Any way to create a form that allows users to create profiles that can be viewed by other users?

I'm working on a social media site, and I would like to give users the ability to create simple profiles that can be viewed by other users. Is there any way I can do this in Muse CC? Any good resource websites with code I can embed?

Muse form widgets can only email the form submission data to a specified email address for non-BC hosting at this time. For BC with webCommerce plan and above, this should be possible with the help of webApps however, that is an advanced topic and would require some knowledge of CMS and HTML to implement <>.
Also this will not be possible with Muse on its own as Muse outputs static pages only and what you are looking for requires backend technology to work (that BC offers).

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  • Create a fillable form that can be saved by others

    Hi, I'm working in Adobe Acrobat X Pro, I'm on a PC
    I know that you go to File>Save As...>Reader extended pdf>
    After that I get "Enable Adding Text in Documents (that are not fillable form)...
    I then get a form that is using a "typewriter" tool." That's not what I want.  I want a fillable form that can be saved by the person filling out the form and not have to use the typewriter tool.  I don't like the way that looks or works.  I hope there is someone that can help.  I used to be able to do this and don't understand what has changed.

    Advanced > Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader
    Yes, it will allow pre-11 Reader users to save.

  • How do I copy pictures on to a disc that can be viewed in other's computers besides and Apple,  or on a disc that I can bring to a photo store to print pictures?

    I took pictures at a family reunion and promised to share the photos with all the relatives.  I can't get pictures from iphoto onto a disc that can be shared on other computers besides an Apple.  I want everyone to be able to view the pictures and print them if they want to.  I have a DVD with the pictures on them, how do I make copies of photos (not slideshows of photos) using my Apple?

    Select the pics in the iPhoto Window and go File -> Export and export them to a Folder on the Desktop. Burn that to disk with the Finder. Result: a disk with a folder of images viewable on any system anywhere.

  • Is there any way to create a time machine backup to an external hard drive with content already on it?  I have a hard drive that i have used for pictures but when i try to run a backup it says i need to start from a blank drive. Can i get around it?

    Is there any way to create a time machine backup to an external hard drive with content already on it?  I have a hard drive that i have used for pictures but when i try to run a backup it says i need to start from a blank drive. Can i get around it?

    It would be much better if you had separate drives for the pictures and Time Machine backups.....but, if you want to use the same drive for both purposes, temporarily move the folder with the pictures to another location for safe storage.
    Run the Time Machine backup on the hard drive and verify that everything is working correctly. Time Machine will format the disk for you in Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as part of the backup process.
    Then move the folder with the pictures back to the hard drive with the Time Machine backups.
    When you have tested to make sure that everything is working again, then and only then should you delete the folder with pictures from the temporary storage area. would be much better to keep Time Machine backups on a drive just for that purpose, and other data on another drive for that purpose. This is clearly one of those times when the fact that you can do something does not mean to imply that you should do it.

  • Is there any way to create admin role only for one resource.

    Hi all,
    I am trying to create an admin role with 'update user' capability. But I want to restrict the user(with the admin role) to be able to update a user's attribute only for one resource, The user(with the admin role) should not be able to update the attributes of the other resources which a user have.
    Is there any way to create admin role only for one resource?
    I customized the tabbed user form to show only one resource attribute (deleting the missing fields and adding my tab for the resource) and then assigned this new User Form to the user(with the admin role) in security tab.
    It works fine. But the problem is that if any user(with the admin role) is also admin of some other resource then he/she will not be able to view the other resource attributes.
    Please suggest,

    The loop function always repeats the same region so of course the fade is also copied. So option+drag the original region to make a (non clone) copy, fade the first region and loop the second one (which you just copied).

  • Is there any way to create a style sheet in APEX?

    Hi experts,
    I am in I am in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g
    Is there any way to create a style sheet in APEX any version?
    I want to create a style sheet and use APEX report column link to it.

    Well, if that is the case, then you'll need to do some PL/SQL programming to write a package to create all of that for you, then execute the package when the 'link' column is clicked.
    After your package is written, change the attributes on your link column to be a URL instead of page in your application and call it like:
    On my system, I created a new DAD and user just for this one purpose, to read an select the information in my report, generate the HTML to display the data, etc. without leaving a loophole someone could exploit to get direct data manipulation access. My report though is a form-type report of all the data from about 40 tables for that one 'master' record, with css formatting included. I'm not directly generating a css file based upon data within the database, but simply adding the css formatting into the HTML file my package generates.
    Does this help your problem?
    Bill Ferguson

  • Any way to create a keyboard shortcut for keywords in Bridge CC?

    Just curious if there's any way to create a keyboard shortcut for "new keyword" and "new sub keyword" in Bridge CC?
    If not, that would be a welcome addition in any future Bridge update - being able to customize keyboard shortcuts or add your own the way you can in Premiere Pro CC.

    Not, as far as I know, directly, but the problem is with Aperture, not Keyboard Maestro.  Aperture has no command (afaik) for selecting the caption field of the Info Inspector.  Without a command, you will have to find another way to access it, or another way to accomplish what you want.
    You can specify the spot clicked by screen coordinates, so you cold use the Inspector HUD and the coordinates of the Caption field, as long as the Inspector HUD always pops up in the same location.
    Many dialog boxes allow the user to advance through the fields with the Tab key.  Unfortunately, the number of times you have to type "{Tab}" in order to get to a particular field depends on other interface elements (if the Control Bar is showing, add 2).  I don't know of a way to determine if the Control Bar is showing.
    You might find a work-around using a Metadata Preset and the Batch Change command.  Keyboard Maestro can easily pop up a dialog with a text field in which you can type what you want to go into Aperture's Caption field.
    The best thing to do is download the trial version and see if it meets your needs.  Keyboard Maestro is adept at creating macros based on keyboard input.  If the program does not provide keyboard equivalents, writing an effective macro becomes difficult.
    The author provides exemplary documentation:
    Lastly, for the use you cite, I simply show the Inspector if it's not showing (by typing "i"), change to the Info tab if it is not currently activated (by clicking, but note that opening the Inspector with the Info tab selected can be done with one command "View➞Inspector➞Info"), and then clicking in the Caption field, which is part of all of the Metadata Views I regularly use.
    HTH.  Perhaps one of our programming mavens will suggest something better.

  • Is there any part of a PDF Form that is ignored when digitally signing?

    I'm building a simplified workflow process using PDF forms. Users would add a Submit button to a form that posted to an internal web service, which would add the forms to an internal document system for further processing.
    Part of the process involves subsequent users in the workflow opening the forms and adding additional signatures, then submitted them back into the system.
    I'm trying to find a way to identify PDF forms that have already been submitted vs. new forms that have not been seen before. I'd like to add an internal identifier (flag, ID value, something) to the PDF the first time we see it. But, I need to make sure not to invalidate the existing signatures. I don't want to change any of the form fields, or the visual content, or any other user-facing aspect of the PDF itself; I'm looking more for, say, a custom property, or new keyword, or something.
    Is there any portion of a PDF that does not get considered as "part" of the form when applying and validating the digital signatures?

    Yeah I kinda figured that... Really too bad. Seems lke it should be possible somehow. Anyway, do you all have any suggestions about the best way to combine a static form that is really just text fields and such (that comments and markup tools can be used in) with another page that is sections of narrative that would need to be able to flow?
    Or better yet, a way to draw lines on to a form without using the comment and markup function?
    I like your idea about connecting two forms - but I need to keep the final product as simple as possible. Once the user fills it out, they would be to be able to submit it and it show up as one file, even if that is just a flat file. I don't expect you all to tell me how to do this, but it would be nice to know its possible before I commit to the project and research. Thanks in advance.

  • ACS 5.3 Dashboard - Any way to create Dashboard for all users?

    I'm at the point of setting up admin access for engineers needing to have insight into the operations and status of our ACS 5.3 systems.
    I'm curious if there's any way to create a Dashboard that can be applied to all admin user accounts? (perhaps a custom role?)
    I've been able to customize the dashboard for my own account to show what is most relevant, but am unable to figure out how to apply this layout and setup to all other users.
    Basically, I have a number of folks that need to see this data, but that I can't exactly count on to setup their own dashboards to show the important details.  If there were some way to build a tab/dashboard/portlet, etc (whatver it may be) and have it apply to all users, that would save me TONS of work so that I don't have to login to each person's account and set things up for them.
    For example, I want to have all users see a tab/dashboard that shows the applet "Live Authentications", but with the protocol already configured to display TACACS vs the default which is RADIUS.
    Any thoughts?

    I see you are looking for read-only access to Dashboard. Currently there is no way to force all Admins to use same Dashboard and all admins will have full control of the Dashboard.
    Do rate helpful posts!

  • Is there any way to create a transcript document of the audio within a course?

    I have a course that someone else created that contains audio and would like to know if there is any way to create a "storyboard" of the audio so the SMEs can edit it instead of sending an EXE file for review or having to recreate the transcrip from scratch.

    I generally just have the transcript for my voiceover audio in the Slide Notes field for each slide, and then output my project to a Word document handout, making sure to select the option for slide objects and slide notes.  That creates a PPT-like handout that is easy to email to approvers.  They can see the transcript notes underneath each slide graphic.

  • Is there any way to create an installer for Mac OS and Linux OS once a stand alone application is created?

    Is there any way to create an installer for Mac OS and Linux OS once a stand alone application is created?  I have created an executable application that I want to distribute to Mac and Linux users (different applications were created in the respective OS).  I was wondering if there is any way to create an installer?  I think there probably isn't...  If the user were to simply download the Labview Run-time Engine from would they be able to run the application or is it more complicated than that?
    Thanks so much for your time.

    I think Shane tried to say, that it is on the Mac OS X installation DVD, NOT the LabVIEW for Mac OS X installation medium. And that could very well have changed in recent Mac OS X versions as well. They used to have Xcode on it too, but that seems gone as well.
    Rolf Kalbermatter
    CIT Engineering Netherlands
    a division of Test & Measurement Solutions

  • Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot for my macbook using my IPad?, Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot for my macbook using my IPad?

    I am going to a lake cabin in Northern Minnesota for a week and need to get wifi for my Mac.  Is there any way to create a wifi hotspot using my Ipad so that I have internet service for my laptop?

    No, iPad can become a hot spot, but if you have an iPhone, it can tether if you have a data plan that incudes the tethering option.  With AT&T for example, you can add tethering for $20 month or for $45/month, you receive tethering and 4GB of data per month.  If you have the unlimited data plan from AT&T you'll unfortunately have to give it up if you want to tether.  You can also go to almost any carrier and purchase a MiFi unit which may work for you.  Whether iw will work in Northern Minnesota is something only your carrier could answer.

  • Is there any way to create a system-wide variable?

    Hello IDM gurus.
    Is there any way to create rarely changing system wide variables that can be loaded at system startup that will be available to all users? For example, at IDM system startup, the variables would be read from configuration or generic objects and live in memory for ALL users as opposed to each workflow/user having to read the same variables when the workflow is run.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    That may very well be the answer I'm looking for. Is there a way for that to be available within the entire application instead of having to read it in each workflow?

  • Is there any way to create discussion board using JSP

    Hi! i'm doing a project using jsp is there any way to create a simple discussion board like the one here? can anyone who knows pls forward some links that teaches me how to do it step by step. Thanks for your help and have a nice day :)

    From the UK! -- PC Plus, August 2000 Issue:
    How to build a JSP Message Board
    You'll get a nice 2-page pdf file, taken directly from the magazine

  • Is there any way to create fields reports users can enter data into?

    I am using Crystal XI to develop reports for my company and have not received any formal training on it.  I'm learning it fairly well through the help files. 
    One of the reports I need to create summarizes our scrap, rework, and additional incurred expenses for our monthly quality reports.  Most of the information is stored in the main program used by all employees, a very small amount of it is not.  I have created sub-reports for each of the different types of costs that are tracked in the system.
    Is there any way to create an area on the report that our QA people can use to enter the items not tracked in the main system?  I am imagining that it would be through another sub-report of some kind, but do not know how to create the fields needed. 
    Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide, even if it is to tell me "You can't do that, ma'am..."  At least then I would know and wouldn't beat my head against the desk trying to figure out how to do it.

    Is defining parameter prompts in the Crystal Report and displaying it in the report a possible workaround? 
    If you define parameter prompts, then Crystal will query the user before running the report - so this would be problematic if the user needs to reference data in the report to enter appropriate values (one possibility then is to use interactive parameters feature available in CR 2008).
    Ted Ueda

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  • How to call a BSP page or webdynpro from a WAD Template button

    Hi All, I want to implement a button on a web template which when called involes a BSP page or a web dynpro and displays the BSP page or webdynpro in a popup window. Thanks Karen

  • How do you combine audio and video files?

    I've brought in a video file and an audio file, but can find no way to specify that they are a single source that should be compressed together.  The documentation was of no use.  How do you identify video and audio files as being one source? Thanks!

  • Using Sql Functions in Crystal Reports

    Can SQL table-valued functions be used in Crystal Reports?  The only options I see in the Database Expert are Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures.

  • Problem with large spool lists

    Hello everyone, we have the following problem with one of our printers. When we are trying to print larger lists (>30 pages) the spool shows an "unknown error" and only a few pages are printed out. We have the following setup. A Kyocera FS-9520DN pri

  • What is the endpoint URI of a proxy service?

    Hello, I want to create a SOAP client that will access an ALSB-hosted proxy service, but I don't know the URL needed to get to the web service. Within ALSB's console, I can easily test the proxy web service but don't know how to access it externally.