AnyConnect and IKEv2 with IOS Local AAA

Is it possible to utilise AnyConnect IKEv2 (terminating on an ASR1k) with the IOS Local AAA feature authenticate remote access using EAP-MD5, or is an external RADIUS server required to support user authentication? I was hoping to develop a standalone proof-of-concept using IOS Local AAA (with aaa attribute lists where appropriate) to store RADIUS 'User' and 'Group' profiles. However, I suspect I can only store the 'Group' profiles locally, and the user authentication requires an external RADIUS server supporting EAP-MD5 to support the tunnel method?

Your NAT is nearly correct. There are just two small things:
1) What do you want to achive with this rule and the corresponding ACL? "permit ip any any" on the outside interface is probably a bad idea. Better to configure the needed ports directly with object NAT and specific ACL-lines.
nat (inside,outside) source static WAN interface
2) The NAT-exemtion is nearly fine. This NAT-rule is typically configured with two more parameters:
nat (inside,outside) source static LOCAL LOCAL destination static REMOTE REMOTE no-proxy-arp route-lookup

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  • I am using Iphone 3G and running with ios version 4.2.1 .I am looking for to run whatsup apps.Can you guide me which IOS version should i download wherein,it will support whatsup apps

    I am using Iphone 3G and running with ios version 4.2.1 .I am looking for to run whatsup apps.Can you guide me which IOS version should i download wherein,it will support whatsup apps

    with an iphone 3G the most up to date ios is 4.2.1 so you have a problem because whatsapp requires a higher version.  If you saved an earlier version of whatsapp you could install that otherwise you cannot use the app.  You will need to get a more up to date phone

  • Problems and bugs with ios 8.0.2 on iphone 4s

    After updating my 3 year old iphone 4s to ios 8.0.2, the UI became choppy (Same with ios 8 and ios 8.0.1). Few bugs i noticed even after updating to ios 8.0.2 (all done after restoring phone as factory new and loading few music/photos/videos loaded and few apps like manual cam, facebook and Google maps installed leaving 7.4 GB free memory.)
    1. The "Notes" app keyboard responds slow while typing.
    2. Free ram stays in between 60- 20mb which i checked with iMonitor which later drops down to 5-12mb when i open an app. So em just wondering where did the 450mb remaining ram went? Because of this i cant multitask like opening and running FB app and simultaneously opening Google maps or any other app using a bit more ram. In ios 7.1.2 i used to running three apps simultaneously without the app being reset.
    3. Ram stays at 200mb+ when i exit some heavy apps like "manual cam" thou it never comes at 200mb when i exit in built apps which a very little ram. So in real world the ram is always being used at 80% even i restart the phone.
    4. The incoming call screen is lagging. First i hear the ringtone for about .5 secs and then the call screen loads! ***?
    From all this happenings i suspect that ios 8 and its further updates will use 80-90% of the iphone 4s ram leaving only 10-20% unusable for users! I dont know why 80-90% is still used even if i restart or even i have closed all the running apps! Usage comes down to 40-50% when i exit heavy apps like "manual cam" or "real racing 3" and the free amount of ram stays stable at 200+ mb for few hours until the cache or background processes resume after the phone refreshes after exiting the heavy apps. At 40-50% ram usage (soon i exit a heavy app) the phone works fluid and animations are smooth. Still my one question "where is my missing 400+ mb Apple"?

    digis wrote:
    If your device was not functioning, you might rant a little too!!
    No, I wouldn't.  At worst, I might sigh, then start troubleshooting the issue.
    This is a technical support forum, not an emotional support forum.
    What troubleshooting steps have you tried?
    Here are some:
    Basic Troubleshooting Steps when all else fails
    - Quit the App by opening multi-tasking bar, and swiping the App upward to make it disappear.  (For iOS 6, holding down the icon for the App for about 3-5 seconds, and then tap the red circle with the white minus sign.)
    - Relaunch the App and try again.
    - Restart the device.
    - Reset the device. (Same article as above.)
    - Reset All Settings (Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings)
    - Restore from backup. (If you don't have a backup, make one now, then skip to the next step.)
    - Restore as new device.  For this step, do not re-download ANYTHING, and do not sign into your Apple ID.
    - Test the issue after each step.  If the last one does not resolve the issue, it is likely a hardware problem.

  • Sync play count, last played, and rating with iOS 5

    From other threads ( and for example) it is clear that there are some problems with play count, last played, and rating information updating and syncing under iOS 5. I have at least a partial solution. I am posting it here instead of under one of the existing threads because 1) some discussions seem to be confusing the difference between updating the iOS 5 device data and syncing the updated data to the computer, and 2) some of the discussions are focused iPhone, and though the problem appears similar I only have an iPod touch to test the solution on.
    First of all, this is not a new problem. Prior to iOS 5, I would plug my iPod Touch into the computer and not see any play count or last played data for songs I knew I had just listened to. I discovered that if I clicked (in my computer's iTunes display of the iPod) on one song that I had recently listened to, it would suddenly display play count and last played for all the songs played since the last update. I could then transfer this playlist data (more on this in a minute) to the corresponding songs on the computer. Under iOS 5, this no longer works, and in fact causes the new play count and last played data on the iPod to be lost. However, under iOS 5 there is a way to get this information to update, even though you don't see it when you first connect to the computer.
    To make this work, you have your iPod set on Manually manage music and videos under the Summary tab of the iPod settings in iTunes. I have messed around with this for hours, including several restores and resets of my iPod touch, and have found no way to get this to work under various Sync Music options. I have been using the Manually manage mode for years because I use my iPod with numerous different iTunes Libraries on several different external hard drives.
    Here's the trick: Manually manage must be in effect before you connect the iPod to the computer. After your iPod shows up in the iTunes interface on your computer, in the main view (where it shows the different tabs at the top and capacity at the bottom) there is a Sync button at the very bottom right. Click on this and wait for it to go through the Sync steps (don't worry, you're not losing anything), and, voila, when you go to the songs (on the iPod) you have listened to since the last time you connected to the computer, the play count and last played data will be there.
    Unfortunately, it's not a simple matter to get this data synced to the computer, but it can be done. At first I thought that once I got the data to show up on the iPod I could go to the Music tab and Sync Music to get the playlist data to the computer, but this does not work. It will sync the play count and last played data that are on the computer to the iPod, overriding the newer data. The way I have been getting my playlist data from my iPod to my computer without ever changing the Manually manage setting is by using the Copy Tag Info Tracks To Tracks script from Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes <>. This isn't hard to download or install or use and copies playlist information very quickly.
    I have never had a problem with play count or last played on my 2nd generation nano, which still works beautifully. As far as I can tell, play count and last played have never worked well on the iPod touch; there are threads in discussions complaining about this from years ago. It would be nice if Apple would recognize that these are extremely important features to many users and make it a priority to make these basics work before (or while) adding a lot of other fancy features.

    Just for posterity in case anyone else ever has a similar problem.
    I found out I can work around my problem, but I have limitations. The only time it'll update the correct songs is after I restore it and then add the initial songs on to the Shuffle. The key is to not ever have a situation where I reshuffle the order of those songs. If I ever shuffle to better alphebatize or categorize things, the sync updating screws everything up. If say Song #3 on my Shuffle's playlist after the intitial transfer gets moved around to being anything other than the third song played, my Shuffle/iTunes will still think that song has been played although the Song #3 I actually listened to after the sync update will be different. Now I have to carefully compose and place what songs I want loaded on since I can't mess around with the playlist setup at all.
    I know Apple support would likely blame my Shuffle for the problem (it's over 6 years old now). But it's funny how this only happened right after I installed 11.0. The update to 11.0.2 did nothing.

  • Ipad and iphone with IOS 7 but older Mac - How?

    I have an IMac with 10.5.8 system and iTunes 10.6.3. I recently got an iphone 5 and ipad 3 with IOS 7. Now I cannot sync them with my itunes library. It refuses to recognise them and tells me to upgrade to iTunes 11.1. but I cannot and when i try to update my Imac OS it will not let me either saying I all software is upto date. What do I do to get my stuff onto my ipad - I have a library of personal / family vids I converted to play and sync from my itunes account but now cannot get them onto my ipad / iphone? Wireless transfer works fine for stuff and apps purchased from iTunes but I have a couple of itunes accounts, one from years back but has a lot of stuff on it (UK one) and a newer one I had to create on moving to Japan permamently as I now have no registered address in the UK. How do I add an additional Apple ID to my iphone / ipad? Can this even be done anymore?
    Beginning to wish I had never upgraded to ios 7 as all worked fine before. Can I undo this upgrade?
    Thanks for any help or suggestions!

    1. A Mac needs to be running Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer to sync devices running iOS 7; Mac OS X 10.6 is available from the online Apple Store and requires an Intel Mac with at least 1GB of RAM.
    2. There is no way back.

  • AirDrop showing the wrong name and picture with iOS 7

    AirDrop is showing the wrong name and picture on my wife's phone....It is showing my name and picture.  She has an iPhone 5 and I just updated her to iOS7 about an hour ago, same time as I did mine. Is it because we are connected with the same Apple ID and if so, how do I fix it?  She is annoyed by it and not seeing where I can change it in the settings is beginning to annoy me.  Help!

    I don't think that's the issue.  I'm having the same problem.  My wife, my son, and I all use the same Apple ID, but we have different email addresses and phone numbers for facetime and imessage (we've never had an issue with imessage or facetime).  Today, I updated my phone and ipad to ios 7 and tried to experiment with airdrop.  On both devices it showed my son's name.  Then my son updated his ipad and we tested airdrop again.  His ipad shows up on my phone and ipad with his name as well.  The email address that I use for Apple ID is not associated with him on any device.  His name is not listed on our Apple ID account.  One of them shows his photo that he uses for his facebook profile, but the other's just have a gray circle with his first initial.  I'm hoping it's just a bug that will get fixed soon, but if anyone knows a fix, please share.

  • Should I update my older phone and sync with ios 5 prior to doing a restore?

    Should I update my older phone and sync with the new ios 5 prior to doing a restore to my new iPhone 5?  Is that necessary?

    Well...the answer is no.  You can't downgrade the iOS, but it will update.  I just kept the backup from the older version and did a restore with the Iphone 4S and it worked fine.  

  • HT5012 I have updated software in my iP5S and iPad with iOS 7.0.6 but after the update I am not able to connect to WiFi.

    I have updated software with iOS 7.0.6 but lost connection to wifi
    Apple does not respond here this is a user to user forum There are no Apple staff here
    Millions have updated without issue

  • OfficeJet 6310xi - recognized and functional with iOS ePrint app but not AIO app. Why?

    As noted - OJ 6310xi is on same netork as other printers and all computing devices.  The iOS app "HP ePrint" recognizes and allows printing to the 6310xi.
    The AIO Remote app will find all printers on the network except the 6310xi.  The 6310xi is not WiFi enabled and is not an "ePrint" printer, but it is networked to WiFi accessible network.  Works with one app, why not the other?  Am I overlooking a setting somewhere?

    Hi MedMarkCo
    I'm sorry to hear that you are encountering difficulties connecting your printer to different apps. 
    The HP ePrint app is designed to work with your home wireless network as well as with your mobile device's data access.  As you have your printer connected directly to your router via an ethernet cable is available on your wireless network for the app to "see" the printer.  For further information on the HP ePrint app I have included a link to the HP ePrint Mobile App FAQs document.
    I have done some research on the AIO Remove app you mentioned in your post.  I have included a link to their website and they have a way for you to contact them if you need assistance or have feedback.
    AIOR All In One Remote
    HP ePrint Mobile App FAQs
    Please click on the Thumbs Up on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” on the post that solves your issue to help others find the solution.
    I work on behalf of HP

  • I keep getting the error message 'error 9006' when i try to update my iphone and ipad with iOS 6.1.2 - HELP

    Can any one help me.
    I'm having an continued issue with my phone/ipad 2 and updating it.
    I've tried (unsuccessfully) 7 or 8 times to update my iphone 4s with the latest update (iOS 6.1.2) but it gets 30 minutes in to the update and then an error message comes up (error 9006) and it gives me no option but to click ok and it.
    I've tried using different USB cables, different ports in my laptop, even uninstalling I Tunes and reinstalling and starting again - nothing seems to work.
    I've contacted my network provider who's referred me to Apple but they are closed (I'll try again during business hours).
    I'm updating it on my laptop using an internet dongle (as i dont have WIFI - All updates have been done like this and i've never had a problem before) and I have windows 7 software..
    Is there anyone who's encountered the same issue?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated?

    Error 2, 4 (or -4), 6, 1000, 9006
    Follow Troubleshooting security software. Often, uninstalling third-party security software will resolve these errors.
    There may be third-party software that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting a TcpWindowSize entry into your registry. Your default packet size being set incorrectly can cause these errors. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet size modification for assistance or follow this article by Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
    Verify that access to ports 80 and 443 are allowed on your network.
    Verify that communication to or is not blocked by a firewall, or other Internet security setting.
    Discard the .ipsw file, open iTunes and attempt to download the update again. See the steps underAdvanced Steps > Rename, move, or delete the iOS software file (.ipsw) below for file locations.
    Restore your device while connected to a different network.
    Restore using a different computer.

  • Branch office setup with L3 switch and router with IOS security

    I am in the process of putting together a small branch office network and I am in need of some design advise. The network will support about 10-15 workstations/phones, 3-4 printers, and 4-5 servers. In addition we will eventually have up to 25-30 remote users connecting to the servers via remote access VPN, and there will also be 2-3 site-to-site IPSec tunnels to reach other branches.
    I have a 2911 (security bundle) router and 3560 IP Base L3 switch to work with. I have attached a basic diagram of my topology. My initial design plan for the network was to setup separate VLANs for workstation, phone, printer, and server traffic. The 3560 would then be setup with SVIs to perform routing between VLANs. The port between the router and switch would be setup as a routed port, and static routes would be applied on the switch and router as necessary. The thought behind this was that I'd be utilizing the switch backplane for VLAN routing instead instead of doing router-on-a-stick.
    Since there is no firewall between the switch and router my plan was to setup IOS firewalling on the router. From what I am reading ZBF is my best option for this. What I was hoping for was a way to set custom policies for each VLAN, but it seems that zones are applied per interface. Since the interface between the router and switch is a routed interface, not a trunk/subinterface(s), it doesn't seem like there would be a way for me to use ZBF to control traffic on different VLANs. From what I am gathering I would have to group all of my internal network into one zone, or I would have to scrap L3 switching all together and do router-on-a-stick if I want to be able to set separate policies for each VLAN. Am I correct in my thinking here?
    I guess what I am getting at is that I really don't want to do router-on-a-stick if I have a nice switch backplane to do all of the internal routing. At the same time I obviously need some kind of firewalling done on the router, and since different VLANs have different security requirements the firewalling needs to be fairly granular.
    If I am indeed correct in the above thinking what would be the best solution for my scenario? That is, how can I setup this network so that I am utilizing the switch to do L3 routing while also leveraging the firewall capabilities of IOS security?
    Any input would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the input.
    1. I agree, since I have only three to four printers, they need not be in a separate VLAN. I simply was compartmentalizing VLANs by function when I initially came up with the design.
    2. Here's a little more info on the phone situation. The phones are VoIP. The IP PBX is on premise, but they are currently on a completely separate ISP/network. The goal in the future is to converge the data and voice networks and setup PBR/route maps to route voice traffic out the voice ISP and data traffic out the other ISP. This leads up to #3. 
    3. The reason a router was purchased over a firewall was that ASA's cannot handle routing and dual ISPs very well. PBR is not supported at all on an ASA, and dual ISPs can only be setup in an active/standby state. Also, an ASA Sec+ does not have near the VPN capabilities that the 2911 security does. The ASA Sec+ would support only 25 concurrent IPSec connections while the 2911 security is capable of doing an upwards of 200 IPSec connections.
    Your point about moving the SVI's to a firewall to perform filtering between VLANs makes sense, however, wouldn't this be the same thing as creating subinterfaces on a router? In both cases you are moving routing from the switch backplane to the firewall/routing device, which is what I am trying to avoid.  

  • Is it me or did everyone's ipod get slow and laggy with ios 5? Does anyone know a fix?

    My iPod seems to have gotten slow and laggy when I try to open up apps or even play music since I updated to iOS 5. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

    yes! I am having a bunch of issues...including really slow.  it completely locked up in the nike + app, Facebook is slow...and sometimes I can't use the imessaging unless I send a picture with the text.

  • Lost photos and contacts with iOS 6.0.1 update on 3Gs HELP please

    Recently updated iOS 6 onto 3GS and lost new contacts (weirdly have old contacts i thought id deleted) and photos. I backed everything up (at least I clicked for computer to do so when asked) I cannot find them on my computer or icloud.Have tried restoring backup via iTunes and nearing the end of completion error flashes with iPhone disconnected but I haven't disconnected the iPhone. I've tried this process 3 times now and continues to say the same thing. I'm really worried that I've lost my photos and contacts could someone please please help me. Thank you in anticipation.

    No luck folks.
    6.0.2 didnt resolve the pink flicker, Gonna get a replacement now.

  • IPad 3 A1430 lag and freeze with ios 8.1.2

    Good morning , after updating in September my ipad to ios 8 , I have a device unusable.
    Continuous blocks of the keyboard , slow applications , safari crash frequently.
    Is not possible to have a similar bad situation.
    I am very angry because is not possible go back to ios7.
    I was go to an apple store but them was told that is not possible do anything.
    I spent 400 € 1 year ago and now I have a device unusable.
    I don't have a words...

    When you say restore with iTunes do you mean "restore to Factory"? A simple restore does not replace the iOS image. A restore to Factory will reload the iOS software..
    When you experience keyboard lags these are likely caused by a high priority system activity which is abnormally constantly running. This could be being provoked by some app you are using.

  • HT5567 Iphones and Ipads with IOS 6.0.x and later getting Calendar invitation even so that Delegate access is enable on exchange 2010 and outlook 2010

    I'm Running Exchange 2010 with outlook 2010 in my environment, since Apple OS went from 5.x to 6.x I been having issues where the Iphones and Ipads running OS version 6.x or higher do not acknowledge that the exchange user has a calendar delegate and are automatically accepting the invitations, not allowing the Delegate to acknowledge first, If this test is run on any Apple devices running OS Version 5.x but less than 6.x the issue is not there.. any one that may have encounter with this situation got a fix or a possible resolution on it.. Thanks

    Ok, well after looking at everything, I decided that the best solution was to uninstall an App called "Tango", as it seemed to 'mess' with contacts directly, and I only use it with 1 person, so switching back to Skype (plus Tango sends/shares lots of personal
    info, location, and keeps changing it's access rights and doing stuff when you're not looking - I'm sure some people love it, but for me, it's a belts and braces get rid of anything that might have 'contributed' to this issue).
    Found my un-sync'd contacts and emailed them to myself, then deleted the Exchange active-sync account. Checked what was left, found google had managed to sync some stuff, cleared that up too!
    RE-created the account on the S4 - only need the email and password, as it finds the server and sets itself up automatically (I guess it did that previously).
    All is now working, after about 5mins the data had been re-populated and it sync's new changes instantly. But I will monitor from time to time to check that new contacts or added numbers etc do sync. My best guess is that some index or other data became corrupt.
    Just one of those things (or had I been tango'd?!).
    On the Truncating Notes Issue, the S4 (realised that it's running Android 4.3) does chop a note but only if edited, at 1001 chrs. However unlike others, it seems to only truncate the note if you actually edit the note field, so adding a phone number or removing
    one, leaves the note field intact!
    To summaries other devices behaviour with the Contact record Notes Field:
    - iPhone 3GS (on iOS 6.1.3) truncates at 32,777 chrs (so pretty big notes!)
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (GT-N8020 - Android 4.1.1) chops at about 1,000chrs, even if just adding a phone number to the contact - so not even editing the notes field
    - HTC One X (4.2.2) at 5,122 chrs (when editing any part of the contact)
    I hope this might help someone in the future if they have similar problems ...

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    I searched the forum(s) for this request but didn't find anything that seemed relevant, so here goes (and my apologies if this has been requested before or is already available through some option I missed): I use auto-import all the time -- it's a s

  • Can't save illustrator cs3

    I can't save illustrator CS3 in my Toshiba Satellite laptop P4(M) 1.7 GHz with memory 1.5GB under Window XP Service Park 2 (Home Addition) and alot of HD free space. When I save CS3, can't save illustrator CS3 error massage dialog box appear. Follow

  • Aggregate Data on Existing Query

    Greetings All. I am missing a concept here. I have the following code and it works except one thing. I am running a report against a trouble ticket database to show what each engineer closed for the month so I group it by person. I also want a summar