Any good tutorial/pdf on report painter tool ???

Can someone reply me sum links having good tutorial/pdf on report painter tool ???

Please go through the enclosed document. This will give you step-by-step approach for Report painter:
Check url
Check Report Painter Step-by-Step example under Tools->Report Painter / Report Writer->Report Painter->Creating a Report Painter Report.
Just go through These Links to learn about report Painter.
Thanks & regards
Sreenivasulu P

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  • Merge cells in CO-PA report by report painter tool!

    Hi all,
    I am using report painter to define reports in CO-PA.
    But I wonder how to merge cells in the header row in CO-PA report?
    For example:
    Column 1: Revenue/ value
    Column 2: Revenue / total quantity
    Column 3: Cost of Good sold/ value
    Column 4: COGS/ total quantity
    Row 1: Total quantity
    Row 2: Mogas
    Row 3: Gas
    Now, I want merge column 1 and 2 to Revenue, then split that merged column into 2 sub columns: value, value/total quantity.
    I want merge column 3 and 4 to COGS, then split that merged column into 2 sub columns: value, value/total quantity.
    How can I do that?
    Thanks for any suggestion!

    I am very sorry. I made a mistake.
    Column 1: Revenue - value (usd)
    Column 2: Revenue / total quantity (usd/liter)
    Column 3: Cost of Good sold - value (usd)
    Column 4: COGS/ total quantity (usd/liter)
    Any idea will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks for any help!

  • Change Management process for Report Painter tool...

    Hi everyone,
    I am curious to see what process is used out in the industry to allow report painter reports to be defined and executed in production.  Do users define their reports in DEV and use the STMS or the export/import feature or do they create them directly in the PROD environment?  I personnally think it should be created in DEV and promoted to the remaining servers within the landscape for proper change and release management. 
    Do any of your technical resource monitor and look at reports before they are moved to another environment or do you allow your systems analyst or even end users to create their own report without any monitoring by technical resources?  How stable is report painter and is there any major performance issue while defining any type of reports?
    Any comments are welcomed and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Luc,
    In vast majority of project I have been participated, the report painter was in responsibility of the consultants and not the users. Usually, these reports were created in test system and then exported, via standard export/import functionalities, to production.
    Of course, one can create those reports directly in production (though, without creating a transaction code for them - this will involve CR), but I'd recommend to stick to 'first TEST, then PROD' model. This would put some order in the reports directories, as the creation of a new report will be controlled.
    Since, these reports based on totals tables, no performance problems are anticipated.

  • Abap report painter tool

    I have to modify the report output in about 6 different reports thats written with ABAP.  I am looking for some type of tool to help me to rewrite the screen output. 
    It's very tedious to write the code using the 'Write AT'
    command because these reports have lots of columns on the screens.  I would be very helpful if I could find something that would allow me to paint the screens the way I want them and then it create the ABAP code.
    Thanks for your help

    Such a tool does not exist.  I agree, writing reports using the WRITE AT statement are very tedious to write and even more tedious to modify.  This is why I usually write reports presenting data in an ALV grid.  This way adding a column is really easy.  You will not find any such tool to help you layout a report using WRITE statements.
    The closest thing available is the SQ01 transaction where you are creating queries, here you have the ability to move columns around and add new columns using a semi-graphic layout tool, but again, this only works for queries, not other "report" programs.
    Welcome to SDN!  Please make sure to mark you post as solved when answered completely.  Thanks.
    Rich Heilman

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    Also be able to specifically call what shape should appear on a panel from within main such as shape, size, colour ect;
    Can anyone please tell me where i can find a good site giving plebty of examples and tutorials. Specifically the structure of such a program.
    Thanks Mark

    1) Take the time to thank the people who have already helped you on a related question on this topic.
    2) Swing related questions should be posted in the Swing forum.
    3) You can start with the [url]Custom Painting section from the Swing tutorial.

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    This is not a reply, rather an additional question (since I havent figured out how to add a question to the forum). I need to program in J2ME on an embedded processor. I need to know what processors are man enough to support J2ME i.e. what are the hardware constraints. I have searched through the web and cannot find ANYTHING on this, and yet I thought the whole idea of J2ME was that it was portable to various embedded hardware platforms. Can I use a 8051 variant for example or does it need something much celeverer?
    Michael Bailey, Ireland.

  • GRR3 Deleted Report Painter report

    I deleted a Report Painter report in GRR2.  It no longer exists in table T008 or assigned to any report group.  However, the deleted report still appears in GRR3 under the respective library.  How can we remove permanently a deleted report from GRR3?

    Okay, good to know.  Now I have to figure out how to import an updated version of library, or the whole Report Painter tools.  Thank you Navneet for indirectly helping me resolve the problem.
    Problem is (indirectly) solved.

  • Planned values in report painter

    Does anybody knows if it is possible to extract planned values (planned through transaction code FSE5N) into a report built through report painter tool?
    My report is comming out with "0" values even though I have selected plan version and Plan/Act. indicator.
    Appreciate any help!
    Paula Rocha

    Hi Stacey.
    I have just tried, and no changes... Still have "0" values...

  • Report Painter vs FM Drilldown Reports

    Hello Experts:
    We are upgrading from Former Budgeting to BCS and are attempting to use the report painter tool for our reports.  I have not used the report painter tool much although it is similar to the FM Drilldown Reporting functionality.  My question is:
    With FM Drilldown Reporting, characteristic FM acct asst was available as a row choice and included fund, funds center, and commitment item.  It appears with report painter that each of these is a separate characteristic which creates three lines on the report instead of one.
    FM Drilldown Reports
    Fund/Funds Center/Comm Item    $$$
    Report Painter
    Commitment Item  $$$
    Funds Center       $$$$
    Fund                     $$$$$
    I know that we could use Fund and/or Funds Center as variations but we want them to appear on a line in the report so that when the report is downloaded, the information appears as in my Drilldown report example.   Is there a way to create a characteristic that includes all three FM assignments?  Or some other method to accomplish this?

    Hi Everyone:
    I am still fighting with Report Painter.  I am now trying to figure out how to pull Period in as a column characteristic even though I have it as a characteristic in the General Data Selection.  I'm using Library 4FM for budget reporting.  My end users want to be able to execute the report by period but for certain columns of the report be able to see all periods displayed.  Example:
    Adjusted Budget - All Periods
    Commitments - Period from selection screen
    Expenses - Period from selection screen
    I do not understand the use of the GRCT transaction.  Are there any links that might provide detailed instructions for it's use?
    I would appreciate any assistance/guidance you can provide.

  • What is report painter? and how to use it

    hi all
    what is report painter and how we use it.
    please send tutorial
    thanks & regards

    Report painter
    the below Pdf should help you
    Nitin Aggarwal
    Please assign points if its helpful.

  • Replicating Report Painter programs in BW system

    We are trying to replicate Programs developed using Report painter tool into BW system. However BW system doesn't have many  transactions and tables corresponding to Report Painter tool. Is there any way to easily replicate these programs instead of developing BW reports from scratch.

    Hi Satya,
    There are no programs for directly Replicating the Report Painter Report from ECC/R/3 to BW.You have to create all the required objects in the BW and then either you have to use the standard Data Source and Enhance it for the required Custom fields or Create a generic Extractor and extract the data from the Source.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Ram Jakki.

  • Text in Rows - Report Painter

    Hi Gurus,
    I´m making a FI report using report painter tool. I´ve a issue with text in rows. In this report, I´ve to show all values when Trading Partner is filling and when is empty.
    I´ve created a set of Trading Partner values, but in this i can´t enter blank values and therefore if I use on report this set, I can´t see values when Trading Parnter is empty. In this case I´ve been seeing Trading Partner text.
    By other hand, if I deselect this set and I select to see all Trading Partner values, including Trading Partner empty values, I can´t see Trading Partner text. For example: If my Trading Partner is XX and my Text YY, in my rows I should be:
    XX   YY
    But in my report I´m saying
    XX   XX
    And I can´t see text of Trading Parnter characteristic.
    Any of you know how can I obtain text in report painter rows?

    Never heard of this. Particularly interesting is that this happens after a few days? Weird. But let's trow SP1 at this and see:
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  • MIS Report Issue (Report Painter)

    Hi SAP gurus,
    USERS have been processing critical Management Reports which are developed through Report Painter. In the recent past when ever the USERS are processing the Reports they are getting different figures even though the parameters are same. This Report is for the period closed.
    Please let us know how we can overcome with this problem as this report is critical to the management.
    Awaiting your immediate responseu2026

    Hello Eli,
    Here in my company we are using report painter tool for running report.
    I am running one report is for Cost center wise balances.
    following are the inputs
    Plan Version : P99
    Previous fiscal year : 2009
    Current Fiscal year : 2010
    CY Period from : 1
    PY Period from : 10
    CY Period To : 8
    PY Period To : 12
    Respective Company code  & Cost center
    Here in my company 8th period is closed for posting and there is no any posting happens in this period. when i am running report with the above mentioned input parameters. Every time i am getting different balance figures even though the input parameters are the same. I hope this information will help you to understand the problem.
    Sagar Ckar
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  • Report Painter objects

    Hello Friends
    Any Idea where to Get Report Painter Objects in SAP system,

    Report painter is a user-friendly tool through which reports can be defined to meet specific business requirements that are not takes care of by standard reports. Report Painter Utility has been categorized under FI-SL as most often it is used to create Special Purpose Reports only.
    Given below are the main components of a Report Painter Report,
    1) Library
    A library is a Collection of Characteristic, Key Figures and predefined columns for a reporting table. A Report Painter Report is created inside a Library. Thus, it can only use the Characteristic, Key Figures and predefined columns selected for that library. SAP comes with a lot of preconfigured Libraries. Depending on the reporting need, one may choose to use any one of these or instead go in for defining one’s own Library.
    2) Report Layout
    Report Layout determines the layout features of the report and the format of the report data constituted in the report output. SAP comes with the Standard Layout SAP, but you can define your own Layout.
    3) Report
    A Report constitutes of Rows (Characteristics), Columns (Characteristics, Key Figures, or Formula) and General Data Selection (Input Selection Parameters). A Report is built inside a Library, so it can use the characteristics and key figures that are there in the library.
    4) Report Group
    A report group contains one or more reports from the same library. When reports contain the same characteristics and share the same data, then they should be attached to the same Report Group so as to improve the processing time.
    5) Set / Variable
    A set is a group of specific values or ranges of values that reside in a database table. The transaction code for Create / Change / Display a set is GS01/ GS02 / GS03.
    A name that is given to the data that can be changed during the runtime of a program. The transaction code for Create / Change / Display a variable is GS11/ GS12 / GS13.
    One should always bear in kind that elements of a report are inter-related, so while creating them one need to follow a sequential procedure.

Maybe you are looking for

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