright problems.  I have had them up for years.  Now, I can not post any video's  too.  Message says that content is currently unavailable. It seemed to happen after I upgraded to 10.7.5 but it could be coincidental.  Of course, I have not got any email from facebook to help with this problem and I am really frustrated that I can not find my video's and post any new ones anymore.  Any help would be appreciated.

    I would like to add that Comcast is my internet provider. Perhaps that is part of the issue although the Connection Doctor confirms the mail box is connecting to the internet. No other function processes when Connection Doctor program is used to find the source of the issue. I have read forum posts but am unable to find a way to get my Apple mail to be delivered to my computer. It worked fine up until I chose to transfer mail to the Cloud. My mail account is a .mac account.
    Still hoping someone out there can help me.

  • IPod Touch no longer working with Nike  after 4.3.2 update.

    I updated to 4.3.2 about a week ago and immediately afterwards my itouch was not able to pick up the Nike+ sensor when initiating a run (during the "walk around to start the sensor" part).  I even went out and dropped 20 bucks on a new sensor at Best Buy because my initial thought was the battery died since I've been using it for about 2 years.  When I went to pair the new sensor I was surprised to see the itouch finding "multiple sensors" and still pickign up on my old one, so I had to go to a seperate room to pair the new one.  I thought all was right in the world, but the next morning again it would not find the signal to start the workout. 
    I also did a factory reset, but still nothing.
    What's going on? Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?

    I was also having this problem with my Kenwood car stereo. I went into the store and they did a complete restore. I didn't think it worked but the next time I plugged it into my usb to connect with my car stereo it worked. So you might try doing a restore.

  • Mapped Work Areas missing after 10.6.7 Update

    Got a strange one here....
    We have about 60 Intel iMacs, in various forms, connected to our Active Directory Network.
    All users log in to the domain using their Active Directory accounts, are have their work areas mapped at log in.
    This has worked without fault for 2 years.
    We have just installed the lasted "Mac OS X Update Combined 10.6.7" on a few of the iMacs. After applying this update the users no longer get the mapped drive to their work area.
    It is definately something that has happened after this update, as if a user logs onto an iMac that hasn't been updated, they get their works areas as normal?
    Any advice would be appreciated, I'm starting to pull my hair out

    Because I've had strange problems with past system update downloads, I now always get my system updates from
    I always use the Update Combo version. It installs a fresh set of all previous updates as well as the new one. This gives you a fresh beginning with system 10.6.x. Since I adopted that practice, I've had no more issues with updates.

  • HT4059 Internal Dictionary stoped working for IPAD2 after installing IOS 6 - Country Bahrain.

    Internal dictionary for IBook stopped working after installing IOS 6 in Ipad 2, my country is Bahrain, it is working with IOS 5. App Store also not responding some time, tried all the way but no luck any ideas to get the dictionary back.

    6708 line card could be faulty.  Read THIS.

  • Firefox is not showing up at all, I will click on the application and it start to work but then after 2 seconds, its stops working.

    I will try to start firefox and then it stops working. It will work for about 2 seconds and then it goes to a blank screen. The screen is transparent and i can see my desk top threw firefox. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it and firefox still will not work on my computer. I have run scans on my computer as well to see if it was a virus that was preventing it from running. If anyone could help me I would be very greatful.

    hello see-saw-sally, [ from another user] we found out that this might be related to malware active on your pc. please close all firefox windows and try [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode|running firefox in safemode]] (by pressing the shift key while you're starting it). in firefox safemode go to firefox > addons > extensions and remove the entry named "Codec v1.0" or any other addons that look suspicious & you have not installed intentionally. afterwards see if you can run firefox normally again...
    please also do an in-depth scan of your system with the security software already in place and/or a different tool like the [ free version of malwarebytes] & keep firefox and your plugins up-to-date in order to stay safe on the web.
    [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]]
    [[Update Firefox to the latest version]]

  • Mail not working at all after 10.9.3 update

    Does anyone have a fix for this issue? I have tried reinstalling Mavericks as a whole
    and Mail still isn't working. I've also tried zapping the pram and repairing disk
    permissions with no luck. I can use webmail but I really need to access my
    desktop Mail. When I open the program is it is grayed out across the top of
    the screen and no windows come up at all. If I click any of the menus they turn
    black and I can see into all of the drop down menus but a lot of the items are
    grayed out like "new viewer window". If I want to quit Mail, I have to force quit it.

    Before we move you to the new User, let's try nuking files used by Mail and see if we can get Mail working in your User.
    System Preferences > Internet Accounts > Delete all accounts.
    Go to your User's Library folder. (if you don't know how to find, see this link.)
    Rename Mail to MailXX
    Go to Containers in the User's Library folder.  Delete the folder.
    Go to Preferences in the User's Library folder. If you find any files, delete these.
    Log out under the Apple in the Menu bar
    Log in
    Open Mail. Add one account at a time and make sure it is working before adding additonal acounts.
    If you have POP account you can import the "On My Mac" folders from the MailXX folder.
    If this fails, we'll move you into the new User.

  • Videos take a long time to open after the last quicktime update

    Hey guys
    Since I've downloaded the latest quicktime update videos are taking a very long time to open. They used to open instantly and now they take about 40 seconds (negligable difference if quicktime is already open or not).
    This is with a Powermac G4 1.25Ghz with 2GB RAM running 10.4.10 and all latest updates.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this?

    I'd suggest tracing system activity when this long runtime issue occurs, so you could know where this time is spent (db access ? etc) ... a plain SM50 call in parallel could do the trick if runtime is long enough !

  • Why is my apple ID password not working on ipad2 after updating to iOS6?

    Why is my apple ID password not working after upgrading to iOS6?

    Who knows?
    Settings>iTunes and App Stores>Tap your ID and sign out. Reboot your iPad.
    Reboot the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.
    Go back to the settings and sign back in again and see of it works now.
    If it doesn't work, post back with some information that might help us help you. Describe what you are doing in some detail and it might let us better understand why this is happening.

  • Wifi Working OK, MBP after 10.4.8 update SLOW!

    Hi all!
    Right after I upgraded to 10.4.8 the Airport connectiom on my MBP is really slow. I used to get 700kbps speeds, but know i´m at 45kbps!!!
    I tried the "delete preferences" tip found on these boards, but it did not work in my user account.
    I then created a new user account, and Airport connected at full speed. It has to be some software issue, so i tried to delete all prefs I could find in my original account regarding Airport or network, but it still hasn´t improve.
    I must say i have never had any issues with Airport on my MBP, it has always worked flawlessy until right after the update.
    Any ideas??? thank you.

    two ideas that have already been mentioned:
    - do you use coconut wifi? quit it / delete it al a startup item (preferences -> user -> select yourself -> startup items (that's how it might be called in English^^)
    - try switching the router's channel (might be helpfull to use a cable-conncetion while doing that): load your router's setuppage (usually the component's name such as or (in my case) ssx553, or try your IP and replace the final digit with a 1) than go to wifi, channels. Switching it to "auto" helped in my case, a friend of mine had good experiences with channel 11.
    Hope this will help (I am NO computer expert and pretty new to the mac^^)
    MacBook Pro     2GHz Core Duo - 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

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